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For the actual station itself, see Farragut West station.
Farragut West Metro station
Farragut West Metro Station
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Farragut West Metro station is a Metro tunnel access point located on the northern outskirts of Washington, D.C., near the Potomac River.


The Farragut West station is typically the first metro most players encounter. The station is located to the east of Super-Duper Mart and north of Wilhelm's Wharf, across the river from both. The area consists of an open plaza with the station entrance and a small wharf along the river at the bottom of a short flight of steps, with a small stash of ammunition and medical items kept by raiders.

Initially there are only three raiders patrolling the wharf on the metro side of the river. However, when the player first approaches the stash at the end of the wharf (from swimming across the river or by descending from the station plaza) two super mutants will spawn on the opposite bank, one of which will be armed with a big gun of some sort. Once the super mutants appear they will continually skirmish the raiders, as both parties regularly respawn.

Additionally, the mid-point of a patrolling random encounter is centered in front of the metro entrance, which can add further chaos to the already conflict filled location.

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  • It grants access to the metro tunnel system, Farragut West station.
  • A 'Type B' random encounter spawns at this location. Its patrol route runs from the highway ramp east of the station, to just before the super mutant encampment along the river to the southeast.
  • If Broken Steel has been downloaded, the super mutants may be replaced with a super mutant overlord.


Farragut West Metro station appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenesEdit

Farragut West station is a real metro station in Washington D.C., although its location is farther inside the D.C. area.


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