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This page is a list of loading screen hints in Fallout Shelter.

Rushing will give you the room's regular rewards plus a special bonus! Assign Dwellers to production rooms to obtain resources.
Dwellers run on Food and Water. Dwellers with high Strength perform better in Power rooms.
Dwellers with high Perception perform better in Water rooms. Dwellers with high Agility perform better in Food rooms.
Build a Medbay to produce Stimpaks. Build a Science Lab to produce RadAways.
Upgrading a room will make it more efficient and give you more storage. The Weight Room will allow you to train a Dweller's Strength.
The Armory room will allow you to train a Dweller's Perception. The Fitness Room will allow you to train a Dweller's Endurance.
The Lounge will allow you to train a Dweller's Charisma. The Classroom will allow you to train a Dweller's Intelligence.
The Athletics Room will allow you to train a Dweller's Agility. The Game Room will allow you to train a Dweller's Luck.
Build Storage Rooms to increase your Vault's Weapon and Outfit holding capacity. There are higher tier versions of the production rooms that are more efficient, but more expensive.
If you are out of building space on a floor, build an elevator to access lower parts of your Vault. Build Medbays and Science Labs to increase your limit of Stimpaks and RadAways.
Rooms farthest from a power source will shut down first. The longer a Dweller survives in the Wasteland, the better gear they will find.
When a room finishes production, you have a chance to get bonus CAPS based on the Dwellers' Luck. Tap a Dweller's SPECIAL chart for more details.
During a Raider attack, flashing resource bars means they are stealing your resources! When a Dweller is assigned to the Radio room it will increase all Vault Dwellers happiness.
You can rename a Dweller by tapping their name on the Dweller information pop-up. You can skip 1 Objective each day by tapping the X on the Objective screen.
If a room is full of Dwellers, the Dweller with the lowest stat for that room will swap places with the new Dweller. You can get free Lunchboxes for completing some Objectives.
Confused how something works? Check the VDSG in the Pip-Boy for help. You can assign Dwellers to the Vault entrance to act as guards.
Upgrading your Vault entrance will make it harder for Raiders to break in. Need extra CAPS? You can sell weapons and outfits from your Vault storage.
Higher level Dwellers with high SPECIAL have a better chance of surviving in the Wasteland. You can sort the Dweller list by tapping on the column names.
Tap on the resource bars at the top of the screen for more details on your resource storage. Your Dweller does not suffer damage or radiation when coming back from the Wasteland.
Each SPECIAL stat increases a Dweller's effectiveness in the Wasteland in its own way. To quickly check on your Dwellers exploring, just tap directly on the Wasteland.
Raiders can strike any time, be sure to have Dwellers ready and on guard! Radio rooms attract new Dwellers and improve the happiness in your Vault.
A nuclear winter is cold, keep warm with Vault-Tec! Vault-Tec. We'll be there!
Rooms must be the same level in order to be merged. Vault-Tec rules limit Vault capacity to 200 Dwellers.
Send Mr. Handy to the Wasteland to collect CAPS and items. You can only have one Mr. Handy assigned to a floor at a time.
Mole rats start in rooms that are touching dirt and can spread throughout your Vault. Mr. Handy will stay on his assigned floor collecting resources until moved to a different floor.
Deathclaws are faster, stronger and deadlier than Raiders. Dwellers with high Endurance suffer less radiation damage in the Wasteland.
Drag a Dweller to the Wasteland and tap the red Vault Door button to evict them from the Vault. Want to fill your Vault with Ghouls? Check out the upgraded Barbershop!
Dwellers with high Endurance gain more health when they level up. All SPECIAL stats help your Dwellers fight creatures in the Wasteland.
Crafting Rare and Legendary items always requires Rare and Legendary Junk, respectively. Junk isn't as easy to find in the Wasteland as Weapons and Outfits. Make sure your Dwellers are up to the task.
Feeling lucky? When you scrap an item, you might get all the Junk from its Recipe. Vault-Tec takes some of the Outfits worn by new arrivals and puts them in Lunchboxes.
You can use Nuka-Cola Quantum to instantly finish crafting an item. You can use Nuka-Cola Quantum to speed up the Barbershop.
You can use Nuka-Cola Quantum to reach a Quest NOW! Tap the screen to skip dialogue during Quests.
Dwellers exploring the Wasteland have a chance of finding surprise locations. Don’t forget to pack Rad-Away on Quest, some of the enemies do Rad damage.
Some enemies on Quests are more powerful and have special attacks, try targeting them first! Dweller health does not replenish over time in a Quest… Be sure to pack tons of Stimpaks before leaving.
Pets equipped to dead Dwellers that are not revived during Quests will return to the Vault. Rescued dwellers will wait outside your Vault when a Quest is completed.
Save your Critical Hits for the opportune time to deal the most damage! Deathclaws are tough, don’t be a hero, bring your friends.
Bring pets on quests to give Dwellers a damage boost! Upgrade the Overseer’s Office to send more Teams on Quests.
Some Quests require Secret Clues to unlock. Loot every container you can! Critical Hits can turn the tide of battle... Use them wisely.
Pet bonuses work on Quests too, don’t forget to bring some furry friends! Find a shiny new gun while on a Quest? You can equip it right away!
Dwellers that die on a Quest can be revived only once the Quest is over. Be sure to keep your Dwellers healthy during boss fights, some bosses have powerful attacks.
Failed quests can always be retried... for a few CAPS. Dwellers with high Agility attack faster during quests.
Already skipped an objective today? You can use Nuka-Cola Quantum to skip more. Get Theme Recipes by finding all of their Fragments on Quests.
You can craft Minutemen and Brotherhood of Steel Themes in the Theme Workshop. You can craft Railroad and Institute Themes in the Theme Workshop.
Themes can only be applied to fully merged and upgraded Diners and Living Quarters. You can use Nuka-Cola Quantum to skip certain Quests.
You can use Nuka-Cola Quantum to speed up a Dweller’s SPECIAL training. You can use Nuka-Cola Quantum to get missing Theme Recipe Fragments.
Even if you stop a Radio Room from calling out, it continues to boost Dweller happiness.

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