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[11:37] <OnionRings> Aleks, the Enclave are misunderstood and suffer from shitty writing and are destined to fail
[11:37] <OnionRings> it's quite tragic
[11:37] <Archmage Neko> The idea of a colony of Children, who leave at the age of sixteen, with little to no source of food or ammunition other than scavanging (considering the locale it would be dangerous as all hell) is so damn unrealistic. Just where do these children appear from? The ground? Surely you can't expect them to procreate either, their doctor can barely put a plaster on, not to mention just how implausible it would be for a baby to born in such a low oxygen environment.
[11:37] <Aleksandr the Great> Then Fallout 2 must had been worse in that respect. 
[11:38] <Vault girl76> Considering if the enclave ever won in a game the series would pretty much end 
[11:38] <Higgey the Scotsman> Isn't it also dangerous for girls still going through puberty to give birth as well, Dunc?
[11:40] <Aleksandr the Great> I thought Underworld was cool.
[11:40] <Archmage Neko> Well, it's been quite common for people of the age of 13 onwards (especially prior to the renaissance) to marry and procreate since life was short, of course though it had major complications and birthing at such an age can lead to significant damage compared to a fully matured adult.
[11:40] <Aleksandr the Great> It could have been more procreated, but still cool
[11:40] <Aleksandr the Great> Fuck
[11:40] <Aleksandr the Great> I meant populated
[11:40] <Archmage Neko> Sex on the mind? (troll) 
[11:40] <Aleksandr the Great> You guys have me thinking of little kid sex now >:C
[11:40] <Vault girl76> "Misunderstood" What every time they appeared they pretty much told everyone "Were going to kill you lol" can you really blame people for considering them villains 
[11:41] <Vault girl76> O.o
[11:41] <Archmage Neko> Well. That's one for the quote books.
[11:41] <Higgey the Scotsman> >inb4 Aleks gets party vanned
[11:41] <Aleksandr the Great> Goddammit.
[11:41] <Aleksandr the Great> Hey, you were the guys talking about it, don't look at me (facepalm) 
[11:41] <Archmage Neko> We need Chris Hansen in here, this shit is gold.
[11:42] <Vault girl76> lol
[11:42] <Higgey the Scotsman> I just thought Little Lamplight was funny at first. McCreary with his rifle that's about as long as he is tall and his profanity.
[11:42] <Aleksandr the Great> I fucking KNEW typing that sentence was a bad idea. 
[11:42] <Archmage Neko> Yeah, McCready made no sense either.
[11:42] <Aleksandr the Great> Little Lamplight could work with a little more work .
[11:43] <Aleksandr the Great> Just not make the kids totally inept, have them know what they're doing. 
[11:43] <Archmage Neko> One child, with a single rifle, vs. Raiders, Slavers and Mercs all with energy weapons and explosives? Yeah, somehow I don't think he'd last long.
[11:43] <Higgey the Scotsman> A former student at my school was recently arrested for child porn. Creepy thing is, he was a 6th year buddy; people who help new students familiaraise with the school's layout, show them where their classes are etc. 
[11:43] <Aleksandr the Great> Possibly a bunch of traps and tunnels only the kids know about. 
[11:43] <Higgey the Scotsman> Especially when he insults them every 10 seconds
[11:43] <Higgey the Scotsman> familiarise*
[11:44] <Aleksandr the Great> Wait, 6th grade?
[11:44] <Aleksandr the Great> Or 6th year of college?
[11:44] <Vault girl76> And how a wooden gate can stop super mutants
[11:44] <Vault girl76> who are about as tall 
[11:44] <Higgey the Scotsman> 6th year. Here kids go to primary school at age 5 or 6, after 7 years there, they go to secondary school for a minimum of 4 years, 2 extra optional.
[11:44] <Archmage Neko> Considering how lucrative the colony is for slavers, and how there is only the one entrance/exit, I doubt Little Lamplight would have survived for long.
[11:44] <Higgey the Scotsman> After secondary school, either college or uni.
[11:45] <Higgey the Scotsman> Nursery (kindergaden to you) is optional until age 5
[11:45] <Higgey the Scotsman> kindergarden*
[11:45] <Higgey the Scotsman> before age 5, I mean
[11:46] <Archmage Neko> I went to Nursery.
[11:46] <Archmage Neko> It was shit.
[11:46] <Higgey the Scotsman> As did I. Similar experience for me
[11:47] <Higgey the Scotsman> On my first day, this mentally impaired guy, Mark, leaped on me and pinned me to the ground screaming some unintelligible gibberish until a teacher pulled him off of me. Fun times, those.
[11:48] <Archmage Neko> I spoke to nobody and often the assistants chastised me for not being social enough or conforming to how others wanted to play. Seriously, I had to destroy my wooden brick castle because a child wanted the bricks for his tower of shit.
[11:48] <Vault girl76> Lol
[11:49] <Aleksandr the Great> Kids are <span style="color:red;">asshole</span>s
[11:49] <Higgey the Scotsman> I made one friend and we played with lego. I still know that guy. According to my mum, I was a nuisance for the staff, I'd run around, refuse to listen and occasionally attack other kids. A rather stark contrast compared to me now.
[11:49] <Aleksandr the Great> That is a known fact
[11:50] <Vault girl76> lol
[11:50] <Higgey the Scotsman> I don't know why, but I was a fairly violent when I was younger. I was threatened with expulsion several timesin primary school for fighting.
[11:50] <Higgey the Scotsman> was fairly violent*
[11:50] <Aleksandr the Great> I remember being a dick as a kid. 
[11:50] <Higgey the Scotsman> times in*
[11:51] <Aleksandr the Great> I was an <span style="color:red;">asshole</span>. 
[11:51] <Higgey the Scotsman> I bullied people as well when I was little. I was an enormous prick.
[11:51] <Aleksandr the Great> Looking back on it now, it's cringe worthy. 
[11:51] <Vault girl76> o_o
[11:51] <Higgey the Scotsman> Funnily enough, I also GOT bullied.
[11:51] <Aleksandr the Great> Well, I didn't BULLY per se. 
[11:51] <Aleksandr the Great> I was just a dick as a little kid. 
[11:51] <Denis517> VG
[11:52] <Vault girl76> Yes
[11:52] <Higgey the Scotsman> I bet VG was a tyrant at her school.
[11:52] <Higgey the Scotsman> Billy goddamn Ocean.
[11:52] <BillyOcean> hey
[11:53] <Denis517> BILLEH
[11:53] <BillyOcean> whats the date today?
[11:53] <Aleksandr the Great> VG was pure bitch
[11:53] <Vault girl76> Hello 
[11:53] <Higgey the Scotsman> 19th, dingus.
[11:53] <Aleksandr the Great> BILLLLEH
[11:53] <BillyOcean> 19th?
[11:53] <Denis517> January 6th, 1360
[11:53] <Higgey the Scotsman> the 19th of March, 2099.
[11:53] <BillyOcean> alright thanks guys
[11:53] <BillyOcean> appreciate it
[11:53] <Higgey the Scotsman> No problem, sugartits.
[11:53] <Aleksandr the Great>
[11:53] <Vault girl76> O.o
[11:54] <Aleksandr the Great> He fought a bear guys
[11:54] <Aleksandr the Great> A BEAR
[11:54] <Vault girl76> Denis?
[11:55] <Denis517> Hm?
[11:55] <Aleksandr the Great> No, Billy
[11:55] <Aleksandr the Great>
[11:55] <Vault girl76> Change the avatar 
[11:55] <Vault girl76> nobody likes the dalish 
[11:55] <Denis517> Everybody likes the dalish
[11:55] <Aleksandr the Great> Yeah, I kinda have to agree :/
[11:55] <BillyOcean> UGH
[11:55] <BillyOcean> i had to come back
[11:55] <Denis517> We got our own land. 
[11:55] <Higgey the Scotsman> Damnit, we told you the dat ya filthy animal. What now?
[11:55] <Higgey the Scotsman> date*
[11:55] <BillyOcean> eb wanted me to tell higgey hes gonna grope his ass with a yellow glove or something
[11:56] <BillyOcean> idfk
[11:56] <Archmage Neko> Kinky.
[11:56] <Vault girl76> Eb?
[11:56] <Denis517> EB is dead
[11:56] <Higgey the Scotsman> Tell EB I'm gonna hate-fuck him till he is but dust then I will ad his dust remains to some water and use it as lube when I fuck his sister.
[11:56] <Denis517> Jpnes killed hi,
[11:56] <Denis517> him*
[11:56] <Higgey the Scotsman> add*
[11:56] <Archmage Neko> Ethan, Sannse's best friend.
[11:56] <Vault girl76> Denis NOBODY likes the Dalish 
[11:56] <Aleksandr the Great> What happened to EB?
[11:56] <BillyOcean> ill tell him you said hi
[11:56] <BillyOcean> anyways see ya
[11:56] <Denis517> Fuck you, Vg
[11:56] <BillyOcean> callofduty4 sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[11:56] <Vault girl76> get out 
[11:57] <Denis517> No
[11:57] <Higgey the Scotsman> EB was mauled to death by disgruntled Canadians after he insulted their plaid shirts.
[11:57] <Denis517> GTFO, Vg
[11:57] <Aleksandr the Great> lol
[11:57] <Aleksandr the Great> Seriously, what happened to him?
[11:57] <Higgey the Scotsman> He got banned because Toci is offended by tits.
[11:57] <Vault girl76> Either I or Denis leave 
[11:57] <Aleksandr the Great> lol
[11:57] <Higgey the Scotsman> Denis, pls go.
[11:57] <Denis517> No
[11:57] <Aleksandr the Great> Seriously?
[11:57] <Denis517> VG loves rob
[11:57] <Higgey the Scotsman> Yeah
[11:58] <Vault girl76> Who wants denis to leave 
[11:58] <Denis517> She should gp
[11:58] <Denis517> go*
[11:58] <Higgey the Scotsman> All in favour of Denis' immediate departue say 'hell yeah'
[11:58] <Higgey the Scotsman> hell yeah
[11:58] <Vault girl76> Hell yeah
[11:58] <Higgey the Scotsman> departure*
[11:58] <Denis517> You don't even talk to anyone here, VG
[11:58] <Denis517> Leave
[11:58] <Higgey the Scotsman> VG talks to us all the time.
[11:58] <Aleksandr the Great> Hell yeah
[11:58] <Stealthsniper> Hey peoples
[11:58] <Denis517> You just sit there with your invalid opinions. 
[11:58] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hey, Sniper.
[11:58] <Stealthsniper> How is everybody?
[11:59] <Denis517> good
[11:59] <Higgey the Scotsman> Pretty decent, thanks. Yourself?
[11:59] <Higgey the Scotsman> So who watched The Walking Dead here?
[11:59] <Higgey the Scotsman> watches*
[11:59] <Vault girl76> nobody 
[11:59] <Stealthsniper> I'm good had a long day :/
[11:59] <Higgey the Scotsman> What happened?
[12:00] <Aleksandr the Great> I do
[12:00] <Aleksandr the Great> 
[12:00] <Aleksandr the Great> Occasionally
[12:00] <Higgey the Scotsman> Did you watch the latest episode?
[12:00] <Aleksandr the Great> Yeah
[12:00] <Higgey the Scotsman> I want to bitch about it.
[12:00] <Aleksandr the Great> Fuck Andrea, seriously
[12:00] <Aleksandr the Great> Really?
[12:00] <Aleksandr the Great> You thought it was bad?
[12:00] <Higgey the Scotsman> Mostly.
[12:00] <Vault girl76> Andrea?
[12:00] <Higgey the Scotsman> If you don't watch the show, don't ask VG. Google it
[12:01] <Aleksandr the Great> Some bitch from the walking dead
[12:01] <Vault girl76> no
[12:01] <Aleksandr the Great> known for her lack of sensible decision making
[12:01] <Higgey the Scotsman> Why didn't she slash the governor's tyres? Or just take the damn truck? Why are the zombies only a threat when the plot needs it, llike in the warehous?
[12:01] <Higgey the Scotsman> warehouse*
[12:01] <Denis517> >Hates the dalish and blood magic 
[12:01] <Denis517> >Uses a dalish blood mage
[12:02] <Aleksandr the Great> They were a threat outside
[12:02] <Denis517> Get out, hypocrite! 
[12:02] <Higgey the Scotsman> Also, Aleks, who do you think burned the walkers at the pit?
[12:02] <Aleksandr the Great> I thought it was one of the less bad episodes of the walking dead
[12:02] <Aleksandr the Great> Of course it's milton
[12:02] <Aleksandr the Great> That wasn't obvious?
[12:02] <Aleksandr the Great> He was gay jealous (troll) 
[12:02] <Aleksandr the Great> I'm calling it, Milton is gay.
[12:03] <Archmage Neko> Because once you've gotten past the first season of "OH SHIT, Zombies!" you get to the second season of "OH SHIT, Humans!"
[12:03] <Higgey the Scotsman> I think it was Martinez. Who else would have access to gasoline and a truck and be allowed to leave with them once the gov is away? Why wasn't he with tha black dude when he checked the pit as he always is usually?
[12:03] <Aleksandr the Great> Milton
[12:03] <Aleksandr the Great> Did you not see their talk with each other?
[12:03] <Aleksandr the Great> That, and he is second in command essentially
[12:03] <Aleksandr the Great> Or his right-hand man
[12:03] <Aleksandr the Great> Either way, you know what's better?
[12:04] <Aleksandr the Great> Fucking Game of Thrones. 
[12:04] <Aleksandr the Great> Which is coming out soon.
[12:04] <Higgey the Scotsman> fucking lag
[12:04] <Higgey the Scotsman> Milton could just have been glad it happened.
[12:04] <Vault girl76> Game of Thrones?
[12:04] <Archmage Neko> I don't get HBO here, so I just wait for the DVD release. So in fact I've only recently finished series 2.
[12:04] <Aleksandr the Great> Walking Dead is erratic in quality
[12:04] <Aleksandr the Great> GoT is PERFECT
[12:04] <Vault girl76> Whats it about?
[12:05] <Higgey the Scotsman> Martinez pretends to switch sides on the gov's behalf in the comics, then admitted to Rick he planned on genuinely switching so Kirkma might alter things further
[12:05] <Aleksandr the Great> *cough* (argh) *cough*
[12:05] <Higgey the Scotsman> I hope so anyway
[12:05] <Aleksandr the Great> It's about swords, blood, and sex
[12:05] <Higgey the Scotsman> Martinez is mostly a blank slate, he could en duo being decent
[12:05] <Vault girl76> hmm
[12:05] <Aleksandr the Great> Like DA's older cooler brother
[12:05] <Higgey the Scotsman> end up*
[12:05] <Aleksandr the Great> A lot of DA's influence comes from GoT
[12:05] <Archmage Neko> I've been reading the book series instead though. Even though the show is a pretty damn good adaptation, I'm going to get the series done faster reading the ASOIF books than waiting for DVD releases.
[12:06] <Aleksandr the Great> (argh) 
[12:06] <Vault girl76> Doesn't most fantasy now come from Tolkien 
[12:06] <Higgey the Scotsman> But TWD is becomign like DBZ now. Every episode it teases us. The battle's coming, the battle's coming, OH WAIT let's fail at developing these boring characters some more...
[12:06] <Aleksandr the Great> It's more human centric VG
[12:06] <Higgey the Scotsman> becoming*
[12:06] <Aleksandr the Great> The magic is quite rare but when it comes, it comes
[12:06] <Archmage Neko> Yeah, a lot of modern interpretations of Elves, Dwarves, Sex and Magic comes from Tolkien's universe.
[12:06] <Aleksandr the Great> Sometime as an evil shadow queef
[12:06] <Vault girl76> No Magic 
[12:06] <Aleksandr the Great> Magic, but it is rare
[12:07] <Aleksandr the Great> It is more about political stuff.
[12:07] <Aleksandr the Great> And lots of sex
[12:07] <Aleksandr the Great> And blood
[12:07] <Aleksandr the Great> And characters you will fucking love dying. 
[12:07] <Archmage Neko> It's a very in-depth world though, definitely on par with Tolkien in terms of scale, history and culture.
[12:07] <Aleksandr the Great> gtg for a few, bbl
[12:07] <Higgey the Scotsman> See ya
[12:08] <Higgey the Scotsman> AFK, gonna take a shower (yes, I'm aware that it's 10 past midnight)
[12:09] <Archmage Neko> The scarecrow walks at midnight.
[12:22] <Aleksandr the Great> Back
[12:22] <Aleksandr the Great> Whoa, nothing since I left?
[12:23] <Richie9999> Hey DB
[12:23] <DragonBorn96> It's Christmas.
[12:23] <Aleksandr the Great> Whoa, EB clone?
[12:23] <Aleksandr the Great> Except it's also santa...
[12:23] <Aleksandr the Great> This is quite perplexing
[12:24] <DragonBorn96> I am Santa Ethan.
[12:24] <Aleksandr the Great> What's in your sack?
[12:24] <DragonBorn96> ikr
[12:24] <JASPER42> It isnt even christmas
[12:24] <DragonBorn96> Sue me.
[12:24] <JASPER42> Okay
[12:25] <DragonBorn96> oh my.
[12:25] <Aleksandr the Great> ANSWER THE QUESTION MOTHER-BUCKET
[12:25] <DragonBorn96> Children are in it.
[12:25] <JASPER42> "in other news, Media student Jasper McGreavy won a £3000 case against one Phrase "Frazzle" Dragonborn over the time of year"
[12:25] <Aleksandr the Great> lol
[12:25] <DragonBorn96> >impyling I don't have an edge as a Law student
[12:26] <Aleksandr the Great> So you guys downloaded Beyond Boulder Dome?
[12:26] <TheDoctor115> Here is a fun idea for Fallout 3: give everybody in a certain place (Paradise Falls, Megaton, Tenpenny Tower, etc.) really tough armour. Or....dress up Lucas Simms in the AntAgonizer costume.
[12:26] <Aleksandr the Great> Be he's watched Lawyer movies probably
[12:26] <Aleksandr the Great> What?
[12:26] <DragonBorn96> No, I'm a Law student who nows how to prove I haven't broken any duty of care I owe towards Jasper regarding the time of the year.
[12:27] <DragonBorn96> ERGO
[12:27] <DragonBorn96> I win.
[12:27] <JASPER42> >implying it is christmas
[12:27] <DragonBorn96> It is.
[12:27] <Aleksandr the Great> A crime in it's own right
[12:27] <DragonBorn96> Are you daft?
[12:27] <JASPER42> >implying I am not legally in the right
[12:28] <TheDoctor115> I dunno, what do you guys think? (I'm referring to the last thing I said.
[12:28] <JASPER42> >implying I didnt bribe the judge
[12:28] <JASPER42> (with my dick)
[12:28] <JASPER42> and jury
[12:28] <Aleksandr the Great> I don't know what you think. 
[12:28] <JASPER42> (more dick)
[12:28] <Aleksandr the Great> DB has black dick now
[12:28] <Aleksandr the Great> SO he trups you in that regard
[12:28] <DragonBorn96> >implying saying it is christmas when it isn't is something worthy of civil litigation
[12:29] <DragonBorn96> winrar.
[12:29] <Aleksandr the Great> So yeah, Beyond Boulder Dome anyone?
[12:29] <Aleksandr the Great> I need to know how to download it :/
[12:29] <DragonBorn96> With space magic.
[12:29] <Aleksandr the Great> Would you do it the same as NVSE?
[12:30] <Aleksandr the Great> As in extract the files and place them in the game foulder?
[12:30] <DragonBorn96> You download the shit, put the shit in the folders, and overwrite any shit.
[12:30] <DragonBorn96> You put it in the data folder like any mod.
[12:30] <Aleksandr the Great> Again, computer skill inept
[12:31] <DragonBorn96> You take the content.
[12:31] <DragonBorn96> And put it in here.
[12:31] <DragonBorn96> C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas\Data
[12:32] <Higgey the Scotsman> Fret not, my children, for I have returned.
[12:32] <Aleksandr the Great> Like with the NVSE, like I thought
[12:32] <Vault girl76> Higgey has returned 
[12:32] <Higgey the Scotsman> Rejoice.
[12:32] <Vault girl76> tis glorious 
[12:32] <Aleksandr the Great> His return has been prophesied by the puffins 
[12:32] <Higgey the Scotsman> Even VG recognises my splendor.
[12:33] <Richie9999> Fuck butch. - Vickers
[12:33] <Archmage Neko> Hey, Liam.
[12:33] <Archmage Neko> Enjoying /lgbt/ yet? (troll) 
[12:34] <Higgey the Scotsman> Haven't taken a peek yet. Is it filled to the brim with pants-on-head nonsense?
[12:35] <Vault girl76> /lgbt/?
[12:35] <Aleksandr the Great> Wut?
[12:35] <Richie9999> Hey, you guys know Ever?
[12:35] <Higgey the Scotsman> First thread I see
[12:35] <Higgey the Scotsman> "I've been doing a little research and I'm now relatively sure homophobia has the same root cause as racism, and that root cause is penis envy."
[12:35] <Higgey the Scotsman> Oh wow.
[12:35] <Archmage Neko> Liam, it's been just over a day and the board, against the opinions of some /q/ frequenters, has brought forth a wave of Feminazis and Heterosexual/Asexual hating scum.
[12:35] <Vault girl76> i don't think i want to know what that is 
[12:35] <Richie9999> Fuck that guy. Now when he reads the logs he'll see that we've talked about him behind his back.
[12:36] <Aleksandr the Great> lol
[12:36] <Higgey the Scotsman> Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, VG.
[12:36] <Aleksandr the Great> This is like the exact opposite side of the <span style="color:red;">asshole</span> spectrum
[12:36] <JASPER42> Speaking of which:
[12:37] <DragonBorn96> wat.
[12:37] <JASPER42> wat
[12:37] <Archmage Neko> Hey, fuck you m00t.
[12:37] <Higgey the Scotsman> Mootykins.
[12:37] <Higgey the Scotsman> mootles.
[12:37] <Archmage Neko> Go delete /lgbt/ then we'll talk.
[12:37] <Aleksandr the Great> lol
[12:37] <DragonBorn96> Jasp.
[12:37] <Higgey the Scotsman> Moot, where the dick are the user-selectable flags for /pol/?
[12:37] <DragonBorn96> I don't know what half of those places are.
[12:37] <JASPER42> Phrase
[12:38] <JASPER42> It has the names on them
[12:38] <JASPER42> The only names you need to know
[12:38] <JASPER42> SAUNAS
[12:38] <JASPER42> Here's the other one you need, Frase
[12:38] <JASPER42>
[12:39] <Aleksandr the Great> Is that inches? 
[12:39] <Higgey the Scotsman> Obviously not.
[12:39] <JASPER42> Duh
[12:39] <JASPER42> Clearly inches
[12:39] <Aleksandr the Great> That sounded pretty average to me in inches though
[12:39] <Aleksandr the Great> Yep, pretty average.
[12:39] <DragonBorn96> That's not in inches, obviously.
[12:39] <Aleksandr the Great> Maybe a bit small even. 
[12:39] <JASPER42> That's because youre from "No data" Alek
[12:40] <The Vault 13 Dweller> Sup fellas
[12:40] <DragonBorn96> I'm also not sure how "sexy homophobic men" is supposed to work.
[12:40] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hey there.
[12:40] <Archmage Neko> This is your hourly reminder:
[12:40] <Archmage Neko> "You guys have me thinking of little kid sex now >:C"
[12:40] <Archmage Neko> ~ Aleks
[12:40] <Aleksandr the Great> They're homophobic men
[12:40] <Aleksandr the Great> And they're sexy
[12:40] <Aleksandr the Great> What is there not to get
[12:40] <DragonBorn96> Or what the fuck "F.H.S.o.M" because that is also unknown to me...
[12:40] <Aleksandr the Great> You guys were, because you were TALKING about it (facepalm) 
[12:40] <The Vault 13 Dweller> Richie9999
[12:41] <Archmage Neko> It's bloody hilarious.
[12:41] <Higgey the Scotsman> Richie loves himself some nude chillenz.
[12:41] <Higgey the Scotsman> Aleks*
[12:41] <Higgey the Scotsman> durr
[12:41] <DragonBorn96> That map is rubbish.
[12:41] <Archmage Neko> What I would give for Tag to appear now.
[12:41] <DragonBorn96> Disgraceful.
[12:42] <Aleksandr the Great> Why not just commence the blood ritual?
[12:43] <Archmage Neko> Someone get a Corgi corpse, we need some sacrificin'
[12:43] <Vault girl76> but Blood sacrafice is wrong ;_;
[12:43] <DragonBorn96> Mine have all gone into sandwiches I'm afraid.
[12:43] <Archmage Neko> Blood mages!
[12:44] <DragonBorn96> I'm fairly certain one went into a milkshake as well.
[12:44] <Aleksandr the Great> Were you not just Merril VG?
[12:44] <Higgey the Scotsman> As the Jews did with goats, we shall sacrifice a corgi to repent for the sins of our countries (because the life of an animal makes the collective 'sins' of a nation alright).
[12:44] <Vault girl76> Yes 
[12:44] <Aleksandr the Great> By the way
[12:44] <Vault girl76> But now i am Elizabeth 
[12:44] <Aleksandr the Great> I found a Corgi mod
[12:45] <Zer0TheNinja> Bioshock Infinite :D @Vault girl
[12:45] <Archmage Neko> "Magic is a source of good, and to prove that I'm going to summon a demon through a magic mirror."
[12:45] <Archmage Neko> ~ Merrill
[12:45] <Aleksandr the Great> lol
[12:45] <Vault girl76> this discussion reminded me of this 
[12:46] <Aleksandr the Great> Seriously, Corgi mod
[12:46] <Vault girl76> >Stillbetterthantemplars.jpg 
[12:46] <Aleksandr the Great>
[12:46] <Higgey the Scotsman> Disgusting.
[12:46] <Vault girl76> Absolutely disgusting
[12:46] <Aleksandr the Great> lol
[12:47] <Aleksandr the Great> Anyone download the ADAM mod?
[12:47] <Aleksandr the Great> It's for Ranger armor or somesuch
[12:47] <Vault girl76> No 
[12:47] <Archmage Neko> You know, in a way DA2 is a good narrative of PETA, except with Mages and not animals.
[12:47] <Archmage Neko> "Mages are caged up"; "Animals are caged up"
[12:47] <Archmage Neko> "Free the Mages!"; "Free the animals!"
[12:47] <Archmage Neko> "We're going to destroy your Chantry!"; "We're going to destroy your research labs!"
[12:47] <Higgey the Scotsman> Well this looks pretty bad.
[12:48] <Aleksandr the Great> All TWD dead games can't be TWD
[12:48] <Vault girl76> Then again Mages are the same as normal humans/elves 
[12:48] <Vault girl76> its just that they can use magic 
[12:48] <Aleksandr the Great> At least we have a sequel to look forward too
[12:48] <Aleksandr the Great> Yeah, totally not the same
[12:48] <Higgey the Scotsman> It's a prequel following the Dixons before finding the Atlanta camp
[12:48] <Aleksandr the Great> Except they can murder you with fire
[12:49] <Aleksandr the Great> I know
[12:49] <Archmage Neko> That sounds like the thoughts of an apostate, VG...
[12:49] <JASPER42> Liam
[12:49] <JASPER42>
[12:49] <JASPER42> your country is cool
[12:49] <JASPER42> I want to be married by a fucking jedi
[12:49] <Higgey the Scotsman> Link doesn't work for me, old laptop 
[12:49] <Vault girl76> A warrior can murder you with a sword 
[12:49] <JASPER42> "
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[12:49] <JASPER42> 
[12:49] <JASPER42> Jedi could perform marriages, says Free Church of Scotland"
[12:49] <JASPER42> FUCK
[12:49] <Aleksandr the Great> But can he do it with fucking fireballs?
[12:49] <JASPER42> my bad
[12:49] <Aleksandr the Great> Or make your body explode?
[12:49] <JASPER42> Sorry guys
[12:49] <JASPER42> I;ll kick myself
[12:49] <Higgey the Scotsman> Bow your head in chame
[12:49] <Higgey the Scotsman> shame*
[12:50] <JASPER42> *le JASPER42 has been le kicked by le JASPER42"
[12:50] <JASPER42> Anyway the jist of it is due to upcoming changes in the legalisation of marriage and shit jedis could be able to do it
[12:50] <Vault girl76> To be honest i'm fine with the circles but the way the templars/chantry treat mages makes them a rather crappy solution 
[12:51] <Aleksandr the Great> We need a Final Solution (troll) 
[12:51] <Vault girl76> everyone will become mages by the end of DA3
[12:51] <Aleksandr the Great> Maybe start a few camps for the mages, so they can concentrate XD
[12:51] <JASPER42> MAGE
[12:51] <JASPER42> Good one 
[12:51] <JASPER42> I'm a fucking god, mage is a step down
[12:52] <Higgey the Scotsman> BRB, need some food and a drink.
[12:52] <Vault girl76> Mundanes, All of you!
[12:52] <JASPER42> Except for Archmage Dunk, of course 
[12:52] <JASPER42> That;s about even
[12:52] <JASPER42> But either way
[12:53] <Archmage Neko> The circles would be fine if the Templars worked for the benefit of the Mages, rather than just prison guards. Templars can be useful to ensure that nobody becomes influenced by demons, working as a seperate body so that even the First Enchanter can be over-riden, but since they promote seclusion rather than actively using the magic for the benefit of the world the circles are as useful as a history book.
[12:53] <Archmage Neko> The only purpose of them is just keeping the Mages alive, the practises written down, hardly ever used.
[12:53] <Vault girl76> Even then killing all mages would leave Thedas open for the Qunari 
[12:53] <Aleksandr the Great> Well, they are used for things
[12:54] <Aleksandr the Great> Such as war and special circumstances
[12:54] <Vault girl76> To give the chantry extra power 
[12:54] <Vault girl76> The Chantry just exploited people fear of mages after all the stuff with tevinter 
[12:55] <Vault girl76> All though you have to wonder what the templars were thinking when they built a mage prison on a place where the veil is think (The Gallows) 
[12:55] <Archmage Neko> I wish you could have had more dialogue with the Tevinter Statue in the Mage origin story in DA:O.
[12:55] <Vault girl76> I agree 
[12:56] <Vault girl76> apparently it died or something 
[12:56] <Aleksandr the Great> Wasn't it in Witch Hunt?
[12:56] <Vault girl76> yes 
[12:57] <Vault girl76> mages are used to combat the Qunari (magic is there only advantage compared to the more technologically advanced qunari) 
[12:57] <Vault girl76> 
[12:58] <Vault girl76> Tranquil are used for enchanting 
[12:58] <Vault girl76> ..Thats about it 
[12:59] <Archmage Neko> Considering the amount of spirit healers they have, it would solve a lot of issues that the Chantry faces with traditional medicine.
[12:59] <Vault girl76> Anders managed to get a good reputation by just healing people in his clinic 
[12:59] <Vault girl76> Pre act 3
[01:00] <Aleksandr the Great> Then Anders turned pants shittingly retarded
[01:00] <Vault girl76> All of DA2 turned retarded after Act 2
[01:00] <Archmage Neko> Considering how popular his clinic was I'd imagine the health of Humans, Dwarves and Elves in general is not very high in the poorer areas.
[01:01] <Higgey the Scotsman> Back.
[01:02] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hi, Ninja.
[01:02] <Zer0TheNinja> I'll be back later
[01:02] <Zer0TheNinja> Bye
[01:02] <Higgey the Scotsman> ...k
[01:02] <Aleksandr the Great> lol, bye
[01:02] <Higgey the Scotsman> The hell was that.
[01:02] <Vault girl76> Pretty much everywhere except hightown is got poor conditions 
[01:03] <Aleksandr the Great> The hell was what?
[01:03] <Higgey the Scotsman> Ninja's little not-visit.
[01:03] <Aleksandr the Great> The guy was kind enough JUST to return to tell us he was leaving
[01:04] <Higgey the Scotsman> He entered, said bye, then left.
[01:04] <Aleksandr the Great> Like I said, he entered to tell us he was leaving
[01:04] <Archmage Neko> I do wonder just how much will DA:O and DA2 effect DA:I, whether it will change a lot of the story arc or very little if any.
[01:04] <Aleksandr the Great> We should all do that more
[01:04] <Aleksandr the Great> The latter Neko
[01:05] <Higgey the Scotsman> What's the point? Most of us barely know each other, no need to extend the courtesy of telling us when you're leaving to complete strangers who couldn't care less.
[01:05] <Vault girl76> Probably returning characters 
[01:05] <Vault girl76> some differing dialog 
[01:05] <Vault girl76> maybe a few quests 
[01:06] <Archmage Neko> Hopefully my lack of a DA:O save won't force my DA:I to say: "The Warden romanced Leliana, because she was popular."
