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This page lists all special encounters in the original Fallout.
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  • For special encounters in other Fallout games, please see "Special encounter".
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Alien Ship


"Hey! They're really out there."

Main article: Alien Ship

There is a UFO with two dead aliens beside it. One of them has an unique alien blaster and the other a fuzzy painting of Elvis. By looking at the UFO you discover a small label that reads: "Property of Area-51. Return if found."

Bob's Pre-owned Car Mart

Fo1 Bob's Used Car Mart

"You stumble across some wrecked cars in the middle of the wasteland."

Used cars for sale; pick your way into the loony salesman's house to get the Red Ryder BB Gun from a locked box on the left, then check the right side of the house to find a box containing the better Red Ryder LE BB Gun.

Brahmin Herd

Fo1 Talking Cows

"You come across a herd of wild Brahmin. You feel there is something wrong..." sicIcon sic

A rather strange and spontaneous herd of 6 brahmin appears in the desert. They wander aimlessly around you and shout phrases such as "Moo!" or "Moo, I say."

Unusual Call Box

Fo1 Tardis

"You see a bright blue police box in the distance."

Main article: Unusual Call Box

You see the familiar police box that disappears as you go towards it. Leaves behind a motion sensor.

Giant Footprint

Fo1 Giant Footprint


Main article: Giant Footprint

Giant footprint in the ground with the remains of a crushed peasant, search the remains to find a Stealth Boy.

Nuka-Cola Truck


"You see an overturned truck in the distance."

Crashed and left alone in the middle of the desert, with a potentially huge amount of bottle caps in a crate behind it, depending on your Luck. The amount is doubled with the Fortune Finder perk.


Patrick the celt
Main article: Singer (Fallout)

A lone traveller who is fierce about preserving his Celtic heritage, can give you a permanent increase in your Charisma if you listen to his song.

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