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Fly Fishing is a miscellaneous quest in Fallout 4.


This quest is given by Doctor Duff as part of a biology lesson in the Science! Center in Diamond City. She instructs the Sole Survivor to hunt bloatflies in order to retrieve a bloatfly gland. A speech check can be passed to increase the reward from 100 bottlecaps to 125/150/200. After killing the bloatfly and retrieving the gland, returning to Doctor Duff will complete the quest.

Quest stagesEdit

10 Bring a Bloatfly Gland to Doctor Duff
100Quest finishedIcon checkQuest complete


  • Curie will disapprove if you use sarcasm when answering the question about types of waves.
  • Greater Mass blood clinic has several bloatflies around the building, including one that should pop up directly into VATS upon fast traveling with a medium range gun.

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