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FoS developers

Icons of Behaviour Interactive developers who worked on Fallout Shelter

This page lists developers who worked on Fallout Shelter by Behaviour Interactive.

Fallout Shelter credits IPhoneEdit

Game Design: Bethesda Game StudiosEdit

Bethesda SoftworksEdit

Behaviour Interactive Inc.Edit

Localized Version Produced by Synthesis Global SolutionsEdit

  • Localization Producer: Emanuele Scichilone
  • Language Coordinators: Mauro Bossetti, Emanuele Scichilone, Jonathan Russo, Jan Werkmeister, Aron Sayed, