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This page lists news items posted at Fallout Wiki.
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News in this category

  • Agent c

    New models in the Bethstore

    October 13, 2016 by Agent c

    A new Model has appeared in the Bethstore, you can get this for a mere $398.

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  • Agent c

    Wasteland 3

    October 9, 2016 by Agent c

    Hot on the heels of their success in Wasteland 2 and Torment, the InXile boys have started a kickstarter campaign for Wasteland 3, and its already exceeded its campaign goal.

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  • Agent c

    Fallout Shelter 1.8 Update

    October 9, 2016 by Agent c

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  • Paladin117

    Some news from Bethesda. They are releasing mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition afterall. They are also adding in support for the PlayStation 4 Pro while they're at it. There are two catches however. First, Fallout 4 mods are coming after Skyrim's release, which will include mods at launch. Second, you can not use any external assets with PS4 mods, only the game's native assets. So, no new 3D models or textures are coming.


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  • Agent c

    Some big news from InXile. Wasteland, the series that lead to the development of Fallout will be getting a third instalment.

    Much like the second instalment and other InXile productions, Wasteland 3 will be crowdfunded to begin with, however this time there's the promise of more - the possibility to get more than just rewards, but a possible share of the profits.

    The planned ask this time is $2.75 Million, you may remember Wasteland 2 raised in total just under $3 Million so the goal is ambitious.

    We'll know more October 5th, when the title is officially announced 8am Pacific (11am EST, 5pm CET).

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  • Agent c

    Bethesda has released the following statement on PS4 mods today

    It seems that this is the closed book on PS4 mods for now, the problem being down to Sony wanting to control, or exclude certain content rather than any technical issue.

    This also appears to close the book on Skyrim Special edition, and I would not be suprised if this will effect Bethesda's consideration of which formats Fallout 4 VR might appear on.

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  • Agent c

    Some suprising news is emerging from the court case brought by Zenimax against Occulus. They’ve expanded their case so its not just targeted at the arm of Facebook, but they’re also suing the founder of Oculus (Palmer Luckey), their CEO (Brendan Iribe) and former head of ID and former Zenimax employee John Carmack, accusing the latter of being a thief.

    At this point you might be thinking what does that have to do with Bethesda? Well, you might remember back at the BE3 conference Fallout 4 VR and Doom VR were announced for the HTC Vive, rather than Oculus. This lawsuit is why - Bethesda is a Zenimax company. But that still make you wonder what Zenimax have to do with the development of the Oculus, and why they’re suing. Well, according to Zenimax’s submission, the short answer is: everything.

    This is weighty, so we will be including a summary at the end.

    (Note: This narrative is taken from the Zenimax submission to the court. We are making no judgement on its accuracy or the truth of…

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  • Peace'n Hugs

    Wayside Creations is lifting the veil a bit again in a third episode of their development diaries. For those new to Wayside Creations: Wayside Creations is the non-profit that brought us Fallout: Nuka Break, a Fallout fan series that's popular enough to get an own Wikipedia page and even an in-game reference in Fallout: New Vegas. 2 years ago, they ran a Kickstarter for their new season that raised over three times the set target, totalling at $66,625. Fallout: Nuka Break - Tales from the Wasteland is expected at the end of this summer.

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  • Agent c

    A common complaint about the Fallout New Orleans hoax are claims that the applicant "must" have paid for the registration - and paid a lot.

    So we set ourselves a challenge. Could we replicate the results of this troll without paying a cent?

    Conditions of the test

    • We'd do a wordmark registration, rather than a logo, because this is already requiring more effort than it was worth
    • We'd put an application through the "Fast Track" system, and another not through the fast track system, to see if there was any practical difference
    • At no point would we make any payment
    • We would include information in the application to make it obvious that its a bogus registration, including names such as "fakey-Mc-Fakerson" and customer reference of "Fake". If that shouldn't ring alarm bells about the fakeness, nothing will.

    How did we do, well here are our results, the fast track application:

    As you can see, this is pretty much identical to the New Orleans registration. The Application supposedly fulfilled fast tr…

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  • Agent c

    You might see some rumours around the internet claiming that Bethesda have registered a trademark in Europe.

    And indeed, if you search the EU trademark database, you'll find this:

    Looks real doesn't it? How could it possibly be a fake if its on the trademark database?


    Look down at the owners section:

    You're telling me that Bethesda is so poor they can't pay for the registration?

    The EU Trademark database is a known favourite tool of those fake announcement trolls. Anyone can put anything they like in it, and OAMI will list it just long enough for people to be fooled by it. Since the troll doesn't have to pay anything, he doesn't lose anything for doing so, he just gets all the lolz.

    If you don't see Bethesda register a trademark in their home country's trademark database, at the USPTO, then you should assume its fake. This advice goes for any other video game trademark rumour you see - if it isn't in USPTO, where the troll has to put up money to get in the list, then you should t…

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