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Dirt Haven fbos
The Fallout Tactics demo is a freely downloadable playable demonstration of the gameplay of Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. There are two versions of the Fallout Tactics demo: a single-player demo and a multiplayer demo.

The single-player demo includes four training missions and two missions: Dirt Haven and Devil's Graveyard. A squad of Brotherhood Initiates is sent to deal with raider gang leaded by Gargantua.

The multiplayer demo adds a multiplayer component to the two-level single player demo.


Tactics spasm gun
The Spasm NeuroDisruptor is a nasty little weapon that over-stimulates the synapses of the target, causing sensory overload and jerking motions. Some memory loss, brain damage, hemorrhaging and motor-control deterioration accompany the light stunning effect.


The Komodo dragons or simply Komodos are mutated giant lizards found commonly in the Midwest.

As the Komodo dragons are originally from the island of Komodo and were not naturally found in the United States before the Great War, they likely originated from a zoological garden. Dried and cured Komodo hides are used in the creation of leather armor.

Komodos are among the critters controlled by the Beastlords.


Latham was a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin and part of the original detachment which was sent to pursue an army of super mutants led by Gammorin. This faction of super mutants had fled to the East after the death of the Master and the destruction of Mariposa Military Base.

While most of the Brotherhood's airships end up in the vincinity of Chicago, far from Gammorin's forces, one of the zeppelins crashes north of the mutant encampment. Paladin Latham, the leader, challenges Gammorin to single unarmed combat and, to surprise of everyone, kills the mighty mutant. Due to his victory over the previous chieftain, the super mutants expect him to become the new leader of their army. Latham accepts and eventually takes to calling himself "Gammorin", like his predecessor.

A head injury Latham/Gammorin suffered aduring the battle results in him growing more and more insane throughout the years. Nonetheless, he manages to organize the mutant forces into an army nearly as powerful as they had been during the Master's reign.


Ronald Lee Ermey (born March 24, 1944) is a former U.S. Marine Corps drill instructor and later Golden Globe-nominated actor, often playing the roles of authority figures, such as Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann in Full Metal Jacket, Mayor Tilman in the Alan Parker film Mississippi Burning and Sheriff Hoyt in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. In Fallout Tactics, he voiced General Simon Barnaky. One of his lines from the ninety minute pilot episode for Space Above and Beyond was referenced in Fallout 2 by Dornan.


V0 bos0117
Vault 0 (Vault Zero), unlike most vaults involved in the Vault Experiment, was not an experiment in human behaviour. It was constructed by expanding and reinforcing the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado and was by far the largest of the underground Vaults (by volume). If the interiors were so designed, Vault 0 could easily support a population of well over 100,000 people. Many of the areas that comprise the massive interior layout of Vault 0 were originally designed to be the size of (and were often compared to) aircraft hangars, warehouses and factories; these zones were for the construction of various machines that were ostensibly designed to serve the vault dwellers. Vault 0 was intended to be a place where the geniuses of the pre-War United States could be kept in cryogenic stasis, their brains extracted and frozen for the duration of their "residence" in this vault. They were hooked up to a big supercomputer called the Calculator, which was supposed to function in collaboration with the brains of these pre-War geniuses to design and nurture an ideal human society in a post-War U.S. by educating the survivors and residents.


The Brotherhood of Steel is a splinter faction of the original Brotherhood of Steel.

After the defeat of the Master, the original Brotherhood found themselves at odds with their need for new blood versus their code of technological secrecy. Finally, the elders ruled against sharing the technology with outsiders, convinced that they would endure what they had before and the elders ordered the minority on a mission across the wastes.

The Brotherhood constructed airships and dispatched the minority eastwards to track down the remaining super mutant threat. However, a great storm broke and the mighty main airship was badly damaged. The fraction of the crew that survived, struggled to keep their ship aloft before finally crashing on the outskirts of the ruins of Chicago. The survivors eventually formed a new organization, which diverged greatly from the ideals of the old Brotherhood.


FOT deathclaw
There are 6 playable races in Fallout Tactics, in contrast to most other Fallout games where usually only humans are available as player characters. Aside from humans, it is possible to play a deathclaw, dog, ghoul, super mutant or humanoid robot. Each race has different minimum and maximum SPECIAL statistics. Most perks are available to all, but some are restricted (or disallowed) to certain races. The races also feature specific traits and in-game abilities.


