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Canterbury Commons is a town located on the eastern edge of the Capital Wasteland. It is inhabited by 5 wastelanders and can be found north of Washington, DC, a little north of Vault 108 and southeast of the Temple of the Union.


The settlement is built into what appear to be the remains of a small pre-war town, with the current inhabitants only using a small part of the buildings available. The town's only merchant, Joe Porter, lives in an old Dot's Diner. Adjacent to this building is an old garage which is now home to Dominic and Machete and across the street is Uncle Roe's House which Uncle Roe shares with his nephew Derek Pacion. Behind the old garage a small brahmin stable can be found.

In front of the town to the east is a large circular cul-de-sac where Caravan Merchants appear regularly.


Canterbury Commons was initially founded by Uncle Roe as a trading hub for the Caravan Merchants.



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Canterbury Commons appears only in Fallout 3.


  • The use of the town "Canterbury" is due to its use in the book 'Riddley Walker'. Set in a post apocalyptic nuclear wasteland, the haven city of Canterbury is the focus of the characters' escape.


  • After the initial battle between The AntAgonizer and The Mechanist, some of their minions (Ants or Robots) might glitch and be left standing there forever. They do not attack unless provoked but no dialogue will be available between them and the player.


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