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Nukapedia News Digest
The Nukapedia News Digest is our weekly update on Wiki News, Fallout News, and more
If you think that something should be added to the next issue, please either drop it in the comments, contact us through the methods above, or leave a note on Agent c's talk page.

The Nukapedia News Digest is a weekly wrap up of Nukapedia's recent internal news, Wikia news, Fallout game news, and some news relating to the people who develop the Fallout games.

How does it work?

Agent c usually posts the news on Friday or Saturdays. Once its published, our twitter and Facebook feeds will be updated, so follow us to keep updated on the latest events.

In the event of a major issue regarding future games, a breaking news piece may be posted before the main news.

What kind of content should be included?

Depending on what content is available, the following sections may appear

Wiki related news (...From the Administrative Enclave)
A round up of official wiki procedural news - policy proposals, rights requests, policy changes, etc.
News from Wikia
Major announcements from Wikia - Wiki upgrades and new projects be the team at Wikia.
Game news
We cover news relating to the future Fallout games in detail, and offer some coverage to other projects by the developers and companies that bring us the Fallout games (in particular Bethesda/Zenimax, Obsidian and InXile.
Other areas of interest
We'll occasionally cover fan projects, and other items from the cold war, or technology developments that may be of interest.

Suggestions for next issue

Please either post these in the comments of the previous news post, or you can also leave these direct with Agent c

Recent digests

The three most current issues are displayed below. For a full list, please refer to Category:Wiki news digests.

  • 30
    Agent c

    Welcome to the Nukapedia News digest. Now at all good airport bookstores… if you find one, let me know.

    In your edition this week

    Its that man Avellone again in a 2 frame, care to cap?

    In other news, Jasper has proposed a change of real world people's infoboxes. You can read about the request and vote on it here.

    | }}}}

    Thanks for joining us, unless there’s a major event no news next week as I’m on break. Hopefully the week after, Jet Lag Depending.
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  • 60
    Agent c

    Welcome to the Nukapedia News Digest. Its almost on time.

    In your edition this week

    This weeks images and captions selected by Mountain Hail. Hey Hail, don’t you have enough to do already?

    Can you do better?


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  • 48
    Agent c

    Welcome to the Nukapedia News Digest. Like Id Software, we’re done when we’re done.

    In your edition this week

    Oh, and they're already over target, but give em some cash anyway.

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