[01:07] <Vault girl76> hey Neko 
[01:08] <Aleksandr the Great> Neko
[01:08] <Aleksandr the Great> Leliana is the Highlander
[01:08] <Aleksandr the Great> You have no hope
[01:08] <Vault girl76> Did you read the Asunder Novel?
[01:08] <Aleksandr the Great> You warden is going to romance the shit out of Leliana and LIKE IT
[01:08] <Vault girl76> Oh noes
[01:08] <Aleksandr the Great> That's why they kept her alive
[01:09] <Vault girl76> Leliana at least was tolerable when hardened 
[01:09] <Archmage Neko> I saw it on Amazon a bit ago, apparently it's the prelude to DA:I.
[01:09] <Aleksandr the Great> Tolerable? 
[01:09] <Aleksandr the Great> She was bad non-hardened? 
[01:09] <Aleksandr the Great> Yeah, Gaider and co keep pushing for a canon
[01:09] <Vault girl76> She stops with with the Maker and cutsey crap alot if you harden her 
[01:10] <Aleksandr the Great> I kind of liked that about her.
[01:10] <Aleksandr the Great> Same with Alistair
[01:10] <Higgey the Scotsman> BRB 
[01:10] <Aleksandr the Great> Then again, I also liked a softened Morrigan
[01:10] <Vault girl76> I prefer both hardened 
[01:11] <Aleksandr the Great> Alistair is a nice guy non-hardened and I liked that about him
[01:12] <Vault girl76> Gotta go
[01:13] <Aleksandr the Great> that was quick
[01:17] <Aleksandr the Great> Welp, I gotta go too. Later peeps
[01:19] <Higgey the Scotsman> Back again
[01:19] <Higgey the Scotsman> Dead. Balls.
[01:20] <Archmage Neko> It will die when I allow it to die.
[01:21] <Higgey the Scotsman> You will only give it permission to die when your will to be here is ashes?
[01:21] <Archmage Neko> If you like.
[01:22] <Higgey the Scotsman> Yikes. The way they interruopt each other because they're so anxious to say something on camera is kinda funny.
[01:24] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hey, Sciencebro.
[01:24] <The Ever Ruler> *ScienceDouche
[01:24] <Higgey the Scotsman> Wait, I changed it to Sciencedouche after your little Welsh joke, didn;t I?
[01:24] <Higgey the Scotsman> Seems I did 
[01:24] <The Ever Ruler> Yep
[01:25] <Higgey the Scotsman> How's things?
[01:25] <Richie9999> <span style="color:red;">Gunny</span>.
[01:25] <Richie9999> <span style="color:red;">GUNNY</span>!
[01:25] <FOWchatbot> ?
[01:25] <Richie9999> JE Sawyer is gonna post all his answers on tumblr or some shit.
[01:26] <Richie9999> I asked 'im.
[01:26] <Richie9999> He said as much.
[01:26] <FOWchatbot> I saw that. I just tested using wayback machine to change the links and it work very nicely.
[01:26] <Richie9999> Well if that's what you wanna do.
[01:26] <FOWchatbot> It links to an archived page using the same address.
[01:26] <FOWchatbot> Less work.
[01:26] <Richie9999> I see.
[01:27] <The Ever Ruler> Sorry
[01:27] <The Ever Ruler> AFK
[01:27] <FOWchatbot> Just gotta add at the beginning of the reference link
[01:28] <FOWchatbot> The last archive was Feb 9. I hope they get another one before the site closes.
[01:28] <Richie9999> That would be the perfect job for a bot, <span style="color:red;">Gunny</span>.
[01:28] <Richie9999> Too bad we don't have one.
[01:28] <FOWchatbot> Yes, it would, wouldn't it.
[01:28] <FOWchatbot> Looks like another job for the human bot.
[01:28] <Richie9999> Oh hey.
[01:28] <Richie9999> I'm one of those.
[01:28] <Richie9999> >_>
[01:28] <FOWchatbot> :)
[01:28] <Richie9999> <_<
[01:28] <Archmage Neko> Hey <span style="color:red;">Gunny</span>, did you ever manage to get the edit template working? The one where it automatically adds a template to the edit screen?
[01:29] <FOWchatbot> Which one, not sure I follow you.
[01:29] <Eden2012> Zombie.
[01:29] <Eden2012> Epic comments.
[01:29] <Eden2012> Hullo all.
[01:29] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hey,
[01:29] <Higgey the Scotsman> .*
[01:29] <Archmage Neko> I think it was for a new article, where it would add a template to the new article edit screen.
[01:30] <FOWchatbot> I did all those at my other wiki. We have tons of those here. Do we need more?
[01:30] <The Ever Ruler> Yo
[01:30] <Eden2012> Brandon must be new here.
[01:30] <Eden2012> Not to worry.
[01:30] <FOWchatbot> Richie, can you view this page:
[01:31] <The Ever Ruler> Hey guys, how do you put a picture/image in a comment?
[01:31] <Archmage Neko> No, I was just wondering on it, since I could make use of it for a few ideas for the community blogs.
[01:31] <The Ever Ruler> [File:image_name.jpg/png]?
[01:31] <FOWchatbot> Should be regular media wiki file link, Ever.
[01:31] <The Ever Ruler> Alright, I'll see what happens
[01:31] <Eden2012> Yeah, just hit the add image file.
[01:31] <Richie9999> Ok, wassup, <span style="color:red;">Gunny</span>?
[01:31] <FOWchatbot> [[[[]]double brackets]]
[01:32] <FOWchatbot> Those are the pages that need the links changed.
[01:32] <Richie9999> Even the blog pages?
[01:32] <The Ever Ruler> Didn't really work
[01:32] <Richie9999> Can't do blog pages.
[01:32] <Richie9999> We got a bunch of ausir and chad blog pages.
[01:32] <FOWchatbot> Either we add the archive code to the blogs and talk pages or we use <nowiki> on them. Either way they have to be edited.
[01:33] <FOWchatbot> I can handle the blogs. Admin acess.
[01:33] <The Ever Ruler> Oh nevermind, I got it
[01:33] <FOWchatbot> *access.
[01:33] <Eden2012> [[Lee Rapid Pharmaceuticals|Lee_Rapid_Pharmaceuticals]]
[01:33] <Eden2012> That name is epic.
[01:34] <Richie9999> <span style="color:red;">Gunny</span>.
[01:34] <FOWchatbot> ?
[01:34] <Richie9999> Should I just remove the formspring link from JE Sawyers page?
[01:34] <The Ever Ruler> Ah, those bastards
[01:34] <Higgey the Scotsman> A true man.
[01:34] <The Ever Ruler> Tried to mosey me out of my fucking military contract they did
[01:34] <Eden2012> I need to find us some of those...
[01:34] <FOWchatbot> No. Don't do anything yet. Let me make sure that's how we're gonna handle it first.
[01:34] <The Ever Ruler> Chase and his goddamn nepotism...
[01:34] <FOWchatbot> I'll leave a message with details on your talk page.
[01:34] <Richie9999> Ok.
[01:35] <Eden2012> LOL
[01:35] <Richie9999> So just keep that page open and wait for further info before ading the wayback machine thing.
[01:35] <Eden2012> That's awesome Higgey. xD
[01:35] <The Ever Ruler> ^
[01:35] <The Ever Ruler> It's yours now bitch!
[01:36] <Eden2012> I wonder what kind of drug Psycho would be.
[01:36] <Eden2012> I have this thing for comparing chems to irl drugs.
[01:36] <Ant2242> o/ 
[01:37] <Higgey the Scotsman> Well jet'd have cow shit fumes, or whatever.
[01:37] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hi, Ant.
[01:37] <Ant2242> What's up?
[01:37] <Higgey the Scotsman> Not much.
[01:37] <Ant2242> Higgy
[01:37] <Ant2242> o/ 
[01:37] <The Ever Ruler> It was a boatload of amygdala stimulants
[01:37] <Ant2242> same
[01:37] <The Ever Ruler> It encites the fight or flight response but not both.
[01:37] <Ant2242> still going through Arcade's dialogue
[01:37] <Eden2012> I know in the drug visuals mod it makes you see red.
[01:37] <The Ever Ruler> You either fight... or you run
[01:37] <The Ever Ruler> ... most people fight
[01:37] <Ant2242> theen to put it in order
[01:37] <Ant2242> (er) 
[01:38] <Ant2242> not that one
[01:38] <Ant2242> (ah)
[01:38] <Ant2242> dman emotes
[01:38] <Ant2242> damn
[01:38] <Ant2242> (facepalm) 
[01:38] <Eden2012> Hullo Ant.
[01:38] <Ant2242> o/ Eden
[01:38] <The Ever Ruler> Pureskin
[01:38] <The Ever Ruler> QV operative
[01:38] <The Ever Ruler> *nods*
[01:38] <Ant2242> Ever o/ 
[01:39] <The Ever Ruler> People are becoming confuzzled at my Med-Tek CEO persona.
[01:39] <Ant2242> hey "Alleged" Operative
[01:39] <Ant2242> if you please (troll) 
[01:39] <The Ever Ruler> I'm my own man... not some alleged anything
[01:39] <Richie9999> Ever.
[01:39] <The Ever Ruler> Richie.
[01:39] <Richie9999> Ancient Ghoul bastard.
[01:39] <The Ever Ruler> They're wondering why I'm doing it
[01:39] <The Ever Ruler> Correspondent
[01:39] <Ant2242> IKR they deffinetly need to read your well written bio
[01:39] <Eden2012> I'm pretty sure in the RP for Fallout 2 you can smoke cigarettes.
[01:40] <The Ever Ruler> I told 'em it was on my page but that I didn't expect them to read it
[01:40] <Richie9999> Correspondent sucks.
[01:40] <Eden2012> I might be mixing it up with Megamod though.
[01:40] <Ant2242> ik
[01:40] <The Ever Ruler> "The Correspondent" is your new name (frustrated) I will make it stick if it kills me
[01:40] <The Ever Ruler> ... and at this rate...
[01:40] <Eden2012> Correspondent... I like it.
[01:40] <Ant2242> Me?
[01:40] <Richie9999> no.
[01:40] <Eden2012> It's long.
[01:40] <The Ever Ruler> It's Richie's new name
[01:40] <Eden2012> Bitches love long names.
[01:40] <Ant2242> ohh
[01:40] <The Ever Ruler> I'm going to type it into and see what it shits out
[01:41] <Richie9999> Eden, don't make me use your ful name.
[01:41] <Richie9999> *full
[01:41] <Ant2242> never heard of that
[01:41] <Eden2012> That was my imaginary persona... a slip if you will...
[01:41] <Eden2012> *speech 100*
[01:41] <Archmage Neko> I am intrigued by this.
[01:41] <Ant2242> John Muler?
[01:41] <The Ever Ruler>
[01:41] <Richie9999> *failed*
[01:42] <The Ever Ruler> What? Jack Hunter?
[01:42] <PerfectConduit> Callofduty4
[01:42] <Eden2012> ...
[01:42] <The Ever Ruler> I always assumed it was his fanfic's formal name
[01:42] <Eden2012> It is.
[01:42] <Archmage Neko> Could be Russian, Ever.
[01:42] <Archmage Neko> Jack Ov.
[01:42] <Higgey the Scotsman> Popular as shit in Canada for some reason
[01:42] <The Ever Ruler> Could be
[01:42] <Eden2012> Liam Neeson.
[01:42] <The Ever Ruler> That it is
[01:43] <The Ever Ruler>
[01:43] <The Ever Ruler> "From the Old Norse name Eiríkr, derived from the elements ei "ever" and ríkr "ruler" "
[01:43] <Eden2012> 'Jack' and 'Hunter' both when put together illuminate it's subliminal meaning.
[01:43] <The Ever Ruler> Ain't I just a facet of imagination?
[01:43] <Happylice>
[01:43] <Eden2012> I won't reveal it though... :)
[01:43] <Eden2012> That'd take the fun out of it.
[01:43] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hey, Alice.
[01:43] <Eden2012> Yo Alice.
[01:44] <The Ever Ruler> Alice, your name is the most popular from Alice in Wonderland. Go figure
[01:44] <Eden2012> LOL
[01:44] <The Ever Ruler> It's also Catalonia ranked #5
[01:45] <Happylice> Every girl in Sweden is named Alice
[01:45] <Archmage Neko> A hurdy gurdy, Alice bork bork bork.
[01:45] <Eden2012> Sweden pings me.
[01:45] <Ant2242> You have pings?
[01:45] <Eden2012> Can't tell if ironic or coincedence.
[01:45] <Archmage Neko> I do miss the Swedish Chef.
[01:45] <Eden2012> Well, it'd ping me normally.
[01:45] <Higgey the Scotsman> "From the Germanic name Willahelm, which was composed of the elements wil "will, desire" and helm "helmet, protection"." My name dictates that I shall keep you all protected.
[01:46] <The Ever Ruler> My name dictates that I shall rule you all for ever
[01:46] <Eden2012> I'm the protector 'round these parts...
[01:46] <The Ever Ruler> So yeah
[01:46] <Archmage Neko> Liam: Ultrastrength condoms
[01:46] <Archmage Neko> "Keeps you protected"
[01:46] <Eden2012> My avi -is- a helmet!
[01:46] <The Ever Ruler> Top that bitches
[01:46] <Higgey the Scotsman> One day, Dunc... one day.
[01:46] <Happylice> My name has no meaning ='(
[01:46] <Ant2242> not revealing my name
[01:46] <The Ever Ruler> But Alice, don't you see? YOU can give it a meaning!
[01:46] <Archmage Neko> Liam, I was gifted a trope yesterday.
[01:46] <Ant2242> can't let the Enclave hit squad get any closer (troll) 
[01:46] <Higgey the Scotsman> Oh?
[01:46] <Dead Gunner> My name means to vertically ejaculate into ones own mouth, on UrbanDictinary
[01:46] <The Ever Ruler> If you do something absolutely insane so history can remember you, your very personality will become the meaning of the name
[01:47] <Ant2242> ^
[01:47] <Happylice> Or i could just keep playing Battlefield and eating cheetos.
[01:47] <The Ever Ruler> I'm just lucky Erik the Red happened
[01:47] <Archmage Neko> Yeah, a few few friends decided to give each other tropes to describe each other.
[01:47] <Ant2242> do that one
[01:47] <Happylice> Which i totally will.
[01:47] <Higgey the Scotsman> Which did you get?
[01:47] <Dead Gunner> Leif Ericcson.
[01:47] <Eden2012> Same Alice. xD
[01:47] <Archmage Neko>
[01:47] <The Ever Ruler> Or yeah, Leif Ericcson
[01:47] <Dead Gunner> YING DA HING DA BURGEN
[01:47] <Higgey the Scotsman> Excellent.
[01:47] <Archmage Neko> I was flattered, and ego boosted.
[01:48] <The Ever Ruler>
[01:48] <The Ever Ruler> That one is mine
[01:48] <The Ever Ruler>
[01:48] <The Ever Ruler> This one also works
[01:49] <Higgey the Scotsman> Jasper's
[01:49] <Dead Gunner>
[01:49] <Archmage Neko> Not a rich amount of difference between Mad Doctor and Man Scientisy
[01:49] <Archmage Neko> Scientist.*
[01:49] <Dead Gunner> Doctor > Scientist.
[01:49] <Dead Gunner> There ya go.
[01:49] <The Ever Ruler> Nate is short of Nathan which means "he gave" in Hebrew.
[01:49] <The Ever Ruler> What did you give Nate?
[01:49] <The Ever Ruler> The D?
[01:50] <The Ever Ruler> Did ya give the D?
[01:50] <Dead Gunner> Erry day.
[01:50] <The Ever Ruler> Good man
[01:50] <Chris the Saiyan> I gave the D today
[01:50] <Chris the Saiyan> Twice
[01:50] <Ant2242> (y) 
[01:50] <Chris the Saiyan> But anyway I saw a movie today
[01:50] <The Ever Ruler> A mad scientist is more of an engineer where a mad doctor is more of a... doctor
[01:50] <Chris the Saiyan> The Call
[01:50] <Higgey the Scotsman> I gave the D several times today. 12, in fact. My D hurts.
[01:51] <Chris the Saiyan> It was a pretty good movie surprisingly
[01:51] <Eden2012> Shell 
[01:51] <Higgey the Scotsman> "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is tender and bruised" - Zap, Futurama, on endless snoo snoo.
[01:51] <Eden2012> Shell Shocked Veteran = CRONOS
[01:51] <Eden2012> Almost too a tee.
[01:51] <The Ever Ruler>
[01:51] <The Ever Ruler> Eden! Look out for Zeus!
[01:51] <The Ever Ruler> Rhea is hiding him from you!
[01:52] <The Ever Ruler> CRONOS = KRONOS = CRONUS
[01:52] <Dead Gunner> Zeus = One of his troopers.
[01:52] <The Ever Ruler> Spelling differences abund
[01:52] <The Ever Ruler> *abound
[01:52] <Dead Gunner> O.O
[01:52] <Eden2012> It does have a Greek meaning.
[01:52] <Chris the Saiyan> Rhea actually tricked Cronus into eating a rock by dressing it to look like a baby
[01:52] <Eden2012> Even though I took it from Cerberus' space station as a nod to them.
[01:52] <Dead Gunner> Ever, what was the make amends trope?
[01:52] <Dead Gunner> Link it.
[01:52] <Chris the Saiyan> I learned the other day in Mythology class
[01:52] <The Ever Ruler> That was it
[01:52] <Dead Gunner> The mroe you know.
[01:52] <Dead Gunner> *more.
[01:53] <The Ever Ruler>
[01:53] <The Ever Ruler> See?
[01:53] <Eden2012> And knowing is half the battle!
[01:53] <Dead Gunner> That one is mine.
[01:53] <The Ever Ruler> What really pisses me off, is that I found the trope that explained why tropes worked in the first place and I can't find it.
[01:53] <The Ever Ruler> Oh yeah... it should be in my history
[01:53] <Chris the Saiyan> Cerberus is also a greek mythology thing, but I'm sure you guys already knew
[01:53] <Eden2012> Yes.
[01:53] <Chris the Saiyan> Mythology is really interesting
[01:53] <Chris the Saiyan> I'm glad I'm in that class
[01:53] <Eden2012> The two headed guardian of hell.
[01:53] <Chris the Saiyan> 3
[01:53] <Dead Gunner> Cerberu sis Hell's guard dog.
[01:54] <Chris the Saiyan> 3 headed dog that guards Hades
[01:54] <Dead Gunner> Cerberus*
[01:54] <Eden2012> Which I think is pretty epic.
[01:54] <Eden2012> Even hell has a bodyguard...
[01:54] <Dead Gunner> I'm taking Mythology too.
[01:54] <Chris the Saiyan> Hell yeah Nate
[01:54] <Dead Gunner> I know most of the shit though.
[01:54] <Chris the Saiyan> Do they have you read any books on it?
[01:54] <Dead Gunner> I actually wrote my own myth.
[01:54] <Chris the Saiyan> We're about to read The Iliad
[01:54] <Chris the Saiyan> I wrote a half ass myth
[01:54] <Chris the Saiyan> About how the internet was made. Pretty funny
[01:54] <Dead Gunner> We read The Odyssey.
[01:55] <Chris the Saiyan> We're reading The Odyssey after The Iliad
[01:55] <Dead Gunner> I made one about the first earthquake.
[01:55] <Dead Gunner> Get on my level.
[01:55] <Chris the Saiyan> We just finished Edith Hamilton's Mythology
[01:55] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hi there, Jack. How're you?
[01:55] <Chris the Saiyan> An extensive book on Mythos
[01:55] <Ant2242> *is working on Arcade]s GECK dialogue
[01:55] <Ant2242> *
[01:55] <Dead Gunner> Yeah, I read that of my own accord.
[01:56] <Chris the Saiyan> Greek Mythos mostly but a small bit of Roman which is pretty much the same, and a little bit of Norse Mythology
[01:56] <Eden2012> [[File:Theyreback.jpg]]
[01:56] <Dead Gunner> I loved Greek Mythology and still do.
[01:56] <Eden2012> Wanamingos mane.
[01:56] <Chris the Saiyan> Indeed
[01:56] <Higgey the Scotsman> Wanamingos!
[01:56] <DragonBorn96> Technically Hades was neither heaven nor hell.
[01:56] <DragonBorn96> Tartarus was hell, there was no heaven.
[01:56] <Chris the Saiyan> hell yeah
[01:56] <Chris the Saiyan> The Elatian Fields were basically the closest thing to Heaven
[01:56] <Higgey the Scotsman> hell yeah
[01:56] <Dead Gunner> Elysium Fields.
[01:57] <Dead Gunner> : P
[01:57] <Chris the Saiyan> Forgot the spelling
[01:57] <Eden2012> ... where have I heard that name before...
[01:57] <DragonBorn96> Underworld was the home of all dead, but Tartarus was the hell.
[01:57] <ISlamHD> sup
[01:57] <Dead Gunner> Tartarus is where Atlas and Cronos and them went after the Titanomachy.
[01:57] <Chris the Saiyan> Well Mythological references are everywhere
[01:57] <The Ever Ruler> I couldn't find it
[01:57] <DragonBorn96> Even though it was only ever a cell for the Titans originally, it developed into hell eventually.
[01:57] <Chris the Saiyan> So it wouldn't be unlikely that you've heard it somewhere
[01:58] <Dead Gunner> Tartarus is like Sithis in TES.
[01:58] <Chris the Saiyan> Hail Sithis
[01:58] <Eden2012> ^
[01:58] <ISlamHD> I like turtles
[01:58] <Dead Gunner> He's The Void, in a sense.
[01:58] <Eden2012> That's more terrifying a concept than hell.
[01:58] <ISlamHD> Im the void in a sense
[01:58] <DragonBorn96> Except Tartarus is not a being.
[01:58] <The Ever Ruler> I'm more afraid of nothing than Hell
[01:59] <Eden2012> ^
[01:59] <The Ever Ruler> At least in hell you know you're there for a reason
[01:59] <Eden2012> Exactly.
[01:59] <The Ever Ruler> You can comfort yourself knowing that you're paying for everything you did wrong
[01:59] <DragonBorn96> Tartarus has no representation the way the Void does.
[01:59] <The Ever Ruler> If you ask me, that in itself is a blessing
[01:59] <The Ever Ruler> To know you truly did something wrong and paying for it accordingly
[01:59] <Dead Gunner> You'll have solitude and tranquility in nothing though.
[01:59] <ISlamHD> Im a commie :D
[01:59] <Chris the Saiyan> Ever hear of a prisoner being put in the hole?
[02:00] <Eden2012> Thank you for your cooperation ISlam.
[02:00] <Eden2012> *executes*
[02:00] <ISlamHD> i got put in a hole
[02:00] <Eden2012> Oh yes Chris. Got family in prison.
[02:00] <DragonBorn96> In Heaven you are a brain dead worm who lives in a constant state of bliss with no deviation, in Hell all emotion is still there.
[02:00] <DragonBorn96> 
[02:00] <Eden2012> ^
[02:00] <Dead Gunner> Eden, did you get my message?
[02:00] <Eden2012> TP msg?
[02:00] <ISlamHD> I support KKK and Nazis
[02:01] <Dead Gunner> Yesh
[02:01] <Eden2012> Checking.
[02:01] <DragonBorn96> Real lovely, keep it to yourself.
[02:01] <Eden2012> Rofl.
[02:01] <ISlamHD> But then i dont
[02:01] <ISlamHD> And then i do
[02:01] <ISlamHD> Its wierd
[02:01] <Higgey the Scotsman> >Islam
[02:01] <Higgey the Scotsman> >supports KKK and Nazis
[02:01] <Higgey the Scotsman> What are you.
[02:01] <Eden2012> ^
[02:01] <ISlamHD> Im
[02:01] <ISlamHD> ISLAM :D
[02:01] <Higgey the Scotsman> K.
[02:01] <Eden2012> Seems legit.
[02:01] <ISlamHD> Im a chav
[02:02] <Higgey the Scotsman> Is that so.
[02:02] <ISlamHD> yes it is
[02:02] <Richie9999> You poor poor bastard.
[02:02] <Chris the Saiyan> You must be very confused to be following such conflicting views.
[02:02] <ISlamHD> i locked myself in a motor cycle
[02:03] <Eden2012> Oh yes...
[02:03] <Eden2012> I love those prank calls.
[02:03] <Higgey the Scotsman> So you're a Muslim, white supremacist neo-Nazi chav?
[02:03] <ISlamHD> im islam :D
[02:03] <Eden2012> The best part is the stupid bastards pranked fall for it without ever playing Fallout.
[02:03] <Eden2012> Priceless.
[02:03] <Higgey the Scotsman> So you said.
[02:03] <Dead Gunner> I'm a ginger black guy. Nothing is more complicated than I.
[02:03] <Archmage Neko> I'm going to break valve at this rate.
[02:03] <Chris the Saiyan> Not really in the mood for trolling tonight
[02:04] <Eden2012> Rofl Neko
[02:04] <Chris the Saiyan> Nate
[02:04] <Chris the Saiyan> I've seen somebody like that
[02:04] <Chris the Saiyan> IRL
[02:04] <Chris the Saiyan> At my school
[02:04] <Dead Gunner> Whoa.
[02:04] <Dead Gunner> Wat.
[02:04] <ISlamHD> Im a BoS supporter with a remnant friend :D
[02:04] <Chris the Saiyan> Even stranger is he's Jewish
[02:04] <Chris the Saiyan> Like legit
[02:04] <Eden2012> Mind = blown.
[02:04] <Chris the Saiyan> It's one of those things you never see
[02:04] <Chris the Saiyan> He isn't ginger as in having the freckles but he has red hair at least
[02:05] <Eden2012> rofl
[02:05] <Eden2012> Reminds me of the ginger incident here.
[02:05] <Eden2012> That was so fucking funny.
[02:05] <ISlamHD> so hes a cookie?
[02:05] <ISlamHD> damn invisible walls in fallout
[02:05] <Chris the Saiyan> No, not really
[02:06] <Higgey the Scotsman> A guy I know has a naturally darker skin (he's bi-racial or whatever the term is) tone and blue eyes instead of the usual brown or hazel people like that have. Not quite as rare as redhead black Jews, but hey-ho.
[02:06] <Dead Gunner> Chris, Dennis Rodman goes to your schoool?
[02:06] <Chris the Saiyan> >.>
[02:06] <ISlamHD> i wanna see a black jap
[02:06] <Eden2012> LOL
[02:06] <ISlamHD> its a life long dream
[02:06] <Dead Gunner> Konnichiwa.
[02:06] <Higgey the Scotsman> An asian with a black parent or vice versa, you mean...
[02:06] <ISlamHD> no
[02:07] <ISlamHD> a straight up black commie jap
[02:07] <ISlamHD> you know
[02:07] <ISlamHD> mayb
[02:07] <ISlamHD> maybe
[02:07] <Eden2012> I used to knew a guy who was black and asian.
[02:07] <Richie9999> Oh God.
[02:07] <Eden2012> Shit you not.
[02:07] <Higgey the Scotsman> Blasian.
[02:07] <Chris the Saiyan> jaspanese people aren't commies...
[02:07] <Richie9999> I can already tell I'm going to enjoy the Warriors.
[02:07] <ISlamHD> thats why i said
[02:07] <ISlamHD> commie
[02:07] <ISlamHD> cause they are rare
[02:07] <Chris the Saiyan> i suppose
[02:07] <ISlamHD> a black jap whos a commie
[02:07] <Eden2012> You said you were a commie...
[02:08] <Higgey the Scotsman> I don't see what being commie has to do with them being part-black
[02:08] <ISlamHD> :D
[02:08] <ISlamHD> thats the magic higgey
[02:08] <Higgey the Scotsman> :D
[02:08] <Chris the Saiyan> So yeah
[02:08] <The Ever Ruler> And improbably combination of contradictions
[02:08] <The Ever Ruler> *an
[02:08] <Chris the Saiyan> The Call = good movie
[02:08] <The Ever Ruler> I failed...
[02:08] <The Ever Ruler> *improbable 
[02:08] <The Ever Ruler> Twice
[02:08] <Richie9999> Oh warriors.
[02:09] <Richie9999> Come out to pla-a-ay.
[02:09] <Higgey the Scotsman> Fun fact: that was improvised.
[02:09] <Eden2012> I don't follow the dosing instructions Ever.
[02:09] <Higgey the Scotsman> The 'come out to play-a-ay'
[02:09] <Eden2012> What should I do?
[02:09] <Eden2012> I might be in trouble...
[02:10] <The Ever Ruler> Oh you didn't read the dosage instructions?
[02:10] <Higgey the Scotsman> Throw yourself in front of a train, it's the only way.
[02:10] <Eden2012> No.
[02:10] <Eden2012> Okay higgey.
[02:10] <Dead Gunner>
[02:11] <The Ever Ruler> Alright, hang on a second... here we go *pulls out heavily folded sheet of of paper from back pocket*
[02:11] <Eden2012> LOL
[02:11] <Eden2012> That's priceless Gunner.
[02:11] <Higgey the Scotsman> >the Maryjanes
[02:11] <Higgey the Scotsman> Almost spat out my sandwich.
[02:11] <Dead Gunner> Don't inject the marijuanas.
[02:11] <The Ever Ruler> Med-Tek is not responsible for any injury or death resulting from failure to follow the clearly defined instructions on any of our products
[02:11] <Dead Gunner> Not even once.
[02:11] <Eden2012> ... until you're sued over it anyway.
[02:11] <Eden2012> (troll) 
[02:12] <The Ever Ruler> That's just it, you can't sue us
[02:12] <Eden2012> SHIT
[02:12] <Eden2012> PISS
[02:12] <Eden2012> :(
[02:12] <Chris the Saiyan>
[02:12] <The Ever Ruler> We're well within our rights to deny you any compensation for any mishaps that happen as a direct result of ignorant use of our products
[02:12] <The Ever Ruler> Lol
[02:12] <Chris the Saiyan> Hi Jack
[02:13] <Dead Gunner>
[02:13] <The Ever Ruler> It's a flashdrive though? What kind of computer doesn't have a USB port that can still be used today without driving someone insane?
[02:13] <Eden2012> ROFL
[02:13] <The Ever Ruler> Osama Bin Potter's thoughts on Fallout New Vegas
[02:13] <Chris the Saiyan> You can see a flashdrive right next to the Ethernet port
[02:13] <Chris the Saiyan> The guy was just being dumb I guess
[02:13] <The Ever Ruler> The only way that could've been any different was if he was wearing Iron Man's suit whilst carrying Gandalf's staff all topped off with William the Conquerer's war paint
[02:13] <Dead Gunner>
[02:14] <The Ever Ruler> Ivan the Terrible's crown for good measure
[02:14] <Higgey the Scotsman> Lol
[02:14] <The Ever Ruler> o_o
[02:14] <Dead Gunner>
[02:14] <Dead Gunner> Uhhhh
[02:14] <Higgey the Scotsman> Murka.
[02:14] <Eden2012> ^ epic
[02:15] <Chris the Saiyan> 1 more term
[02:15] <The Ever Ruler> o_o
[02:15] <The Ever Ruler> You failed again Eden
[02:15] <Dead Gunner> Is this a random encounter?
[02:15] <Eden2012> I give up.
[02:15] <The Ever Ruler> You really ought to re-take up-arrow class this next semester
[02:15] <Eden2012> >Implying I go to school. Yet.
[02:15] <The Ever Ruler> You could always get a job at Med-Tek
[02:16] <Eden2012> I'd enjoy working for Med-Tec... interesting privileges.
[02:16] <The Ever Ruler> After getting a ph D in medicine
[02:16] <Eden2012> D:
[02:16] <The Ever Ruler> Yeah...
[02:16] <Dead Gunner>
[02:16] <The Ever Ruler> You can always be my secretary's assistant
[02:16] <The Ever Ruler> The little lady could use some help
[02:16] <The Ever Ruler> xD
[02:16] <Eden2012> Sounds like my kind of job.
[02:17] <The Ever Ruler> The funniest thing about that is... it actually works. My brother closes shit so tight I need to open it with tools
[02:17] <The Ever Ruler> Crafty bastard he is.
[02:17] <Eden2012> Goddamn.
[02:17] <The Ever Ruler> He could also easily beat the shit out of me
[02:17] <Dead Gunner>
[02:17] <The Ever Ruler> XD
[02:17] <Eden2012> LOL
[02:17] <The Ever Ruler> That one made my day
[02:17] <Eden2012> ^
[02:17] <The Ever Ruler> Thank you Nate
[02:18] <Dead Gunner> No problem.
[02:18] <ISlamHD> is hoover dam office in hoover dam visitors office?
[02:18] <ISlamHD> 
[02:18] <Dead Gunner>
[02:18] <Chris the Saiyan> No, it's on the Strip
[02:18] <Chris the Saiyan> Trust me
[02:18] <Eden2012> Lol.
