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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vulpes Inculta at The Fort.

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GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Caesar awaits you. We can talk afterwards. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 I suspect you'll be a valuable asset to the Legion - assuming you're really on our side, of course. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {Caesar dead} This is a moment I'd hoped would not come for many years. {KAI-zar's} Caesar's death puts the Legate {Lah-nee-OOS} Lanius in command now. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 {Caeser cured} I'm pleased that you were able to cure {KAI-zar's} Caesar's malady. Though the Legate is a fine leader, we yet need the wisdom of {KAI-zar} Caesar to guide the Legion. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Was there more for us to discuss? 5
VFreeformTheFortFortVulpeIncultaTopic009 Was there something you needed me to do? Neutral 50 {Hated} No, I do not require the "services" of a degenerate such as yourself. 6
Was there something you needed me to do? Neutral 50 There is a gambler, Martina Groesbeck, who has a knack for learning other people's secrets and passing that information along for a price. 7
Neutral 50 The Omertas, who run Gomorrah, have become suspicious of Martina's frequent visits to their casino. Soon they'll pay her a visit of their own. 8
Was there something you needed me to do? Neutral 50 As I said before, Martina Groesback is a useful, if unwitting, source of information. The Omertas want her dead, while I need her alive. 9
VFreeformTheFortFortVulpeIncultaTopic013 What's in it for me? Neutral 50 Besides the gratitude of the Legion? Don't worry, you'll be paid in coin or caps. 10
VFreeformTheFortFortVulpeIncultaTopic016 Why can't you take care of this yourself? Neutral 50 I prefer to handle these matters through intermediaries such as yourself. 11
VFreeformTheFortFortVulpesIncultaTopic000 What can you tell me about the Legate? Neutral 50 {Caesar alive} To call {Lah-nee-OOS} Lanius ferocious would be an understatement. In battle, he seizes the enemy in his jaws and will not let go. 12
Neutral 50 He thinks nothing of suffering losses, so long as the enemy suffers more. Though unsubtle, he is not dim. He detects traps, and sets his own. 13
Neutral 50 Be glad you will not have to face his judgment... if you are true to {KAI-zar} Caesar. 14
What can you tell me about the Legate? Neutral 50 {Caesar dead} {Lah-nee-OOS} Lanius served {KAI-zar} Caesar well, as his greatest battlefield commander. 15
Neutral 50 With {Lah-nee-OOS} Lanius at the head of the Legion, however, I doubt he'll have much use for my services. He prefers... direct methods. 16
VFreeformTheFortFortVulpesIncultaTopic001 Martina's safe, and the Omerta thugs sent after her are dead. Neutral 50 For now, anyway. She'll need to lay low while the Omertas are scrambling to find out what happened. 17
Neutral 50 They'll eventually send more men after her, but I'm sure I'll come up with a better solution to the problem by then. 18
VFreeformTheFortFortVulpesIncultaTopic002 I was able to convince the Omerta thugs that crossing the Legion was unwise. Happy 50 Excellent. Had you simply killed them, the Omertas would've sent another group after Martina eventually. 19
Happy 20 You've saved me the trouble of coming up with a more permanent solution, and Martina is free to go about her business as usual. Well done. 20
VFreeformTheFortFortVulpesIncultaTopic003 Tell me about the Burned Man. Neutral 50 Ah, yes {you know his name} - we are forbidden from speaking his true name. He was a shaman of some kind before he met {KAI-zar} Caesar, a holy man from out of the Utah. 21
Neutral 50 The Burned Man proved dangerous, unpredictable, and impossible to kill. He helped {KAI-zar} Caesar form the Legion but almost led it to destruction. 22
VFreeformTheFortFortVulpesIncultaTopic004 Martina's dead. Disgust 100 I see. Was it ill fortune, or is {KAI-zar's} Caesar's faith in you misplaced? Either way - it's done. 23
VFreeformTheFortFortVulpesIncultaTopic005 Martina said she sold her information to Captain Curtis in the NCR. Neutral 50 {Monorail not destroyed} I know the Captain well. If you wish to be of service, go talk to him. 24
Neutral 50 Bear in mind that you are now responsible for guarding the secret of his true allegiance. If the NCR finds out, we'll know how that happened. 25
Martina said she sold her information to Captain Curtis in the NCR. Neutral 50 {Monorail destroyed} I know the Captain well. The destruction of the NCR monorail was his doing. 26
Neutral 50 Of course, if the NCR were to hear of that, it would be obvious who told them. 27
VFreeformTheFortFortVulpesIncultaTopic007 I'll check up on her for you. Neutral 50 Good. Martina frequents the Vault 21 Gift Shop, on the Strip. Hurry along, and she still may be in one piece by the time you get there. 28
VFreeformTheFortFortVulpesIncultaTopic008 I'll consider it. Disgust 10 If you have to. I really don't see what there is to consider. {Slight frustration.} 29
VFreeformTheFortFortVulpesIncultaTopic015 Goodbye. Neutral 50 {WAH-lay} Vale. 30

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GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 {WAH-lay} Vale. 31