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I don't know why 'Beyond The beef' confuses me so much. Maybe because there are so many ways to do the quest. Last night I wanted to get some 'Formal Wear', so I did the Pheeble Will/Beyond The Beef combo (I can get thru all Speech skill checks using one magazine between the two quests, if I run quickly!).

This time, I finished 'Pheeble Will' without revenge (that needs a Speech check of 75), then ran into the Ultra-Luxe to talk to Heck, then Marjorie, then Mortimer (where I used the Speech check of 62 to ask him about cannibalism), before the 'Meeting People' skill mag timed out. You have to be fast! And this time I chose the <Lie> option to tell Mortimer I'd help him (vs the actual option of helping him... confusing!).

After getting all the keys from Mortimer (for the Investigator's room, as well as the Ultra-Luxe's kitchen/freezer/penthouse), I did the following:

1. I did NOT go into the Investigator's room (so no matchbook, no white glove members attack). Everyone's still friends.

2. I sneak-killed Chauncey (since I wasn't going to meet him later in the Steam Room) while he was admiring the artwork in the gallery behind Mortimer's desk. Then took the Formal Wear from him. No infamy gained.

3. I went down and spoke to Ted in the freezer, and sneaked him past Philippe, up the stairs, thru the Gourmand restaurant, and to his father in the casino. No one was hostile.

The quest ended at that point. I gained lots of Strip and White Glove Society fame, 500 caps and 500 XP. And 'Beyond The Beef' is now greyed out on my Pip-Boy.

Three questions:

Do I still have the option of replacing Ted with Carlyle?

If I do have the option, but don't do it, what is the ramification of that? Right now, only Mortimer is upset with me (he's not hostile, but when I speak to him, he calls me a double-crossing rat).

If I do put Carlyle in the dumpster, do I get more XP/fame? What quest is that part of?

writemikep 09:30, August 3, 2012 (PDT)