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Fire gecko eggs are miscellaneous items in Fallout: New Vegas.


A fire gecko egg is an egg that may be dropped from a fire gecko. It has an appearance similar to gecko eggs or golden gecko eggs, differing in that it is primarily purple in color (much like fire geckos themselves).

With a weight of 3 and a value of 65 fire gecko eggs have a respectable value-to-weight ratio, making them a worthwhile loot item for trade purposes.


Aside from selling them for profit, fire gecko eggs can also be used for the 3rd collecting portion of the quest Bleed Me Dry. During the "Obtain Fire Gecko Eggs" portion of the quest, the Courier can gather a dozen fire gecko eggs instead of tracking down the quest-specific pile of fire gecko eggs item. Once the player has obtained enough fire gecko eggs, 12 of them will be removed from their inventory and replaced with one pile of fire gecko eggs quest item.


Fire gecko eggs can only be found on the corpses of fire geckos. Once killed, fire geckos have a 20% chance of carrying a fire gecko egg.

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