The flare is a type of ammunition in Fallout 4.


The flare is an ammo type that is specifically used in the flare gun. The round has a familiar look of a shotgun shell but with red paint on the sides. As this is a type of ammo it has no weight.

Weapons using this ammunitionEdit



  • Needs to be within range of a settlement (owned) to summon help.[1]
  • Maximum range is around 3 grid cells on the in-game map.
  • It is possible to increase the range to around 4 grid cells by aiming the flare gun at about a 45 degree angle directly towards the nearest settlement. This is because the event trigger appears to be the ignited flares location and not the player character at time of check. The summoned Minutemen will come the player character's location though. This is why sometimes it doesn't appear to work, even within sight of a settlement. Basically the flare travels up to 1 grid cell distance.
  • Summons between 3-6 Level 1 Minutemen characters.
  • Can be used once every 24 in-game hours (needs further testing).
  • On firing the flare for aid, if in range, they will send up another flare also in response to let know they are incoming.


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