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1 MarchEdit

Stripmall m
Paradise Falls is a converted shopping mall found in Fallout 3. It serves as a hub for nearly all slaver activity in the Capital Wasteland and is a constant source of fear for all its denizens, especially those of Big Town. The slaver outpost is led by Eulogy Jones who regulates the purchasing and selling of slaves. Most of the town's residents are battle-grizzled, fearless slavers who have absolutely no qualms with the ethical side of their business or the use of weapons to reach their goals.

2 MarchEdit

FO3 super mutant behemoth
Super mutant behemoths are giant super mutants living in the ruins of Washington, D.C.. There are five in total, and they do not respawn after they are killed. There is an achievement/trophy in Fallout 3 entitled "The Bigger They Are..." obtained by destroying all five. These giant creatures were created by the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV). The general concept of all Vault 87 super mutants is that the older they become after being exposed to the F.E.V. the bigger and stronger they become. Super mutant behemoths are as big and bad as they come. Clearly making them the oldest in the Capital Wasteland of all the super mutants. All behemoths in Fallout 3 are unique: some don't wear armor, some don't have weapons, etc.

3 MarchEdit

Chryslus building
The Chryslus Building is a ruin of a large office building located in the Capital Wasteland, on the outskirts of Washington, D.C.. It was the main office of Chryslus Motors, which manufactured automobiles before the Great War of 2077. At the time, Chryslus were promoting the $199,999.99 Corvega, which was produced at the Corvega factory, located south west of Vault 108. In the years since the war, it has become a stronghold for super mutants and centaurs. On the ground floor there are at least 6 super mutants, and are a little tricky because they patrol in pairs. They have quite low perception, so one can sneak up quite close and V.A.T.S a few shotgun cartridges their way. If in trouble one can evacuate the building, as they do not seem to follow.

4 MarchEdit

FO01 Overseer Cinematic
Overseer Jacoren, his first name having been shown in concept art, is the leader of Vault 13 around 2161.

He was fully aware of the Vault Experiment program conducted by the Enclave, and has therefore tried to do everything to keep the Vault closed for 200 years, just as the program wanted it to be. As it is quite unlikely that he could have been more than 100 years old, the knowledge about the experiment was probably passed to him from the previous Overseer, most likely one of his parents.

When the Vault's only functioning water chip got damaged and shut down, he sent one of the Vault dwellers, who later became known as the Vault Dweller, into the wasteland to find a replacement chip. In the course of his adventure, the Vault Dweller ended up defeating the mutant threat, and was subsequently expelled from Vault 13, as the Overseer thought that he would ruin the Vault Experiment by convincing people to leave the Vault.

Despite the Vault Dweller's exile, many people chose to follow him into the Wasteland. Although the Overseer tried to stop them, he was eventually tried and sentenced to death for his crime, probably after the dwellers learned about his involvement in the Experiment.

5 MarchEdit

Fo2 Vegeir
The Slags, led by Vegeir, are mutated people from the Ghost Farm at the outskirts of Modoc. They are the descendants of a militia group that, when the Great War came, sealed themselves and their families underground for protection. This event came to be known as the Sealing. Since the Sealing, the Slags have mutated. Few can bear to be on the surface because they are not used to having a black sea of nothingness above them. They also cannot stand the bright light of the sun, as living underground for so long has made their eyes sensitive to light. The Slag population steadily increased after the Sealing. It soon became apparent that they could no longer survive underground without further supplies. As a result, the Seal was broken, and they once again looked to the surface for survival, creating a small farm some years prior to 2241.

6 MarchEdit

EA Walk
Environmental armor was developed for use in heavily contaminated environments, and is prized in the wasteland for its ability to protect against biological threats. This armor affords the wearer 60% protection against harmful airborne agents and radiation. A superior version of this armor is environmental armor Mark II. Knights of the Brotherhood of Steel are sometimes dressed in environmental armor. This protects them against radiation, chemical and biowarfare agents. Of course, it also helps with the brahmin smell.

