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For the boxes in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas that contain aid items, see First aid box.
First aid kit
Fo 1st Aid KitFirstaidkit
Icon Fo1 stimpak
Fallout first aid kit (left) and Fallout Tactics kit (right)
effectsFirst Aid +20%
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300 fo2Gametitle-FO2
300 fotGametitle-FOT
300 vbGametitle-VB
prototype id00000047 fo1Gametitle-FO1

A small kit containing basic medical equipment, bandages, wraps, antiseptic spray, and more.

Similar in nature to the doctor's bag, the first aid kit has items to help the user treat wounds and damage.

In Fallout Tactics, no character can use the 'First Aid' skill without a first aid kit or field medic first aid kit.


Unlike a set of lock picks, there is a limited amount of equipment in a first aid kit. You can use them 3 times in Fallout and Fallout 2, and 5 times in Fallout Tactics.

Gives a 20% bonus to the First Aid skill when used.

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