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This page lists all miscellaneous items in the original Fallout.
  • The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles.
  • For miscellaneous items in other Fallout games, please see "Miscellaneous item".
  • For an overview of Fallout content, please refer to "Portal:Fallout".

General informationEdit

Miscellaneous items are items which do not fit into any of the other categories listed on Fallout items.

General use itemsEdit

Image Name Value Weight Related quest Effect
FO2 bag Bag $25 3
Backpack Back pack $100 5
GEIGER4 Geiger counter $650 4
Botlcaps Bottle caps 1 0
SCORP Scorpion tail $10 20 Stop the Radscorpions
Fo 1st Aid Kit First aid kit $200 2 First Aid +20%
Fo1 doctors bag Doctor's bag $300 5 Doctor +20%
FO1 Lockpicks Lock picks $150 1 Lockpick +20%
ELECPIC Electronic lock pick $375 2 Lockpick +20%
MOTION Motion sensor $800 7 Outdoorsman +20%
STLTHBOY Stealth Boy $1800 3 Sneak +20%
Fo2 tool Tool $200 1 Repair +20%

Quest itemsEdit

Image Name Value Weight Related quest
PASSKEY2 Blue pass key $10 1
BUG Bug $50 2 Get Gizmo's confession
FoT chemistry journals Chemistry journals $100 5 Harden your Power Armor
BBADGE COC badge (black) $400 1
RBADGE COC badge (red) $12 1
Locket Gold locket cutIcon cut Deliver Locket for Romero cutIcon cut
Junk Junk $40 12 Fix the Necropolis water pump
Fix the hydroponic farms in Adytum
FO2 Key Key $4 0
Necklace Necklace $700 2 Steal necklace from the Merchants
Psychic Nullifier Psychic nullifier $1000 3
RADIO3 2043B radio $350 6
PASSKEY1 Red pass key $10 1
ROPE Rope $25 10
Fo1 security card Security card $40 0
FO1 Small Piece Of Machinery Small piece of machinery $150 1 Fix the broken T-51b power armor
TAPE PLY Tape recorder $80 5 Get Gizmo's confession
Medal Urn $130 6 Steal Neal's Urn
FO2 Water Chip Water chip $2 2 Find the Water Chip
Water-flask Water flask $25 2
PASSKEY3 Yellow pass key $40 1

Other itemsEdit

Image Name Value Weight Related quest
Fo1 Cats Paw Cat's Paw $5 1 -
Dogtags Dog tags 1 Kill Killian
Flower Flower $5 1 -
FO2ElvisPainting Fuzzy painting $300 12 -
FO2 key ring Key ring $4 0 -
ZIP1 Lighter $100 0 -
DINNER Small dusty box of some sort $20 2 -

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