After Burner gum is a powerful met amphetamine chewing gum that stimulates the central nervous system. The initial euphoric rush rarely lasts more than a few minutes, but during that time, the user is filled with a rush of energy & strength. The effects of the After Burner gum are identical to that of Jet in Fallout 2 but with a lower risk of addiction. In addition, they are much rarer and harder to find.


FOT Barnaky
General Simon Barnaky is a Brotherhood of Steel paladin and one of the rebellious young paladins who disagreed with the Brotherhood's ways, instead wanting to bring BOS technology to the outside world. By 2198 he is the leader of the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel, until he is taken prisoner by Gammorin's (Paladin Latham's) super mutant forces in St. Louis. Then he is abducted by the Calculator's robots and taken to Vault 0, where his brain is extracted and put into a humanoid brain bot. He is succeeeded by General Dekker.


FOT Humanoid Robot
The C-27 Series humanoid robots, created by the Acme corporation before the Great War, are the main work force for the Calculator. As the name implies, they are bipedal, two armed robots, about the size of a large man. Due to budget cutbacks by the Department of Defense for Vault 0, several important backup systems were not included to the neuro-link systems. This made the Calculator corrupted and instead of releasing the robots to make the wasteland safe for humanity, the robots manufactured from Vault 0 used its arsenal and anywhere else that sufficient armament could be found, to exterminate all life, completing the so called "pacification protocol". Humanoid robots can use most normal human equipment, without any sort of RS-231.5 interface required by most robotics.


B Alpha fbos0001
Bunker Alpha is the main base of operations of the Brotherhood of Steel. Located in the area of the former city of Chicago, Illinois, it was formed some time after the Brotherhood airships crashed there. In time, the Brotherhood established a harsh rule over the towns and tribal villages in that area, controlled from Bunker Alpha. General Simon Barnaky was stationed here, before moving to Bunker Beta. It is here the Warrior begins his career in the Brotherhood, and here begins the destruction of the raiders in the Chicago region.


Tank FoT
The vehicle called "tank" in Fallout Tactics is a Sherman which has been heavily modified over the years. Basically all of your preconceived ideas about tanks being heavy, slow but virtually unstoppable are born out by this baby. Unlike other Fallout Tactics vehicles, it has a 75mm tank gun which can lob a shell over a reasonable distance. It is owned by the Reavers and stationed in their main camp, Newton, until a squad of Brotherhood of Steel, led by the Warrior, comes, repairs it and takes it under their control.


The Beastlords are a group of cannibalistic tribals who underwent a mutation which gave them psychic control over various animals. They are fond of poison, which can cause problems for even the most stalwart of bands. Their leader is Emperor Daarr. The Beastlords' inherent telepathic suggestion is a unique ability, acquired through prolonged exposure to an unknown radiation present within Mardin's underground caves. The creatures controlled by Beastlords include giant cockroaches, giant wasps, komodo dragons, brahmins, dogs, wolves, giant rats and radscorpions. While they are not able to control the intelligent deathclaws, they force them to serve them by holding the deathclaw matriarch hostage.


The Warrior is the player character in Fallout Tactics. Unlike the Chosen One, he is not a descendant of the Vault Dweller or of anyone who came from Vault 13. He is a tribal recruited by the Brotherhood of Steel as an Initiate. General Simon Barnaky believes he would be a great commander, and after all, he is proven right. The warrior successfuly accomplishes one mission after another, faster than anyone before him achieving new ranks and becoming a legend in the Brotherhood.


EA Walk
Environmental armor was developed for use in heavily contaminated environments, and is prized in the wasteland for its ability to protect against biological threats. This armor affords the wearer 60% protection against harmful airborne agents and radiation. A superior version of this armor is environmental armor Mark II. Knights of the Brotherhood of Steel are sometimes dressed in environmental armor. This protects them against radiation, chemical and biowarfare agents. Of course, it also helps with the brahmin smell.


MicroForte Logo
Micro Forté is an Australian game development company responsible for the production of Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.

Founded in 1985, Micro Forté was unusual from the start. In the mid-1980s, the video game development industry had not yet gained a foothold in Australian society, and Micro Forté became the first earnest attempt to develop games in Australia. Its founder, John De Margheriti, sought to capitalize on the emerging market.