[02:18] <Chris the Saiyan> That's from my Tumblr :/
[02:18] <ISlamHD> lies ):
[02:18] <Chris the Saiyan> Speaking of, I haven't posted anything in a while
[02:19] <Higgey the Scotsman> Whenever Eden talks
[02:19] <Higgey the Scotsman> jk
[02:19] <Dead Gunner> That fucking sloth
[02:19] <Eden2012> The fuck is that thing anyway.
[02:19] <Dead Gunner> It's a sloth.
[02:19] <The Ever Ruler> Sloth
[02:19] <Chris the Saiyan> A sloth
[02:19] <Dead Gunner> (ninja) 
[02:19] <The Ever Ruler> ... did anyone get ninja'd there?
[02:19] <Eden2012> Nice.
[02:19] <The Ever Ruler> We didn't say the same thing...
[02:20] <The Ever Ruler> Similar things that are all true
[02:20] <The Ever Ruler> thinkaboutit.jpg
[02:20] <Chris the Saiyan>
[02:20] <Eden2012> ...
[02:20] <Dead Gunner> You don't fuck.
[02:20] <Dead Gunner> With Batman bin Suparman.
[02:20] <Chris the Saiyan> Batman Bin Suparman
[02:20] <Eden2012> ^
[02:20] <Eden2012> That. Is. All.
[02:20] <Eden2012> Good day sir, you lose.
[02:20] <Higgey the Scotsman> 
[02:21] <Eden2012> XD
[02:21] <Chris the Saiyan>
[02:21] <The Ever Ruler> ... anyone else think the woman in that picture is cute from what is visible?
[02:21] <Chris the Saiyan> My response 
[02:21] <Eden2012> Very cute Ever.
[02:21] <Eden2012> I'd like to see a full pic.
[02:21] <Eden2012> ...
[02:21] <The Ever Ruler> *the other half is disgusting*
[02:22] <Dead Gunner>
[02:22] <Chris the Saiyan>
[02:22] <Victor the Securitron> blargh
[02:22] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hey, Tankfetishist.
[02:22] <Victor the Securitron> Hey Laimboi
[02:22] <The Ever Ruler> ... dem's fightin' words
[02:22] <Chris the Saiyan> hihi
[02:22] <Chris the Saiyan> Just posting our best sloths
[02:23] <Higgey the Scotsman>
[02:23] <Chris the Saiyan>
[02:23] <Victor the Securitron>
[02:23] <Higgey the Scotsman> >link hivemind
[02:24] <Higgey the Scotsman>
[02:24] <Chris the Saiyan> i like sloths
[02:24] <Chris the Saiyan> thar perty
[02:24] <The Ever Ruler> Sloth will fuck you up
[02:25] <The Ever Ruler> No exceptions
[02:25] <The Ever Ruler> No mercy
[02:25] <Higgey the Scotsman> Beautiful
[02:25] <The Ever Ruler> xD
[02:25] <The Ever Ruler> Who the fuck makes these things!?
[02:25] <Chris the Saiyan> If there is anything my Tumblr is full of it's Hitler, Club Penguin, and most recently sloths.
[02:25] <The Ever Ruler> Goddamn humanity is intrinsically funny
[02:26] <Higgey the Scotsman> I have a funny Club Penguin ban picture, but I have no idea where it is in my folder and it has a certain racial epithet that's usually funny but against rules.
[02:26] <Victor the Securitron>
[02:26] <Chris the Saiyan> My choices are a hairy she-devil and two children and a winged beast.
[02:27] <Higgey the Scotsman> >with who will I sleep tonight
[02:27] <Higgey the Scotsman> >weird demon lady
[02:27] <Higgey the Scotsman> >or an angelic woman and two little kids
[02:27] <Higgey the Scotsman> Uh... fuck
[02:27] <Dead Gunner> >implies "sleep with" means DTF
[02:27] <Victor the Securitron> don't forget the out of place bridge
[02:27] <The Ever Ruler> ... I choose none of the above *takes out shotgun*
[02:28] <Chris the Saiyan> >Implying you being not DTF means they won't do things to you in your sleep
[02:28] <The Ever Ruler> *drops on foot, discharges, fills face with buckshot*
[02:28] <Dead Gunner> True enough
[02:28] <Victor the Securitron> ima cum
[02:28] <Higgey the Scotsman> Same pic as before douggy
[02:28] <Victor the Securitron> oh shit
[02:29] <Chris the Saiyan> derp
[02:29] <The Ever Ruler> herp
[02:29] <Victor the Securitron>
[02:29] <Victor the Securitron> meant that
[02:29] <Denis517>
[02:29] <Higgey the Scotsman> Oh mang. Look at dat main gun/whatever ya call it. Oh mang. Muh dick.
[02:29] <Victor the Securitron> ye its a main gun
[02:29] <Victor the Securitron> good job higgey
[02:29] <Higgey the Scotsman> I got it right. Fuck yes.
[02:29] <Dead Gunner> Muh freedumz.
[02:29] <Denis517> Doug
[02:30] <Dead Gunner> Duhfend them.
[02:30] <Denis517> Ya cumming bak?
[02:30] <Higgey the Scotsman> We need ya Douggy. We need dat ass.
[02:30] <Chris the Saiyan>
[02:30] <Victor the Securitron> I'm in dress rehearsals
[02:30] <Victor the Securitron> so not until next week really
[02:30] <Higgey the Scotsman> Lol Chris
[02:30] <Denis517> Fucking vic
[02:30] <Victor the Securitron> since I get home at fucking 10pm every night now
[02:30] <Chris the Saiyan> Theatre Doug?
[02:30] <Eden2012> Dat ass!
[02:30] <Denis517> Disappointing
[02:30] <Higgey the Scotsman> Chris' dream
[02:30] <Chris the Saiyan> We just got done our latest performence.
[02:31] <Victor the Securitron> How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
[02:31] <The Ever Ruler> I didn't understand a word of that jpg
[02:32] <Higgey the Scotsman> What confused you
[02:32] <Chris the Saiyan> I love Carl
[02:32] <Chris the Saiyan>
[02:33] <The Ever Ruler> Is that our Carl?
[02:33] <The Ever Ruler> Or another Carl that I don't know of because I'm meme illiterate
[02:34] <Chris the Saiyan> The famous Carl
[02:34] <Chris the Saiyan> From Facebook
[02:34] <Chris the Saiyan> Cell
[02:34] <The Ever Ruler> Perfect Cell
[02:34] <The Ever Ruler> @ aliciousness
[02:35] <Chris the Saiyan>
[02:35] <The Ever Ruler> Lika a bauss
[02:35] <The Ever Ruler> I failed *like
[02:36] <Eden2012> LOL
[02:36] <Victor the Securitron> LAWL
[02:38] <Denis517> Chrismang
[02:38] <Chris the Saiyan> Denismang
[02:38] <Denis517> Was gud?
[02:38] <Chris the Saiyan> Nothing much
[02:38] <Chris the Saiyan> Getting ready for bed soon
[02:38] <Chris the Saiyan> You?
[02:39] <Denis517> I got homework that needs doing and a person to do it. 
[02:39] <The Ever Ruler> Whoa, thought I x-ed this out there for a second
[02:39] <The Ever Ruler> What kinda homework?
[02:39] <Higgey the Scotsman> I'll do it if you give me some money.
[02:40] <The Ever Ruler> I'll do it if you give me a fuck to give away myself
[02:40] <Dead Gunner> Give Ever a fucking.
[02:40] <Dead Gunner> Fuck*
[02:40] <Higgey the Scotsman> I'll do it if you punch Eric in the face.
[02:40] <The Ever Ruler> Shush Liam
[02:40] <The Ever Ruler> Shush your face
[02:40] <Higgey the Scotsman> I'll not be silenced
[02:40] <Higgey the Scotsman> muh freedumz
[02:40] <Chris the Saiyan> I remember when people used to complain about Rob asking for homework help and say they weren't going to do it but then they ended up doing it after all and then complained about having to do it.
[02:40] <Denis517> I have to look for a 10 minute video on youtube about a person from the holocaust getting interviewed. 
[02:40] <The Ever Ruler> Correct, you'll just be killed
[02:41] <Denis517> Then write a summery about it. 
[02:41] <Higgey the Scotsman> Wait, people ACTUALLY did Rob's work for him? Who?
[02:41] <The Ever Ruler> Denis, type in Steven Spielburg's commentary on Schindler's List
[02:41] <Denis517> why?
[02:41] <The Ever Ruler> There are quite a few people who get interviewed there
[02:41] <Denis517> Don't plan on doing it, tbh. 
[02:41] <The Ever Ruler> ...
[02:41] <Chris the Saiyan> I can't remember. I thought you help[ed him once.
[02:41] <Chris the Saiyan> Then I think Zerg helped once
[02:42] <Higgey the Scotsman> >me
[02:42] <Higgey the Scotsman> >helping Rob
[02:42] <Higgey the Scotsman> What have you been smnoking.
[02:42] <Higgey the Scotsman> smoking*
[02:42] <Eden2012> pot
[02:43] <The Ever Ruler> pan
[02:44] <The Ever Ruler> kettle
[02:44] <Higgey the Scotsman> huehue
[02:44] <Denis517> pete 
[02:44] <The Ever Ruler> corn
[02:44] <Denis517> Huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue
[02:44] <Dead Gunner> The maryjanes.
[02:44] <Dead Gunner> Not once.
[02:45] <Denis517>
[02:45] <Denis517> hue
[02:46] <Dead Gunner> Think I care?
[02:46] <Eden2012> ain't it the fuckin truth
[02:46] <Victor the Securitron> Not legal
[02:46] <Victor the Securitron> her tits aren't even mosquito bites
[02:47] <Chris the Saiyan> She tries to cover them up
[02:47] <Victor the Securitron> because shes ashamed of how small they are
[02:47] <Eden2012> or puts toilet paper in her bra
[02:47] <Dead Gunner> Those hershey kiss tits are disgraceful.
[02:48] <Higgey the Scotsman> >small tits
[02:48] <Higgey the Scotsman> >slutty
[02:48] <Higgey the Scotsman> 4/10.
[02:48] <Chris the Saiyan> mmm hershey kisses
[02:48] <Denis517> Doesn't matter
[02:48] <Chris the Saiyan> I say 2/10
[02:48] <Denis517> had sex
[02:48] <Victor the Securitron> >small tits 
[02:48] <Victor the Securitron> >slutty
[02:48] <Eden2012> i'll give it a 5/10
[02:48] <Victor the Securitron> -6/10
[02:48] <Chris the Saiyan> She put a bag on my head
[02:48] <Denis517> I'll give it a 5.2
[02:48] <Chris the Saiyan> Still counts
[02:48] <The Ever Ruler> Face was pretty, personality needs to make up for lack of gabs
[02:49] <The Ever Ruler> Otherwise, one-night stand at the most
[02:49] <Higgey the Scotsman> >face was pretty
[02:49] <Higgey the Scotsman> >with all that makepup
[02:49] <Higgey the Scotsman> makeup*
[02:49] <Victor the Securitron> wud not fuk
[02:49] <Denis517> >is zombie
[02:49] <Denis517> >can't get it up
[02:49] <The Ever Ruler> ;~;
[02:49] <Denis517> Your opinion is invalid. 
[02:49] <Eden2012> zombies don't exist
[02:49] <Eden2012> i killed them all
[02:49] <Denis517> BAHAHAHAHA
[02:49] <Denis517> The Enclave? That's rich. 
[02:49] <The Ever Ruler> Oh you bastard while I h- actually he's accurate there. Us ghouls' libido goes after the first century
[02:50] <Victor the Securitron> Tits have to at least weigh 100 pounds each to even break a positive number
[02:50] <Higgey the Scotsman> >also asian
[02:50] <Higgey the Scotsman> My sexual attractions are racist for the most part so differing races are a turnoff for me.
[02:50] <Victor the Securitron> >is Todd
[02:50] <Dead Gunner> ^^
[02:50] <Higgey the Scotsman> Just saiyan
[02:50] <Dead Gunner> Fuck
[02:50] <Dead Gunner> Fuck
[02:50] <The Ever Ruler> I've been living an empty life before I had to start taking buffout to supplement the lack of testosterone
[02:50] <Victor the Securitron> LAWL
[02:50] <Eden2012> i agree higgey
[02:50] <Dead Gunner> I think Asians are good looking.
[02:50] <Dead Gunner> Mainly cuz I'm technically asian.
[02:50] <Victor the Securitron> >Asian
[02:50] <Victor the Securitron> >Big tits
[02:50] <The Ever Ruler> I agree only to a certain degree. The Skin tone/color doesn't actually matter but it's the ultimate facial dimensions
[02:51] <Denis517> Asians are okay; not my favorite race
[02:51] <Eden2012> ^
[02:51] <Higgey the Scotsman> Eh, most asians I've seen have the bodies and voices of little girls. Ever watched asian porn? Sounds like a cat being beaten, swear to God.
[02:51] <The Ever Ruler> And it's factual to have skeletal trends between the different "races"
[02:51] <Victor the Securitron>
[02:51] <Denis517> FUCKING
[02:51] <Denis517> VIC
[02:51] <The Ever Ruler> *has privy eyes in the room he's sitting at*
[02:51] <Higgey the Scotsman> Thought those tits were bare for a sec
[02:51] <Dead Gunner> ^
[02:51] <Denis517> I JUST fapped! 
[02:51] <Eden2012> goddamn!
[02:51] <Denis517> This is unfare! 
[02:51] <Victor the Securitron> lawl
[02:51] <Dead Gunner> It loaded up to down too
[02:52] <Dead Gunner> FFS
[02:52] <Denis517> Unfair* 
[02:52] <Chris the Saiyan> White people's belly buttons are a bit lower on the body than a black persons (May have that backwards) which effects their running and swimming talents 
[02:52] <Denis517> srsly?
[02:52] <Eden2012> ^
[02:52] <Chris the Saiyan> Yeah
[02:52] <Eden2012> is that legit
[02:52] <Chris the Saiyan> Can't remember which is which
[02:52] <Eden2012> holy shit
[02:52] <Victor the Securitron> guise
[02:52] <Victor the Securitron>
[02:52] <Chris the Saiyan> But that's why white people tend to swim better and black people tend to run better
[02:52] <Higgey the Scotsman> As a general rule, I prefer fellow whites. I tedn to only find blacks attractive if they're mulatto (one white parent/considerable white familial background).
[02:52] <Higgey the Scotsman> tend*
[02:52] <Denis517> We still can't be caught saying that in america. 
[02:52] <The Ever Ruler> Caucasians are also supposedly more adept for winterized environments. Low skin tone to get as much Vitamin D from the sun as possible and something to do with the nose.
[02:53] <Chris the Saiyan> I actually prefer white myself
[02:53] <Denis517> Or else some idiot is going to start screaming racist. 
[02:53] <Eden2012> higgey and me are adjourned on that
[02:53] <Eden2012> i won't even lie
[02:53] <Denis517> I prefer mexican. It's a good race to be a part of. 
[02:53] <Victor the Securitron> mexican't
[02:53] <Higgey the Scotsman> The bone structure, shape of nose etc of people who are mostly black is a huge turnoff for me, to be honest
[02:53] <Eden2012> i've seen plenty of hot mexicans too
[02:53] <Denis517> Fuck you vic. 
[02:53] <Denis517> I is Mexican. 
[02:53] <Victor the Securitron> my gf is hispanic
[02:53] <Victor the Securitron> partly
[02:54] <Dead Gunner> My gf is indian.
[02:54] <Eden2012> plus i love the tan sometimes
[02:54] <The Ever Ruler> I only need two things, pretty face, personality I can tolerate. I'd be lying if I said each race was able to meet the first one in equal ratios.
[02:54] <Eden2012> can be hawt as hell
[02:54] <Chris the Saiyan> Nate
[02:54] <The Ever Ruler> But then, availability heuristic
[02:54] <Victor the Securitron> half french half peurto rican
[02:54] <Chris the Saiyan> Your hand is indian too?
[02:54] <Dead Gunner> It's my own hand.
[02:54] <The Ever Ruler> ^
[02:54] <Dead Gunner> Chris got it.
[02:54] <The Ever Ruler> xD
[02:54] <Chris the Saiyan> (ninja) 
[02:54] <Denis517> My Gf is mexican
[02:54] <Chris the Saiyan> k
[02:54] <Denis517> Been together for 16 years
[02:54] <Higgey the Scotsman> Personally, I find attractiveness an important trait in a person. Those 'it's duh heart that counts' dweebs can piss off.
[02:54] <Dead Gunner> Ever, your qualifications are mine as well.
[02:54] <Chris the Saiyan> My gf is white but has some German and Native American roots, although you can't tell.
[02:54] <Denis517> Same here, higgz
[02:55] <Eden2012> higgey and me are agreeing on too much
[02:55] <The Ever Ruler> It's really straightforward. Everything else the woman has is just a plus at that point
[02:55] <Dead Gunner> ^
[02:55] <Chris the Saiyan> Guys are supposed to be like that
[02:55] <The Ever Ruler> And to think we're all just gutter minded...
[02:55] <Dead Gunner> When all else fails, set your standards lower.
[02:55] <Dead Gunner> (troll) 
[02:55] <Denis517> Looks aren't #1 for me, but it's around the top 5
[02:55] <The Ever Ruler> That assumption is only true for one-night stands
[02:55] <The Ever Ruler> That's an entirely different policy system
[02:55] <Eden2012> thats my problem, I keep mine high
[02:55] <Chris the Saiyan> Guys look at appearance before noticing personality typically.
[02:55] <Denis517> ^
[02:55] <Chris the Saiyan> Saw a study on it
[02:55] <Higgey the Scotsman> Though I prefer other whites, I kinda like people who are bi-racial or whatever (caucasoid, if that's the term, bone structure anf facial features etc with a somewhat darker natural skintone)
[02:55] <Dead Gunner> Yeah, we use our dicks to fuck things. We're biologically programmed to want to have sex with women.
[02:56] <Chris the Saiyan> Anyway I'm heading to bed
[02:56] <The Ever Ruler> Adios
[02:56] <Chris the Saiyan> o/ 
[02:56] <Victor the Securitron> sprakle
[02:56] <Higgey the Scotsman> and*
[02:56] <Ant2242> o/ 
[02:56] <Eden2012> later chris
[02:56] <Denis517> Bubbles
[02:56] <Higgey the Scotsman> See ya Chris
[02:56] <The Ever Ruler> Yeah, the skin tone/color isn't the issue. It's the facial features
[02:56] <Higgey the Scotsman> Eh, I don't like skin tone to be too dark
[02:56] <The Ever Ruler> I don't mind
[02:56] <Victor the Securitron> the good thing about fucking attractive girls is that if we can keep it consistent ugliness will die off over the next few generations :D
[02:56] <Dead Gunner> Face is a must for me.
[02:56] <The Ever Ruler> ^
[02:56] <Dead Gunner> If it's an ugly face, get out of here.
[02:56] <Denis517> For me there is two group of people that Will never be attractive to me
[02:56] <Victor the Securitron> I say we sterilize all the ugly people
[02:56] <The Ever Ruler> Faice
[02:57] <Eden2012> i agree to an extent, but body comes first for me
[02:57] <Denis517> Rednecks and middle eastern people/ 
[02:57] <Ant2242> well later guys
[02:57] <Ant2242> o.
[02:57] <The Ever Ruler> Body is a close secondary desire to consider
[02:57] <Denis517> o\
[02:57] <Ant2242> o/ 
[02:57] <Victor the Securitron> Just rednecks for me
[02:57] <The Ever Ruler> Adios
[02:57] <Denis517> \o 
[02:57] <Victor the Securitron> I know an attractive arabic girl
[02:57] <Eden2012> rednecks =/= southern women
[02:57] <Denis517> Never seen a pretty middle eastern woman. 
[02:57] <Eden2012> ...?
[02:57] <Eden2012> i have denis
[02:57] <Eden2012> online
[02:57] <The Ever Ruler> I've seen a few attractive Arabic women
[02:57] <Dead Gunner> ^
[02:57] <Eden2012> ^
[02:57] <Denis517> link
[02:58] <Higgey the Scotsman> Yeah, yeah, yeah it's a video game character but it's a good example Like that, caucasian phenotpye (that the right word, ever...?) with somewhat darker skin tone. Hawt as fuark.
[02:58] <The Ever Ruler> ...
[02:58] <Dead Gunner> She's pale as fuck, Higgey.
[02:58] <Dead Gunner> lol.
[02:58] <Denis517> eh
[02:58] <Denis517> Ew
[02:58] <The Ever Ruler> Phenotype would be correct
[02:58] <Eden2012> hawt as hell
[02:58] <Higgey the Scotsman> Darker than the average white person, at least around here where it's always cold
[02:58] <Eden2012> such a bitch though
[02:58] <Eden2012> alliance scum
[02:58] <Denis517> No way, the way the head looks is weird to me.
[02:58] <Victor the Securitron> I have olivey skin
[02:58] <Eden2012> her hair is gorgeous though
[02:58] <Eden2012> imo
[02:58] <Victor the Securitron> my ancestry is entirely northern european
[02:58] <The Ever Ruler> Believe me, there are always exceptions to any racial profiling. In fact... I'd say it was the other way around.
[02:58] <Dead Gunner> When lubed, of course, right Doug?
[02:59] <Denis517> Just the way they designed the look of the game
[02:59] <Victor the Securitron> don't u tel me bout dark skinned caucasians
[02:59] <Higgey the Scotsman> I prefer shoulder length hair and longer. Short hair is eh for me.
[02:59] <The Ever Ruler> But yeah, you always walk past a pretty one and go, "Well hot damn... that was refreshing."
[02:59] <Denis517> Dark skinned whtes = wannabe mexicans
[02:59] <Victor the Securitron> I prefer our Aryan masters
[02:59] <Denis517> whites*
[02:59] <Eden2012> lmfao
[02:59] <The Ever Ruler> God help us all when a female comes into chat
[02:59] <Denis517> Hair isn't an issue as long as it looks good for me.
[02:59] <The Ever Ruler> ... or when Stealthsniper returns from AFK...
[02:59] <Dead Gunner> I like straight hair, tbh.
[02:59] <Victor the Securitron> I gotta go. night guys
[03:00] <The Ever Ruler> Adios
[03:00] <Denis517> Vic is already here, TER
[03:00] <The Ever Ruler> :O
[03:00] <Eden2012> blonde hair blue eyes are, ironically enough, my favorites
[03:00] <Higgey the Scotsman> Night, Doug.
[03:00] <Dead Gunner> Straight hair is the best in my opinion.
[03:00] <Denis517> Not anymore, apparently. 
[03:00] <The Ever Ruler> Doug, you gonna take that?
[03:00] <Denis517> Night dougy 
[03:00] <Dead Gunner> MEN
[03:00] <Eden2012> tall blonde girl with blue eyes? dream girl
[03:00] <The Ever Ruler> What is with you smoothies and the hair? Yes it's a factor but only because it outlines the face. In all truth, a pretty face can make any hair style look good
[03:00] <Dead Gunner> WHOOOOOOOO
[03:00] <Denis517> I prefer black hair, and not too skinny. 
[03:01] <The Ever Ruler> In complete seriousness, even bald can be pulled off
[03:01] <Dead Gunner> Ever, mohawks = no no.
[03:01] <Denis517> And darker skin. 
[03:01] <The Ever Ruler> To hell with you Nate
[03:01] <Dead Gunner> That'd be a severely controlled face then.
[03:01] <Denis517> Goddamn it
[03:01] <Higgey the Scotsman> God-tier combos: brown hair and blue eyes, dark blonde and green eyes
[03:01] <Higgey the Scotsman> high tier: blonde to dark blonde and blue eyes, black hair and blue eyes
[03:01] <Higgey the Scotsman> low tier: brown hair and brown eyes
[03:01] <The Ever Ruler> Julie Farkas is an angel in gamebryo rendering
[03:01] <Denis517> Now we need mods
[03:01] <Denis517> Is Js the only guy on?
[03:01] <Higgey the Scotsman> I could be a temp mod. 'Cause I'm the mod this chat deserves AND needs right now.
[03:01] <Eden2012> >implying js cares about chat
[03:02] <The Ever Ruler> Shush you, I got temp mods once
[03:02] <The Ever Ruler> I'm just as deserving as you!
[03:02] <Richie9999> Oh hey, cod's back.
[03:02] <Higgey the Scotsman> I've had temp mods two or three times, I forget
[03:02] <Dead Gunner> Hey, what about DG?
[03:02] <Richie9999> Hey CoD.
[03:02] <Richie9999> How's tricks?
[03:02] <Dead Gunner> I've had temp mod like 4 times.
[03:02] <The Ever Ruler> Shush you too
[03:02] <Eden2012> why do we need mods now, no anons here
[03:02] <Richie9999> I've had it three times iirc.
[03:02] <The Ever Ruler> In case one of us fucks up
[03:02] <The Ever Ruler> You fuckers
[03:02] <Higgey the Scotsman> <span style="color:red;">Gunny</span>? Ya there? A temp mod may be needed if Fraze is AFK.
[03:02] <Eden2012> >implying i mess up
[03:02] <Denis517> Just messaged JS
[03:02] <Dead Gunner> Fraze is gone.
[03:02] <Eden2012> (troll) 
[03:02] <Dead Gunner> : P
[03:02] <Richie9999> Fraze ain't here.
[03:03] <Higgey the Scotsman> What if that Islam HD dude comes back
[03:03] <The Ever Ruler> Quiet pureskin, I'll have your ass erased
[03:03] <Dead Gunner> <span style="color:red;">FOWchatbot</span>
[03:03] <Richie9999> There's CoD and <span style="color:red;">Gunny</span>bot.
[03:03] <Eden2012> D:
[03:03] <The Ever Ruler> By my Eraser agents.
[03:03] <The Ever Ruler> We Erase mistakes... don't make yourself one
[03:03] <Dead Gunner> NVM
[03:03] <The Ever Ruler> Oh there we are
[03:03] <Dead Gunner> Nathan is here.
[03:03] <Richie9999> HUZZAH!
[03:03] <Dead Gunner> Nathan....
[03:03] <Richie9999> IT'S A MOD!
[03:03] <The Ever Ruler> Nathan guess what? You're god on water this evening.
[03:03] <Dead Gunner> We have something to tell you...
[03:03] <Denis517> COD is not allowed to use powers without consensus, and <span style="color:red;">gunny</span> might not be here; but that's moot now.
[03:03] <Dead Gunner> It's not gonna be fun.
[03:03] <The Ever Ruler> Only active mod
[03:03] <Denis517> Finally
[03:04] <The Old World Relics> Everybody slow down. Whats up?
[03:04] <Dead Gunner> I'll apply for Mod this weekend, guys. S'all good.
[03:04] <Denis517> I swear, is the enclave getting slower by the day?
[03:04] <Eden2012> hail the Enclave!!
[03:04] <Eden2012> *salutes president*
[03:04] <Richie9999> We didn't have a mod.
[03:04] <Denis517> Even the president isn't doing his job right. 
[03:04] <Richie9999> We were scared.
[03:04] <The Old World Relics> Hail the Enclave. *Salutes VP*
[03:04] <Richie9999> Relics.
[03:04] <Richie9999> What happened to you.
[03:04] <Richie9999> All Enclave loving.
[03:04] <Eden2012> he's always loved Enclave
[03:04] <Denis517> He was VP for months, rich
[03:04] <The Ever Ruler> Oh yeah that's right. The Enclave has a Canadian president now
[03:05] <Dead Gunner> ^
[03:05] <Richie9999> Relics, now I'm sad.
[03:05] <Dead Gunner> FoR is not pleased.
[03:05] <Eden2012> we annexed them
[03:05] <Eden2012> come at me bro
[03:05] <Denis517> Some men just want to watch the world burn.
[03:05] <The Ever Ruler> I'm actually really close to making a Canadian Enclave that integrated itself in the FoR all cover like and what not
[03:05] <Richie9999> I had such hope for you and you turn out to be an Enclave lover.
[03:05] <Richie9999> : (
[03:05] <Richie9999> Oh hey.
[03:05] <Denis517> Hey Js
[03:05] <Richie9999> It's Jspoel.
[03:05] <Jspoelstra> hey
[03:05] <Richie9999> Hey Jspoel.
[03:05] <Eden2012> >tfw when Jspoel comes
[03:05] <Richie9999> How's tricks?
[03:05] <Jspoelstra> problems?
[03:05] <Eden2012> not atm
[03:05] <Richie9999> Problems? Never.
[03:05] <The Old World Relics> I say, best of both worlds. Understanding of The Old World. Charm of a Canadian.
[03:05] <Eden2012> hullo js
[03:05] <Denis517> Nathan showed up a minute after the message was sent. 
[03:05] <The Ever Ruler> He'll betray another FoR guy just before they execute an Enclave dude and say, "What? You thought there was only one? America the Beautiful my fellow Patriot"
[03:05] <Richie9999> People panicked.
[03:05] <The Old World Relics> :P
[03:06] <Eden2012> that's epic ever
[03:06] <Richie9999> We had no mod, then Relics showed up.
[03:06] <Jspoelstra> someone needs a ban?
[03:06] <Dead Gunner> Nathan, you gonna stay?
[03:06] <The Ever Ruler> Wouldn't that just make your day Eden?
[03:06] <Denis517> Needless to say, this is all Nathans Fault
[03:06] <Eden2012> yes it would
[03:06] <Eden2012> :)
[03:06] <The Ever Ruler> A Canadian Enclave?
[03:06] <Jspoelstra> im off to bed so what s the problem
[03:06] <Dead Gunner> Nathan, do you plan on staying long?
[03:06] <Denis517> We had no mods...
[03:06] <Jspoelstra> so let me see
[03:06] <The Old World Relics> Nah J. We all good. They werew just concered if anything did came up. Im in now so we all good J.
[03:07] <Jspoelstra> ah owr has a star
[03:07] <The Ever Ruler> Yep
[03:07] <Richie9999> Yep.
[03:07] <Eden2012> yup
[03:07] <Denis517> Sorry for bothering you, Js
[03:07] <The Ever Ruler> So have a nice rest Jspoelstra
[03:07] <Richie9999> Yepperdoodlez.
[03:07] <Denis517> Sleep tight, man. 
[03:07] <Jspoelstra> thx
[03:07] <Higgey the Scotsman> Sleep well, Js.
[03:07] <The Old World Relics> Aha easy to forget I know right? ;)
[03:07] <Richie9999> Sleep well, Jspoel.
[03:07] <Jspoelstra> it s 4 o clock here
[03:07] <Richie9999> Wait.
[03:07] <Richie9999> 4?
[03:07] <Higgey the Scotsman> am
[03:07] <The Ever Ruler> o_o
[03:07] <Jspoelstra> yes am
[03:07] <Richie9999> You're in the GST time zone?
[03:07] <The Old World Relics> Aha get to bed then. 
[03:07] <Jspoelstra> im holland ya know
[03:07] <Eden2012> holy fuck
[03:07] <Eden2012> 
[03:07] <Denis517> LEUNZ
[03:07] <GarouxBloodline> Blargh
[03:07] <Eden2012> leon!
[03:07] <Jspoelstra> another mod
[03:07] <Richie9999> Huh I always figured you were in one of them scandanavian countries.
[03:08] <Higgey the Scotsman> Dadda leeunz
[03:08] <Richie9999> Hey Leonz.
[03:08] <GarouxBloodline> Ohai thar, my children
[03:08] <The Old World Relics> Eho Leon.
[03:08] <Denis517> I am your grandma, Leunz
[03:08] <Dead Gunner> Get on Papa Leunz lap.
[03:08] <Richie9999> I'm watchin' the warriors.
[03:08] <Eden2012> i fucking love eip
[03:09] <Eden2012> best mod ever
[03:09] <GarouxBloodline> Never watched the Warriors. I seem to re-call watching Red Dawn instead.
[03:09] <Richie9999> Word of advice.
[03:09] <Richie9999> Never trust an all female gang called the Lizzies.
[03:09] <GarouxBloodline> ;D
[03:09] <Eden2012> all female gang
[03:09] <Eden2012> >trusts
[03:09] <The Old World Relics> Hehe good to know.
[03:09] <GarouxBloodline> Finally got this mod to work, Eden:
[03:09] <GarouxBloodline> It's amazing. O:
[03:09] <Richie9999> Or men in facepaint and baseball uniforms weilding baseball bats.
[03:09] <Richie9999> Especially if they don't talk.
[03:09] <Eden2012> best house mod ever made
[03:09] <GarouxBloodline> Too bad I had to disable the bobblehead stand to get it to work
[03:09] <The Ever Ruler> I love that weapons wall
[03:10] <Eden2012> ... besides this one...
[03:10] <The Ever Ruler> Every Fallout should have a weapon wall like that
[03:10] <GarouxBloodline> ^
[03:10] <The Ever Ruler> A place for every gun
[03:10] <The Ever Ruler> You'll know when it's finished
[03:10] <The Ever Ruler> ... you'll know
[03:10] <The Old World Relics> Did someone break the chat pings again?
