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Fallout promotional items are give-away items created to promote Fallout. They were either given away by Interplay to journalists or available with special editions of the game. Some were given only to developers internally as souvenirs.

Tin cupEdit


"Tin Cup" - front view


"Tin Cup" - side view

The Fallout tin (actually aluminium) cup.

Stimpak penEdit


Stimpak ballpoint pen - top


Stimpak ballpoint pen - bottom

The Fallout stimpak ballpoint pen. Somewhat fashioned after the game's stimpak. It originally had a purplish fluid inside (circa 1997), but has long since evaporated at the time of these photos.


The Fallout postcard.

FO1 postcard

Postcard - front


Postcard - back


Fo1 BoS promotional t-shirt front

T-Shirt - front

Fo1 BoS promotional t-shirt back

T-Shirt - back

Fallout T-Shirt. On the front is the Fallout logo. The back shows a member of the Brotherhood of Steel and the words "Everything Else is Dead or Dying."

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