When Interplay decided to produce a Fallout-themed RTS, Micro Forté was tapped to be the project's developer along with in-house division 14 Degrees East. The pairing resulted in the production of Fallout Tactics in 2001. Micro Forté would go on to release a combination Fallout box set called Fallout: Radioactive the following year. This box set included both of the original Fallout games, as well as Fallout Tactics. The release in North America was very limited, though Australia and Europe saw the set appear in higher numbers.


Brahmin Wood fbos0121
Brahmin Wood is a resource-rich tribal village in the area of the pre-War city of Chicago, Illinois. In 2197 it is invaded by a group raiders led by Horus. Brahmin Wood's losses are heavy and they decide to accept the Eastern Brotherhood's conditions for protection. Eventually, a small squad of Brotherhood recruits returns their lands and rescues these primitive people in exchange for food and a portion of their older children for new recruits. The village Elder or Tribal Father is Charon, who is skeptical to the benevolence of the Brotherhood's intentions, but agrees to their terms after the village was rescued from the hands of raiders by the Brotherhood. The shaman of Brahmin Wood is called Hawkeye, who is only vaguely interested in the affairs of the village.


FOT deathclaw
A hairy variant of deathclaws lives in the area of the former states of Illinois, Missouri and Kansas, having developed patches of fur to better cope with the colder climate. Some of them are noted to be capable of speech as early as in 2197, which means that they probably developed speech through spontaneous mutation, or were experimented on by someone other than the Enclave. The hairy deathclaws are more matriarchal than their Core Region and Capital Wasteland counterparts, with packs being led by the Matriarch. While infant, these deathclaws are less hairy and seem to be absolutely unintelligent, behaving like an animal or simply following the adults. They presumably become self-aware when they grow up.


Calculator bos0097
The Calculator is the computer which controls Vault 0. Unlike the ZAX computers, it is not a real artificial intelligence, but rather a cyborg, because it is connected with several human brains.

The neural network is meant to assist in Vault 0's primary function: to initiate mankind's post-war rebirth. When outside temperature, radiation levels, and poison particle counts returned to acceptable levels, Vault 0 was to remotely activate the Exodus protocol, which would initialize the integration of all vault dwellers onto the planet's surface. However, it was only a plan that never came true.

The Calculator became corrupted due to fatal errors in his CPU and his data storage systems - human brains. The cybernetic machine becomes a mad personality, whose goals, while formulated as they are originally intended, now turn to a rather homicidal side.


Fallout Tactics 2 logo
Fallout Tactics 2 was the planned sequel to Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, developed by Micro Forté. Its pre-production started shortly before the release of Fallout Tactics and after the first game did not meet sales expectations, the sequel was canceled by Interplay around December 2001.

The game was intended to take place toward the Southeast of the USA, as far as Florida, and the major conflict was to be between man and nature. The Brotherhood of Steel was to be portrayed as even more fascist and oppressive, and as Brotherhood of Steel only in name.

The basic premise was that a GECK had been radiated, and so the "Garden of Eden" it created was full of mutant plants and fungi. It begins to spread fairly rapidly, preying upon animal life and using them as carriers/fertilizer to spread its fungal seed. The player basically gets tasked with discovering the source and a way to put an end to it.


FOT reaver
The Reaver Movement is a cult of humans dedicated to the worship of technology. Unlike the Brotherhood of Steel, Reavers feel technology has an important religious signifigance. While Reavers revere technological instruments and weapons, they were not allied with the Calculator's robots, and are in fact attacked by them. Around 2198, a Reaver delegate comes to the Brotherhood of Steel Bunker Delta, bringing news that a large Calculator's robot force has all but annihilated the main Reaver camp in Newton. The Reavers' numbers were devastated by relentless attacks and they would soon be destroyed. Normally, the Brotherhood would gladly allow one enemy to destroy another, but the Reavers have something to offer - an EMP device that has a devastating effect on electronics, making it an effective weapon against the robots.


Tactics browning m2
The Browning M2 is a heavy machine gun developed in 1918 and still in use right up until the outbreak of the Great War. Although the Browning M2 has a very high strength requirement, its in-game firepower is the most devastating of any machine gun. The M2 has the longest range of any automatic weapon, but its damage and rarity of ammunition are dwarfed only by the MEC Gauss minigun.


