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The Faneuil Hall terminal entries are a series of entries found in terminals in Faneuil Hall in Fallout 4.

Manager's TerminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Faneuil Hall - Manager's Office

Marketplace ReportsEdit


Please select a report.

Week of 8/8Edit


Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Weekly Report: 8/2-8/8/77

- Weekly sales down 3% relative to last year.
- Merchants' meeting focused on shoplifting 'crisis'. Discussed Fallon's proposal for Protectrons and Society objections to it. Society issued veto on historic preservation grounds.
- All merchants agreed to detailed inventory tracking to assess the scope of the problem.

Week of 8/15Edit


Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Weekly Report: 8/9-8/15/77

- Weekly sales up 11% due to Columbus Day holiday.
- Merchants' inventory report showed net losses of $2,294 for the week, with 12 confirmed shoplifting incidents.
- Several merchants threatened to sue for breach of contract over security issues. Fallon's is prepared to withdraw immediately.
- Recommend moving forward with Protectron installation despite Society objections.

Week of 8/22Edit


Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Weekly Report: 8/16-8/22/77

- Weekly sales down 81% due to press coverage of the incidents.
- Seven deaths reported due to altercations with Protectrons, including five alleged shoplifters, one bystander, and Fallon's cashier. Disabled Protectrons pending technical review.
- Merchants' meeting canceled to avoid further media scrutiny.

Freedom Society MinutesEdit


Please select a file.

September MeetingEdit


Freedom Society Meeting Minutes
September, 2077

- Meeting called to order, J. Winthrop presiding.
- Read minutes of August meeting. Minutes approved, 14-0.
- Motion to amend the Society charter to emphasize historic preservation as primary mission over chaitableIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic activities. Motion carried, 9-2-3.
- Motion to consider merchants' proposal for Protectrons to secure the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Objections raised on historic preservation grounds. Motion failed, 0-14.
- Motion on file to suit against new owners of Old Corner Bookstore due to violations of historic preservation charter. Motion carried, 14-0.
- Meeting adjourned.

October MeetingEdit


Freedom Society Meeting Minutes
October, 2077

- Meeting called to order, J. Winthrop presiding.
- Read minutes of September meeting. Minutes approved, 11-0.
- Report from C. Winthrop on legal action against Old Corner Bookstore.
- Report from Mayor's office on Faneuil Hall merchants' dispute. Mayor insists that Protectron installation will proceed despite objections.
- Motion to allocate funds for Faneuil Hall roof repairs. Motion carried, 11-0. Contractor to begin work next week.
- Meeting adjourned.

Tour ScriptEdit


Established by Peter Faneuil in 1742, Faneuil Hall has been the civic heart of Boston for three centuries. The Meeting Hall has hosted speakers and debates from the first patriots to modern residents, and Faneuil Marketplace is an oasis of commerce in the center of Boston's modern business district.

Please take the time to explore the building and visit our merchants. Those of you with an interest in fine art may appreciate the Gilded Grasshopper, which can be seen on the weathervane atop the cupola.

For those of you following the Freedom Trail, the next site on the trail will be Revere House in North End.

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