Flooded metro raider camp

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The flooded metro raider camp is an unmarked raider camp southeast of the flooded metro. One will pass this area if they choose not to fast-travel to Rivet City with James after completing Tranquility Lane; it can be dangerous for low level characters. There are a large number of cars when approaching, and engaging the raiders from a distance can result in the crossfire easily setting one of the many vehicles alight.


The encampment is accessible via the covered bridge to the northeast or through a hole in the fence at the southwestern side. The bridge is held by a single raider, supported by an automated turret controlled by an Average locked terminal at the opposite end. The other side is guarded by a group of patrolling raiders, one of whom is positioned on top of a fortified rubble pile, wielding a heavy weapon.

Notable lootEdit


The flooded metro raider camp appears only in Fallout 3.