The foreman worked for a factory in South Boston in 2077.


The foreman joined the United States Army in Georgia as a "self-centered kid who wanted to play with guns," that thought enlisting was "just a way to blow shit up in the name of God and Uncle Sam." All that is known of their military career is that they were deployed overseas to take up guard duty for a camp of 800 soldiers. After leaving the army they became part of a union. A friend named Roger, them helped obtain employment by the "old neighborhood" in South Boston with ease, as the foreman after joining a placement program for veterans in the union.

At some point shortly before the Great War of October 23rd, 2077, one of the foreman's old acquaintances, Lavonne, who they had last seen in a briefing room in Portland, phoned to tell them about her nephew's baseball team. The foreman thought she was speaking in some sort of code, and didn't like what they thought she might have meant. The foreman sent their workers home for the day to be with their families, telling them it was "a union thing." As they slept in their chair in the factory when the Great War occurred, Boston was hit by a nuclear weapon on its southwestern outskirts. Radio reporters spoke about the town of Framingham, located just west of Natick. The foreman believed they would have been vaporized if they were doing their regular thing upon impact, and thanked Lavonne for warning him.[1]


The foreman is only mentioned in Fallout 4.


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