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For the special encounters appearing in Fallout, see Fallout special encounters.
This page lists all random encounters in the original Fallout.
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These encounters are random events that may or may not happen.


FO1 Random Herdsman

"A mute herdsman."

Main article: Herdsman

For this encounter, you come across a herd of four to six brahmin and a herdsman.

This herdsman has nothing and says nothing. Just leave this location.

Hub PatrolEdit

FO1 Random Hub patrol

"Hub policemen."

Main article: Hub Patrol

The Vault Dweller can meet a group of Hub policemen when traveling around the Hub.

They don't speak or trade with the player character.

Junktown ScoutsEdit

FO1 Random Junktown scouts
Main article: Junktown scouts

The Vault Dweller can meet a group of men in leather armor when traveling around Junktown. They can mark Junktown on the map if Dweller asks for the nearest town.

Supermutant PatrolEdit

FO1 Random Supermutant patrol
Main article: Supermutant Patrol

The Vault Dweller can meet a group of 3 to 6 super mutants around Mariposa.

Patrol members come armed with flamers and miniguns. They usually fire on sight.

Patrick, the CeltEdit

Patrick the celt
Main article: Singer (Fallout)

You stumble onto a lonely man named Patrick in the desert who you can ask to sing "Na Gheala Mbeadh" if you pass a Speech check. Listening to the song increases your Charisma by one point. You can meet him again, but he will not sing the song for you anymore.

Brotherhood of Steel vs Desert RaidersEdit

You encounter a group of brotherhood of steel soldiers fighting a group of desert raiders.


You encounter a group of radscorpions


You encounter a group of rats.


You encounter a group of molerats.

Dead corpse, debris, environmental hazardsEdit

You encounter a dead corpse, debris, environmental hazard, etc.