7 MarchEdit

Centaurs are misshapen, mutated creatures. They are by-products of the Forced Evolutionary Virus, as they were created by tossing a varied mix of humans, dogs, cats, brahmin and other animals into an FEV vat and seeing what came out the other end. As a result, they can differ quite a lot from one another. In addition, Centaurs in the Capital Wasteland are not only different from the ones in the Core Region in appearance but also in behaviour, often serving as guard dogs for super mutants.

8 MarchEdit

Reilly's Rangers is a mercenary group in the Capital Wasteland, currently consisting of four members. While a mercenary force, they, like the Desert Rangers and the New California Rangers, are altruistic and operate on a strict set of morals. Aside from Reilly, the leader, the roster includes Brick, Butcher and Donovan. The group is based at the Ranger compound near Seward Square. Reilly, herself, gives out quests involving mapping the wastes and helping other rangers in need.

9 MarchEdit

VB DD01 deco 1
Tibbets Prison is a cold, sterile, steel-walled automated prison facility in what used to be known as Arizona. It is run by technology so ancient, it dates back to the years before the Great War - over two hundred years before the events of Fallout: New Vegas. It is governed by the split-personality machine intelligence within the prison, ODYSSEUS (ULYSSES). Tibbets was always a military prison, holding some of the United States' most dangerous criminals. Over time, the prison became more advanced, utilizing robotic wardens and utility robots to maintain the structure, especially as the war with China in the 2070s and the annexation of Canada began to drain personnel from the United States. It was designed to hold 636 prisoners at full capacity. As of 2253, it holds much more than that - but when the dust and ash settles after the catastrophic attack at the prison, there will be enough prisoners running from the shattered prison walls to pose a threat to the Wasteland.

10 MarchEdit

Fawkes is a super mutant with the distinction of having retained his civility and intellectual capacity through the rigors of mutation.

The super mutant pleads with the Lone Wanderer to be released from a cell in Vault 87 in which he has resided for as long as memory permits, imprisoned by his own kind. He claims that he was able to attain literacy and a civilized personality (things most super mutants sorely lack) by gleaning as much information as possible from the Vault's immense database which he could access through a terminal in his cell. Out of admiration and a feeling of being in a similar situation he chose to name himself after Guy Fawkes.

His intimate knowledge of Vault 87 possibly derives from having been a resident there before being transformed into a super mutant, further indicated by the fact that he wears the remains of a Vault 87 jumpsuit.

11 MarchEdit

Fo1 Shotgun
The Winchester Widowmaker shotgun is a double-barreled 12 gauge shotgun with short barrels and a mahogany grip in Fallout. It is a common weapon used early in the game. It also comes in a sawed-off variant in Fallout 2.

12 MarchEdit

Floaters are hostile mutant creatures which likely originated from FEV-infected flatworms (as mentioned in the FEV experiment disk). They are often found in groups with centaurs. Floaters appear in Fallout and Fallout 2. Although they do not appear in Fallout 3, The Art of Fallout 3 book available with the collector's edition of the game includes floater concept art.

13 MarchEdit

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2, also known as Vagrant Lands, was the canceled sequel to the Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel action game. The development started before the release of the first game, and it was canceled soon after release, because of its poor sales. In March 2009, the design document for the game, written by Brian Freyermuth (one of the designers of the original Fallout), was leaked.

14 MarchEdit

18 The Nuka-Cola Challenge
The Nuka-Cola Challenge is a Fallout 3 side quest connected with the Nuka-Cola soft drink. It is also an Xbox 360, PS3 and PC achievement. To start this quest, find Sierra Petrovita at Girdershade, which is located west of Jocko's Pop & Gas stop and SW of Smith Casey's garage. Upon finding Sierra Petrovita, she offers you to take the "Nuka-Cola tour," which consists of viewing the large number of Nuka-Cola collectibles she owns. If you agree to take the tour, she will show the player around her home, discuss various Nuka-Cola facts and talk about some of the items in the room. After the tour, she gives the player an ice cold Nuka-Cola.

