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This page lists all miscellaneous items in Fallout Tactics.
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  • For miscellaneous items in other Fallout games, please see "Miscellaneous item".
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General informationEdit

Miscellaneous items are items which do not fit into any of the other categories listed on Fallout Tactics items.


Name Weight Effects
Electronic lock pick 2 +20% Lockpick on electric locks
Electronic lock pick Mk II 1 +40% Lockpick on electric locks
Lock picks 1 +20% Lockpick on standard locks
Expanded lock pick set 2 +40% Lockpick on standard locks
Tool kit 5 +20% Repair
Super tool kit 10 +40% Repair


Name Weight Effects
Doctor's bag 5 +20% Doctor skill
Paramedics bag 6 +40% Doctor skill
First aid kit 2 +20% First Aid skill
Field medic first aid kit 2 +40% First Aid skill

Quest itemsEdit

Name Weight Related mission
Broken power armor 42 Cold Water
Fusion battery 0 Peoria
Spectacles 0 Macomb
Mechanical arm 0 Rock Falls
Robot actuator 0 Junction City
Robot arm 0 Junction City
Robot head 0 Junction City
Robot torso 0 Junction City
Robot part 0 Junction City
Severed head 0 Vault 0

Other itemsEdit

Name Weight Related mission
Back pack Training missions
Barnaky's letter 0 Osceolla
Vault 0
Briefcase 0 Osceolla
Cat's Paw 0 none
Clipboard none
Gem 0 Titanic (special encounter)
General's locket 0 Scott City
Vault 0
Holodisk 0 Osceolla
House key various
Jet bike key 0 none
Komodo pelt 6 Komodo Man (special encounter)
Naked Moose mag 0 none
Papers 0 none
Prison key various
Rubber boots 2 none
Sketch Titanic (special encounter)
Wasp stinger 1 none

Cut itemsEdit

Name Weight Related mission
Audio amplifier
Brahmin horn
Broc flower
Xander root
Fire support beacon

Whoopee Cushion

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