[03:10] <The Ever Ruler> Of course, they should also make every unique weapon obtainable without moral hold-backs
[03:10] <Eden2012> enclave house theme = best
[03:10] <GarouxBloodline> Only problem is, that mod actually makes my game lag at times. I have about 50 mods, and it's only this one that causes lag
[03:10] <The Ever Ruler> Like La Longue Carabine or Big Boomer
[03:10] <Eden2012> i still have a copy of ity
[03:10] <Eden2012> it*
[03:10] <The Old World Relics> Or is it I'm on my moms computer and wikia hates IE?
[03:10] <GarouxBloodline> That, too
[03:11] <GarouxBloodline> :3
[03:11] <Denis517> everyone hates IE
[03:11] <Dead Gunner> IE hates IE.
[03:11] <GarouxBloodline> Too bad New Vegas is strictly solo. That underground base would have been perfect for RP'ing purposes with other players
[03:11] <Richie9999> IE is shit.
[03:11] <The Old World Relics> For good reason.
[03:11] <Eden2012> [[File:CRONOSrelaxing.jpg]]
[03:11] <The Ever Ruler> *Ever relaxing jpg, shows head getting detonated by an Enclave Sniper bullet*
[03:11] <The Old World Relics> Aha very nice Mr. VP
[03:12] <Richie9999> Eden, that house looks bleaker and more depressing than it normally does.
[03:12] <Richie9999> Congrats.
[03:12] <Denis517> ^
[03:12] <The Ever Ruler> Dem's fightin' words
[03:12] <The Old World Relics> Ah, Ever I was actually wondering if I could bother you with a favour...
[03:12] <Richie9999> And that's not an easy thing to do.
[03:12] <Denis517> My lab is always teaming with light
[03:12] <Denis517> A lot of tesla light around. 
[03:12] <GarouxBloodline> Finally beat BBD today.
[03:12] <Denis517> Hey ever
[03:13] <Richie9999> BBD?
[03:13] <Dead Gunner> Big Black Dick
[03:13] <The Old World Relics> Or actually, if anybody who can photoshop or Gimp better than me could do a favour for me...
[03:13] <GarouxBloodline> Beyond Boulder Dome
[03:13] <Dead Gunner> Leun beat it.
[03:13] <Dead Gunner> What's up Nathan?
[03:13] <Higgey the Scotsman> I was gonna say that Gunner lol
[03:13] <The Ever Ruler> I still can't figure out GIMP
[03:13] <The Ever Ruler> Fucking color fill ALWAYS TURNS OUT GREY
[03:13] <Dead Gunner> lol, Higgey
[03:13] <Dead Gunner> (ninja) 
[03:13] <Denis517> Ruler
[03:13] <The Old World Relics> It's for my FOA entry Nate. 
[03:13] <The Ever Ruler> Mind the caps, but I literally tried to fix it for three hours
[03:13] <Denis517> That has never happened to me
[03:13] <Dead Gunner> PM me.
[03:13] <The Ever Ruler> Still have nothing
[03:14] <The Ever Ruler> Yeah well, I can't help but have it as an issue
[03:14] <Denis517> reinstall it
[03:14] <Dead Gunner> You PM'ing me your sitch, Nathan?
[03:15] <The Old World Relics> Yesh :#
[03:15] <Dead Gunner> K.
[03:15] <The Ever Ruler> Welp, I'm gonna go get my ass kicked in C&C
[03:15] <The Ever Ruler> See what happens
[03:16] <Eden2012> gawd i love mtn dew
[03:16] <Eden2012> best drink ever
[03:16] <The Ever Ruler> Stop using my name in vain pureskin
[03:16] <The Ever Ruler> But Ever... I... can't.
[03:16] <Eden2012> (troll) 
[03:16] <The Ever Ruler> o/ adios now
[03:16] <The Ever Ruler> Play nice
[03:16] <Eden2012> seeya zombie
[03:16] <The Ever Ruler> ... or I'll ghoulify you
[03:16] <The Old World Relics> o/ 
[03:18] <The Old World Relics> Negatives of this computer. No Bookmarks. The wiki is a hard place to navigate :P
[03:20] <Denis517> Posotives: Still lotsa porn
[03:20] <Dead Gunner> ^
[03:20] <Denis517> positives* 
[03:20] <Dead Gunner> Dat Cass
[03:20] <Denis517> ye
[03:23] <GarouxBloodline> Damn internet. ;__;
[03:23] <GarouxBloodline> It's decided not to like me much today.
[03:23] <Denis517> Nobody likes you much today. 
[03:23] <GarouxBloodline> <3
[03:23] <Denis517> <4
[03:23] <The Old World Relics> Yeap
[03:23] <Denis517> Nathan
[03:24] <The Old World Relics> Yes?
[03:24] <Denis517> was gud?
[03:24] <GarouxBloodline> Hmm. I need to hurry up and get my next Apprentice entry in.
[03:24] <Shatty555> Anyone played Prototype2?
[03:24] <Denis517> no
[03:24] <Shatty555> :/
[03:24] <The Old World Relics> Not much man. Yourself? And hehe you have anything done? Cause I fucking don't O.o
[03:24] <Denis517> Is this the prototype wiki?
[03:24] <Shatty555> pt?
[03:24] <GarouxBloodline> I have a bit done. I should have something officially released tomorrow.
[03:24] <Denis517> Does this look like the fucking prototype wiki!? Get out! 
[03:25] <Denis517> Jk. Welcome, shatty
[03:25] <Shatty555> xD
[03:25] <Shatty555> Ive been on this wiki years
[03:25] <GarouxBloodline> I already feel bad for Chad. :P
[03:25] <Denis517> Was shatty666 taken?
[03:25] <Shatty555> idk
[03:25] <GarouxBloodline> I have no doubts that I'll need the weekend afer my 12 hour shifts to finish up at the last second
[03:25] <The Old World Relics> What? Plan on adding 20 pages this time ;)
[03:26] <The Old World Relics> Ah I see.
[03:26] <The Old World Relics> Have you told him yet?
[03:26] <GarouxBloodline> Nah, it won't be that bad this time.
[03:26] <GarouxBloodline> I think I might only have between 5-8 pages planned this time around
[03:26] <Dead Gunner> I have 3 pages, might add more.
[03:26] <Dead Gunner> It works for its purpose.
[03:26] <Denis517> I have 0
[03:27] <The Old World Relics> I was exspecting like two :/ Yea....I'm not winning this year...
[03:27] <GarouxBloodline> I shall be back! At 10:30 at night, I realize that I have forgotten to eat all day.
[03:27] <GarouxBloodline> So - time to gorge myself at this unnatural time of night.
[03:27] <Dead Gunner> Nathan, people thought you were gonna win this year.
[03:27] <Dead Gunner> I got second in the Poll for winning.
[03:28] <Dead Gunner> Mainly because I writez da fanfiction since then.
[03:28] <Denis517>
[03:28] <Shatty555> Alien vs Super Mutant Overlord. gg SMO
[03:28] <Dead Gunner> Lol Damian
[03:29] <Dead Gunner> Speaking of fanfiction, I'm gonna actually write my final faction blog now.
[03:29] <Dead Gunner> Because chat is basically dead.
[03:29] <The Old World Relics> Them just being nice Nate. They feel sorry that I lost by 4 votes last year -.-
[03:29] <Dead Gunner> I dunno why I got second in that poll.
[03:29] <Dead Gunner> I was in the possible removal zone every week last year.
[03:29] <The Old World Relics> Cause them people like them polls.
[03:30] <Dead Gunner> Every edition, more like.
[03:30] <Dead Gunner> I guess Yes-Man did the Polls and would've won.
[03:30] <Dead Gunner> More than likely, Yessie would've won.
[03:30] <Richie9999> So there's a karate themed gang.
[03:30] <Dead Gunner> With no offense to anyone else, he was awesome.
[03:30] <Richie9999> They're all got nunchucks and things like that.
[03:31] <Richie9999> Then there's one guy packing a hockey stick.
[03:31] <The Old World Relics> If Yes-Man was in it, I know it would have been him and Frankie in the finale two.
[03:31] <The Old World Relics> I would have stood no chance.
[03:31] <Dead Gunner> Poor Doc Incognito...
[03:31] <Dead Gunner> He was the only one who tried something different.
[03:31] <Dead Gunner> He did a narrative approach and lost.
[03:31] <Dead Gunner> : (
[03:32] <Dead Gunner> Actually, fanfic can wait.
[03:32] <Dead Gunner> I gotta do that GIMP thing for ya, Nathan.
[03:32] <The Old World Relics> Yea. He is quite talented, and has an amazing voice.
[03:33] <The Old World Relics> When I heard Chad interview him I remeber like dropping my jaw and was all "OMGS THAT IS SO EPIC VOICE!"
[03:33] <Dead Gunner> ^
[03:33] <Dead Gunner> Lol YUS
[03:33] <Dead Gunner> I'm sure none of you suspected my voice...
[03:33] <Dead Gunner> The average teen voice...
[03:33] <Dead Gunner> -starts punching self-
[03:34] <Dead Gunner> Nathan, if you'd like to see my GIMP skills, look at [[File:Mutiememe.jpg|this]]
[03:34] <The Old World Relics> Hehe Frankie's and Chad were so much deeper than mine, I sounded like a 4 year old. And I usually have a deep voice!!
[03:34] <Dead Gunner> Fuck. linked wrong.
[03:34] <Dead Gunner> [[File:Mutiememe.png|Grecks]]
[03:34] <Dead Gunner> There.
[03:35] <The Old World Relics> Hehe that will work I feel. 
[03:35] <Denis517> Hey Nate
[03:35] <Denis517> They left
[03:35] <The Old World Relics> Who did?
[03:35] <Dead Gunner> I made that.
[03:35] <Dead Gunner> : P
[03:35] <Denis517> The people who cared, 
[03:36] <Dead Gunner> Oof.
[03:36] <Dead Gunner> I'm hurt.
[03:36] <The Old World Relics> I know. That's why I said those skills will work for me. I.E you will nate ;)
[03:36] <Dead Gunner> I crai everytiem.
[03:36] <The Old World Relics> Wait. I s is confounded...
[03:36] <Denis517> I need to redownload New Vegas
[03:36] <Dead Gunner> Denis.
[03:36] <Dead Gunner> [[w:c:uncyclopedia:Nobody cares|Nobody cares]]
[03:36] <Denis517> wot
[03:36] <Denis517> Fuck you
[03:36] <Dead Gunner>
[03:37] <Denis517> Sloths
[03:37] <The Old World Relics> Nate, side note. FNV2 or FLA won't work in the infoboxes :P It gives a empty return.
[03:37] <Dead Gunner> This picture is legendary, forever in my bookmarks.
[03:37] <Dead Gunner>
[03:37] <The Old World Relics> LOL that is great.
[03:37] <Dead Gunner> That picture is so great.
[03:37] <Denis517> Boone and Raul need to be switched 
[03:37] <Dead Gunner> Agreed.
[03:38] <Richie9999> So leonz.
[03:38] <Richie9999> How's tricks?
[03:38] <Dead Gunner> Leunz*
[03:38] <Richie9999> Also, if anyone wants to watch the warriors, it's on netflix.
[03:38] <Dead Gunner> Fak The Warriors.
[03:38] <Richie9999> Also, Leonz is my pronunciation of his name.
[03:38] <Higgey the Scotsman> I'm going to bed, guys. Been nice chatting as always.
[03:39] <Dead Gunner> Bye, Higgey.
[03:39] <Dead Gunner> o/ 
[03:39] <Higgey the Scotsman> o/ 
[03:39] <Richie9999> See ya higgey.
[03:39] <Richie9999> Get some sleep ya miserable Welsh bastard.
[03:39] <Stealthsniper> Hey peoples
[03:40] <Stealthsniper> <_<
[03:40] <Stealthsniper> >_>
[03:40] <Denis517> Night higgey the welshman
[03:40] <Denis517> FUCK
[03:40] <Stealthsniper> ....he....hello?
[03:40] <Stealthsniper> oh
[03:40] <Stealthsniper> someones here..
[03:40] <Stealthsniper> uh
[03:40] <Stealthsniper> <_<
[03:40] <Stealthsniper> >_>
[03:40] <The Old World Relics> Nate: PMs :3
[03:40] <The Old World Relics> Eho Stealthsniper, hows it going?
[03:41] <Stealthsniper> Its going alright just had an awesome dinner.
[03:41] <Richie9999> Shh.
[03:41] <The Old World Relics> Nice. Of what?
[03:41] <Richie9999> If we don't say anything Stealth hides something under chat or in chat.
[03:41] <Richie9999> Then I take it.
[03:41] <The Old World Relics> (:|) 
[03:41] <Stealthsniper> I had some steak and some mashed potatoes :D
[03:42] <Richie9999> I've gotten thousands of caps, food and other neat loot this way.
[03:42] <Stealthsniper> *hides bomb under chat*
[03:42] <Stealthsniper> There you are richie!
[03:42] <Stealthsniper> enjoy!
[03:42] <Richie9999> *defuses bomb*
[03:42] <Stealthsniper> D:
[03:42] <Stealthsniper> ._.
[03:42] <Richie9999> Ya dun goofed.
[03:43] <The Old World Relics> Nate. I just died a little. See Paladin just posted all his stuff?
[03:43] <Dead Gunner> Huh.
[03:43] <Richie9999> Are you intimidated, Relics?
[03:43] <Dead Gunner> [[User blog:Paladin117]]
[03:43] <Stealthsniper> *hides leftovers in chat* <_< betteh not takes those richie or i'll eat you.
[03:43] <The Old World Relics> Maybe Richie >_>
[03:43] <Richie9999> *shoots Stealth and takes the left overs*
[03:43] <Richie9999> Mmmmm.
[03:43] <Stealthsniper> Oh! riiiiichhiieee!
[03:43] <Richie9999> Steak and mashed potatoes.
[03:43] <Stealthsniper> Why'd you do that :C
[03:43] <Richie9999> My dad's are better but these'll have to do.
[03:44] <Stealthsniper> :o
[03:44] <Stealthsniper> >:C
[03:44] <Richie9999> Cause I ain't had mashed potatoes in ages.
[03:44] <Richie9999> I had steak last week.
[03:44] <Richie9999> Grilled on a charcoal grill.
[03:44] <Richie9999> With mesquite wood chips.
[03:44] <Dead Gunner> Jeebus Criste.
[03:44] <Dead Gunner> Paladin....
[03:44] <The Old World Relics> The's everywhere...
[03:45] <Stealthsniper> Richie why do you hate me :C i've died like fives thanks to you.
[03:45] <Stealthsniper> times*
[03:45] <Richie9999> You keep hiding stuff in and around club chat.
[03:46] <Richie9999> As the bouncer I don't appreciate that.
[03:46] <Dead Gunner> Paladin knows this is in LA, right?
[03:46] <Dead Gunner> I thought... the game was gonna be in La.
[03:46] <Dead Gunner> *LA
[03:47] <The Old World Relics> It's FNV2 technecally, yet it was stated both the Mojave and LA would be main points.
[03:47] <The Old World Relics> Or so was my understanding.
[03:47] <Dead Gunner> Okay, good.
[03:47] <Dead Gunner> I read in Chad's doc it was in LA.
[03:48] <The Old World Relics> It also said NV2 so you infer Mojave. I'm sure it's fine either way.
[03:51] <Dead Gunner> True dat.
[03:51] <The Old World Relics> It's due March 23rd 23:59 right?
[03:52] <Dead Gunner> Friday, yes.
[03:52] <Dead Gunner> KinkyKiwi.
[03:52] <Dead Gunner> o/ 
[03:52] <The Old World Relics> The 23rd is Saturday isn't it?
[03:53] <Dead Gunner> : /
[03:53] <Dead Gunner> Yeah
[03:53] <Dead Gunner> Ooops
[03:53] <The Old World Relics> I wonder if Chad knows that...He's been acting like Friday do. Maybe I'm wrong.
[03:54] <Dead Gunner> Uh... IDK
[03:55] <The Old World Relics> (shrug) I guess it's just a work till he says stop.
[03:56] <Richie9999> Well Relics.
[03:56] <Richie9999> It's midnight GMT.
[03:56] <Richie9999> So if it's saturday, it's friday night GMT.
[03:56] <PerfectConduit> Nthan
[03:56] <PerfectConduit> *Nthan
[03:56] <PerfectConduit> *Nathan
[03:56] <PerfectConduit> Dammit
[03:56] <The Old World Relics> True. But that's only like 8pm EST then Richie. 
[03:56] <Richie9999> On Friday.
[03:57] <Richie9999> If it's due the 23rd, at midnight Friday it'll become the 23rd.
[03:57] <PerfectConduit> I'm heading to bed, Nathan, I just want you to know I hate you least of all <3
[03:57] <Richie9999> Midnight friday GMT.
[03:57] <Denis517>
[03:57] <Richie9999> So 7 PM friday 22nd EST.
[03:57] <The Old World Relics> On Saturday, if it is the 23rd, 23:59 GMT, it would be Saturday, 8pm EST.
[03:57] <Richie9999> Saturday is the 23rd.
[03:58] <Richie9999> If it's due the 23rd at midnight it's due Friday night.
[03:58] <The Old World Relics> Yes so 23:59 GMT on the 23rd (Saturday) = about 8pm EST Still the Saturday.
[03:58] <Richie9999> When is it due, Relics?
[03:58] <Denis517> Remember ladies: A swallow a day keeps the dipshits away
[03:59] <The Old World Relics> March 23rd, 23:59.
[03:59] <The Old World Relics> GMT
[03:59] <Richie9999> Ah then that is Saturday.
[03:59] <Richie9999> I thought it was Midnight friday GMT.
[04:00] <The Old World Relics> Ah, kk. all good.
[04:01] <Richie9999> Somone give me a decent, mindless action movie I can watch without paying attention to it.
[04:01] <Richie9999> That'll work well in the background.
[04:01] <The Old World Relics> The Expendables?
[04:02] <Richie9999> Seen 'em both.
[04:02] <Richie9999> Don't care to re watch 'em
[04:02] <The Old World Relics> Hmm, Red?
[04:02] <Richie9999> Although that is the vein I'm looking for.
[04:02] <Richie9999> If it's postapocalyptic, it's even better.
[04:02] <Dead Gunner> Mad Max.
[04:03] <Dead Gunner> What are you doing, Richie?
[04:03] <Richie9999> Seen 'em all.
[04:03] <Richie9999> Gotta do some homework.
[04:03] <Richie9999> Wanna have some background noise.
[04:03] <Dead Gunner> I can give you some homework music then
[04:03] <Dead Gunner> One moment
[04:03] <Dead Gunner>
[04:03] <Dead Gunner> I studied with that on
[04:03] <Dead Gunner> I got a lot done
[04:04] <Stealthsniper> *hides caps and loot in chat* okay richie i know what your thinking but before you shoot me i'll give you a percentage of what i got alright?
[04:04] <Richie9999> But see here's the thing.
[04:04] <Richie9999> What's to stop me from killing you and taking it all? *holds a gun on Stealth*
[04:04] <Stealthsniper> *pulls how two revolvers* these *shoots richie*
[04:05] <Stealthsniper> out*
[04:05] <Richie9999> : \
[04:05] <Richie9999> You do realize I'm in Elite Riot gear, right?
[04:05] <Stealthsniper> !
[04:05] <Richie9999> And two shots from any revolver ain't gonna kill me right?
[04:05] <Stealthsniper> *hides under tinfoil*
[04:05] <Richie9999> *shoots Stealth multiple times*
[04:05] <Richie9999> Ya dun goofed.
[04:05] <The Old World Relics> And this is a Beth game. Everyone is essential.
[04:06] <Richie9999> Not really.
[04:06] <Richie9999> I've been marked aas essential.
[04:06] <Dead Gunner> -shoots everyone in the mouth except for CoD4, Denis, <span style="color:red;">FOWChatbot</span>, Leon, Richie, Shatty, Stealth and Nathan-
[04:06] <The Old World Relics> Shh.. That joke worked better in my head >_>
[04:06] <Dead Gunner> -shoots self-
[04:06] <Denis517> YAY!
[04:06] <Denis517> He's finally dead!
[04:07] <Dead Gunner> A blonde points a gun to her head, if you try to convince her not to do it, she'll just reply "Don't worry, you're next."
[04:07] <The Old World Relics> O.o
[04:07] <Denis517> Bullet wouldn't have even touched me, anuwau. 
[04:07] <Denis517> Nathan
[04:07] <Dead Gunner> -shoots Damian the Fool in the face-
[04:07] <Dead Gunner> For being a fool.
[04:07] <Dead Gunner> Yous a fool.
[04:07] <Denis517> *bounces off armor* 
[04:07] <Denis517> Lel
[04:07] <Dead Gunner> >face armor
[04:07] <The Old World Relics> Yes Denis?
[04:08] <Denis517> What do you do if a blond throws a pin at ypu?
[04:08] <Dead Gunner> -takes off all of Damian's clothing and shoots him in the face-
[04:08] <Denis517> you*
[04:08] <Denis517> *bounces off armor* 
[04:08] <Dead Gunner> Ye
[04:08] <Denis517> I don't use physical armor, dumbass. 
[04:08] <The Old World Relics> Chuckle?
[04:08] <Dead Gunner> -takes off all of Damian's armor, and shoots him in the face-
[04:08] <Denis517> No, you run; she probably has a grenade in her mouth
[04:08] <Denis517> *bounces off armor* 
[04:09] <Denis517> Enchantment? 
[04:09] <The Old World Relics> ..But...But I like Blonds...
[04:09] <Denis517> You can't touch my protections. 
[04:09] <Dead Gunner> -shoves a tactical nuke up Damian's ass and detonates-
[04:09] <Dead Gunner> Goddamn, that took forever to lug here...
[04:09] <Denis517> Funny
[04:09] <Shatty555> Anybody getting Gears of War: Judgement?
[04:10] <Dead Gunner> NOOOOOOOOO
[04:10] <Dead Gunner> 
[04:10] <Denis517> You're assuming you could get within 2 feet of me with a nuke
[04:10] <Dead Gunner> Don't even mention that piece of shit
[04:10] <The Old World Relics> PS3 gamer myself.
[04:10] <Dead Gunner> GoW3 is way better.
[04:10] <Shatty555> Lol
[04:10] <Dead Gunner> GoW2 is way better.
[04:10] <Shatty555> Its not even out yet
[04:11] <Dead Gunner> They're turning every fucking game into CoD nowadays.
[04:11] <Dead Gunner> Don't get Judgment unless you like CoD'd pieces of shit, dude.
[04:11] <Stealthsniper> batman modern warfare 7 
[04:11] <Shatty555> Call of Duty should never be a FPS standard :/
[04:11] <Dead Gunner> Assassins Creed has been CoD'd even.
[04:11] <Dead Gunner> Annual releases.
[04:12] <Dead Gunner> One of my favorite series flushed down the drain.
[04:12] <Dead Gunner> I can't wait for Destiny by Bungie.
[04:12] <Shatty555> Although it's the most known FPS, people see a gun in 1st person and think "I'm playing CoD"
[04:12] <Dead Gunner> That game will be EPIC.
[04:12] <Shatty555> Bungie are the best
[04:12] <Dead Gunner> Hell yeah.
[04:12] <Dead Gunner> Destiny is gonna be great, I feel it.
[04:12] <Shatty555> I hate how they sold Halo :'(
[04:13] <Dead Gunner> They didn't sell it.
[04:13] <Dead Gunner> Microsoft claimed it.
[04:13] <Shatty555> 343 are breaking it
[04:13] <Dead Gunner> Bungie wanted to work on other shit anyway.
[04:13] <Dead Gunner> Halo has been CoD'd
[04:13] <Dead Gunner> I loved Halo 2, 3 and Reach
[04:13] <Shatty555> Lol yes
[04:13] <Dead Gunner> Even CE a bit
[04:13] <Stealthsniper> What about odst D:
[04:13] <Dead Gunner> But Halo 4 was just a disappointment
[04:13] <Dead Gunner> Halo 3 = Halo 3 ODST
[04:13] <Shatty555> I still play H3
[04:13] <Dead Gunner> ODST is a DLC basically
[04:13] <Dead Gunner> I met one of my former best friends on Halo 3
[04:14] <Shatty555> Like saying NV is a Fallout 3 DLC
[04:14] <Dead Gunner> Overnight, I met him getting Mythic achievements
[04:14] <Shatty555> lol
[04:14] <Stealthsniper> I loved odst dat open world :D
[04:14] <Dead Gunner> An ODST is my avatar FFS
[04:14] <Dead Gunner> I love ODST's.
[04:14] <Stealthsniper> Helljumpers ftw!
[04:15] <Dead Gunner> Anywho, my buddy Damon and I eventually got all the Vidmasters in Halo and we were best friends over LIVE.
[04:15] <Shatty555> I think people disliked it because no Multiplayer, but was a great Campaign/Firefights
[04:15] <Dead Gunner> It was, Firefight was a great invention.
[04:15] <Shatty555> Dat Vidmaster
[04:15] <Stealthsniper> ^
[04:15] <Shatty555> Endurance
[04:15] <Dead Gunner> We got Recon together, man.
[04:15] <Dead Gunner> We were bros.
[04:16] <Dead Gunner> He died of colon cancer about a month after Reach released, and as a little honorable mention, I wear Recon in his name.
[04:16] <Dead Gunner> Go ahead, I know it's silly.
[04:16] <Shatty555> I got the achievment about 3 times, cos friends wanted to do it :/
[04:16] <Shatty555> Really?
[04:16] <Stealthsniper> i remember when i got recon i was so freaking happy
[04:16] <Dead Gunner> We got all the Vidmasters together, but oddly enough, I got Recon on the V-Day Tourney.
[04:16] <Shatty555> Wow that's ashame dude, sorry :(
[04:16] <Dead Gunner> I had it before ODST, me and my buddy Nick at the time beat a team of Bungie on 7/7
[04:17] <Dead Gunner> Nah, it's all good.
[04:18] <Stealthsniper> I haven't played halo in forever whats v-day?
[04:18] <Dead Gunner> I'll be damned though, this song always makes me remember him -
[04:18] <Stealthsniper> Oh v-day
[04:18] <Stealthsniper> derp
[04:18] <Stealthsniper> nvm
[04:18] <Dead Gunner> V-Day is 7/7/07
[04:18] <Dead Gunner> That's when I got Recon.
[04:18] <Stealthsniper> Ah
[04:18] <Stealthsniper> okay
[04:19] <Shatty555> Never forget is my favourite halo piece
[04:19] <Shatty555> I watch Halo:Legends just for the epic choice in Halo songs :P
[04:19] <Dead Gunner> I remember sitting in the menu after he died and just listening to this over and over again.
[04:19] <Stealthsniper> i always used scout, security, and recon parts in halo3
[04:19] <Dead Gunner> I wore the Recon helmet, robot arm chest piece, and Security shoulders.
[04:19] <Dead Gunner> The one with the knife.
[04:19] <The Old World Relics> Well I'm tired. 
[04:20] <Dead Gunner> Bye, Nathan.
[04:20] <Dead Gunner> o/ 
[04:20] <Stealthsniper> Robot arm?
[04:20] <Shatty555> I always wore Mk6 :P
[04:20] <Stealthsniper> thats reach
[04:20] <Dead Gunner> The robot arm chestpiece.
[04:20] <Stealthsniper> <_>
[04:20] <Stealthsniper> reach has a robot arm
[04:20] <Shatty555> security?
[04:20] <Dead Gunner> Oh, well in Halo 3, I wore Recon helmet + shoulders, and the katana chestpiece.
[04:20] <The Old World Relics> Nate, if you finsh those images TP them Otherwise peice all! If anything happens Leon should be somewhat around >->
[04:20] <Dead Gunner> Sure, Nathan.
[04:20] <The Old World Relics> o/ 
[04:20] <Dead Gunner> Can do.
[04:20] <Dead Gunner> Peace out.
[04:21] <Shatty555> I like playing as elite nom nom dinosaur
[04:21] <Richie9999> I'm gonna watch a fish called Wanda.
[04:21] <Dead Gunner> Fairly OddParents?
[04:21] <Stealthsniper> security.
[04:21] <Shatty555> Play on an MLG 50 as an Elite and your team quit lulz
[04:21] <Richie9999> No. It's a movie starring John cleese among others.
[04:22] <Dead Gunner> Goddamnit, on the song Never Forget, I always tear up. This OST is so beautiful.
[04:22] <Shatty555> YEah
[04:22] <Shatty555> It is
[04:22] <Richie9999> It also has michael palin in it.
[04:22] <Richie9999> Two of the pythons together!
[04:26] <Stealthsniper> *throws caps at richie from tinfoil fort*
[04:26] <Richie9999> *takes caps*
[04:26] <Stealthsniper> <_< now stay away
[04:26] <Stealthsniper> *hides*
[04:29] <Dead Gunner> I'm off, fellas
[04:29] <Dead Gunner> o/ 
[04:29] <Dead Gunner> Good night.
[04:36] <Ant2242> I miss all the fun?
[04:36] <Ant2242> night
[04:36] <Ant2242> o/ 
[04:39] <Aleksandr the Great> Sup peeps
[04:39] <Aleksandr the Great> ...that apparently aren't there at the moment :/
[04:40] <Aleksandr the Great> Well, take care then
[04:41] <Richie9999> FOOL!
[04:41] <Richie9999> You cannot hide from me.
[04:49] <Inferuz> can it be that i found a new random encounter¿
[04:50] <Richie9999> Not likely.
[04:50] <Shatty555> ^
[04:50] <Richie9999> Describe it to me.
[04:50] <Shatty555> inb4gamecrashes
[04:50] <Richie9999> Inferuz.
[04:50] <Richie9999> Explain the encounter to me.
[04:51] <Shatty555> inb4radroachspawns
[04:53] <Inferuz> 3 radscorps and 2 wastelanders in fighting
[04:54] <Inferuz> if you manage to save them they go near a fire and stay there
[04:54] <Richie9999> Nothing new.
[04:54] <Inferuz> they dont talk to you and there is a locked refrigerator whit whater and pre war food
[04:54] <Inferuz> they told you to get the fuck out or something and dont do anything if you take the stuff
[04:55] <Inferuz> it was near one of the colapsed bridges
[04:57] <Inferuz> Thrash till death
[04:57] <Richie9999> Doesn't sound new.
[05:19] <Stealthsniper> <_<
[05:19] <Stealthsniper> >_>
[05:20] <Stealthsniper> *hides bacon mashed potatoes and a ton of caps in chat*
[05:20] <Stealthsniper> *puts note saying that she will kill richie if she takes any of those items*
[05:21] <GarouxBloodline> Hey, Nate. When you get back, I sent you a return PM.
[05:21] <Stealthsniper> he*
[05:21] <Stealthsniper> -_-
[05:21] <Stealthsniper> <--is tired
[05:29] <Stealthsniper> i'm out bai peoples who are awake
[06:13] <Richie9999> Huh.
[06:13] <Richie9999> It would seem I'm the odd man out.
[07:36] <BiasedGuy123> I have a question about the ending of Dead Money.
[07:36] <KnowledgeProspector> what's up
[07:37] <BiasedGuy123> After I beat it, there's an equipment storage container in it. Is that a permanent container, like the Lucky 38s containers?
[07:37] <KnowledgeProspector> container in the.... bunker, right?
[07:37] <BiasedGuy123> Yesh.
[07:38] <KnowledgeProspector> you planning on using it as storage?
[07:38] <BiasedGuy123> Sorry for not being specific.
[07:38] <KnowledgeProspector> no probs
[07:38] <BiasedGuy123> For now, I was.
[07:38] <BiasedGuy123> Too many gold bars on me.
[07:38] <KnowledgeProspector> ohhh
[07:39] <KnowledgeProspector> well.... i only stored all my crap in there
[07:39] <BiasedGuy123> Did it ever dissapear?
[07:39] <KnowledgeProspector> and took it once i finished DM
[07:39] <BiasedGuy123> oh.
[07:39] <KnowledgeProspector> i don't think it disappears though.
[07:39] <KnowledgeProspector> to be specific, is it the footlocker?
[07:39] <BiasedGuy123> AH, yup. Nothing simple reading wouldn't solve. Yes, it is.
[07:39] <KnowledgeProspector> yeah, that's the one i used.
[07:39] <BiasedGuy123> "■It appears that storage in the Bunker does not reset, thus making the bunker an ideal location for player living, with ample storage, a reloading bench, a workbench, quick access via fast travel, and unlimited access to Sierra Madre Chips and the Vending machine. There is, however, no water, if playing in hardcore. 
[07:39] <BiasedGuy123> "
[07:40] <KnowledgeProspector> yep
[07:40] <KnowledgeProspector> i believe i used it as temp when i was transfering all of my stuff to novac
[07:40] <KnowledgeProspector> nothing vanished in that period of.... 1 in-game day
[07:40] <BiasedGuy123> Lol.
