Gametitle-FO4 NW
Gametitle-FO4 NW

Fizztop Grille terminal entries are entries found on one terminal within Fizztop Grille in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Colter's terminalEdit


If you ain't Colter, you're dead!

This terminal is for all of Colter's important personal Overboss stuff. Keep your hands off.

To-Do ListEdit


* Shake down traders
* Make fun of Mason
* Check on Power Armor
* Count Caps

Messages From GageEdit

We Made ItEdit


Terminal is all set up in your quarters. Guys should be hauling in the rest of the furniture you asked for.

We've done real good, man. Got farther than I thought we would, to be honest. Once we've got the gangs settled, and everyone's healed up, we need to start coming up with a plan for the rest of the parks.

Need To MoveEdit


Hey boss,

I've had visits from two of the gangs in the last day. They're not happy, man. Wondering why it's been 3 weeks and we ain't made moves on the rest of the parks.

I gave them some small jobs to do, should keep them busy for a while, but we really need get a plan together.

Set up a To-Do list on your terminal, like you asked for. Still not sure why you need it. Shit around here is real simple.

We Gotta TalkEdit


Look, we gotta do something.

3 months, and no progress. This don't look good for you, or for me.

They're scared of you still, like they should be, so you ain't hearing the talk. But I'm telling you, the gangs want some action. You need to stop screwing around and sit down with me, okay?




Next StepEdit


You deleted my last message, didn't you?

I'm glad we had a chance to talk. I was able to smooth things over with the gangs, and let them know you've got a plan.

Now you just gotta make sure you tell everyone. Hold a big meeting, pull everybody in that ain't on guard duty. Show off. These guys are suckers for that shit.



Colter, man, what the hell?

I can't even find you. Where the hell have you been?

What's this "Gauntlet" thing the Disciples are working on? I don't care how excited they are, this wasn't the plan! We didn't spend half a goddamn year here just to waste our time on this shit!

Shit Is SeriousEdit


I can't keep covering for your ass.

The gangs are already bored of this Gauntlet of yours. New business ain't coming in, and we're not doing shit to expand. Guys can't even set foot in most of the parks without getting killed.

And no one can get a word in with you because you're always tinkering with your goddamn Power Armor.

The gangs have all been demanding to see you. I finally got them all to agree to a meeting, which I will have to hold because your ass isn't around.

All GoodEdit


Hey, boss.

Worked things out with the gangs. It'll be just fine.

Nisha says they've improved the Gauntlet again. Sounds like it should be real interesting. Hope we get a real good show out of it.

Have fun, boss.