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This page lists all resources in Fallout Shelter.
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Resources are a core gameplay component of Fallout Shelter. Managing them properly is essential to maintaining the well-being of a Vault.

Primary resourcesEdit

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The primary resources

There are three basic resources in the game:

  • Power: Your vault cannot run without power. If you run low on power your rooms will begin shutting down. Rooms which are most distant from your generator room(s) will shut down first.
  • Water: Clean water is hard to come by in the wasteland. If you run low on water your dwellers will take radiation damage. Excess water will heal your dwellers radiation damage over time.
  • Food: Dwellers need to eat to stay healthy. If you run low on food your dwellers will begin to lose health. Excess food will heal your dwellers over time.

Secondary resourcesEdit

  • Caps - used to purchase upgrades, rooms, etc.
  • Vault dwellers - used to gain resources, go on quests, perform tasks, etc.
  • Lunchbox - earned by completing objectives or can be purchased for real money.
  • Stimpaks - used to heal dwellers.
  • RadAway - used to remove a dwellers radiation.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - used to speed up travel time when on quests.


Resources in Fallout Shelter