Fort Bannister ground zero

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Fort Bannister ground zero
Fort Bannister Ground Zero
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The Fort Bannister ground zero is an unmarked location in Fallout 3, to the east of Fort Bannister.


The entire area is pock-marked with craters, a favorite resting place for radscorpions. While the small craters hold nothing of value, the massive one contains an overturned military truck as well as a safe behind the truck's cab and in front of that safe is some RadAway.

The main crater has also two ditches, or tails, on each side. A crashing plane armed with nuclear weapons or a nuclear payload may have caused the ditches, with a large piece of debris sliding through the dirt forming the other ditch. Another suggestion is that a U.S military bomber leaving to bomb China may have been struck by an EMP emitted by a nuclear weapon and crashed, resulting in the crater. There may have also been an alien craft crash, or some alien activity, given the presence of the alien power cells.

After The Waters of Life, an Enclave detachment will establish an outpost overlooking the large crater. This camp usually consists of several Enclave soldiers, an Enclave officer, and an automated turret. A single Enclave scientist will be investigating the truck at the bottom.

Notable lootEdit

  • There is an overturned military truck in a crater east of Fort Bannister, with several barrels of waste. Ninety-six alien power cells are located beneath the truck, as if they were spilt out of it.


Fort Bannister ground zero appears only in Fallout 3.

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