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Fort Strong is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Fort Strong was a US military R&D base tasked with the development and testing of the Fat Man and T-51 power armor for use against China. There appeared to be difficulties regarding the development of the Fat Man launching mechanism but ultimately it was perfected just before the start of the Great War.

When the base's new CO, General Brock, took command he leveled the barracks just outside the fort and constructed a mock town instead. This was used as training ground for the developed weapons, hence the destroyed buildings. The fort also stored a sizable weapons and ammo cache of mini nukes, most of which survived the Great War, and which the Brotherhood of Steel seeks to obtain to gain a upper hand in its fight against the Institute in 2287.


From the north end of the bridge leading to fort there is a security checkpoint on the eastern side containing leveled power armor and an ammunition box in the south east corner. After crossing the bridge there is a collapsed building directly ahead, which was previously sealed off by a fence, there is a radioactive barrel inside, but nothing of note.

Continuing along the road leads to the main complex where three super mutants can be found patrolling. If the quest Show No Mercy is active, the will also be a super mutant behemoth present. The road forks to the left here, with a cemetery immediately east of the building on the north side of the road. Two teal vases and a toy car can be found here, whilst wild tato blossoms and wild corn can be found by entrance and in the buildings on either side of the road. The buildings themselves each hold a radioactive barrel, desks and filing cabinets and several junk items can be found scattered around. Behind the eastern-most building is partially collapsed wooden dock with a sandbag wall built upon it.

Turning south at the bend leads to another fork in the road, turning east leads one to the pier which has a caps stash behind the wooden crate on the northern corner. The west road loops back to the entrance. Heading directly south leads to the path up the armory.

At the top of the path leading to the armory, turning to the east before the building there are two stairwells. The nearest stairwell leads up the flag pole where three more vases and a wild tato blossom can be found. The stairs furthest away lead up to cannons, where five cannonballs can be found. If one passes the building anmd goes to the south side of the building there are several more cannons and a another small pile of cannonballs the side of the central cannon. in the crevice of the northern wall there is another ammunition box.

Notable lootEdit

  • Power armor frame in the small guardhouse before the bridge to Fort Strong. The frame will have leveled components all the way up to X-01 models.
  • Ten cannonballs: Just to the left of the building (when facing the door) there are two cannons. There are five cannonballs right near them. There are three additional cannons on the right side of the fort, with five more cannonballs.



Fort Strong only appears in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fort Strong is on the site of real life Deer Island, off the end of the Winthrop peninsula (portrayed as Nordhagen Beach in the game). Fort Strong is a real (former) military fort, which is located east of Spectacle Island, on Long Island. Fort Strong defended Boston from 1899 until 1947.