Scene junkcity
Junction City is a mid sized town in Kansas which refuses to form an alliance with the Brotherhood of Steel. Their independent posture is reinforced by their victory over one of the Calculator's humanoid robots. Brotherhood Elders are quite curious how such a battle could be won, considering the lack of heavy weaponry involved and sent a squad to investigate it, retrieve robotic parts from the scene of the battle and to recruit a mechanic from Junction City to the Brotherhood. The city is ruled by mayor John Levis, and other notable citizens are his assistant, the bartender Angry Rick, trader Juan, Hank and his wife, Martha Dilbert, the mechanic Casey Barrett along with her father, Stephen Barrett, and Chuck. The town is guarded by its military force, called "enforcers".


FOT Toccomatta
Toccomatta is one of the gifted, clever super mutants in Gammorin's Army. As such, he has been promoted to the rank of High Inquisitor. He specializes in torture and has a ninety-nine percent success rate at getting prisoners to spill the beans. When he takes General Barnaky prisoner in St. Louis and is carrying him to Gammorin, they are ambushed by robots. When an Brotherhood squad reaches Osceolla, he is dying and with his last breath, another piece of the puzzle falls into place.


Inon Zur
Inon Zur is the composer of the Fallout Tactics and Fallout 3 soundtracks. During his career to date, Zur has composed the music to over 40 video games, 15 television shows, and 10 movies, as well as many movie trailers. He has been nominated for numerous awards, and has won three - a Telly Award in 1997 for Best Score on Power Rangers: Turbo, a Game Audio Network Guild award in 2004 for Best Original Instrumental track for Men of Valor, and a Hollywood Music in Media Award in 2009 for Best Original Song – Video Game for Dragon Age: Origins.


FOT Pacification Robot
The pacification robot is a robot under the control of the Calculator. It is a quadrupedal design, built rather like a rhino or a bear on all fours, with four stun cannons protruding from the "head" and standing about 5 to 6 feet tall. Its purpose is crowd control and incapacitating tougher units so they can be dealt with by humanoid robots. Due to its bulk and resiliency, pacification robots are used by the Calculator for local tactical command and control over lesser robotic entities.


BV1 fbos0077
The Hellion is a powerful, heavily-armed aircraft, located in Buena Vista. It is a prototype weapon which was not finished before the Great War, so its completion is one of the objectives given to the Calculator after the activation of its pacification protocol. It is unknown whether the Hellion is in a working condition, as Calculator may have already abandoned it for some reason, for example the lack of resourses to use it. With the destruction of nuclear reactor, the Calculator loses its chance to use the craft, and the Brotherhood surprisingly ignores its existence, likely due to the war with the robots.


Super mutant (with armor)
Gammorin's Army is one of the offshoots of the Master's Army, initially led by a super mutant called Gammorin, and later by ex-Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Latham, who took Gammorin's name as his own. The army fled to the east after the death of the Master and the destruction of Mariposa Military Base, pursued by Brotherhood of Steel airships. While most of these ended up in the vicinity of Chicago, far from Gammorin's forces, one of the zeppelins crashed north of the mutant encampment. The leader, Paladin Latham, challenged Gammorin to single unarmed combat and, to surprise of everyone, killed the mighty mutant. As he defeated the previous chieftain, the super mutants expected him to become the new leader of their army, which he did with his mental health compromised by a head injury sustained in the fight.


Kansas city FoT map
Kansas City was a major nuclear launch site before the Great War. When the city was hit by the bombs, the silo staff survived the attack. Turning into ghouls, they founded a town called "Gravestone" in the ruins of the city. The ghouls have since established a cult worshipping the only nuclear bomb left intact in the silo, which they call "Plutonius". "The Bishop" (Defcon the Second, son of T-Minus) is in charge of both religious and civil affairs. Around 2198, Gammorin's Army establishes a base in southern area of Kansas City, and tries to assault Gravestone in order to get the atomic bomb worshipped by the ghouls.


Emerald Solo
Paladin Emerald Solo is an experienced Brotherhood of Steel warrior, thoroughly dedicated to her work. During the St. Louis battle, it is her quick thinking that manages to keep Talon Squad alive long enough for the Warrior to reach and rescue them. Under less stressful circumstances, Paladin Solo can be considered a hero, although she claims that she is not and just another warrior doing her job. When she has time off, she likes to unwind with a pleasant game of lawn bowling.