15 MarchEdit

The Cathedral is a major location in Fallout. To the outside world, the cathedral is nothing more than an innocent set up for the Children of the Cathedral organization, which tries to bring love and peace to the wastes. Below it, however, lies a secret underground Vault (more specifically, the Los Angeles Vault), which serves as a home and base for the Master. The Los Angeles Vault was a demonstration Vault built by Vault-Tec to advertise its series of fallout shelters. As such, it was not part of the Vault Experiment and was never assigned a number. When the Great War started, many people took shelter in this Vault, and eventually emerged in 2092, founding the Boneyard.

16 MarchEdit

Eulogy Jones
Eulogy Jones is the head slaver of Paradise Falls. Eulogy is normally seen inside his headquarters or roaming around Paradise Falls. He seldom meddles in the affairs of others, and appears to be solely concerned with situations that benefit him. When the Lone Wanderer prods Eulogy about Little Lamplight, he opines that although the children are extremely valuable, they are still too "tenacious" for his liking. If you have joined the Slavers, you can receive a minor quest from Eulogy to kidnap one of the residents of Little Lamplight. Eulogy is always followed around by his two slaves/bodyguards, Clover and Crimson. For 1000 caps, Eulogy can sell you Clover, who can then join your party.

17 MarchEdit

An electromagnetic pulse, commonly abbreviated to EMP, is a burst of strong electromagnetic energy. An EMP can be generated in numerous ways, from industrial accidents to specially-designed generators. However, EMPs are best known from their first documented source: nuclear weapons. As the primary effect of an electromagnetic pulse is the desctrucion of electronic elements, there are some weapons that generate it, used primarily against various robots. These include the pulse grenades and the pulse rifle prototype developed by the Reaver Movement. While similarly named, the YK32 pulse pistol and YK42B pulse rifle are not EMP weapons but generate an electrical pulse effective also against living targets.

18 MarchEdit

Newton FoT map
Newton or Junk City was the main camp of the Reaver Movement, a technology-worshipping cult. A big, pre-War Nuka-Cola plant and the tank is located there. Around 2198, a Reaver delegate came to the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel Bunker Delta, bringing news that a large Calculator's robot force has all but annihilated camp. The Reaver's numbers were devastated by relentless attacks and will soon be destroyed unless we intervene. Normally, the Brotherhood would gladly allow one enemy to destroy another, but the Reavers had something to offer - an EMP device that has a devastating effect on electronics, which makes it an effective weapon against the robots.

19 MarchEdit

Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth President of the United States and the first Republican nominee, serving from 1861 to 1865. Although known for many things, his emancipation of the slaves is a very important aspect of his presidency to people in the Capital Wasteland, among them the people that make up the Temple of the Union.

20 MarchEdit

Fo1 Boneyard Fortress
The Gun Runners are a "gang" operating out of a fortified factory the north-eastern part of the Los Angeles Boneyard. Originally, they were a normal gang, like the Skulz, Blades etc., which had come to the Boneyard from the Hub in hopes of securing their own territory in the city. Shortly after arriving, approximately thirty years before Fallout took place, they decided to start a gunrunning business, since they had settled themselves in an abandoned factory with functioning manufacturing equipment which they used to assemble high-tech weapons and ammunition.

21 MarchEdit

Benjamin Montgomery
Sergeant Benjamin "Benji" Montgomery is the first U.S. Army soldier you encounter in the Operation: Anchorage add-on for Fallout 3. He accompanies you on all missions in the simulation and leads your squad in Paving the Way. Montgomery is invincible, he can take direct hit from a missile launcher and still have full health.

22 MarchEdit

FoT Barter
Barter is a Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Van Buren skill. Its initial level depends on the player character's Charisma. The Barter skill is used in the buying and selling of items, such as when trading with a merchant or scavenger. In general, the higher this skill level is, the lower prices will be when purchasing items. It is the primary factor in price determination, and is also offset by the Barter skill of the NPC.

