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A stone used to sharpen weapons.

— In-game description

Flint is a quest item in Fallout 2.


  • Talk to Mynoc about his spear (requires decent perception to notice his is different), then ask Morlis for the flint. She'll ask for three batches of healing powder in exchange.
  • If you don't want to give her the powders, you can talk her out of it (requires speech).
  • Just steal it from her.
  • If you are caught stealing it a few times, she'll give it to you.

Once you have the flint, you can give it and a spear (you have two at this point) to Mynoc. He'll use up the two to make a sharpened spear.

Interestingly, Morlis has two pieces of flint, although Mynoc will only use one.

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