[07:41] <BiasedGuy123> I like bunkers, personally.
[07:41] <BiasedGuy123> A lot of people hated Dead Money, but I loved it.
[07:41] <KnowledgeProspector> i loved it, too.
[07:41] <KnowledgeProspector> it was a fun experience
[07:42] <KnowledgeProspector> and a bit challenging
[07:42] <BiasedGuy123> It was really challenging for me.
[07:42] <BiasedGuy123> I don't expect to be believed, but I got there on Hard Mode/Hardcore at level 10.
[07:43] <KnowledgeProspector> wow. just level 10?
[07:43] <KnowledgeProspector> brave.
[07:43] <BiasedGuy123> More like stupid, honestly.
[07:43] <KnowledgeProspector> brave and stupid. :P
[07:43] <BiasedGuy123> Saves used before dead money: 98
[07:43] <BiasedGuy123> After dead money: 382
[07:44] <BiasedGuy123> Thank god I used the Skilled perk glitch, or else I'd have had a really bad time.
[07:44] <KnowledgeProspector> which one is that?
[07:45] <BiasedGuy123> You get the perk Skilled at the start, and when you leave Goodsprings, respec your character. Instead of 5 per skil, you get 10, but the negative effect doesn't stack.
[07:45] <BiasedGuy123> *Skill
[07:46] <KnowledgeProspector> ah
[07:46] <KnowledgeProspector> so it's more of an exploit...
[07:46] <BiasedGuy123> Well, Yeah. Sleep deprivation mistake.
[07:46] <BiasedGuy123> [Intelligence -1]
[07:47] <KnowledgeProspector> hahaha.
[07:47] <BiasedGuy123> And That Holorifle... Oh, that Holorifle.
[07:47] <KnowledgeProspector> i keep hearing good things about it.
[07:47] <KnowledgeProspector> was a melee man myself so i didn't use it much
[07:47] <BiasedGuy123> It's increadible.
[07:48] <BiasedGuy123> I had only a 20 in Energy Weapons, and it still saved my ss more than I'd like to count.
[07:48] <BiasedGuy123> ass*
[07:48] <BiasedGuy123> I was thinking of going melee, but that's not smart on Hard/Hardcore.
[07:48] <KnowledgeProspector> yeah.
[07:48] <BiasedGuy123> I'm not that good yet.
[07:48] <KnowledgeProspector> especially hardcore
[07:49] <BiasedGuy123> Hardcore is addictive. You play it, and it grows on you.
[07:49] <KnowledgeProspector> i was just afraid of the necessities you gotta meet
[07:49] <BiasedGuy123> The other day, I was playing a Casual profile, and I freaked out because I didn't have any water in my inventory.
[07:49] <KnowledgeProspector> hahaha
[07:49] <BiasedGuy123> Well, tbh, it's nowhere near as bad as it sounds.
[07:50] <BiasedGuy123> I can easily clear up some questions for you, if you want.
[07:50] <KnowledgeProspector> hmm.. alright
[07:50] <KnowledgeProspector> how often do you need H2O?
[07:51] <KnowledgeProspector> i was afraid like, every three-four ingame hours or something.
[07:51] <BiasedGuy123> You can travel from... I'd say the I88 to goodsprings, and only start needing it.
[07:51] <KnowledgeProspector> ah
[07:51] <KnowledgeProspector> and sleep? how often do you need to sleep...
[07:52] <BiasedGuy123> A lot less than the water.
[07:52] <BiasedGuy123> Hold on, my buddy sent me the details. He did the math.
[07:52] <KnowledgeProspector> :o
[07:53] <BiasedGuy123> "H2O Increased around 1 point every 10 seconds, Food every 20 to 25 secs, and sleep 1 point every 50 seconds. Negative effects occur past 200."
[07:54] <KnowledgeProspector> ah...
[07:54] <KnowledgeProspector> now i just gotta do the math...
[07:54] <BiasedGuy123> Can't help you there. I suck as math just as much as I'm skilled in Linguistics.
[07:54] <BiasedGuy123> And I forgot fractions.
[07:55] <KnowledgeProspector> hahaha. 
[07:55] <KnowledgeProspector> well, i can kind of see it.
[07:55] <BiasedGuy123> Any other questions?
[07:55] <KnowledgeProspector> hmmm.... fast-traveling affects your meters, correct?
[07:55] <BiasedGuy123> Yup
[07:56] <KnowledgeProspector> and can you eat while fighting?
[07:56] <KnowledgeProspector> like, in the middle of a fight.
[07:56] <BiasedGuy123> Yup. But the effects aren't instant.
[07:56] <KnowledgeProspector> ah.
[07:56] <KnowledgeProspector> only stimpaks are, right?
[07:56] <BiasedGuy123> But there's nothing more overpowering than just sitting there as you regen more health than taken.
[07:56] <BiasedGuy123> Nope. Nothing is.
[07:56] <KnowledgeProspector> oh.
[07:56] <BiasedGuy123> Either fight tactically, or stack healing items.
[07:57] <KnowledgeProspector> yeah. i do that aaaaaaall the time
[07:57] <BiasedGuy123> THen you won't have a problem.
[07:57] <KnowledgeProspector> especially since my char was food-reliant
[07:57] <KnowledgeProspector> hmm...
[07:57] <KnowledgeProspector> any differences on combat? take more damage, etc.?
[07:57] <BiasedGuy123> Nope.
[07:57] <BiasedGuy123> Differences are all outside combat.
[07:58] <BiasedGuy123> oh!
[07:58] <KnowledgeProspector> ah, alright.
[07:58] <BiasedGuy123> Your comapnions can die.
[07:58] <BiasedGuy123> Overlooked it, b/c I usually travel alone.
[07:58] <BiasedGuy123> companions*
[07:59] <KnowledgeProspector> ah, that's right...
[07:59] <KnowledgeProspector> i nearly forgot about that.
[07:59] <BiasedGuy123> Best way to overlook that, if you MUST travel with someone, is give them your absolute best gear. You take the 2nd best. Have them on passive, and get a sneak attack critical in or a grenade.
[08:00] <KnowledgeProspector> right.
[08:00] <KnowledgeProspector> ugh. as a melee user, i ALWAYS use them as meatshields.
[08:00] <BiasedGuy123> You might need to change tactics.
[08:00] <KnowledgeProspector> well, raul... it looks like you're gonna have to sit this one out
[08:01] <KnowledgeProspector> yeah. that, or just be alone.
[08:01] <BiasedGuy123> Sometimes, melee is preferred still. Ammo has weight.
[08:01] <KnowledgeProspector> oh, that's right.
[08:01] <BiasedGuy123> The best way to counteract that is to break down ammo for guns you aren't using, or sel them. I prefer to break ammo down.
[08:02] <BiasedGuy123> I.e, only got a hunting rifle and a 10mm? Break up al that 5.56mm.
[08:02] <BiasedGuy123> all*
[08:02] <KnowledgeProspector> yeah
[08:02] <KnowledgeProspector> and since i'm melee, i carry the least fire-arms.
[08:02] <BiasedGuy123> Yup.
[08:02] <KnowledgeProspector> just the ones that'll benefit me range-wise
[08:02] <KnowledgeProspector> like paciencia. god bless that gun
[08:03] <BiasedGuy123> You'll want to have a bit of doctors bags, though.
[08:03] <BiasedGuy123> Don't got it yet.
[08:03] <BiasedGuy123> :(
[08:03] <KnowledgeProspector> it's true to its name D: but it's worth it
[08:03] <KnowledgeProspector> doctor's bags... for what?
[08:03] <BiasedGuy123> Stimpacks no longer heal limbs. Only doctors or doctors bags.
[08:04] <KnowledgeProspector> oh, that's right... i remember reading that as a tooltip.
[08:04] <KnowledgeProspector> but i long forgot. :/
[08:04] <KnowledgeProspector> i definitely need that one perk
[08:04] <KnowledgeProspector> i'll*
[08:05] <BiasedGuy123> Here. Found this on the wiki:
[08:05] <BiasedGuy123> In [Hardcore] mode, stimpaks and other healing items heal over time instead of all at once, RadAway removes radiation over time in a similar manner, ammunition has weight, and the Courier must stay hydrated, eat periodically, and have a regular sleep cycle. Limbs can only be restored by a doctor's bag, hydra, weapon binding ritual, healing poultice, auto-doc, or by visiting an actual doctor. Sleeping does not heal health points or crippled limbs, unless it is in an owned bed. In addition, recruited companions can die permanently
[08:06] <BiasedGuy123> Looks WAY worse than it is.
[08:06] <KnowledgeProspector> urgh. my character's an insomniac. like me.
[08:06] <KnowledgeProspector> it'll be a doozy... but i'm willing to try it on my next playthrough
[08:06] <BiasedGuy123> There's an alchholic drink called...uhh...
[08:07] <BiasedGuy123> Atomic Coctail!
[08:07] <BiasedGuy123> Lowers your sleep gauge by over 200 points.
[08:07] <KnowledgeProspector> wow.
[08:07] <KnowledgeProspector> i recall getting that cocktail maaaaany times too
[08:07] <KnowledgeProspector> there were a bunch in the novac motel.
[08:07] <KnowledgeProspector> mmmm... think that should work
[08:07] <BiasedGuy123> Well, then, your insomniac needs remain fufilled.
[08:08] <BiasedGuy123> Multiple bars sell it, too.
[08:08] <BiasedGuy123> Oh, and you'll need to procure the following items as soon as possible:
[08:08] <BiasedGuy123> Surgical Tubing (1 or two, not sure)
[08:08] <BiasedGuy123> Glass pitcures (2)
[08:09] <BiasedGuy123> That, with 5 dirty water at a campfire makes Pure water.
[08:09] <KnowledgeProspector> oh, right. that
[08:09] <KnowledgeProspector> i forgot what it was called exactly
[08:09] <KnowledgeProspector> but it helps you make lots of pure water
[08:09] <BiasedGuy123> Mass Purified Water?
[08:10] <BiasedGuy123> Oh, and get your survival to at LEAST 45, right off the bat. Those that say boost your speech have never played Hardcore.
[08:10] <KnowledgeProspector> that's the one
[08:11] <KnowledgeProspector> lol.
[08:11] <BiasedGuy123> Survival?
[08:11] <KnowledgeProspector> i aaaalways use survival.
[08:11] <KnowledgeProspector> hence, why my character relies on food only.
[08:11] <BiasedGuy123> You're one step ahead, then.
[08:11] <BiasedGuy123> Good on ya.
[08:11] <KnowledgeProspector> gracias. :)
[08:11] <KnowledgeProspector> i try to make him like a frontier man
[08:11] <KnowledgeProspector> sort of.
[08:11] <BiasedGuy123> lol, Austrailian countered with Spanish.
[08:11] <KnowledgeProspector> haha.
[08:11] <BiasedGuy123> I play as... well, me.
[08:12] <KnowledgeProspector> australian...
[08:12] <KnowledgeProspector> you're from...?
[08:12] <BiasedGuy123> Pretty strong and intimidating, but just a big 'ol gentle ball of fluff at heart.
[08:12] <BiasedGuy123> Texas.
[08:12] <KnowledgeProspector> ah.
[08:12] <KnowledgeProspector> and yeah, that reminds me of my character.
[08:12] <BiasedGuy123> I just use Austrailian slang to throw off people.
[08:12] <BiasedGuy123> I'm actually Italian. xD
[08:13] <KnowledgeProspector> haha. that's an awesome mix of... cultures
[08:13] <KnowledgeProspector> i'm a filipino who knows some spanish
[08:13] <BiasedGuy123> Openmindedness is the only way to use the mind, ya know?
[08:13] <KnowledgeProspector> definitely.
[08:14] <KnowledgeProspector> anyway....
[08:14] <KnowledgeProspector> my character likes to bruise more than be diplomatic.
[08:14] <KnowledgeProspector> it's hard sometimes, but that's what i've come down to
[08:14] <KnowledgeProspector> you don't get the peaceful solution, usually.
[08:15] <BiasedGuy123> I'm kinda the opposite. I use a combination of physical intimidation and intelligence to do whats best for others, even if I gotta give 'em a beating or a little piss in their pants.
[08:15] <KnowledgeProspector> yeah... that's an awesome combo too.
[08:15] <KnowledgeProspector> was like my past builds
[08:15] <KnowledgeProspector> but i'm never the diplomatic type
[08:16] <KnowledgeProspector> ah, too much lonesome road...
[08:16] <KnowledgeProspector> do you have that?
[08:16] <BiasedGuy123> Our characters seem like they would go well together. It's as I say, "If you want peace, get ready for war.."
[08:16] <BiasedGuy123> Yes.
[08:16] <BiasedGuy123> Don't spoil it, though.
[08:16] <BiasedGuy123> I'm saving it for last.
[08:16] <KnowledgeProspector> yeah. that's what i did. :P
[08:16] <KnowledgeProspector> sadly, that save is loooooooooong gone
[08:16] <BiasedGuy123> Is it worth the wait?
[08:16] <KnowledgeProspector> very much.
[08:17] <KnowledgeProspector> but you'll somewhat regret it. especially since you're in hardcore mode
[08:17] <BiasedGuy123> I was told that Ulysses is a lot like me and how I make my character. Is that true?
[08:17] <KnowledgeProspector> i... yeah, it's true
[08:18] <BiasedGuy123> So he's as smart as he is intimidating...
[08:18] <KnowledgeProspector> that's how he'll be, once you fight 'em
[08:18] <KnowledgeProspector> but you have a better chance, though. as for me, well...
[08:18] <BiasedGuy123> I heard only 2 things about him.
[08:18] <KnowledgeProspector> him, along with that DLC, is the most well-written.
[08:18] <KnowledgeProspector> well......
[08:19] <KnowledgeProspector> nah, actually, it's just like dead money
[08:19] <BiasedGuy123> My friend said he's the new Frank Horrigan, and my brother said, when I asked the best weapon against him, your words.
[08:19] <KnowledgeProspector> your brother's right
[08:19] <BiasedGuy123> I still don't get it. I'll find out.
[08:19] <KnowledgeProspector> i haven't fought frank horrigan at all.
[08:19] <KnowledgeProspector> so.. i have no clue
[08:19] <BiasedGuy123> OH GOD.
[08:19] <KnowledgeProspector> i've only fought the master. :/
[08:19] <BiasedGuy123> [[Frank Horrigan|Frank_Horrigan]]
[08:19] <KnowledgeProspector> oh, yeah. i've heard a loooot about him
[08:20] <BiasedGuy123> Read and freak at his stats.
[08:20] <KnowledgeProspector> ok, i haven't read that
[08:20] <KnowledgeProspector> o_o
[08:20] <BiasedGuy123> See his stats yet?
[08:20] <KnowledgeProspector> and i thought i had a shit time with the master...
[08:21] <BiasedGuy123> That... DEMON, is what keeps me from thinking I can beat Fallout 2.
[08:21] <KnowledgeProspector> hahahaha
[08:21] <BiasedGuy123> Frank Horrigan: The ultimate product of Enclave research.
[08:21] <KnowledgeProspector> the new fallouts have nothing on him
[08:21] <KnowledgeProspector> NOTHING
[08:21] <BiasedGuy123> Not
[08:21] <BiasedGuy123> a
[08:21] <BiasedGuy123> damn
[08:21] <BiasedGuy123> thing.
[08:21] <KnowledgeProspector> well, i haven't fought lanius yet... but
[08:21] <KnowledgeProspector> this guy is just a straight up END-GAME BOSS
[08:21] <BiasedGuy123> I wanna melee fight him so bad.
[08:22] <KnowledgeProspector> i mean, you can talk the master out of fighting him. 
[08:22] <BiasedGuy123> Jean Baptiste-Cutting has an Energy Weapons skill of 117.
[08:22] <KnowledgeProspector> he's the only one with that, isn't he...
[08:23] <BiasedGuy123> Yup.
[08:23] <KnowledgeProspector> and i kind of miss the old-school skill point cap.
[08:23] <KnowledgeProspector> if i recall correctly you can go above 150. or less.
[08:23] <BiasedGuy123> I made a character close. Energy weapons master, used the [[YCS/186]] .
[08:24] <KnowledgeProspector> i loved that gun.
[08:24] <KnowledgeProspector> well, the gauss rifle. i was under wild wasteland
[08:24] <BiasedGuy123> Ah. I loved hthe movie references.
[08:24] <BiasedGuy123> the*
[08:25] <KnowledgeProspector> yeah... there were a bunch.
[08:25] <KnowledgeProspector> many of them i didn't get. which sucks.
[08:25] <BiasedGuy123> Downloaded the song Begin Again. Playing it so much - it never gets old.
[08:26] <KnowledgeProspector> you been to OWB?
[08:26] <BiasedGuy123> OWB?
[08:26] <KnowledgeProspector> i believe you might catch the OWB radio glitch regardless
[08:26] <KnowledgeProspector> old world blues
[08:26] <KnowledgeProspector> you played the DLC, i mean
[08:26] <BiasedGuy123> Not yet. I still have the Mysterious Broadcast, if that's wht you mean.
[08:27] <KnowledgeProspector> yeah.
[08:27] <KnowledgeProspector> basically Begin Again won't play
[08:27] <KnowledgeProspector> and the radio will stop playing songs
[08:27] <BiasedGuy123> Too bad. Got it downloaded. HA!
[08:28] <KnowledgeProspector> well, it would've been cool to hear it in-game.
[08:28] <KnowledgeProspector> i never heard it until i read about the glitch
[08:28] <BiasedGuy123> You do, occasionally.
[08:28] <KnowledgeProspector> really? i never got to. :( i had to fill that hole with custom music
[08:28] <BiasedGuy123> As a dead money over, you know what he hardest part is, right? Say it with me.
[08:29] <BiasedGuy123> It's letting go.
[08:29] <KnowledgeProspector> i was gonna say never letting go.
[08:29] <BiasedGuy123> I JUST beat it before logging in on here.
[08:29] <KnowledgeProspector> ah. how was your run?
[08:29] <KnowledgeProspector> who'd you spare? kill? stuff like that.
[08:30] <BiasedGuy123> Ah, I'm gonna drink some Rum to those 40 something gold bars I had to leave. I spared everyone except Eijah. I promised Christine, and I always keep my promises.
[08:31] <KnowledgeProspector> ohhh, those gold bars. :(
[08:31] <KnowledgeProspector> and, that is sweet. 
[08:32] <KnowledgeProspector> i thought i killed dog... u forget
[08:32] <BiasedGuy123> 389,943 caps down the drain...
[08:32] <KnowledgeProspector> i*
[08:32] <KnowledgeProspector> don't remind me :(
[08:32] <KnowledgeProspector> i only managed to snag one
[08:33] <KnowledgeProspector> or two... 
[08:33] <BiasedGuy123> I've got a save right before. I'm looking for a glitch or something.
[08:34] <KnowledgeProspector> i believe there's a bunch of guides in here
[08:34] <KnowledgeProspector> they're just a little hard to find
[08:36] <KnowledgeProspector> hmmm... think it's time for me to head on out
[08:36] <KnowledgeProspector> gotta do a few other stuff.
[08:36] <BiasedGuy123> Alright. Use that Hardcore knowledge, and play well.
[08:36] <KnowledgeProspector> thanks for that, by the way. have a little confidence now
[08:36] <BiasedGuy123> You should.
[08:37] <KnowledgeProspector> yeah.
[08:37] <KnowledgeProspector> see ya, and good luck with Lonesome Road
[08:37] <KnowledgeProspector> hope you enjoy it as much as me. that DLC's my favorite in the game
[08:37] <BiasedGuy123> Thanks, See ya.
[08:37] <KnowledgeProspector> peace. 
[10:28] <Zer0TheNinja> :D
[10:31] <Zer0TheNinja> D:
[02:48] <Furble> Hey
[03:38] <Ghoullover666> hai Furble
[03:42] <Ghoullover666> hello Dunc
[03:43] <Archmage Neko> Hello.
[03:43] <Ghoullover666> how'S you?
[03:51] <Ghoullover666> hai Fraze.
[03:51] <Ghoullover666> How's you?
[03:51] <DragonBorn96> Well.
[03:51] <DragonBorn96> I've had to reinstall NV entirely.
[03:52] <Ghoullover666> It sucks. why did you have to reinstall?
[03:52] <DragonBorn96> Too many mods, total breakdown.
[03:53] <Ghoullover666> Heh. I wish I had the PC version of the game. but nay.
[03:53] <DragonBorn96> It was buggered, even turning off recent mods didn't do anything.
[03:54] <Ghoullover666> what kind of mods?
[03:54] <DragonBorn96> Clothing, armours, housing, etc.
[03:54] <Ghoullover666> (yes) 
[03:54] <Ghoullover666> I like your new avi.
[03:55] <DragonBorn96> It'll be gone within days.
[03:56] <Ghoullover666> i know. you tend to change your avi once in an hour.
[03:56] <Ghoullover666> Heeey tomorrow I have a job interview :D
[03:56] <DragonBorn96> Or more, depending.
[03:56] <DragonBorn96> What for?
[03:57] <Ghoullover666> bah. simple job in a Tim Hortons
[03:57] <Ghoullover666> cashier
[03:57] <Ghoullover666> imma make sandwiches and muffins.
[03:57] <DragonBorn96> No idea what a Tim Hortons is.
[03:57] <Ghoullover666> ORly?
[03:58] <DragonBorn96> Not something I think we have.
[03:59] <Ghoullover666> oh. it's a canadian version of Dunkin' Donuts
[03:59] <DragonBorn96> Don't have that either.
[03:59] <Ghoullover666> Dammit
[04:00] <DragonBorn96> Don't have anything close really.
[04:00] <DragonBorn96> Donuts aren't a big part of British culture.
[04:00] <Ghoullover666> "Tim Hortons Inc. is a Canadian fast casual restaurant known for its coffee and doughnuts" -goddamn wikipedia
[04:00] <Ghoullover666> their sandwiches taste terrible. but the soup is awright
[04:00] <DragonBorn96> We have Starbucks, closest thing.
[04:01] <Ghoullover666> lol. Starbucks.
[04:01] <DragonBorn96> Either way good luck and shit.
[04:01] <Ghoullover666> thanks.
[04:01] <Ghoullover666> do you know how much time is left before the deadline?
[04:01] <DragonBorn96> Now is also a great oppurtunity to learn what I installed last time.
[04:02] <DragonBorn96> 23:59 wiki time, 23rd March.
[04:02] <Ghoullover666> 2 days then
[04:02] <DragonBorn96> Essentially.
[04:02] <Ghoullover666> Well. Imma start today
[04:03] <DragonBorn96> I'll get to it eventually.
[04:03] <Ghoullover666> You do it at the last minute too?
[04:04] <DragonBorn96> Priority right now is getting a working NV.
[04:04] <Ghoullover666> hehe.
[04:05] <Ghoullover666> I thought about dropping off the Apprentice but that would make Leafless sad.
[04:05] <DragonBorn96> I can work when I have the means to take pictures.
[04:06] <Ghoullover666> Bleh. I had to draw something, but I am no artist
[04:06] <Ghoullover666> I have no photoshop or any kind of medium beside white sheets and pencils
[04:06] <DragonBorn96> I don't think drawing stick men would help my case.
[04:06] <Ghoullover666> No, no I don't think so.
[04:06] <DragonBorn96> I could've worked on it yesterday but I spent ages making a troll for someone instead.
[04:06] <Ghoullover666> Heh.
[04:07] <DragonBorn96> And that took a fair whack of time.
[04:07] <DragonBorn96> Oh well.
[04:07] <Ghoullover666> lately i've been drawing a lot. scumbag mind can't focus on the apprentice
[04:07] <Ghoullover666> I suck at drawing.
[04:08] <DragonBorn96> Internet does that.
[04:08] <Ghoullover666> I have no scanner either, so dumb me needs to take pics of my pics
[04:08] <DragonBorn96> Better than nothing.
[04:08] <Ghoullover666> "genius"
[04:09] <Ghoullover666>
[04:09] <Ghoullover666> taking pics of pics is just plain stoopid
[04:09] <Ghoullover666> hello Richie
[04:09] <Richie9999> Hello Ghoulie.
[04:09] <Ghoullover666> How's you?
[04:11] <Richie9999> Alright.
[04:11] <Ghoullover666> hai Frank Horrigan
[04:11] <Ghoullover666> and richie, "Alright" means that you are still sick?
[04:11] <Frank Horrigan> Howdy folks.
[04:12] <Richie9999> A bit.
[04:25] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hi everyone.
[04:29] <Archmage Neko> Hey Liam.
[04:29] <Higgey the Scotsman> Afternoon, Dunc.
[04:29] <Archmage Neko> Budget butthurt.
[04:30] <Vault girl76> Hello everyone 
[04:30] <Archmage Neko> Hey VG.
[04:30] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hi, VG.
[04:30] <Vault girl76> Hey Neko & Higgey, How have you been?
[04:30] <Higgey the Scotsman> I've been fine, thanks. Yourself?
[04:31] <Vault girl76> good 
[04:31] <DragonBorn96> Liam... being nice to VG?
[04:31] <DragonBorn96> Who are you...
[04:31] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hey, she asked me how I was. That's the nicest she's been to me - nay, anyone - ever.
[04:31] <Vault girl76> Hello DB 
[04:31] <DragonBorn96> Heresy.
[04:32] <Vault girl76> What?
[04:33] <Higgey the Scotsman>
[04:33] <Higgey the Scotsman> >growth forecast halved
[04:33] <Higgey the Scotsman> >insists plan is working
[04:33] <Higgey the Scotsman> I'm no economist, but uh... well.
[04:34] <DragonBorn96> mkay.
[04:35] <Fallout3amateur> hi
[04:35] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hey.
[04:35] <Vault girl76> Hello
[04:36] <Fallout3amateur> whats up
[04:37] <Higgey the Scotsman> Not much
[04:37] <Fallout3amateur> sounds good
[04:39] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hey, Ghoul.
[04:39] <Fallout3amateur> Hi Ghoul
[04:40] <Ghoullover666> Hello guys.
[04:40] <Vault girl76> Hello Ghoul Lover 
[04:40] <Vault girl76> o/ 
[04:40] <Ghoullover666> hello caroline
[04:40] <Ghoullover666> o/ 
[04:40] <Ghoullover666> why people be greeting me???
[04:41] <Vault girl76> How have you been
[04:41] <Fallout3amateur> cause we can :P
[04:41] <Ghoullover666> Why art thou so ...friendly?
[04:41] <Ghoullover666> I'm good, and you?
[04:42] <Fallout3amateur> good cause i can be a friendly person untill u piss me of
[04:42] <Ghoullover666> hai Alastor
[04:42] <Ghoullover666> o/ 
[04:42] <Leafless> hee-ho
[04:42] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hey, Leafless.
[04:42] <Ghoullover666> 2 days left before deadline
[04:42] <Ghoullover666> :3
[04:42] <Ghoullover666> nothing done
[04:43] <Leafless> deadline panic is great source of inspiration
[04:43] <Ghoullover666> in-fucking-deed
[04:43] <Ghoullover666> imma write it all tonight
[04:44] <Ghoullover666> :D Matt!
[04:44] <Ghoullover666> *hugs*
[04:45] <LegacyTech> ~yawn~...LT.... Coming online... STANDBY.
[04:45] <LegacyTech> PROCESSING>>>
[04:46] <LegacyTech> Welcome LegacyTechnologies Ver. 4.2.3 ONLINE!
[04:46] <LegacyTech> Heyo hunny
[04:46] <Ghoullover666> how's you, darling?
[04:46] <Vault girl76> O.o
[04:46] <LegacyTech> Furious.
[04:46] <LegacyTech> Florida is 49th in the country for science!
[04:47] <Vault girl76> Who's first?
[04:47] <LegacyTech> I believe boston, let me pull the list up.
[04:47] <Frank Horrigan> Xcom any good?
[04:48] <LegacyTech> Yeah is massachutes
[04:48] <LegacyTech> Massachusetts*
[04:49] <LegacyTech> We are so freaking stupid down here... HELP ME>
[04:50] <Higgey the Scotsman> Help yourself.
[04:51] <LegacyTech> There is only so much I can do down here
[04:52] <Vault girl76> Move 
[04:53] <Higgey the Scotsman> Easier said than done Veeg.
[04:54] <Vault girl76> So Higgey excited for any games?
[04:55] <Higgey the Scotsman> Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, The Walking Dead Game Season Two.
[04:55] <Higgey the Scotsman> What're you looking forward to?
[04:55] <Vault girl76> Hmm 
[04:55] <Vault girl76> Bioshock infinite 
[04:56] <Vault girl76> Can't think of any other 
[04:56] <Higgey the Scotsman> I can't wait for Infinite. Only a few more days now.
[04:58] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hey, Fussen.
[04:59] <Fussenpepper> ey higgary
[05:00] <Higgey the Scotsman> Sup?
[05:00] <Fussenpepper> like a week or somethin
[05:01] <Fussenpepper> till bioshock infinite
[05:01] <Fussenpepper> :c
[05:01] <Languorous.Maiar> ok, time for writing gecko story. 
[05:01] <Higgey the Scotsman> It'll be worth the wait
[05:02] <Fussenpepper> i know but a god damn week
[05:03] <Languorous.Maiar> And then you will realize
[05:03] <Languorous.Maiar> that its only good game, nothing more
[05:03] <Languorous.Maiar> like every fps
[05:03] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hey, Richerini. How's tricks?
[05:03] <Richie9999> Tricks are good Higgemundo.
[05:03] <Richie9999> Higgerino, how's tricks?
[05:03] <Richie9999> Howdy folks, How's tricks?
[05:04] <Higgey the Scotsman> They're good, thanks.
[05:04] <Richie9999> Glad to hear it higgelamadingon.
[05:04] <Higgey the Scotsman> Your cold let up yet, Richmuhdanagalang?
[05:05] <Richie9999> A bit.
[05:05] <Richie9999> Still there though.
[05:06] <DragonBorn96> Oh my.
[05:07] <Fussenpepper> mm
[05:08] <GarouxBloodline> DB. Never fucking play the Dog City Denver mod.
[05:08] <DragonBorn96> Too late.
[05:08] <GarouxBloodline> I forgot to save before-hand, and was forced to play that shit mod all the way through
[05:08] <Richie9999> Leon. I think you message fucked up my talk page.
[05:08] <DragonBorn96> Though I have the chance to do it again since I lost every mod I installed and all saves.
[05:08] <GarouxBloodline> The wiki is currently fucked, Richie. :P
[05:08] <Richie9999> I blame your message.
[05:09] <GarouxBloodline> Did you like it? Because for me, I've played Spongebob games that had a better story-line.
[05:09] <Richie9999> See now at the bottom of my TP I have the chat link.
[05:09] <GarouxBloodline> :3
[05:09] <Richie9999> And my badges as well as badges I can earn.
[05:09] <GarouxBloodline> I thought you might like it <3
[05:09] <Richie9999> And a link there too.
[05:09] <DragonBorn96> I had no idea what was going on half of the time, the markers left me to blank walls, it was bug ridden and I had to use movetoqt contstantly.
[05:09] <GarouxBloodline> ^
[05:10] <GarouxBloodline> I thought BBD was bad at map markers that never went anywhere
[05:10] <GarouxBloodline> Denver was about 10 times worse
[05:10] <Fussenpepper> Link pls
[05:10] <DragonBorn96> Oh yes.
[05:10] <Fussenpepper> what is this shit
[05:10] <GarouxBloodline> But what killed me is that disease you get every single time a dog bites you.
[05:10] <GarouxBloodline> -5 end. wtf?
[05:10] <DragonBorn96> I'm redownloading every I had.
[05:10] <Richie9999> Leon, your message fucked my TP!
[05:10] <Higgey the Scotsman> Dadda leeunz, hellur.
[05:10] <DragonBorn96> Because I lost everything outside of official DLC's.
[05:11] <Higgey the Scotsman> Haw haw, Fraze.
[05:11] <DragonBorn96> ;-;
[05:11] <GarouxBloodline> I'm probably going to purge my New Vegas, too. I want to get these type 3 body mods to work. I hate looking at dem ugly vanilla faces. :3
[05:11] <GarouxBloodline> Poor Richie.
[05:11] <Richie9999> seriously, Leon.
[05:11] <GarouxBloodline> I doubt it was me. I didn't add anything strange.
[05:11] <Richie9999> It's not just mine from what I"m seeing.
[05:11] <DragonBorn96> Well, I copied my entire data folder before I purged for reference... it's apparentely 36gb's big...
[05:12] <GarouxBloodline> That's about the size of mine, too. xD
[05:12] <GarouxBloodline> Try removing my message, Richie.
[05:12] <DragonBorn96> I have a whole load of shit to get again
[05:12] <DragonBorn96> I was having fun with Niner and co. :(
[05:12] <GarouxBloodline> I just save the links to my favourite mods in a notepad.
