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First aid boxes are containers that usually contain general health-restoring consumable items.


They can be found in various locations, on a wall, shelves or even the floor. It is common to find first aid boxes in bathrooms, hospital rooms, wasteland camps, metro tunnels, and such. The boxes are often wall-mounted and in close proximity to doorways.


First aid boxes will usually have random variety of general first aid loot including:


  • Some first aid boxes may be found positioned upside-down.
  • First aid boxes' inventories are set to respawn regularly (every 3 to 4 game days), but there is only a small chance this will happen. One should avoid using them for storage, as it will wipe the inventory before refill.
  • The first aid box strongly resembles the transit box of the German Tellermine 42 anti-tank blast mine.

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