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The power of your personality inspires die-hard loyalty from your followers. When you drop below 50% health, your companions temporarily gain much greater resistance to damage.

Ferocious Loyalty is a perk in Fallout: New Vegas.


This perk does not increase your companions' Damage Threshold but rather grants them Damage Resistance, similar to how Med-X or slasher function for the Courier. The amount added is 50%, so companions will ignore half of the base damage of any attack they receive. This combines well with high nerve to increase their survivability in hardcore mode.

Ferocious Loyalty will remain active as long as your health is below 50%, so the effect can be thought of as sustainable.


  • Hit Points granted by the Lifegiver perk do not count toward the Courier's total health where this perk is concerned. This means the perk will not activate at 50% health as described if Lifegiver is also taken, making it harder to safely sustain the effect.
  • Perk activation with the Lifegiver perk taken into account:
    • 130 total HP = Perk activates when < 38.5% (50 HP) of total HP remains
    • 230 total HP = Perk activates when < 43.5% (100 HP) of total HP remains
    • 330 total HP = Perk activates when < 45.5% (150 HP) of total HP remains
    • 430 total HP = Perk activates when < 46.5% (200 HP) of total HP remains
    • 530 total HP = Perk activates when < 47.2% (250 HP) of total HP remains
    • 575 total HP* = Perk activates when < 47.4% (272 HP) of total HP remains
      • This total is the projected maximum HP that one could acquire for the Courier (Level 50, Endurance 10, and having taken the Lifegiver perk).

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