This page lists all skills in the original Fallout.
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Skill advancementEdit

Each skill has its own skill level which is expressed as a percentage. Skill levels can be increased by allocating skill points earned from gaining levels. Skills can also be improved by reading specific books or completing quests within the game.

Each skill point will raise a skill one percent. If the skill is tagged, each skill point will raise it two percent instead.

Unlike perks, skill points can be left unspent and will remain, to be spent later. This could conceivably be useful in the event of a hurdle in the game of unknown type that would prevent further progress, e.g. a locked door. Any unspent skill points in excess of 99 are lost.

Effect of stats on skills Edit

SPECIAL stats modify skills with a considerable bonus. The game keeps track of this bonus throughout the game, in real time. Any changes to stats, (e.g. chem effects, aftereffects and addiction effects or mirrored shades equipped) during the game add to or subtract from this modifier.

Effect of difficulty settings on skills Edit

  • Combat skills are unaffected by difficulty settings.
  • Active and passive skills are lowered by 10 (%) when the difficulty is changed from "normal" to "hard".
  • Active and passive skills are raised by 20 (%) when the difficulty is changed from "normal" to "easy".

Maximizing skill point gain/cost ratio Edit

Reducing the base stat modifier of skills with chem effects, and/or by changing the difficulty to Hard, can reduce the cost of skill points if it lowers the skill below a skill cost threshold. For example, Science can be raised to 135% for only one skill point per % by lowering Intelligence to zero with Mentats' aftereffects or Psycho effects (there is a limit of two chems unless you save and reload, but that will doubtlessly be necessary in any case to avoid become Addicted), and raising the difficulty to "hard" before spending. It can be raised a further 20% if needed, afterwards, by setting the difficulty to "easy" (same goes for reading books). This also works for higher tiers of skill point cost.

List of skillsEdit

Combat skillsEdit

Skill Description Associated stat Associated skill book Initial value
Big Guns Agility - 10% + (1% * AG)
Energy Weapons Agility - 10% + (1% * AG)
Melee Weapons Strength - 55% + (1% * ((ST + AG) / 2))
Small Guns Agility Guns and Bullets 35% + (1% * AG)
Throwing Agility - 40% + (1% * AG)
Unarmed Agility
- 65% + (AG + ST) / 2

Active skillsEdit

Skill Description Associated stat Associated skill book Initial value
Doctor Intelligence
- 15% + (1% * ((PE + IN) / 2))
First Aid Intelligence
First Aid Book 30% + (1% * ((PE + IN) / 2))
Lockpick Agility
- 20% + (1% * ((PE + AG) / 2))
Repair Intelligence Dean's Electronics 20% + (1% * IN)
Science Intelligence Big Book of Science 25% + (2% * IN)
Sneak Agility - 25% + (1% * AG)
Steal Agility - 20% + (1% * AG)
Traps Agility
- 20% + (1% * ((PE + AG) / 2))

Passive skillsEdit

Skill Description Associated stat Associated skill book Initial value
Barter Charisma - 20% + (2% * CH)
Gambling Luck - 20% + (3% * LK)
Outdoorsman Endurance
Scout Handbook 5% + (1% * ((IN + EN) / 2))
Speech Charisma -

25% + (2% * CH)