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This page lists all special encounters in the original Fallout.
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  • For special encounters in other Fallout games, please see "Special encounter".
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These encounters are included purely for humor and/or easter eggs, and are random events that may or may not happen, depending on the player's Luck. They should not be considered canon. They can only be encountered on Desert squares on the world map, and will be represented by a "target" icon when encountered, as opposed to the lighting bolt icon that displays for normal encounters.

Alien ShipEdit


"Hey! They're really out there."

Main article: Alien Ship

There is a UFO with two dead aliens beside it. One of them has a unique alien weapon. Also the other has a fuzzy painting of Elvis. By looking at the UFO you discover a small label that reads: "Property of Area-51. Return if found."

Bob's Pre-owned Car MartEdit

Fo1 Bob's Used Car Mart

"You stumble across some wrecked cars in the middle of the wasteland."

Used cars for sale; pick your way into the loony salesman's house to get the Red Ryder BB gun from a locked box on the left, then check the right side of the house to find a box containing the better Red Ryder LE BB gun.

Brahmin HerdEdit

Fo1 Talking Cows

"You come across a herd of wild Brahmin. You feel there is something wrong..." sicIcon sic

A rather strange and spontaneous herd of 6 brahmin appears in the desert. They wander aimlessly around you and shout phrases such as "Moo!" or "Moo, I say."

Giant FootprintEdit

Fo1 Giant Footprint

"You see a giant footprint in the ground. You search but find no other tracks in the area."

Main article: Giant Footprint

Giant footprint in the ground with the remains of a crushed peasant, search the remains to find a Stealth Boy.


FO1 Random Herdsman

"A mute herdsman."

Main article: Herdsman

For this encounter, you come across a herd of four to six brahmin and a herdsman.

This herdsman has nothing and says nothing. Just leave this location.

Hub PatrolEdit

FO1 Random Hub patrol

"Hub policemen."

Main article: Hub Patrol

The Vault Dweller can meet a group of Hub policemen when traveling around the Hub.

They don't speak or trade with the player character.

Nuka-Cola TruckEdit


"You see an overturned truck in the distance."

Crashed and left alone in the middle of the desert, with a potentially huge amount of bottle caps in a crate behind it, depending on the player's Luck.
The amount of caps found is doubled if the character has the Fortune Finder perk.

Patrick, the CeltEdit

Patrick the celt

"You see a lone traveler in the distance."

Main article: Singer (Fallout)

A lone traveler who is fierce about preserving his Celtic heritage, and can give you a permanent increase to your Charisma if you listen to his song.

Additionally, if you encounter him at night, there will be a beer on the ground by the campfire. Use the Steal skill on the beer to access its inventory, which includes a suit of leather armor, weapons, ammo, and stimpacks.

NOTE: Strictly speaking this is not a Special Encounter. Unlike the encounters above (which can only be found on Desert squares), this encounter only happens on Mountain squares and is one of the 6 possible encounter types for north and south mountain encounters. Encountering Patrick has nothing to do with the player's Luck. Also unlike the others, this can be encountered multiple times.

Unusual Call BoxEdit

Fo1 Tardis

"To the Northeast you spot a police box."

Main article: Unusual Call Box

You see a strange, out-of-place object in the middle of the desert. The object seems familiar for some reason. The object appears to be a police call box. But suddenly it's not what it seems to be when the object disappears into thin air as you go towards it. After the Police Call Box disappears it leaves behind a motion sensor, thus revealing itself to be a TARDIS spaceship, in reference to the British science fiction show "Doctor Who", which has been on the air since 1963.

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