[05:12] <GarouxBloodline> Niner is good?
[05:12] <GarouxBloodline> 
[05:12] <Richie9999> Leon.
[05:12] <Richie9999> Check one of the pages you added the message to.
[05:12] <Richie9999> Any of 'em.
[05:12] <GarouxBloodline> I have,
[05:13] <GarouxBloodline> Some wiki glitch.
[05:13] <Richie9999> Do you see a borked TP?
[05:13] <Richie9999> Yours doesn't have it..
[05:13] <DragonBorn96> Niner has a certain charm I like.
[05:13] <DragonBorn96> He's still a doped up druggie but he's charming at least.
[05:13] <GarouxBloodline> Still a wiki glitch. :P
[05:13] <DragonBorn96> Fully voiced, companion wheel/perk and quest and all.
[05:13] <GarouxBloodline> More charming than Jericho? -troll-
[05:13] <Richie9999> In other news, I have a higher badge score than KC.
[05:13] <GarouxBloodline> Try leaving me a message, Richie.
[05:14] <GarouxBloodline> Have you seen these yet, DB? -rummaging around, so hold on a moment.-
[05:14] <DragonBorn96> This was my recent team.
[05:14] <GarouxBloodline>
[05:14] <GarouxBloodline>
[05:14] <Fussenpepper> >>>>>boone
[05:14] <DragonBorn96> I have the first Boone one.
[05:14] <GarouxBloodline>
[05:14] <GarouxBloodline> The Boone one is great.
[05:14] <GarouxBloodline> But I like all of them.
[05:14] <DragonBorn96> I've never seen the Arcade one before.
[05:15] <Fussenpepper> where muh better veronica @
[05:15] <GarouxBloodline>
[05:15] <DragonBorn96> I prefer my default Arcade.
[05:15] <GarouxBloodline> I like the Veronica one, too.
[05:15] <GarouxBloodline> Arcade definitely had one of the better vanilla models.
[05:16] <GarouxBloodline> But I like him more realistic looking.
[05:16] <DragonBorn96> I tried to give him a beard.
[05:16] <GarouxBloodline> Only issue with that mod is that it gives him a pinched look.
[05:16] <DragonBorn96> I failed.
[05:16] <GarouxBloodline> Meh
[05:16] <Richie9999> Leon.
[05:16] <Richie9999> Somehting about your message Borked the TP.
[05:16] <GarouxBloodline> lolol Richie
[05:16] <GarouxBloodline> Hmm.
[05:17] <GarouxBloodline> I wonder what's causing it. Time to experiment!
[05:17] <Richie9999> The Quotation.
[05:18] <GarouxBloodline> Weird. I've never had problems with that before.
[05:19] <DragonBorn96> I've got to faff around with Roberts again now, god damnit.
[05:19] <GarouxBloodline> I can never get those damn mods to work.
[05:19] <GarouxBloodline> It just screws up how I can model my character from th beginning of the game.
[05:19] <Richie9999> It was probably the size of the quote
[05:20] <GarouxBloodline> Possible. O:
[05:20] <Richie9999> Leon.
[05:20] <Richie9999> You prevented me from tagging that page from deletion.
[05:20] <GarouxBloodline> <3
[05:20] <Richie9999> And increasing the discrepancy between my wikia edit count at the top of my userpage and the number of edits on the Edit count template.
[05:20] <GarouxBloodline> Hacks.
[05:20] <Richie9999> You should go fix everyone's TP, Leon.
[05:21] <GarouxBloodline> I will.
[05:21] <GarouxBloodline> Eventually. -troll-
[05:21] <Richie9999> Right now my discrepancy is 11 edits.
[05:21] <DragonBorn96> At least now I can sort my mdos.
[05:21] <DragonBorn96> Instead of the clusterfuck my data folder was last time.
[05:21] <GarouxBloodline> Here's some good ones I found, DB:
[05:21] <GarouxBloodline>
[05:21] <DragonBorn96> Got that.
[05:22] <GarouxBloodline>
[05:22] <DragonBorn96> Oh Liam, you know those Japanese ones?
[05:22] <DragonBorn96> I found out why I couldn't find them.
[05:22] <Higgey the Scotsman> Huh?
[05:22] <DragonBorn96> I mean Leon...
[05:22] <GarouxBloodline>
[05:22] <Higgey the Scotsman> Dingus.
[05:22] <GarouxBloodline> I found it, DB. :3
[05:22] <DragonBorn96> The guy's remaking them all.
[05:22] <GarouxBloodline> Oooh. Link?
[05:23] <GarouxBloodline> Also, once I get the type 3 body mods to work, I'll be making a Kerrigan RP character using this:
[05:23] <GarouxBloodline> There's a bloody version, thank God. That clean look would drive me crazy in the wasteland.
[05:23] <DragonBorn96> Go onto his images tab.
[05:24] <GarouxBloodline> I'm debating if I should try this one:
[05:24] <GarouxBloodline> Have you ever used it?
[05:24] <DragonBorn96> Is it wishful thinking to hope for a male version of that, Leon?
[05:24] <GarouxBloodline> I think it comes with male versions, too
[05:24] <GarouxBloodline> I haven't tried, yet! I just put them on Willow for now.
[05:24] <DragonBorn96> Never seen that, I only like two companion mods I've ever used, so.
[05:24] <GarouxBloodline> Willow*
[05:25] <GarouxBloodline> I normally scoff at children mods.
[05:25] <GarouxBloodline> But that one looks really good.
[05:25] <DragonBorn96> Desmond and Niner are my babes.
[05:25] <GarouxBloodline> I want a mod that adds Ellie as a companion.
[05:25] <GarouxBloodline> That would be bad-ass.
[05:25] <DragonBorn96> Ellie?
[05:25] <GarouxBloodline> From The Last of Us!
[05:25] <DragonBorn96> Oh, right.
[05:26] <GarouxBloodline>
[05:26] <GarouxBloodline> Oh, I just started this mod yesterday.
[05:26] <GarouxBloodline> But I can't figure out how to create cyber roaches.
[05:26] <DragonBorn96> I couldn;t figure out how to do anything.
[05:26] <GarouxBloodline> I have 4 radroach meat, and some salvaged robot parts. 
[05:27] <GarouxBloodline> But when I click the robot parts and click to create a cyber roach, nothing happens
[05:27] <GarouxBloodline> Weird.
[05:27] <DragonBorn96> This comes with some neat shit.
[05:27] <GarouxBloodline> Here's another good Cass one:
[05:28] <GarouxBloodline> Ooh. I already like that just from the first images.
[05:28] <DragonBorn96> I'll stick with default Cass I think.
[05:29] <OnionRings> so I just got in deep trouble with my boss :/
[05:29] <GarouxBloodline> And I want to get this to work:
[05:29] <Furble> Hello
[05:30] <Vault girl76> hello 
[05:30] <Fussenpepper> :o 
[05:30] <Fussenpepper> do tell more onion
[05:30] <DragonBorn96> Cars? Interdasting.
[05:31] <GarouxBloodline> Was that the cars one? I meant the flyable vertibird one
[05:31] <DragonBorn96> I just saw the cars first.
[05:31] <GarouxBloodline> I can already make a functioning highwayman with the RobCo certified mod :D
[05:31] <OnionRings> Leon, that tulip cassidy mod... is it a replacer or a new companion?
[05:31] <DragonBorn96> I need more.
[05:31] <GarouxBloodline> Replacer
[05:31] <DragonBorn96> MOAR.
[05:31] <GarouxBloodline> MOAR
[05:31] <GarouxBloodline> NEver enough
[05:32] <Furble> Now I feel sad being a console gamer ;(
[05:32] <Fussenpepper> i should really get a
[05:32] <Fussenpepper> car part for smitty
[05:32] <Fussenpepper> so i can drive muh HIGHWAYMAAN
[05:32] <GarouxBloodline> I'm currently experimenting with different body models, Onion. It's nice finally having the option to get rid of the ugly vanilla looks.
[05:33] <OnionRings> Leon, you creat mods?
[05:33] <GarouxBloodline> Boone looks a shit-ton better with the replacer mod I'm using.
[05:33] <OnionRings> create*
[05:33] <GarouxBloodline> Nah. I mod a bit for Minecraft. But I'm largely ignorant of the processes involved for more complex games.
[05:33] <OnionRings> one minute left in break
[05:34] <OnionRings> ok... bye
[05:34] <Fussenpepper> bye
[05:35] <GarouxBloodline> Hmm. Should I fix DB's TP? ;)
[05:35] <DragonBorn96> I'm wondering if I should try out Breeze for a bit.
[05:35] <GarouxBloodline> I just wish I could get any of them to work. ;__;
[05:35] <GarouxBloodline> Those damn type 3 mods are the only ones I cannot get to work.
[05:37] <DragonBorn96> I think I'll stick with Roberts.
[05:37] <GarouxBloodline> Roberts did look like one of the best options to me
[05:37] <Vault girl76> hello ever o/ 
[05:37] <The Ever Ruler> Hello Caroline
[05:37] <The Ever Ruler> What is Roberts?
[05:38] <GarouxBloodline> Just a replacer mod for New Vegas
[05:38] <DragonBorn96> Both are relatively good but I've got a lot of Roberts patches already downloaded so I don't want to change.
[05:39] <DragonBorn96> Still reluctant to even attempt that massive texture pack.
[05:40] <GarouxBloodline> That was relatively painless for me.
[05:40] <DragonBorn96> I'm afraid it'll kill NV, and I'll have to start again... again.
[05:40] <GarouxBloodline> It's just a good thing that I have a strong rig, else I wouldn't be able to handle it. (Since I'm currently running the large textures)
[05:40] <DragonBorn96> It would also help if I had any idea what my specs are for this laptop.
[05:41] <GarouxBloodline> The only mod that ever killed my game was this one:
[05:41] <GarouxBloodline> But I finally got it to work.
[05:41] <GarouxBloodline> I just had to disable the bobblehead stand.
[05:41] <DragonBorn96> That always worked for me.
[05:42] <GarouxBloodline> I didn't think the mod would be that great.
[05:42] <GarouxBloodline> But it's one of my favourite mods now.
[05:42] <The Ever Ruler> Disable the bobblehead stand? How strange to imagine how that would kill the entire game...
[05:42] <GarouxBloodline> ^
[05:42] <GarouxBloodline> It was more than likely conflicting with one of my other mods.
[05:42] <DragonBorn96> There's an Underwater sort of one as well which is also very nice.
[05:42] <The Ever Ruler> Probably
[05:42] <GarouxBloodline> Oh yeah? Haven't seen any good underwater ones yet.
[05:43] <The Ever Ruler> I mean, plenty of Fo3 files exist in NV files. So that's not the issue
[05:44] <The Ever Ruler> ...
[05:44] <DragonBorn96>]
[05:44] <DragonBorn96> Ballls.
[05:44] <DragonBorn96>
[05:45] <Richie9999> Leon.
[05:45] <Richie9999> That vertibird mod adds a flyable P-51!
[05:45] <Furble> Wow, first time I am seeing Shopping carts in NV xD
[05:45] <Richie9999> GET IT NOW!
[05:45] <GarouxBloodline> xD
[05:46] <DragonBorn96> I wish this had support for Roberts.
[05:46] <Richie9999> FUCK THE VERTIBIRD! FLY THE P51!
[05:46] <The Ever Ruler> Reminds me of bioshock
[05:47] <GarouxBloodline> DB posted nudity. :3
[05:47] <GarouxBloodline> Cyborg nudity <3
[05:47] <The Ever Ruler> :O
[05:47] <DragonBorn96> Wait wut?
[05:47] <GarouxBloodline> Jk xD It's just his chest exposed.
[05:48] <DragonBorn96> oic.
[05:48] <The Ever Ruler> xD
[05:48] <The Ever Ruler> He got lucky
[05:48] <DragonBorn96> hmm.
[05:48] <The Ever Ruler> The Apocalypse! Where did it go!?
[05:48] <GarouxBloodline> Ehh. I prefer my greener wasteland mod
[05:48] <DragonBorn96> What's that one?
[05:48] <The Ever Ruler> I prefer my apocalypse a nice shade of brown or grey
[05:49] <The Ever Ruler> ... yeah I'm one of those people
[05:49] <GarouxBloodline> The Wasteland Flora Overhaul mod, DB
[05:49] <DragonBorn96> Never heard of it.
[05:49] <GarouxBloodline>
[05:49] <GarouxBloodline> It works wonders on my game.
[05:49] <The Ever Ruler> brb
[05:50] <DragonBorn96> Interdasting.
[05:50] <DragonBorn96> I'm going to be installed shit for ages.
[05:50] <DragonBorn96> I've still got to get Born Again.
[05:50] <GarouxBloodline> Add that with the NMC re-texture, and my game now looks amazing
[05:50] <GarouxBloodline> Born Again?
[05:50] <DragonBorn96> Texture replacers.
[05:50] <DragonBorn96> For some reaosn it doesn't work on mine.
[05:51] <DragonBorn96> Pretty though.
[05:52] <The Ever Ruler> Back
[05:52] <The Ever Ruler> Born Again does phenomenal work
[05:52] <The Ever Ruler> I don't even mod and I still know of examples
[05:52] <DragonBorn96> Yet half of it works and half of it doesn't.
[05:53] <The Ever Ruler> : \
[05:53] <The Ever Ruler> Price of excellence?
[05:54] <GarouxBloodline> lolol
[05:54] <GarouxBloodline>
[05:55] <DragonBorn96> I found amod that added in a variety of SS related stuff which was actually pretty well made.
[05:55] <DragonBorn96> Until half of it crashed.
[05:55] <DragonBorn96> And took other mdos with it.
[05:55] <DragonBorn96> *mods
[05:55] <Furble> Nazi's crash, given fact.
[05:57] <GarouxBloodline> I want this so bad ;__;
[05:57] <DragonBorn96> no.
[05:57] <GarouxBloodline> If they just kept re-making FFX over and over again, I would probably buy each new installment. FFX is still one of my favourite games.
[05:57] <GarouxBloodline> I don't know about FFX-2
[05:57] <The Ever Ruler> Final Fantasy is one of those games where I'm overwhelmed by the sheer number of titles
[05:58] <GarouxBloodline> Never played 2. That game looked like garbage
[05:58] <GarouxBloodline> I don't like most Final Fantasy games
[05:58] <GarouxBloodline> But I love FFX and FFXII
[05:58] <The Ever Ruler> Being left out on a recent title is bad enough, being left out on well around a dozen is hell.
[05:59] <The Ever Ruler> So wait, do game designers really suck? Because I have no idea one way or the other.
[05:59] <GarouxBloodline> ;D
[05:59] <GarouxBloodline> I have no idea. I just thought the article was funny
[05:59] <DragonBorn96> I should maybe start installing some of these.
[06:00] <GarouxBloodline> I would start over and work of the type 3 body mods first before doing anything else. But then I remember that work starts up again in 2 days, and I just can't be bothered to do it this week.
[06:00] <GarouxBloodline> work on*
[06:01] <GarouxBloodline> Because I also want to get that Spice of Life mod to work.
[06:01] <GarouxBloodline> Which required those damn type 3 mods.
[06:01] <GarouxBloodline> requires*
[06:01] <DragonBorn96> Fancy clothes.
[06:01] <GarouxBloodline> Fancy clothes isn't what interests me. It's making everyone in the world wear something different that interests me.
[06:02] <GarouxBloodline> It annoys me to see 80% of the population wearing the same droll thing
[06:02] <The Ever Ruler> Type 3 mods?
[06:02] <DragonBorn96> That and fancy clothes.
[06:02] <GarouxBloodline> ;D
[06:02] <DragonBorn96> Don't deny your love for fancy clothes.
[06:02] <GarouxBloodline> It's a nice bonus. Can't deny it
[06:03] <GarouxBloodline> I wonder if it conflicts with Project Nevada, since they both add the backpacks
[06:03] <DragonBorn96> No idea.
[06:04] <DragonBorn96> Well I haven't found anything wrong.
[06:12] <The Ever Ruler> Zzz
[06:12] <Ghoullover666> *draws a dick on Ever's cheek*
[06:13] <The Ever Ruler> *wakes up, notices sticky residue feeling, goes to mirror, sees dick, rips off skin with it on*
[06:14] <Ghoullover666> D:
[06:14] <Ghoullover666> shiet
[06:14] <GarouxBloodline> How will you drink booze now?
[06:15] <Ghoullover666> skin =/= cheek
[06:15] <The Ever Ruler> *takes parafilm, stretches it over gaping hole that's left*
[06:15] <Ghoullover666> or else the marked men wouldn't have cheeks
[06:15] <The Ever Ruler> That'll buy me a few da- *the talking rips it off*
[06:15] <The Ever Ruler> Oh fuck that's right...
[06:15] <GarouxBloodline> :3
[06:15] <Ghoullover666> yuck, Ever
[06:16] <GarouxBloodline> No wonder the ladies love you
[06:16] <Ghoullover666> next time imma draw a dick on your dick.
[06:16] <Ghoullover666> Dickception
[06:16] <Fussenpepper> Draw?
[06:16] <The Ever Ruler> Hey, I'm a celebrity amongst ghouls.
[06:16] <The Ever Ruler> ... at least, that's what I tell myself in the mirror every night before I go to bed...
[06:17] <Fussenpepper> Prison tattoo gun.
[06:18] <The Ever Ruler> ...
[06:18] <Ghoullover666> ??
[06:18] <Fussenpepper> FUCKING PEGGLE
[06:18] <Fussenpepper> being difficult and shit
[06:18] <Ghoullover666> Ever should get all the ladies. he'S a swell guy, although a bit disgusting
[06:20] <The Ever Ruler> Yeah, so if they can get past that, it'll work
[06:21] <Ghoullover666> but in today's world, ladies want handsome and elegant men.
[06:21] <Ghoullover666> sportsmen
[06:22] <Higgey the Scotsman> Let's get to bashing butts.
[06:22] <The Ever Ruler> As well as Walnuts
[06:22] <The Ever Ruler> ... peanuts?
[06:22] <The Ever Ruler> Cashews?
[06:22] <Higgey the Scotsman> Peanuts are awesome as long as they're unsalted.
[06:22] <Archmage Neko> Don't be ridiculous, Ever, he's clearly referring to Brazil Nuts.
[06:23] <The Ever Ruler> If thou insists then it is so
[06:23] <Higgey the Scotsman> The way you capitalised 'Nuts', Dunc, I thought you were referring to a Brazilian porno. *shudders*
[06:23] <Fussenpepper> what nuts
[06:24] <Higgey the Scotsman> DEEZ nuts.
[06:24] <Archmage Neko> Two footballers, one beach?
[06:24] <Ghoullover666> *bitch
[06:24] <Higgey the Scotsman> Let's all change moivie titles into Brazilian pornos
[06:24] <Higgey the Scotsman> 'There Will be Oil'
[06:24] <Higgey the Scotsman> And that's all I've got...
[06:25] <Fussenpepper> bareback mountain
[06:25] <The Ever Ruler> Rio de Libido?
[06:25] <Fussenpepper> unoriginality
[06:25] <Fussenpepper> whee
[06:25] <Ghoullover666> bai guys o/ 
[06:25] <Fussenpepper> bye
[06:28] <The Ever Ruler> ...
[06:29] <Higgey the Scotsman> So many people, such little conversation to be had.
[06:29] <The Ever Ruler> Quite
[06:29] <Fussenpepper> indeed so
[06:29] <The Ever Ruler> Which is why I'm gtg
[06:29] <Higgey the Scotsman> See ya.
[06:33] <Higgey the Scotsman> Le Knight Owl.
[06:34] <JASPER42> le hig hig
[06:35] <Higgey the Scotsman> Le Jasp Jasp.
[06:35] <JASPER42> So. What's everyone doin'
[06:35] <Fussenpepper> playin peggle nights
[06:35] <Higgey the Scotsman> Watching Bioshock Infinite videos.
[06:36] <Higgey the Scotsman> How about You, Jasp?
[06:36] <JASPER42> gotta type up a thing
[06:36] <JASPER42> And eating left off Dominos
[06:37] <Languorous.Maiar> Gecko story done, now i just need ant, mhm.
[06:38] <GarouxBloodline> Are there new videos? I'm still on the fence about buying it. I think I'd rather just stick with The Last of Us for now.
[06:38] <Higgey the Scotsman> What's the thing? I've been typing up my shit for my English folio the past couple days, making sure everything's just right and all that
[06:38] <JASPER42> good leon
[06:38] <JASPER42> just s list of shot we need to change in a video
[06:38] <Higgey the Scotsman> I'm getting The Last of Us as well, dadda Leeunz. The game I'm most looking forward to this year.
[06:39] <Languorous.Maiar> Again about Bioshock? : (
[06:39] <JASPER42> Dadda Leeunz...
[06:39] <Higgey the Scotsman> Leeunz is mai dadda.
[06:39] <Higgey the Scotsman> H0ow'd you not know this by now?
[06:39] <Higgey the Scotsman> how'd*
[06:39] <JASPER42> Because I'm your father
[06:40] <GarouxBloodline> Nu
[06:40] <GarouxBloodline> I'm all of your daddies.
[06:40] <A Follower> No. No you are not.
[06:40] <GarouxBloodline> Leearms is my favourite son
[06:40] <JASPER42> leon is you moyher
[06:40] <Higgey the Scotsman> I'm yur only sunz
[06:40] <GarouxBloodline> I'm all of your mothers, too.
[06:40] <A Follower> Hermo
[06:41] <GarouxBloodline> Leearms remembers. He only stopped nursing a couple of years ago.
[06:41] <DragonBorn96> I want a DNA test.
[06:41] <Higgey the Scotsman> I miss daddamamma Leeunz boobmilk
[06:41] <GarouxBloodline> Go sit in the corner, DB.
[06:41] <DragonBorn96> No.
[06:41] <GarouxBloodline> Your avi makes it hard for me to argue. :3
[06:41] <DragonBorn96> He's a killer.
[06:41] <DragonBorn96> DON'T MESS.
[06:42] <GarouxBloodline> But no. No DNA test. Now, go drink your bottle of bourbon and be a good wee laddie.
[06:42] <JASPER42> "You'll be using less of your own time and more of your company time; if you poop for an average of 10minutes oer day, your company will have paid you for more ythan 40 hours of pooping by the end of the year"
[06:42] <Higgey the Scotsman> That from Cracked? I recognise it
[06:42] <JASPER42> No
[06:42] <Higgey the Scotsman> Where, then?
[06:42] <A Follower> It's from Logic
[06:43] <JASPER42>
[06:43] <DragonBorn96> Your arse.
[06:43] <GarouxBloodline> Too bad there isn't a MP feature, Leearms. You could be Ellie. 
[06:43] <Higgey the Scotsman> My arse is my concern and no one else's/
[06:43] <A Follower> Lol. That guys name is Furble
[06:43] <Higgey the Scotsman> I know Dadda. Oh well.
[06:43] <GarouxBloodline> I'm interested to see if it'll hold true that you can enter every building.
[06:43] <A Follower> Same here
[06:43] <GarouxBloodline> GTA will shit their pants and no longer have any excuses if so.
[06:44] <A Follower> It'd be one hell of an undertaking
[06:44] <Higgey the Scotsman> I've ordered the Joel editioon of TLoU 'cause Joel's a real mang.
[06:44] <GarouxBloodline> No kidding. Especially since it's an entire to scale city
[06:44] <Higgey the Scotsman> edition*
[06:44] <JASPER42> No
[06:44] <JASPER42> Elle
[06:44] <GarouxBloodline> Ellie obviously wears the pants
[06:44] <JASPER42> Ye
[06:44] <JASPER42> Joel be sucking her 7inch dick 
[06:44] <JASPER42> ALL DAY
[06:45] <GarouxBloodline> She told me it was 9 ;__;
[06:45] <Higgey the Scotsman> A man in his mid-5os sucking off a shemale 14 year old.
[06:45] <Higgey the Scotsman> 50s*
[06:45] <GarouxBloodline> Best game ever?
[06:45] <Higgey the Scotsman> Yes.
[06:45] <Higgey the Scotsman> GOTYAY.
[06:45] <GarouxBloodline> Indubitably :D
[06:45] <GarouxBloodline> -such a fun word-
[06:45] <JASPER42> I'm going to get the Todd edition of that game, Liam
[06:45] <Higgey the Scotsman> Lol
[06:45] <Ant2242> o/ 
[06:45] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hi Ant
[06:45] <Ghoullover666> hai Ant
[06:45] <GarouxBloodline> Shhh. The ant is here.
[06:46] <GarouxBloodline> <3
[06:46] <Ant2242> Higgy Mqoldie!
[06:46] <Ant2242> Melodie!**
[06:46] <JASPER42> Yo Ant-adoodle-do
[06:46] <GarouxBloodline> I was about to say. No one calls my son moldy.
[06:46] <Ant2242> Garoux 
[06:46] <Ant2242> JAsp
[06:46] <JASPER42> Liam is moldy 
[06:46] <Ant2242> Sup?
[06:47] <Higgey the Scotsman> Jasper's bullying me dadda
[06:47] <GarouxBloodline> You have to say it like "Garoooooo".
[06:47] <JASPER42> *slits Leon's throat*
[06:47] <JASPER42> I;m your dadda now
[06:47] <Ghoullover666> ...
[06:47] <GarouxBloodline> Jasper has his daily beating coming soon, Leearms.
[06:47] <Higgey the Scotsman> yay
[06:47] <Archmage Neko> I always think of Nixon when I see Leon's name.
[06:47] <GarouxBloodline> ^
[06:47] <Ghoullover666> Jasper, you forgot to recite the prayer before sacrificing Leon
[06:47] <Archmage Neko> Garoooooooobloodline.
[06:47] <GarouxBloodline> Neko watches too much Futurama :3
[06:48] <GarouxBloodline> One does not sacrifice Leon.
[06:48] <GarouxBloodline> For I have unlimited reloads.
[06:48] <Archmage Neko> Futurama deserves more recognition.
[06:48] <Ant2242> the originals at leasrt
[06:48] <GarouxBloodline> Yes. Yes it does. At least it's been renewed again. I was worried after the second time they were canceled. 
[06:49] <Ant2242> the new stuff is a hit or miss
[06:49] <Ant2242> such a shame
[06:49] <GarouxBloodline> As long as they're not as hit & miss as Family Guy etc. xD
[06:49] <JASPER42> The headless body of argole wikk defend be
[06:49] <JASPER42> mne
[06:49] <Ant2242> Family Guy is just a miss
[06:50] <Archmage Neko> They renew the Simpsons yearly, yet it's at its all time lowest.
[06:50] <Archmage Neko> Futurama has to live with straight to DVD films and hit & miss series renewals.
[06:50] <GarouxBloodline> Pretty much, Ant.
[06:50] <JASPER42> Damn straight ant
[06:50] <GarouxBloodline> I though the Simpsons was finally canceled after their voice actors refused to take a pay cut?
[06:50] <GarouxBloodline> Which is silly, since they were being payed a shit-load of money.
[06:50] <JASPER42> The most recent simpsons series was okay from what I saw 
[06:51] <JASPER42> but a massive step down from the older ones
[06:51] <Higgey the Scotsman> You know, I've never watched much of The Simpsons. I should watch all the older series online at some point.
[06:51] <Ant2242> I miss the simpsons alot
[06:51] <GarouxBloodline> Prepare to lose a few months of your life, son
[06:52] <JASPER42> ye
[06:52] <Ant2242> there are over 25 seasons u know that right?
[06:52] <GarouxBloodline> ^
[06:52] <Higgey the Scotsman> I've been told that series 1-9 was its golden age.
[06:52] <Ant2242> maybe
[06:52] <Ant2242> I've never realy watched
[06:52] <GarouxBloodline> Just watch the Simpsons movie. That about sums up the entire show. -troll-
[06:53] <Archmage Neko> Archer deserves more appreciation.
[06:53] <Languorous.Maiar> Ant
[06:53] <Languorous.Maiar> hey : )
[06:53] <GarouxBloodline> I do not like Archer. >.>
[06:53] <GarouxBloodline> Space Ghost held my interest longer than Archer. And Space Ghost fucking sucks limp noodle.
[06:54] <Higgey the Scotsman> That's another TV show I've seen very little of but hear good things about. I really ought to watch more TV than The Walking Bore (huehuehue).
[06:55] <Higgey the Scotsman> .
[06:56] <Ant2242> Archer Archer!!
[06:56] <GarouxBloodline>
[06:57] <Higgey the Scotsman> Leon's lurv lyfe
[06:57] <GarouxBloodline> :3
[06:57] <Higgey the Scotsman>
[06:58] <GarouxBloodline> That opening scene was sxy
[06:58] <GarouxBloodline> sexy*
[06:59] <SuperTaiko1> Yo Yo hi guys.
[06:59] <GarouxBloodline> I hope the cinematics are as good in-game.
[06:59] <JASPER42> Leon
[06:59] <JASPER42> Can you GECK good?
[07:00] <Ghoullover666> hello Taiko
[07:00] <GarouxBloodline> Ahhh. I'm still learning.
[07:00] <Archmage Neko> He can GECK all over you, Jasp.
[07:00] <JASPER42> Sweet
[07:00] <JASPER42> Just the way I like it
[07:00] <GarouxBloodline> ;)
[07:00] <JASPER42> Do you know who I can get the .wav files for Gary the clone's dialogue? 
[07:02] <GarouxBloodline> I have no idea ;__; I'm a noob at this thing.
[07:02] <JASPER42> Well fuck you then
[07:02] <GarouxBloodline> Sorry D: 
[07:02] <JASPER42> Magic the Gathering and Sonic All Star Racers are cheap on steam right now
[07:03] <JASPER42> if anyone cares
[07:03] <GarouxBloodline> I loved MtG back when I was a Pokemon nerd. But I can't imagine it being any good outside of being a card-game.
[07:03] <JASPER42> ON MOTR
[07:03] <Archmage Neko> ON MOTORSCYCLES
[07:04] <JASPER42> YE
[07:04] <JASPER42> What's a motorcycle?
[07:04] <GarouxBloodline> I read MOTR as Mother Russia
[07:04] <Archmage Neko> Jack, you're scaring me.
[07:05] <Higgey the Scotsman> Who's Jack?
[07:05] <JASPER42> There is no Jack
[07:05] <Fussenpepper> wakeupjack
[07:05] <SuperTaiko1> Jackass (troll) 
[07:05] <JASPER42> There is only...
[07:06] <Higgey the Scotsman> >inb4 knightowl
[07:06] <Higgey the Scotsman> fuck]
[07:06] <JASPER42> I'm back, baby
[07:07] <SuperTaiko1> ...
[07:07] <SuperTaiko1> Knight baby.
[07:09] <Fussenpepper> king fox
[07:09] <Fussenpepper> fuckers
[07:11] <SuperTaiko1> What?
[07:13] <Archmage Neko> Hey, Jasper.
[07:18] <JASPER42> mmm?
[07:18] <JASPER42> what's that film where the caretaker solves really complex equations?
[07:18] <Zer0TheNinja> Hello :)
[07:18] <JASPER42> at a school
[07:18] <Higgey the Scotsman> The Mathematic Caretaker? Fuck if I know.
[07:20] <JASPER42> What's that film with the Nixon masks?
[07:21] <Higgey the Scotsman> What's that film with guy who asks people questions when he could just refer to Google? I believe it's called Get Your Shit Together.
[07:13] <Archmage Neko> Hey, Jasper.
[07:18] <JASPER42> mmm?
[07:18] <JASPER42> what's that film where the caretaker solves really complex equations?
[07:18] <Zer0TheNinja> Hello :)
[07:18] <JASPER42> at a school
[07:18] <Higgey the Scotsman> The Mathematic Caretaker? Fuck if I know.
[07:20] <JASPER42> What's that film with the Nixon masks?
[07:21] <Higgey the Scotsman> What's that film with guy who asks people questions when he could just refer to Google? I believe it's called Get Your Shit Together.
[07:22] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hey, Nate. Yo, Kas.
[07:22] <The Old World Relics> Eh Liam, how are you?
[07:22] <Higgey the Scotsman> I'm pretty well thank you. Yourself?
[07:22] <JASPER42> to Rel
[07:22] <JASPER42> yo
[07:22] <Zer0TheNinja> How are all of you?
[07:22] <The Old World Relics> I'm well also, thanks. So the Welsh went and won rugby a little while ago? ;)
[07:22] <DragonBorn96> I don't know why but I read that as "I'm pretty wank", Liam.
[07:23] <The Old World Relics> Eho Jasp
[07:23] <Higgey the Scotsman> Naughty thoughts on the mind, Fraze?
[07:23] <Higgey the Scotsman> That'll be my response tomorrow when any of my friends ask me how I am. "I'm pretty wank".
[07:23] <DragonBorn96> Not really, I've been surrounded by people all day who describe things as "wank".