23 MarchEdit

Carry Weight is a derived statistic in the SPECIAL system. It represents the maximum amount of equipment your character can carry, in pounds. In Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout: Tactics, your character will become slower as more weight is put on. When your character reaches the maximum weight, he or she becomes completely weighed down and cannot move until the weight is back under control. In Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, movement speed is unaffected by your character's Carry Weight until the weight of items carried exceeds your total Carry Weight, at which point your character will become overencumbered and unable to run, jump, or fast travel, with the exception of the Long Haul perk in New Vegas.

24 MarchEdit

The Pitt is the second Fallout 3 add-on, and was released on March 24, 2009 for Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live. In this add-on, the player journeys to the industrial raider town called The Pitt, located in the remains of Pittsburgh. In contrast to Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt features a more traditional questline with several morally-ambiguous choices. The main quest involves the player taking on the role of a slave in order to investigate rumors that the raider boss of The Pitt has discovered a cure for mutations.

25 MarchEdit

Natiq "Defonten" Aghayev is an artist from Baku, Azerbaijan and a member of the Fallout fan community. His best known Fallout-related artwork, "City Ruins" has often been mistakenly assumed to be a piece of official Fallout 3 concept art by various websites and magazines. In 2007 he was contracted by Interplay to create concept art for the company's Fallout MMORPG codenamed Project V13.

26 MarchEdit

Fat Man
The Fat Man is a handheld tactical nuclear catapult found in various places in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Because of its nuclear payload, it is by far the strongest V.A.T.S. enabled weapon in the game, perfect for taking out multiple enemies or heavily armored units - and in normal use, you'll be encountering both. The Fat Man has an estimated range of 150+ yards, and the mini-nuke will fall back down if it is shot straight up. The explosion from a fired mini-nuke will leave the area of effect temporarily irradiated.

27 MarchEdit

Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game is the first game in the Fallout series, developed and published by Interplay Entertainment in 1997. The game was initially intended to use Steve Jackson Games's GURPS system, but that deal fell through, supposedly when Steve Jackson realized how violent the game was. Fallout is seen as the "spiritual successor" to Interplay's classic 1987 CRPG Wasteland.

28 MarchEdit

The auto axe is a melee weapon that is featured in The Pitt add-on. It inflicts large amounts of damage with its sharp rotating blades. It functions just like the Ripper, not like an actual axe. It can also be repaired using Rippers. The auto axe appears to be a modified industrial tool, strongly resembling a concrete saw or chainsaw. The original blade seems to have been removed and replaced with a blade of a different kind.

29 MarchEdit

FO3 Gauss rifle
The Gauss rifle is one of the deadliest rifles in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage. The rifle uses a series of electromagnetic fields to propel rounds at tremendous speed. Its range, accuracy and stopping power are almost unparalleled. It has a knock-down effect that will knock enemies off their feet following a critical hit. Unlike the German M72 Gauss rifle, which uses 2mm EC magazines containing both batteries and rounds, this gun requires the user to load in the microfusion cells needed to energize/magnetize each standard 2mm projectile round; those are already pre-loaded into the weapon, and are in the magazine attached to the side of the weapon.

30 MarchEdit

The Church of the Children of Atom is a local cult in Megaton, led by Confessor Cromwell and Mother Maya, his wife. The church building is located at the bottom of a bomb crater, next to the unexploded nuclear bomb around which the town was built. Cult members refer to themselves as Children of Atom. The Church of the Children of Atom believes that each atomic mass contains an entire universe, and that when an atomic mass is split many universes are created. Therefore, instead of seeing the Great War as destructive, the Church believes it was a creative and unifying holy event.

31 MarchEdit

Nadia, the female main character of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, grew up in a rough urban area with no parents and few friends, stealing and foraging for money and food. She's always been clever - cunning and skill saved her life more than once, growing up amongst thieves, murderers, and worse. One day a troop of Brotherhood soldiers came to town, cleaned out the trash, and fed the hungry. When they left, Nadia followed them and joined the Brotherhood of Steel.