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Fort Constantine is a large outpost and ICBM launch facility in the northwest Capital Wasteland, between the SatCom Array NW-05a and SatCom Array NN-03d. It is heavily guarded by a wide variety of robots, including sentry bots, Mister Gutsies, robobrains and protectons, inside and out.


Not much is known about Fort Constantine, except that Allistair Tenpenny hired 5 mercenaries — Mister Crowley, Dave, Dukov, Jeff Strayer, and Tara Fields — to retrieve a rare weapon from the Fort. It is unknown what weapon Tenpenny was after, but the mercs completed the mission goals and were paid. In the bunker, Tara was killed by a group of feral ghouls and Crowley was locked in the same room (from this we learn feral ghouls do not attack human ghouls which is how Crowley escaped). Fort Constantine was where he supposedly later found the T-51b power armor, leading to his obsession over it. The rest of the group, knowing Tara was dead and thinking Crowley was dead as well, went their separate ways.

Years later, Mister Crowley, now living in Underworld, wants the player to find all the other surviving mercs (except for Jeff Strayer, whose son, Ted Strayer, holds the key required by Crowley) and shoot them in the head, then return the keys.


The area contains three buildings:

  • CO quarters hut to the northwest.
  • Personnel offices building to the west.
  • Bomb storage building to the north.

The doors to the bomb storage (warhead storage) are both locked (very hard), but the bomb storage basement can be alternatively accessed through an underground path in the cellar of the CO quarters. Unfortunately, the Fort Constantine bunker door can only be opened with Ted Strayer's special key and cannot be lockpicked. Also, the only access to the T-51b power armor is through this pathway, as you can't open the door from the other side in the bomb storage, because Tara holds the key. However, the cellar grants access to the launch control bunker, eventually leading to basement of the bomb storage. The door to the bomb storage requires Dukov's special key. In here is Tara's corpse, (which holds the warhead storage key), two locked (very hard) doors, and a door (can only be accessed with Dave's special key) on the opposite side which finally leads to a room with the T-51b power armor.

The CO quarters contain the Fort Constantine launch codes stored in a small safe in the cellar next to the big guns bobblehead. These can be used to launch the ICBM in the Fort Constantine launch control terminal in the launch control bunker. After attempting to launch the ICBM, the launch terminal reports an error and mentions that the missile's tracking system is damaged and the navigation data is corrupted. The alarms will sound and the doors will shut on you, but only for a few seconds and the doors will open again afterwards or you can open them (they won't lock).

Notable loot

CO quarters

FC offices

Personnel offices

  • Grognak the Barbarian on the ground floor in a locked (hard) room, near the back entrance.
  • A rake leaning against a shelf in a hallway.

Launch Control bunker

  • Duck and Cover! in the office near the desk with the Fort Constantine Launch Control terminal (on a chair by the filing cabinets, right by the desk).
  • Big Book of Science in the office on a desk near a broken terminal.
  • A pre-War book and a Stealth Boy on a desk in the living quarters, next to a radio (This radio might be on. This will make it easier to find the correct desk with the items on it as there are two radios in this area).

Bomb storage

FC bomb storage

Related quests


  • The fort was most likely named after General Constantine Chase.
  • If you deliver the keys to Mr. Crowley and travel to the fort within three days of doing so, you can find him in the basement extension of the bomb storage shelter wearing the T-51b armor and smoking. Interacting with him will only give dialogue options as if he were in Underworld. Note that you can still kill him and take the armor, keys and many other items without any Karma loss. The stasis field will be deactivated and Tara's body will only mention "raider".
  • The Armor R&D terminal which controls the stasis field says "Medical Armor Prototype" in its prompt, suggesting that the prototype medic power armor was originally meant to be the reward.
  • The door in the CO's basement shows up as red; however, opening it does not result in any loss of Karma.
  • On the road just outside the main gate is a Outcast Patrol spawn point. There is also a separate squad of three Brotherhood Outcasts that is always present outside the fort, in addition to those that may appear from the spawn point. The static squad is on patrol west of the main gate past the spawn point.
  • There is a Enclave camp to the east. Go forward and turn right and open a gate. Go through the car park and find a way up the rocks.


Fort Constantine only appears in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • The launch codes found in Fort Constantine are "00000000", a reference to the United States nuclear launch codes which were created in 1961 during the Cold War and weren't changed to legitimate codes until the year 1977.[1]


  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 It is possible to find a bugged Enclave soldier in the vicinity of Fort Constantine, generally located between the fort and the Outcast shack. This particular soldier appears and respawns well before the Enclave arrive in-game, regardless of whether Broken Steel is installed.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 Sometimes accessing the Pip-Boy inside Fort Constantine will trigger the bug where only half of the Pip-Boy screen displays. This can be remedied by returning to the Capital Wasteland and equipping a different weapon.
  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 The Guns and Bullets on the queen sized bed often glitches and falls through the bed onto the floor, making it impossible to retrieve.
    • pcIcon pc Disable clipping with the console command tcl, and move into the bed to obtain the skill book.
    • Throwing a grenade under the bed and blasting it away from the bed.



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