[07:23] <DragonBorn96> "That's a bag of wank."
[07:23] <The Old World Relics> My mom calls me a wanker every now and again...
[07:24] <DragonBorn96> Is she british?
[07:24] <GarouxBloodline> I would do the same if I was your mum. :)
[07:24] <DragonBorn96> If so, she should be ashamed.
[07:24] <DragonBorn96> *If not even
[07:24] <Higgey the Scotsman> I always forget that Yanks and Canucks use words like 'wanker' as well.
[07:24] <Higgey the Scotsman> Rarely, but still
[07:24] <DragonBorn96> How dare they.
[07:24] <The Old World Relics> Indeed. She was born an hour North of London.
[07:24] <DragonBorn96> She can have that one then.
[07:24] <Higgey the Scotsman> Jolly old London.
[07:24] <DragonBorn96> Apples n' pears.
[07:25] <The Old World Relics> I believe it's Hammersmith if IIRC.
[07:25] <Higgey the Scotsman> Excuse me for a moment, my body informs me that ye olde bowles need purging.
[07:25] <Higgey the Scotsman> bowels*
[07:25] <DragonBorn96> Ignore it.
[07:25] <DragonBorn96> It decieves you.
[07:25] <GarouxBloodline> Need to drain the main vein, eh?
[07:28] <JASPER42> guys
[07:28] <Dead Gunner>
[07:28] <JASPER42> I need help on a image quiz
[07:28] <JASPER42> it's a film
[07:29] <JASPER42> clues are a guy surfing, a man in a nixon mask and 3 guys sky diving 
[07:29] <Dead Gunner> Hey, <span style="color:red;">Gunny</span>
[07:29] <The Old World Relics> Er...try google Jasp?
[07:29] <JASPER42> I don't think it'll help
[07:29] <Fussenpepper> Nixon goes skydiving: beach edition
[07:29] <The Old World Relics> Whats the game name?
[07:29] <JASPER42> clockbusters
[07:30] <Dead Gunner> I just got a new Xbox Theme
[07:30] <Dead Gunner> USMC
[07:30] <Dead Gunner> Looks pretty neat I guess.
[07:30] <JASPER42> a red warning light, duct tape, the moon
[07:30] <Zer0TheNinja> Did you buy it?
[07:30] <Dead Gunner> 'Twas free.
[07:30] <Zer0TheNinja> NIce
[07:30] <Zer0TheNinja> Nice*
[07:30] <Dead Gunner> I'm replacing my Fo3 theme now.
[07:31] <Dead Gunner> Also, the Xbox Update for Minecraft needs to come out.
[07:31] <Dead Gunner> I wanna raid the End and stuff.
[07:31] <JASPER42> "air mail", guy on a beach, a volley ball
[07:31] <Fussenpepper> Air Mail adventures in Beachland
[07:31] <JASPER42> each 3 are unrealted to the previous 3 BTW
[07:31] <The Old World Relics> The Nixon one is Point Break, Jasp.
[07:31] <JASPER42> ty
[07:32] <The Old World Relics> (y) Anything else?
[07:32] <JASPER42> scissors, brightly coloured houses and a hedge (in the shape of a dinosaur?)
[07:32] <The Old World Relics> Edward Scisor Hands
[07:32] <DragonBorn96> Balamory.
[07:33] <Dead Gunner>
[07:33] <The Old World Relics> Next Jasp.
[07:33] <JASPER42> Took too long to get edward scissorhands in and it bllew up
[07:33] <JASPER42> So I think I broke it
[07:34] <The Old World Relics> Hmm. That sucks then.
[07:34] <Higgey the Scotsman> .
[07:34] <JASPER42> oh it svaes
[07:34] <JASPER42> saves
[07:34] <JASPER42> good
[07:34] <Dead Gunner>
[07:34] <JASPER42> A kitana handle, a headless manakin and ligjtning 
[07:35] <The Old World Relics> Er. Nothing on that. 
[07:35] <JASPER42> man hugging a woman, a diarym old people in bed
[07:35] <The Old World Relics> Nate, any luck on the photoshop pictures? ;D
[07:36] <Dead Gunner> O.o
[07:36] <Dead Gunner> Fak
[07:36] <The Old World Relics> The Notebook.
[07:36] <JASPER42> ty
[07:36] <The Old World Relics> Hehe I'm enjoying myself. I love movie trivia. Next.
[07:37] <JASPER42> mask, bald woman, cathedral 
[07:37] <Dead Gunner>
[07:37] <Dead Gunner> Dat
[07:37] <Higgey the Scotsman> V for Vendetta
[07:37] <JASPER42> jar full of pennies, kids on a railway track, a scrapyard
[07:38] <The Old World Relics> Kids, railroad. You didnt get Stand By Me?
[07:38] <Ghoullover666> hai Nathan
[07:38] <The Old World Relics> Hey Mel *hugs*
[07:38] <JASPER42> Never seen it
[07:38] <Ghoullover666> *hugs back* ^w^
[07:38] <JASPER42> ty both Rel and Liam
[07:39] <JASPER42> A "Hello my name is" sticker but with a ?
[07:39] <JASPER42> Passports
[07:39] <JASPER42> Efflie tower
[07:39] <Higgey the Scotsman> I thought you were a movie buff, Jasp. Who hasn't at least heard of V for Vendetta?
[07:39] <The Old World Relics> :O See it sometime. Probably on Netflix. Based on a Steven King book IIRC.
[07:39] <Higgey the Scotsman> Or can't recongise the mask
[07:39] <JASPER42> Heard of it Liam
[07:39] <Higgey the Scotsman> recognise*
[07:39] <JASPER42> Wasnt a guy fawks mask
[07:39] <Zer0TheNinja> *Points at Ant's mask*
[07:39] <Higgey the Scotsman> Ah
[07:39] <Zer0TheNinja> avvie*
[07:39] <JASPER42> We need 10 more
[07:40] <The Old World Relics> Anything with a Volley ball?
[07:40] <JASPER42> A dollar bill with half drawn in chalk
[07:40] <JASPER42> A man running with a bag
[07:40] <JASPER42> A piolt hat
[07:40] <Higgey the Scotsman> Never fear, Higgey's here. Nate, too, who's been making more contributions to this quiz
[07:40] <JASPER42> Yeah, Rel
[07:41] <JASPER42> man in a cage, glasses and a pen, a dessert island
[07:41] <The Old World Relics> The Volley ball one is probably Cast Away, and the one you just names, Caugh me if you can maybe?
[07:41] <The Old World Relics> Er...
[07:42] <JASPER42> yellow house, old man, balloons 
[07:42] <Higgey the Scotsman> Up.
[07:42] <The Old World Relics> Up
[07:42] <The Old World Relics> >_>
[07:42] <JASPER42> Oh wow
[07:42] <Higgey the Scotsman> (ninja) 
[07:42] <JASPER42> How'd I miss that?
[07:42] <JASPER42> Bow tie and white suit, blak man on piano, plane
[07:42] <Higgey the Scotsman> Uh...
[07:43] <The Old World Relics> got me there...
[07:43] <JASPER42> it's black and white
[07:43] <Higgey the Scotsman> Only black and white films I've seen i full are The Scopes Monkey Trial and King Kong, neither has a black pianist.
[07:43] <JASPER42> A guy with an impressive tash, an oil well mining thin, a milkshake
[07:44] <Higgey the Scotsman> in*
[07:44] <The Old World Relics> Ah Casablanca!!
[07:44] <JASPER42> No
[07:44] <The Old World Relics> Thats the piano one:P
[07:44] <JASPER42> Oh
[07:44] <JASPER42> yeah
[07:45] <JASPER42> Woman with tall boots, road sign (via rodeo) woman in black limo
[07:45] <The Old World Relics> Pretty Woman.
[07:46] <The Old World Relics> You said something about one with Lighting?
[07:46] <JASPER42> Red bowtie, red bike chained up, old house
[07:46] <The Old World Relics> Pew-Wee's Adventure 
[07:46] <JASPER42> for the lightning?
[07:46] <JASPER42> no
[07:47] <Higgey the Scotsman> Ghostrider, whatever that Nick Cage thing's called 
[07:47] <The Old World Relics> For the Red Bowtie and bike is Pee Wee, Jasp
[07:48] <JASPER42> It's not liking it
[07:48] <The Old World Relics> It's Pee Wee's Big Adventure. :P Try that.
[07:48] <JASPER42> yeah
[07:49] <JASPER42> Hello, my name is ?
[07:49] <JASPER42> Passports
[07:49] <JASPER42> Effel tower
[07:49] <JASPER42> I think I know it but cant remember the name
[07:50] <JASPER42> Kitana handle, manikin with no head, lightning storm
[07:50] <Higgey the Scotsman> ...Kill Bill? No ide
[07:50] <DragonBorn96> Killbill springs to mind.
[07:50] <Higgey the Scotsman> idea*
[07:50] <DragonBorn96> Kill Bill, same thing...
[07:50] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hivemind,. Fraze
[07:50] <DragonBorn96> we r leejun
[07:50] <JASPER42> I tried kill bill 
[07:50] <DragonBorn96> Kill Bill 2
[07:51] <JASPER42> Man locked up, glasses and a red pen (Maybe some mapping equipment) a dessert island 
[07:51] <DragonBorn96> My life story.
[07:51] <Higgey the Scotsman> Deer Hunter?
[07:51] <Higgey the Scotsman> wait no
[07:51] <JASPER42> There would be a deer
[07:52] <JASPER42> probably
[07:52] <JASPER42> 4 to go people, 4 to go
[07:52] <JASPER42> Meican looking guy, oil well, milkshake
[07:53] <DragonBorn96> Your reflection.
[07:53] <Higgey the Scotsman> hue
[07:53] <JASPER42> Phrase, are you gunna be a help or do I have to put you in the naked woman pitt again?
[07:53] <Higgey the Scotsman> There Will be Blood, I think Jasp
[07:53] <Higgey the Scotsman> no idea really
[07:54] <JASPER42> yeah
[07:54] <JASPER42> nailed it, liam
[07:54] <Higgey the Scotsman> hell yeah
[07:54] <The Old World Relics> Was there one about the Moon?
[07:54] <JASPER42> 3 left
[07:54] <JASPER42> "hello: who am i?" Passports, france
[07:55] <JASPER42> there was
[07:55] <The Old World Relics> That might be Caught me if you Can
[07:55] <JASPER42> Sword, headless manikin, lightning
[07:55] <The Old World Relics> Not the moon, the passports :P
[07:55] <JASPER42> had that IIRC
[07:56] <Higgey the Scotsman> The moon? Apollo 13?
[07:56] <JASPER42> Moon one's hone
[07:56] <JASPER42> gone
[07:56] <Higgey the Scotsman> Oh
[07:56] <JASPER42> forget what it was
[07:56] <Higgey the Scotsman> OH
[07:56] <Higgey the Scotsman> Bourne Identity
[07:56] <Higgey the Scotsman> For the france one
[07:56] <JASPER42> good boy
[07:57] <JASPER42> never seen a bourne film
[07:57] <Higgey the Scotsman> hell yeah
[07:57] <JASPER42> 2 to go dammit
[07:57] <Dead Gunner>
[07:57] <Dead Gunner> Read the bottom part in Sheen's voice.
[07:57] <Dead Gunner> It'll make your day.
[07:57] <Higgey the Scotsman> My sides, Gunner
[07:57] <Zer0TheNinja> XD
[07:57] <JASPER42> Raging <span style="color:red;">cunt</span>
[07:58] <Dead Gunner> All 20 of them, Higgey?
[07:58] <Higgey the Scotsman> eh fak u
[07:58] <JASPER42> heu heu heu
[07:58] <Higgey the Scotsman> >heu heu heu
[07:58] <Higgey the Scotsman> huehuehue
[07:58] <JASPER42> no liam
[07:58] <The Old World Relics> Highlander!
[07:58] <Higgey the Scotsman> JASP WAIT. did yiou say sword, headless mannkin and..?
[07:58] <Higgey the Scotsman> Oh nate got it
[07:58] <JASPER42> atta boy
[07:58] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hsad a feeling
[07:58] <Higgey the Scotsman> had*
[07:58] <The Old World Relics> (ninja) 
[07:58] <JASPER42> one to go
[07:59] <JASPER42> ONE TO GO
[07:59] <The Old World Relics> ;D
[07:59] <JASPER42> man in a cage/jail
[07:59] <Higgey the Scotsman> Is that tropical island one still there jasp
[07:59] <JASPER42> yeah
[07:59] <Higgey the Scotsman> Shawshank Redemotion.
[07:59] <Higgey the Scotsman> HE SHOOTS HE SCORES
[07:59] <Higgey the Scotsman> redemption*
[07:59] <Dead Gunner>
[07:59] <The Old World Relics> Aha very nice Liam.
[07:59] <JASPER42> Liam, you got the last one
[08:00] <JASPER42> so you get to chose the victory song
[08:00] <The Old World Relics> (crying) You bastard!
[08:00] <Higgey the Scotsman> it could be nothing else
[08:00] <JASPER42> "You're the best" from Karate kid
[08:00] <JASPER42> "time of my life" dirty dancing"
[08:00] <JASPER42> "twist and shout" Ferris bueller
[08:00] <JASPER42> "nobody does it better" spy who love dme
[08:00] <JASPER42> PICK ONWE
[08:01] <Higgey the Scotsman> Nobody Does it Better
[08:01] <JASPER42> The account has been deleted
[08:01] <JASPER42> damn
[08:01] <JASPER42> Karare kid it is
[08:02] <JASPER42> you're the best 
[08:02] <JASPER42> AROUND
[08:02] <JASPER42> never's ever gunna keep you down
[08:02] <Dead Gunner>
[08:02] <ISlamHD> hello
[08:02] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hi.
[08:02] <JASPER42> yo
[08:03] <ISlamHD> is it right to make a woman in love with a boomer to suicide?
[08:03] <ISlamHD> 
[08:03] <JASPER42> >is it right to make someone kill themself
[08:03] <ISlamHD> thats a yes :D
[08:03] <JASPER42> is that person Justine Bieber?
[08:04] <JASPER42> if no, then no
[08:04] <JASPER42> if yes, then go ahead
[08:04] <Dead Gunner>
[08:04] <ISlamHD> id like to retexture deathclaws into justin bieber
[08:05] <ISlamHD> so i stop running away from them :D
[08:05] <Higgey the Scotsman> k
[08:06] <ISlamHD> psychos please ?
[08:06] <Dead Gunner>
[08:07] <JASPER42> pussy
[08:07] <JASPER42> that bitch a pussy
[08:07] <ISlamHD> yup
[08:07] <ISlamHD> andrea
[08:07] <JASPER42> I'd just walk through the hoard busting skulls
[08:07] <JASPER42> With my HANDS
[08:08] <ISlamHD> id just take a few psychos and pretend im a hippie :D
[08:08] <Higgey the Scotsman> Given how shitty TWD zombies, that's possible Jasp
[08:08] <Higgey the Scotsman> zombies are*
[08:08] <JASPER42> They got T-Dog though
[08:09] <JASPER42> R.I.P noble warrior 
[08:09] <Higgey the Scotsman> The producer said that they acknowledge how borung the zombies are, and plan on making them much more of a threat again next season
[08:09] <Higgey the Scotsman> boring*
[08:10] <ISlamHD> they should make them
[08:10] <ISlamHD> hippies
[08:10] <Higgey the Scotsman> Why?
[08:10] <Dead Gunner>
[08:10] <ISlamHD> cause i like killing hippies
[08:11] <ISlamHD> ):
[08:11] <ISlamHD> he said no
[08:11] <Dead Gunner> Your ideas are bad and you should feel bad.
[08:11] <JASPER42> Your bad and you should feel bad
[08:12] <JASPER42> your bad is bad
[08:12] <Higgey the Scotsman> Your mum is bad and you should feel bad.
[08:12] <Higgey the Scotsman> Hey Ferret, long time no see
[08:12] <CrazyFerret> Hey
[08:12] <CrazyFerret> Whats up
[08:12] <Higgey the Scotsman> Nothing much
[08:13] <CrazyFerret> Y'all know if the Boston rumors re true?
[08:13] <Higgey the Scotsman> Huh
[08:13] <JASPER42>
[08:13] <JASPER42> ferret
[08:13] <Higgey the Scotsman> What rumours?
[08:13] <JASPER42> are you an idiot?
[08:14] <JASPER42> what the fuck is a boston?
[08:14] <CrazyFerret> What the fuck is a sonic?!
[08:14] <CrazyFerret>
[08:14] <JASPER42> anyway no
[08:14] <JASPER42> 1) they came from fucking reddit, who believes reddit?
[08:15] <JASPER42> 2) he's already said it's bullcrap
[08:15] <CrazyFerret> good
[08:15] <JASPER42> anyone who believed it for a second has some serious problems they need sorting out
[08:16] <JASPER42> when someone on the internet says "I work for bethesda, fallout 4 is boston" you don't fucking believe that
[08:16] <CrazyFerret> No need to be an <span style="color:red;">asshole</span>
[08:16] <JASPER42> i'm not
[08:16] <JASPER42> But seriously. you actually believed him?
[08:17] <CrazyFerret> "Y'all know if the Boston rumors re true?"
[08:17] <CrazyFerret> A clear declaration of belief 
[08:17] <JASPER42> I thought you were joking 
[08:17] <A Follower> While it is likely that the game will be set in Boston, it has not been confirmed or denied by any credible source.
[08:17] <A Follower> Take that at what you will.
[08:18] <Richie9999> Howdy folks, how's tricks?
[08:18] <CrazyFerret> Thank you lol, i figured as much
[08:18] <Ghoullover666> hello richie
[08:18] <Ghoullover666> nervous richie
[08:18] <Ghoullover666> and you?
[08:18] <JASPER42> Yo richie
[08:19] <Richie9999> Why're you nervous, Ghoulie?
[08:19] <Richie9999> I'm a bit better. Felt like poop this morning, but my mood and general way of being is improving.
[08:19] <Ghoullover666> take a guess
[08:19] <Ghoullover666> Apprentice shit
[08:19] <Richie9999> Job interview?
[08:19] <Richie9999> Oh.
[08:19] <Ghoullover666> and job interview
[08:19] <Richie9999> Ooh.
[08:20] <JASPER42> good luck melo
[08:21] <Dead Gunner> ^
[08:21] <Ghoullover666> thanks Jasp
[08:22] <Ghoullover666> 2 days left before deadline
[08:22] <Ghoullover666> 10 pages to make
[08:22] <Ghoullover666> hehehehehe
[08:22] <JASPER42> 10 pages?
[08:22] <Ghoullover666> yup. 10 blog articles for the apprentice
[08:23] <The Old World Relics> I have 4 or 5 most planed :/
[08:24] <Dead Gunner> I made 3
[08:24] <Dead Gunner> Seemed fitting IMO
[08:24] <Ghoullover666> 3 characters. 2 locations. 2 new creatures. 1 craftable item. 1 quest, 1 new skill.
[08:25] <JASPER42> Wow
[08:25] <JASPER42> That's quite alot
[08:25] <Ghoullover666> eeyup.
[08:25] <CrazyFerret> Is the news gonna be separated soon? I heard it was going to be
[08:25] <Ghoullover666> I can show you one of the creatures. since there are 2 days left, I doubt people will be able to steal my idea
[08:25] <Dead Gunner> I used my quest page for the new skills and items.
[08:26] <JASPER42> Mel does what I'd do
[08:26] <The Old World Relics> Yea, I'll be mixing a few together. And it is already Ferret.
[08:26] <Dead Gunner> My NPC page is just to make the boss sound cooler, because he needed to be special.
[08:26] <JASPER42> Different page for everything 
[08:26] <JASPER42> it's more in accordance to the usual set up
[08:26] <JASPER42> and the brief is to make it like a canon page
[08:27] <Ghoullover666> @_@
[08:27] <The Old World Relics> I have a new stuff page. Creatures page. Location Page, NPC page and Plot Page.
[08:27] <CrazyFerret> Whats the page for just official fallout news
[08:27] <The Old World Relics> Page? What do you mean?
[08:27] <JASPER42> there's been no offical fallout news for liek 2 years
[08:27] <CrazyFerret> Well I thought news was going to be separated between community stuff and official news
[08:27] <Ghoullover666> 
[08:27] <Ghoullover666> ^ behold my poor drawing skills
[08:28] <Ghoullover666> that's one of the new creatures
[08:28] <The Old World Relics> On the main page it's in split via community stuff versus news.
[08:28] <JASPER42> Very ncie Melo
[08:28] <Ghoullover666> fuck deathclaws. mutated aligators ftw.
[08:28] <The Old World Relics> And it's all by categories.
[08:28] <Ghoullover666> not nice enough, Jasp.
[08:28] <Ghoullover666> looks like a raider's drawing
[08:29] <JASPER42> if you say so
[08:29] <CrazyFerret> ah thanks
[08:29] <CrazyFerret> Did you guys think Fallout was hard?
[08:30] <Vault girl76> not really 
[08:30] <JASPER42> not hard but not easy
[08:30] <JASPER42> Pretty standard
[08:30] <CrazyFerret> I didn't either lol. Im reading the news and somebody thinks fallout 1 was really hard
[08:30] <JASPER42> I die but I dont get stuck in an endless loop inless I go out of my depth 
[08:30] <Vault girl76> NV was a little harder in the beginning 
[08:30] <JASPER42> Then again, I play on "Normal" but still
[08:30] <WastelanDrifter> jasper you have never played Fallout
[08:31] <Littleoz123> favorite fallout game?
[08:31] <CrazyFerret> Fallout 3
[08:31] <JASPER42> Brotherhood of Steel
[08:31] <Vault girl76> I though he was referring to the series as a whole 
[08:31] <CrazyFerret> Nah he meant the early ones i think
[08:31] <JASPER42> oh
[08:31] <Vault girl76> New Vegas i guess 
[08:31] <JASPER42> I thought you were refering to the rebooted 2
[08:31] <Littleoz123> nice
[08:35] <The Old World Relics> Nate?
[08:35] <Dead Gunner> Yo.
[08:35] <The Old World Relics> So no luck with the Photoshop?
[08:35] <Dead Gunner> I'll do it a bit later, I'm playing Point Lookout right now.
[08:36] <The Old World Relics> All good then. If you wanted a few edits, could you do me a favour?
[08:36] <Ghoullover666> Spare Desmond, Nate
[08:36] <Dead Gunner> What's up Nathan?
[08:36] <Dead Gunner> I always do Melo.
[08:36] <Ghoullover666> :3
[08:37] <The Old World Relics> I'm uploading some images. Wondering if you could do the categorizing as I'm busy. All should be categoried as User blog and have the OWR prefix.
[08:37] <Dead Gunner> Sure, just a minute and I could get it.
[08:37] <Richie9999> Relics.
[08:37] <The Old World Relics> Thanks Nate. I appercatie it. Yes Richie?
[08:37] <Richie9999> That real world scrapyard you linked has one of my dream cars in it.
[08:38] <Richie9999> There's a '57 Bel air in there.
[08:38] <Richie9999> Or a '56.
[08:38] <The Old World Relics> Aha very nice. It's in Californa. Go get it ;)
[08:38] <Richie9999> It's the blue one pretty much right under the red and white one.
[08:38] <JASPER42>$-Hqx:fibuT5Tg/
[08:38] <JASPER42> teh fuck
[08:38] <Richie9999> That's probably an old image, relics.
[08:39] <Richie9999> The Bel Air looks too new.
[08:39] <The Old World Relics> True. I think it was 78 IIRC the article XD
[08:39] <Richie9999> And no one would get rid of one these days to trash it.
[08:39] <Richie9999> Given their current value.
[08:39] <Richie9999> That fits with teh designs and styles of the other cars.
[08:39] <JASPER42> this is the greatest thing I've ever seen
[08:40] <Richie9999> Is it weird that the car was one of the first things I noticed?
[08:42] <JASPER42>
[08:42] <The Old World Relics> This is going to be hell making 5 articles in and IE editor...
[08:42] <JASPER42> internet explorer?
[08:43] <The Old World Relics> Yeap
[08:43] <JASPER42> ...
[08:43] <JASPER42> why rel
[08:43] <JASPER42> WHY
[08:43] <JASPER42> use firefox or chrome 
[08:43] <The Old World Relics> My mothers computer.
[08:43] <JASPER42> oh
[08:43] <JASPER42> punch her for me
[08:43] <The Old World Relics> Mines been so bad as of late. Why I havent been in as much truth be told. Aha will do.
[08:49] <A Follower> Is chat dead
[08:50] <Ghoullover666> busy chat
[08:52] <Ghoullover666> gtg bai o/ 
[08:53] <The Old World Relics> If anyone needs me, I'm here, just working. Also, my pings may not work, so PM.
[08:54] <JASPER42> Ny chathacks are still down
[08:54] <JASPER42> And no one will tell me how to fix them
[08:55] <The Vault 13 Dweller> hey guys
[08:55] <JASPER42> rjla
[08:55] <JASPER42> hey
[08:55] <JASPER42> it's that one guy
[08:55] <The Vault 13 Dweller> ya, i'm that one guy
[08:55] <The Old World Relics> Mine worked fine on FF, just IE poops all over chat.
[08:55] <JASPER42> he he "poops"
[08:55] <DragonBorn96> Hax fix.
[08:55] <DragonBorn96> For FF/Chrome.
[08:56] <JASPER42> thanks honet
[08:56] <JASPER42> hney
[08:56] <JASPER42> HONEY
[08:56] <The Old World Relics> I'll have to do that later on my computer then.
[08:57] <Zerginfestor> damn, gotta love seeing the front page of Nukapedia being swarmed with zerglings.
[08:57] <JASPER42> mmm...
[08:59] <JASPER42> the fuck yo
[08:59] <DragonBorn96> yo
[09:00] <JASPER42> it dun work
[09:00] <DragonBorn96> FF/Chrome?
[09:00] <JASPER42> yes
[09:01] <DragonBorn96> What do you use, foo.
[09:01] <JASPER42> importScriptPage('User:Monchoman45/ChatHacks.js', 'c');
[09:01] <JASPER42> goes in my [[User:JASPER42/global.js
[09:01] <JASPER42> ]]
[09:01] <DragonBorn96> Look at the comments.
[09:01] <DragonBorn96> Use that one, it's what I used and it fixed it.
[09:07] <WastelanDrifter> weathered 10mm pistol is so powerful in early game
[09:13] <AnthonyMuerte13> yeah, but its relatively just a pea shooter later on. im stuck on the silenced 12mm pistol for a sidearm now. its just so beast.
[09:16] <AnthonyMuerte13> or if you can make it north of the horowitz farm early in the game with the wild wasteland perk, and somehow manage to kill the 3 aliens posted below the ridge with the floating ufo, BAM, you gotta alien plasma gun with around a hundred or so rounds you can loot off the aliens.
[09:16] <Coldflame98> Hai
[09:17] <AnthonyMuerte13> aye
[09:17] <Coldflame98> Is there a way to untie benny in Caesar's tent and not have him get killed in seconds?
[09:17] <AnthonyMuerte13> make sure you have plenty of stealthboys.
[09:18] <Coldflame98> I mean, when I untie him the whole room turns hostile
[09:18] <AnthonyMuerte13> i think theres a dialogue option including stealthboys and sneaking out. 
[09:18] <Coldflame98> Huh
[09:18] <Coldflame98> I don't seem to get that, unless it only shows if you have a few
[09:18] <AnthonyMuerte13> but i only got there once. i chose to crucify him.
[09:19] <Coldflame98> Where's best to get 'em?
[09:19] <AnthonyMuerte13> oh jeez. im not too sure, i have a bunch i just collected.
[09:19] <AnthonyMuerte13> over time.
[09:19] <Coldflame98> I sell them.
[09:19] <Coldflame98> Hmm
[09:20] <AnthonyMuerte13> but maybe the repconn test site basement? merchants? nightkin?
[09:20] <AnthonyMuerte13> where the ghoul is hold up on the catwalk, behind him theres a terminal and a bunch of boxes, i think theres a few back there.
[09:21] <AnthonyMuerte13> just a few though.
[09:21] <Coldflame98> Is the cruxifiction timed?
[09:21] <AnthonyMuerte13> what do you mean?
[09:22] <AnthonyMuerte13> like does it take time for them to crucify him?
[09:22] <Coldflame98> The legion say if I walk away they'll put him on the cross
[09:22] <Coldflame98> Does that mean I can't just come back and help him later?
[09:22] <AnthonyMuerte13> yeah.
[09:22] <The Old World Relics> Benny has to die. No matter what.
[09:23] <AnthonyMuerte13> you leave caesars tent and he appears on the cross to the right coming out of the tent.
[09:23] <Coldflame98> Ah.
[09:24] <AnthonyMuerte13> but yeah, i always kill him in the tops confrontation now. cause i dont like the character.
[09:24] <AnthonyMuerte13> he shot you.
[09:24] <AnthonyMuerte13> in the head.
[09:24] <AnthonyMuerte13> 2 times.
[09:24] <Coldflame98> Eh...
[09:24] <AnthonyMuerte13> lol
[09:24] <Coldflame98> He never did anything worse than the courier does
[09:25] <AnthonyMuerte13> but the couriers justified in his/her actions.
[09:25] <AnthonyMuerte13> cause hes/shes a badass.
[09:25] <AnthonyMuerte13> haha
[09:26] <WastelanDrifter> benny was a great person
[09:26] <AnthonyMuerte13> he dies great every time, i find.
[09:27] <AnthonyMuerte13> HEADSHOTSPLOSION.
[09:27] <WastelanDrifter> there is a mod for benny
[09:27] <WastelanDrifter> you can take him as a companion
[09:27] <WastelanDrifter> after you saved him
[09:27] <AnthonyMuerte13> well, i have the ps3 version. so mods arent an option.
[09:27] <Zer0TheNinja> Hello :)
[09:27] <WastelanDrifter> hey
[09:28] <AnthonyMuerte13> aye
[09:28] <Zer0TheNinja> I want to get the computer version of so many games but my Macbook sucks
[09:28] <WastelanDrifter> :)
[09:28] <AnthonyMuerte13> i hear you on that, im on a crappy 4 gb laptop
[09:28] <WastelanDrifter> pc is best platform for games
[09:29] <Zer0TheNinja> If I ever get one the games I'm immediately getting are Skyrim, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and any other games I'm too lazy to try and find right now, lol
[09:30] <Zer0TheNinja> Should I start a new game on New Vegas?
[09:30] <WastelanDrifter> why?
[09:31] <Zer0TheNinja> Cause I'm completely lost on this one XD
[09:31] <Zer0TheNinja> I haven't played for months
[09:31] <WastelanDrifter> start a new game
[09:31] <Zer0TheNinja> I'm just saving this and starting a new one 
[09:32] <WastelanDrifter> i finished game with all endings except legion's
[09:32] <Zer0TheNinja> I have 5 different saves
[09:32] <Zer0TheNinja> Each is a different character
[09:32] <Zer0TheNinja> I like to make stories for them >.< *Is weird like that*
[09:32] <AnthonyMuerte13> lol, i picked up my game after playing red dead and just cause 2 for a while, felt like i was on a different planet playing fallout. since its so clunky at times. but im basically a ninja now. haha
[09:33] <Zer0TheNinja> Lol ninja is red
[09:33] <AnthonyMuerte13> yeah, im beast at red dead too.
[09:33] <Zer0TheNinja> Nie I meant that the word "ninja" is red XD
[09:34] <AnthonyMuerte13> haha. oh
[09:34] <Zer0TheNinja> I do respect the Legion, they have conquered so much and stuff but I also respect the NCR cause they are fighting so hard and such. But Enclave can screw off
[09:34] <Zer0TheNinja> But I like their armor. I'll take that
[09:34] <WastelanDrifter> companionship in FO3 and NV is shit
[09:34] <Zer0TheNinja> But once I have it, they can screw off
[09:34] <Zer0TheNinja> Oh I know
[09:35] <AnthonyMuerte13> i get in everyones good graces for the safehouses.
[09:35] <Zer0TheNinja> I had to bring Dogmeat on a quest where it was impossible to miss the big butterflies (as my little cousin calls them) and dogmeat is such a dumb ass
[09:35] <Zer0TheNinja> He'd run straight into the fight >.>
[09:35] <Zer0TheNinja> But against humans he's decent
[09:35] <AnthonyMuerte13> after i got all of them, im basically an outlaw.
[09:35] <Zer0TheNinja> Lol
[09:35] <Zer0TheNinja> I form legions >.<
[09:35] <Zer0TheNinja> Oh shit
[09:36] <Zer0TheNinja> I'm so happy I didn't delete that old game
[09:36] <AnthonyMuerte13> mod?
