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For an overview of flamer fuel ammunition types in the Fallout series of games, see Flamethrower fuel.
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Flamer fuel is a type of ammunition in Fallout: New Vegas.


A mixture of petro-chemicals and other flammable compounds for use in specialty flamethrowers.

Weapons using this ammunitionEdit


Maize (2)
rangeIcon range
levelIcon level
Flamer fuel, homemade (20)


rangeIcon range
levelIcon level
Flamer fuel (1)
Drained flamer fuel tank (3)
rangeIcon range
levelIcon level
Flamer fuel (1)

Conversion (change variant)Edit

Flamer fuel (3)
rangeIcon range
Science: 25/(70)¹
levelIcon level
Flamer fuel, optimized (GRA) (2)

¹ Due to Vigilant Recycler having Science 70 as a pre-requisite, optimized flamer fuel can not be made at the skill listed in the workbench.


Flamer fuel, homemadeEdit

Homemade flamer fuel is made from corn based ingredients to produce an ethanol mixture combined with the flammable properties of detergent to create a deadly fuel mixture. The homemade fuel mixture can quickly degrade the flamer due to the crude nature of the fuel. Every recipe yields 20 units of fuel (a Science skill of 50 is needed to produce the fuel).

Flamer fuel, optimizedEdit

Added in Gun Runners' Arsenal, this sub-type causes 30% more damage, penetrates armor more effectively, and weighs less than the standard flamer fuel. The only drawbacks are a slight increase in weapon degradation and increased fuel usage (it takes 3 regular units to produce 2 Optimized ones). It requires Vigilant Recycler and can only be crafted at a workbench.


Ammunition typeAssault carbine extended magazines Damage modifierIcon damage Damage Threshold modifierIcon shield gold Condition penaltyIcon repair Spread modifierIcon spread CraftableIcon crafting Percentage chance of empty casingIcon chance
Flamer fuel, standardx 1x 1x 1x 1yesIcon check25% chance
Flamer fuel, homemadex 1x 1x 3x 1yesIcon check0% chance
Flamer fuel, optimized fnvgraGametitle-FNV GRAx 1.3-5x 1.1x 1yesIcon check25% chance



  • Occasionally, flamer fuel will leave behind drained flamer fuel tanks, four of which can be combined at a workbench into a new fuel tank, the Vigilant Recycler Perk reduces this to 3 empty tanks.
  • Optimized flamer fuel is the only way to get any DT reduction out of any weapon using flamer fuel.

Behind the scenesEdit

Detergents are often at times used as fuel additives. Typical detergents are long chain amines and amides such as polyisobuteneamine and polyisobuteneamide/succinimide.

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