[09:36] <Zer0TheNinja> In every rpg game I play I "collect" a very useless object. In Skyrim I got over 500 brooms in my Whiterun house
[09:37] <Zer0TheNinja> In the last fallout game I was just playing I had over 700 bottles of Nuka-Cola XD
[09:37] <Zer0TheNinja> Fun Fact: All elder scroll games start you off in a prison
[09:38] <Dead Gunner>
[09:38] <Zer0TheNinja> And I have all the dlcs :D
[09:38] <AnthonyMuerte13> haha i remember in fallout 3, i collected all the pre war money i could find and just paved my megaton house with bills. lol
[09:38] <Zer0TheNinja> Lol
[09:38] <Zer0TheNinja> I actually beat Fallout 3
[09:38] <Zer0TheNinja> But guess what
[09:38] <AnthonyMuerte13> had like 1000
[09:38] <Zer0TheNinja> I beat it on my friend's xbox >.>
[09:39] <AnthonyMuerte13> i got the goty edition, beat. its so boring now.
[09:39] <Zer0TheNinja> Goty?
[09:39] <AnthonyMuerte13> game of the year
[09:39] <Zer0TheNinja> Ah
[09:39] <Zer0TheNinja> Same
[09:39] <Zer0TheNinja> And I got the same one for New Vegas
[09:39] <AnthonyMuerte13> has all the add on content.
[09:39] <WastelanDrifter> i dont like FO3
[09:39] <Zer0TheNinja> I still want to get the special edition though.
[09:39] <Dead Gunner> The DLC is short as shit in FO3.
[09:39] <WastelanDrifter> worst scenario ever
[09:39] <Dead Gunner> I can do each of them in about an hour.
[09:40] <AnthonyMuerte13> i pre ordered fallot nv so i dont have any dlc yet. havent gotten around to getting a 50$ psn card to buy it all . lol
[09:40] <Dead Gunner> At least NV prompts you to collect stuff.
[09:40] <Dead Gunner> You actually wanna do it.
[09:41] <AnthonyMuerte13> right.
[09:41] <AnthonyMuerte13> i stockpile supplies to make stimpaks and timebombs. 
[09:41] <WastelanDrifter> i collect all of unique and rare items
[09:41] <WastelanDrifter> even scripture
[09:42] <Dead Gunner> Scripture is easy.
[09:42] <Zer0TheNinja> Yeah I beat Fallout 3 while hanging out with my 3 friends down in Virginia, We would stay up all night and I still beat 50% of it in 3 days
[09:42] <WastelanDrifter> i use them for decoration
[09:42] <WastelanDrifter> i dont throw them away
[09:42] <WastelanDrifter> like guitars
[09:42] <AnthonyMuerte13> i store that crap in my house, whereever i decide to make base at. its just dead weight.
[09:42] <WastelanDrifter> only 2 guitars in game
[09:42] <AnthonyMuerte13> except the weapons and armor.
[09:43] <Coldflame98> Why are you acting like Fo3 is going to take 6 days to beat?
[09:43] <WastelanDrifter> maybe 10
[09:44] <Dead Gunner> If you know what you are doing, you can beat it in one.
[09:44] <Coldflame98> Get out of 101>Go to smith caseys>Go to Purity>Go to citadel>Beat game
[09:44] <Dead Gunner> ^
[09:44] <Dead Gunner> Do Broken Steel
[09:44] <Dead Gunner> Takes around an hour to do that.
[09:44] <WastelanDrifter> if you do that you dont feel game pleasure
[09:45] <Coldflame98> I did it in a week, playing a couple hours a night, doing 3 DLCs
[09:45] <WastelanDrifter> i take all of special perks
[09:45] <WastelanDrifter> like combat moves
[09:46] <AnthonyMuerte13> beating all the quest you possibly can, that took me about a month wit a schedule, of course.
[09:46] <Zer0TheNinja> Back, was making my guy a beast
[09:47] <Coldflame98> Every quest
[09:47] <DragonBorn96> If you want to join and then attempt a very poor troll then you can kindly take it elsewhere, Swifty.
[09:47] <AnthonyMuerte13> yeah ranger takedown, khan trick, scribe palm, praetorian charge thing. beeeast.
[09:47] <Coldflame98> I make that three weeks of daily play
[09:47] <Coldflame98> Fo3 you just do anchorage
[09:47] <Coldflame98> Put loads of points in speech and energy weps
[09:47] <Coldflame98> VATS perks
[09:48] <Zer0TheNinja> I love all the Fallouts but I think New Vegas is greatly improved
[09:48] <WastelanDrifter> it is a modern game
[09:48] <WastelanDrifter> it isnt like FO2
[09:49] <WastelanDrifter> but fallout 2 is best with a restoration project
[09:49] <AnthonyMuerte13> i did lockpick and science all the way, following with small guns and melee weapons, then barter and speech, the other crap got the leftover points.
[09:49] <Swifty2077> NV is the sequel to FO2 not FO3
[09:51] <AnthonyMuerte13> swifty appears to be right. as bethesda contracted the former devs for fallout 1 and 2 for new vegas.
[09:51] <Swifty2077> yup
[09:51] <Zer0TheNinja> What would you guys say is the best stats for the Vigor Tester?
[09:52] <AnthonyMuerte13> luck, first off.
[09:52] <WastelanDrifter> you need luck
[09:52] <WastelanDrifter> at least 6
[09:52] <Zer0TheNinja> I know that lol
[09:53] <WastelanDrifter> i dont give str too much
[09:53] <Zer0TheNinja> How's 7 for luck?
[09:53] <AnthonyMuerte13> strenght, endurance, and intelligence. intelligence is very important, as it determines how many skillpoints you get per level up.
[09:53] <Zer0TheNinja> Alright tell me what I should make larger or smaller
[09:53] <Languorous.Maiar> Special in FNV?
[09:54] <WastelanDrifter> dont waste points for str
[09:54] <Zer0TheNinja> Strength:4
[09:54] <Zer0TheNinja> Perception:4
[09:54] <Zer0TheNinja> Endurance:7
[09:54] <Zer0TheNinja> Charisma:7
[09:54] <Zer0TheNinja> Intelligence:7
[09:54] <Zer0TheNinja> Agility:4
[09:54] <Zer0TheNinja> Luck:7
[09:55] <Languorous.Maiar> Mhm.
[09:55] <Languorous.Maiar> 9 endurance for all implants
[09:55] <Languorous.Maiar> 9 intelligence for many skillpoints
[09:55] <Languorous.Maiar> And a lot of agility if youre using VATS.
[09:55] <WastelanDrifter> you dont need 9 int
[09:55] <Zer0TheNinja> implants? I am such a newb again
[09:55] <Zer0TheNinja> lol
[09:55] <WastelanDrifter> 7 is enough
[09:55] <Languorous.Maiar> im prefer this setup
[09:55] <Languorous.Maiar> 7
[09:55] <Languorous.Maiar> 3
[09:55] <Languorous.Maiar> 9
[09:55] <Languorous.Maiar> 3
[09:55] <Languorous.Maiar> 9
[09:55] <Languorous.Maiar> 9
[09:55] <Languorous.Maiar> 1
[09:55] <Languorous.Maiar> 
[09:56] <Languorous.Maiar> And you will end with everything for 10, and luck for 3 or so
[09:56] <WastelanDrifter> maiar
[09:56] <WastelanDrifter> this is NV
[09:56] <Languorous.Maiar> And?
[09:56] <Coldflame98> Always 19 INT
[09:56] <Languorous.Maiar> Perception is useless in NV>
[09:56] <WastelanDrifter> you need luck
[09:56] <Coldflame98> *10
[09:56] <Languorous.Maiar> Also charisma too
[09:56] <Coldflame98> I always set luck at 1
[09:56] <WastelanDrifter> you dont need charisma
[09:56] <Coldflame98> Well
[09:56] <Languorous.Maiar> if speech is your tag
[09:57] <Coldflame98> 4 for NV
[09:57] <Coldflame98> 
[09:57] <Languorous.Maiar> Im always takin 1 agility from trait
[09:57] <Languorous.Maiar> at start.
[09:57] <Coldflame98> Yeah
[09:57] <WastelanDrifter> small frame and good natured
[09:57] <Languorous.Maiar> And why I need luck? Because of casinos?
[09:57] <WastelanDrifter> best traits
[09:57] <Coldflame98> 25% limbs is nothing compared to 1 agi
[09:58] <WastelanDrifter> casinos have unmarked quests
[09:58] <WastelanDrifter> you know
[09:58] <Zer0TheNinja> I lowered my Intelligence 1, what should I add to?
[09:58] <Coldflame98> Logan's Loophole is arguably the best trait but it more or les s ruins the game
[09:58] <Coldflame98> NO
[09:58] <Coldflame98> 
[09:58] <Coldflame98> 10 INT
[09:58] <Coldflame98> 
[09:58] <Coldflame98> No matter what
[09:58] <WastelanDrifter> 7 is enough
[09:58] <WastelanDrifter> i played with 7
[09:58] <Zer0TheNinja> Now it's at 6
[09:58] <Coldflame98> You either want it really low or really high
[09:58] <WastelanDrifter> my abilities are 100
[09:58] <WastelanDrifter> all of them
[09:59] <WastelanDrifter> i sold all of my magazines
[09:59] <Zer0TheNinja> I'm lowering agility >.<
[09:59] <Coldflame98> Low for NPC pity or high or skills
[09:59] <Coldflame98> *for
[09:59] <Zer0TheNinja> What is more important? Luck, Endurance, Strength, or Intelligence?
[09:59] <WastelanDrifter> luck 
[09:59] <Dead Gunner> Depends.
[09:59] <Coldflame98> INT
[09:59] <Coldflame98> 
[10:00] <Coldflame98> Luck isn't too important
[10:00] <Dead Gunner> I'd say INT overall.
[10:00] <WastelanDrifter> i do all of quests
[10:00] <Zer0TheNinja> I usually talk my way out of a lot of things
[10:00] <WastelanDrifter> including unmarked ones
[10:00] <WastelanDrifter> you need luck for them
[10:00] <Coldflame98> So...?
[10:00] <Zer0TheNinja> And Barter
[10:00] <Coldflame98> No, luck just helps
[10:00] <WastelanDrifter> like casino quests
[10:00] <WastelanDrifter> wtf
[10:01] <WastelanDrifter> you are playing gambling
[10:01] <Coldflame98> If you're on about getting banned
[10:01] <Zer0TheNinja> Mr. House
[10:01] <Coldflame98> You can alway sjust use quicksave
[10:01] <AnthonyMuerte13> charisma is pretty important, but i like to shoot things.
[10:01] <Dead Gunner> My build is usually 7-1-7-1-10-7-7
[10:01] <Biohazard 2013> 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
[10:01] <WastelanDrifter> dead gunner's build is good except int
[10:02] <Dead Gunner> Intelligence should always be 10.
[10:02] <Dead Gunner> More skill points.
[10:02] <WastelanDrifter> no
[10:02] <WastelanDrifter> i played with 7
[10:02] <Dead Gunner> Take Educated at Level 4 as well.
[10:02] <AnthonyMuerte13> but lck and int are by far the most substantially effective special skills
[10:02] <WastelanDrifter> all of my abilities are 100
[10:02] <Coldflame98> I don't see the deal with luck
[10:02] <Coldflame98> It's not great unless you play an unarmed build
[10:02] <Biohazard 2013> Crit strike.
[10:03] <Zer0TheNinja> What skills are the best?
[10:03] <WastelanDrifter> speech
[10:04] <Zer0TheNinja> Then?
[10:04] <Zer0TheNinja> top 3
[10:04] <Dead Gunner> Speech, your combat skill, barter, repair.
[10:04] <Zer0TheNinja> Okay
[10:04] <WastelanDrifter> speech lockpick barter
[10:04] <Dead Gunner> Ewwwww
[10:04] <Dead Gunner> Lokcpick.
[10:04] <Dead Gunner> Just increase it later.
[10:04] <Dead Gunner> Speech Repair and your combat skill
[10:05] <WastelanDrifter> repair?
[10:05] <WastelanDrifter> why
[10:05] <Zer0TheNinja> Cause it helps you repair your guns XD
[10:05] <Dead Gunner> Jury Rigging.
[10:05] <Dead Gunner> Nuff said.
[10:05] <OnionRings> Nate, my boss chewed me out good today...
[10:05] <Dead Gunner> : /
[10:05] <WastelanDrifter> you can take jury rigging later
[10:05] <Archmage Neko> Repair is one of the most important skills to have in F:NV, especially for Jury Rigging. Unique items are not cheap to repair otherwise.
[10:05] <Dead Gunner> ^
[10:05] <OnionRings>
[10:05] <Dead Gunner> Thanks, Neko.
[10:06] <OnionRings> I was Fraze was here to see this mod...
[10:06] <OnionRings> wish*
[10:06] <WastelanDrifter> jury rigging is useless in early game
[10:06] <DragonBorn96> I am here.
[10:06] <Dead Gunner> No.....
[10:06] <WastelanDrifter> i take it about 30 levels
[10:06] <Dead Gunner> It's ALWAYS useful.
[10:06] <Biohazard 2013> 30 levels
[10:06] <Biohazard 2013> xD
[10:06] <WastelanDrifter> i use light armor
[10:06] <WastelanDrifter> they are cheap
[10:06] <OnionRings> Jury rigging = best perk ever
[10:06] <Dead Gunner> What about unique weapons?
[10:07] <Biohazard 2013> Oh, Baby!
[10:07] <WastelanDrifter> this isnt problem for me
[10:07] <WastelanDrifter> i am rich
[10:07] <WastelanDrifter> i have luck
[10:07] <OnionRings> Fraze, what do you think of the mod?
[10:07] <WastelanDrifter> i have scrounger
[10:07] <DragonBorn96> Shiny.
[10:07] <Dead Gunner> You're playing a different game then FFS
[10:07] <Zer0TheNinja> What is a good trait?
[10:07] <Dead Gunner> Good Natured.
[10:07] <Zer0TheNinja> I already picked Wild Wasteland and I refuse to change it >.<
[10:08] <WastelanDrifter> small frame and good natured
[10:08] <Dead Gunner> Take Good Natured.
[10:08] <Zer0TheNinja> Okay
[10:08] <AnthonyMuerte13> lck deals with critical chance among other things,which determines how fast you can take down large amounts of charging opponents, like say deathclaws.
[10:08] <Dead Gunner> I take Trigger Discipline and Good Natured.
[10:08] <WastelanDrifter> trigger discipline is useless
[10:08] <Biohazard 2013> Hoarder.
[10:08] <Dead Gunner> Useful*
[10:08] <WastelanDrifter> small frame is best
[10:08] <Denis517> ^
[10:08] <Dead Gunner> I snipe, bro.
[10:08] <WastelanDrifter> sniper character
[10:08] <Denis517> I take over 10 traits 
[10:09] <WastelanDrifter> for noobs
[10:09] <Denis517> I loves dem mods
[10:09] <Dead Gunner> Ratslayer takes skill dude.
[10:09] <AnthonyMuerte13> luck combined with well appropriated skills is lethal as hell.
[10:09] <Denis517> I never got why traits were limited. 
[10:09] <Dead Gunner> I usually take Fast Shot and Trigger Discipline. (troll) 
[10:10] <Biohazard 2013> Awful.
[10:10] <WastelanDrifter> i think soo
[10:10] <OnionRings> I never got why Wild Wasteland was a trait instead of a settings option
[10:11] <Dead Gunner> First things I do in Fallout 3 at least:
[10:11] <Dead Gunner> Repair and Speech get to 100.
[10:11] <Dead Gunner> ^^
[10:11] <OnionRings> Wild Wasteland as a trait sucks rocky mountain oysters
[10:11] <Stealthsniper> hey peoples
[10:11] <OnionRings> hi Snippy!
[10:11] <OnionRings> >_>
[10:11] <Zer0TheNinja> brb
[10:12] <WastelanDrifter> wild wasteland isn't for first game
[10:12] <Stealthsniper> Hai! how is chat going?
[10:12] <OnionRings> slow and steady?
[10:12] <Zer0TheNinja> Hey Stealth :)
[10:12] <Stealthsniper> Hey :P
[10:12] <OnionRings> just the way Denis likes it
[10:12] <OnionRings> <_<
[10:12] <Dead Gunner> I hate how there's no Jury Rigging/100 skill repairers in Fallout 3.
[10:13] <OnionRings> O_o
[10:13] <Zer0TheNinja> How are you? :) @Stealth
[10:13] <OnionRings> I hate when people talk about an inferior game like FO3 (troll) 
[10:13] <Zer0TheNinja> Lol
[10:13] <OnionRings> welp, gtg
[10:13] <OnionRings> laterz yo
[10:13] <Zer0TheNinja> Bye Onion :)
[10:14] <Stealthsniper> @zero I'm good just got off work now i'm playing some skyrim :P
[10:14] <OnionRings> btw, Higgey is the welshest person I know
[10:14] <Zer0TheNinja> Yay
[10:14] <Zer0TheNinja> @Steatlh
[10:15] <Zer0TheNinja> brb
[10:17] <Zer0TheNinja> back
[10:17] <Stealthsniper> Wb
[10:17] <Zer0TheNinja> Danke :)
[10:18] <Stealthsniper> Np :P
[10:18] <Zer0TheNinja> Victor :D
[10:19] <DanOfAwsome> [[Forum:Fallout 4 Ideas 2013|Forum:Fallout_4_Ideas_2013]]
[10:19] <Zer0TheNinja> I love Victor
[10:20] <Stealthsniper> I want more cybernetics/prothsetics for f4
[10:20] <Zer0TheNinja> I don't even know who or what those are
[10:20] <Zer0TheNinja> *Newb* :D
[10:21] <Stealthsniper> Prothsetics = robots arms, robots spines, robot legs etc
[10:21] <Zer0TheNinja> Dues Ex :o
[10:21] <Stealthsniper> Yus
[10:22] <Zer0TheNinja> I never really got into that game
[10:22] <MIKE7800762> sup
[10:22] <Stealthsniper> It can be really fun if you just keep playing which one did you play?
[10:22] <Zer0TheNinja> Hey Mike
[10:22] <Stealthsniper> Hello 
[10:23] <Zer0TheNinja> Revolution @Stealthy
[10:23] <MIKE7800762> ahhhh sentry bots
[10:24] <Stealthsniper> Ah same one i played it gets good at the end of the china missions.
[10:24] <Zer0TheNinja> >.<
[10:24] <Zer0TheNinja> I stopped when you had to break into the ghetto apartment
[10:25] <MIKE7800762> yep i did point lookout and operation anchorage
[10:25] <Zer0TheNinja> Nice
[10:25] <MIKE7800762> and im lvl 37 in nv
[10:25] <Zer0TheNinja> @Stealthy when I killed everyone in the apartment my psycho side went all happy time and I killed everyone on that level XD
[10:26] <Stealthsniper> Lol I just kill people silently with camo :P
[10:26] <MIKE7800762> lol
[10:27] <Zer0TheNinja> I just walked out like Scarface and killed everyone XD
[10:27] <Zer0TheNinja> Stealth's my new bud >.<
[10:28] <Zer0TheNinja> best virtual bud*
[10:28] <Zer0TheNinja> Best virtual fallout bud*
[10:28] <Zer0TheNinja> *
[10:28] <MIKE7800762> lol
[10:29] <MIKE7800762> back
[10:29] <Zer0TheNinja> Ever since I played Fallout I always wondered. Was Julius Caesar really pronounced like they do? XD
[10:29] <Zer0TheNinja> wb
[10:30] <MIKE7800762> lol same here
[10:30] <Zer0TheNinja> I'm almost certain they pronounced it like everyone thinks
[10:30] <MIKE7800762> yea
[10:30] <Zer0TheNinja> And the Legion just want to sound cool so he is called taht
[10:30] <Archmage Neko> Julius Caeser was pronounced like that in Ancient Rome, "c" was a hard "K".
[10:30] <Zer0TheNinja> .......
[10:30] <Zer0TheNinja> Dammit
[10:31] <MIKE7800762> i thought seesar
[10:31] <MIKE7800762> not kesar
[10:31] <MIKE7800762> srry gtg
[10:31] <Languorous.Maiar> lolz
[10:31] <Languorous.Maiar> i read about it today
[10:31] <Languorous.Maiar> Joshua Sawyer "How the Legion pronounces "Caesar" is how Edward Sallow told them to pronounce it. The rest of the F:NV world pronounces "Caesar" the way most people in Pre-War America would have pronounced it."
[10:31] <Zer0TheNinja> Bye Mike o/ 
[10:32] <Zer0TheNinja> So the Legion are saying it wrong?
[10:32] <Languorous.Maiar> no
[10:32] <Languorous.Maiar> Theyre ok.
[10:32] <Zer0TheNinja> .-.
[10:32] <Languorous.Maiar> Also Marcus and that guy from Goodspring.
[10:32] <Languorous.Maiar> pete
[10:32] <Archmage Neko> That's due to influence from modern English, formulated from Old Norse, Latin, Ancient Celtic and Norman nobility.
[10:32] <Zer0TheNinja> I just talked to him, lol
[10:33] <Dead Gunner> Easy Pete?
[10:33] <Zer0TheNinja> Yeah
[10:33] <Zer0TheNinja> The "Prospector"
[10:34] <Dead Gunner> Alright, I got the [[Victory Rifle]]\
[10:35] <Dead Gunner> Thank God for Star Paladin Cross and her ability to pick 100 locks.
[10:35] <Dead Gunner> And then for me to just steal her hard work.
[10:37] <Archmage Neko> Hey Alice.
[10:37] <Dead Gunner> Well, damnit, I need to find a chinese assault rifle.
[10:38] <Dead Gunner> Oh, hey Alice.
[10:38] <Dead Gunner> o/ 
[10:38] <DragonBorn96> .
[10:38] <Zer0TheNinja> Hey Alice :)
[10:39] <Happylice> Hey hey
[10:39] <Happylice> Duncan, you don't play KF do you ?
[10:39] <Archmage Neko> KF?
[10:39] <Dead Gunner> Killing Floor.
[10:39] <Archmage Neko> Ah, no.
[10:39] <Dead Gunner> Right?
[10:39] <Dead Gunner> KF = Killing Floor, right Alice?
[10:43] <Happylice> Yeh
[10:43] <Dead Gunner> (y) 
[10:43] <Dead Gunner> Woot.
[10:43] <Happylice> I'm trying to build up a squad of players. Hahaha
[10:43] <Dead Gunner> You're more likely to find zombies in London than weapons though.
[10:44] <Dead Gunner> : P
[10:47] <ToCxHawK> hell yeah
[10:48] <Dead Gunner> hell yeah
[10:49] <Coldflame98> What's a good choice of energy wep in NV?
[10:49] <Coldflame98> I've beenrunning a modded LAER
[10:49] <Coldflame98> 
[10:50] <Languorous.Maiar> yeah, lear is the best one
[10:50] <Languorous.Maiar> Maybe some experimental weapon from [Vault 22] or Repcon
[10:50] <Coldflame98> Can it only use LAER mods?
[10:50] <Languorous.Maiar> [[Vault 22]]
[10:50] <WastelanDrifter> i use holorifle
[10:51] <Coldflame98> Or can is use Laserrifle ones, too?
[10:51] <WastelanDrifter> with mods
[10:51] <Coldflame98> I haven't done Deadmoney on this save yet
[10:52] <Coldflame98> It's just a fucking chore
[10:53] <Coldflame98> What slot does the halo thingy from OWB go in?
[10:53] <Coldflame98> Because I can wear it with my bandana just fine
[10:53] <Ghoullover666> Fussen, you here?
[10:54] <Stealthsniper> Back.
[10:54] <Zer0TheNinja> Wb Stealthy
[10:54] <Ghoullover666> wb Stealthsniper
[10:54] <Stealthsniper> Thanks :)
[10:54] <Zer0TheNinja> I can call you Stealthy right?
[10:54] <Stealthsniper> Yep
[10:54] <Zer0TheNinja> Yay :)
[10:54] <Ghoullover666> Clara as well
[10:55] <Zer0TheNinja> I like Stealthy more :P
[10:55] <Ghoullover666> Stealthy is cool, yo
[10:55] <Zer0TheNinja> It makes her sound like a fellow ninja 
[10:55] <Ghoullover666> eeyup
[10:55] <AnthonyMuerte13> ferrow ninjerrr
[10:55] <Zer0TheNinja> Indeed
[10:55] <Ghoullover666> Richie. hai
[10:55] <Zer0TheNinja> Hey Richie :)
[10:55] <Ghoullover666> 1 page done. have to post it and edit it
[10:55] <Richie9999> Howdy folks.
[10:55] <Richie9999> How's tricks?
[10:56] <Zer0TheNinja> o.o
[10:56] <Ghoullover666> tricks are good.
[10:56] <Richie9999> Any <span style="color:red;">admin</span>s here?
[10:56] <Ghoullover666> no, no. no <span style="color:red;">admin</span>s here
[10:56] <Zer0TheNinja> Everyone with stars next to their name
[10:56] <Richie9999> Nope? Pity.
[10:56] <Richie9999> Nope.
[10:56] <Zer0TheNinja> At least I think
[10:56] <Richie9999> Mods or chadmods.
[10:56] <Ghoullover666> Ch<span style="color:red;">admin</span>ykins.
[10:56] <Richie9999> Except for CoD, he's VSTF.
[10:56] <Zer0TheNinja> No clue, I'm new
[10:56] <Ghoullover666> Well, if you're new, you should know that you should worship Chad
[10:56] <Ghoullover666> Agent c
[10:56] <Archmage Neko> Chat mod ahoy.
[10:57] <Ghoullover666> hai Dunc o/ 
[10:57] <Zer0TheNinja> Chad?
[10:57] <Callofduty4> Yus, I can help you with wiki stuff but I have no authority to make <span style="color:red;">admin</span> decisions
[10:57] <DragonBorn96> All hands on deck.
[10:57] <Richie9999> Nothin' like that, CoD.
[10:57] <Richie9999> Actually I was more looking for Leon than anyone else.
[10:57] <Ghoullover666> No, Leon not here
[10:58] <Ghoullover666> imma try to summon him. I need the blood of a virgin
[10:58] <AnthonyMuerte13> thats pleasant.
[10:58] <Richie9999> Oh hey.
[10:58] <Richie9999> Anthony.
[10:58] <Richie9999> You can't remove stuff from your talk page.
[10:59] <Happylice> CallofDuty is our official handyman
[10:59] <Ghoullover666> u good at drawing, Anthony.
[10:59] <Happylice> or mercenary
[10:59] <Ghoullover666> gtg peeps. bbl
[10:59] <AnthonyMuerte13> really?
[10:59] <Richie9999> Yeah.
[10:59] <Richie9999> After a certain point it can be archived.
[10:59] <Zer0TheNinja> Bye Ghoul :)
[10:59] <Ghoullover666> o/ bai
[10:59] <Richie9999> But no deleting the contents.
[10:59] <Richie9999> See ya Ghoulie.
[10:59] <AnthonyMuerte13> alright, ima take that into consideration
[11:01] <Richie9999> In this case you might just want to revert your deletion of it.
[11:01] <Richie9999> Cause if you don't an <span style="color:red;">admin</span> will.
[11:01] <AnthonyMuerte13> lol. just wanted to get everything straightened out and not seem like some kinda wiki terrorist. 
[11:01] <AnthonyMuerte13> but how do i do so?
[11:01] <Richie9999> Then they'll leave a message saying you can't.
[11:01] <Richie9999> Go to your talk page.
[11:02] <Richie9999> There's a little drop down menu next to the edit button.
[11:02] <Richie9999> You click history.
[11:02] <Richie9999> go to your edit, the most recent one, and click undo.
[11:04] <AnthonyMuerte13> at the part where it says to check something.
[11:05] <AnthonyMuerte13> yeah, not seeing what im suppost to uncheck.
[11:05] <Richie9999> Don't bother.
[11:05] <Richie9999> Leon just did it.
[11:05] <AnthonyMuerte13> k
[11:05] <Richie9999> THere shouldn't be anything to uncheck.
[11:05] <Richie9999> And were I you, I'd join the NUN.
[11:06] <AnthonyMuerte13> yeah, ive learned pretty much all i need to know from this little shindig.
[11:06] <Richie9999> Whatddaya mean?
[11:07] <AnthonyMuerte13> with the editing and posting suggestive crap on my wall or whatever. im apparently passive-aggressive. lol
[11:07] <Richie9999> And now Leon's left a message on your TP likely saying that you can't remove stuff from your TP.
[11:07] <AnthonyMuerte13> yup. i see that.
[11:08] <Richie9999> Hey Relics.
[11:08] <Richie9999> How's tricks?
[11:08] <The Old World Relics> Hey Richie, and good. Hows cats?
[11:08] <Richie9999> The cats are in the cradle and the silver spoon, Relics.
[11:08] <Richie9999> Little boy blue and the man on the moon.
[11:09] <The Old World Relics> And liitle boy blue and the moon/
[11:09] <The Old World Relics> Aha very nice.
[11:09] <ToCxHawK> help
[11:09] <Richie9999> Indeed.
[11:09] <ToCxHawK> i need a mod
[11:09] <ToCxHawK> pls
[11:09] <ToCxHawK> help
[11:09] <Richie9999> mo
[11:09] <ToCxHawK> mod
[11:09] <Richie9999> mod
[11:09] <Richie9999> halp
[11:09] <Richie9999> pls
[11:09] <The Old World Relics> ...
[11:09] <Richie9999> I have yet to understand why Hawk does that.
[11:09] <Richie9999> It's not particularly funny.
[11:10] <GarouxBloodline> Who rang?
[11:10] <The Old World Relics> He's Hawk. Everyone is unique.
[11:10] <Richie9999> Hey Leon.
[11:10] <Richie9999> I was just trying to explain to Anthony how to revert edits.
[11:10] <Richie9999> After I told him you can't blank a TP.
[11:10] <GarouxBloodline> Okay. So what's up?
[11:10] <Richie9999> Thought I'd call you in.
[11:10] <ToCxHawK> do you think i do it to be funny?
[11:10] <Richie9999> Let you know.
[11:10] <ToCxHawK> do you think this is a game?
[11:10] <ToCxHawK> 
[11:10] <Richie9999> Yes.
[11:10] <ToCxHawK> i will find you
[11:10] <Richie9999> You're not Joe Pesci in Goodfellas, hawk.
[11:11] <ToCxHawK> and i will kill you
[11:11] <Richie9999> You can't pull that off.
[11:11] <Richie9999> Sorry.
[11:11] <Richie9999> Nor are you Liam Neeson.
[11:11] <The Old World Relics> And hey just Archived his tp...
[11:11] <Richie9999> Anthony.
[11:11] <Richie9999> You can't archive your TP yet.
[11:11] <Richie9999> It has to reach a certain size or some shit.
[11:11] <AnthonyMuerte13> i feel if i was to joke like this i would be kicked from the site>.>
[11:11] <AnthonyMuerte13> and damnit ok.
[11:11] <Richie9999> Joke like what? Like Hawk?
[11:12] <Richie9999> Anywho, Anthony, check out the NUN.
[11:12] <ToCxHawK> oh haw haw
[11:12] <ToCxHawK> pls
[11:14] <ToCxHawK> u jus mad cuz i am a mod 
[11:14] <GarouxBloodline> Nah. Chat is pretty light-hearted
[11:14] <GarouxBloodline> You can pretty much joke about anything in here. :P
[11:15] <GarouxBloodline> I wish I was a mod. -jealous-
[11:15] <ToCxHawK> yeah
[11:15] <ToCxHawK> bet your ass you do
[11:15] <Stealthsniper> What do you call a nun when shes in water
[11:15] <Callofduty4> wet
[11:15] <ToCxHawK> lel
[11:15] <Stealthsniper> No Nunderwater.
[11:15] <ToCxHawK> lel
[11:15] <ToCxHawK> higgey'
[11:15] <ToCxHawK> leeam
[11:16] <Richie9999> So Leon.
[11:16] <Richie9999> Are you just leaving the messages on Anthony's page for posterity's sake?
[11:17] <GarouxBloodline> I do it for appearances. As bad as that sounds, it lets everyone know that I know what I'm doing, instead of only the chat being aware of my intentions.
[11:17] <Richie9999> indeed.
[11:18] <ToCxHawK> no leon
[11:18] <ToCxHawK> let the chat consume you
[11:19] <GarouxBloodline> I already lose braincells being in here :P
[11:19] <ToCxHawK> hell yeah
[11:19] <ToCxHawK> me too
[11:19] <GarouxBloodline> I come in here when I can't binge drink.
[11:20] <NixxLotus> Hello peoples!!
[11:20] <Agent c> Hi folks
[11:20] <GarouxBloodline> Heiheiheihei
[11:21] <Stealthsniper> hello 
[11:21] <ToCxHawK> hello chaddykins
[11:21] <ToCxHawK> welcome to hell
[11:21] <Happylice> Hey there
[11:21] <Agent c> Well, I don't think of this as hell... But Glasgow Uni looks nicer than here

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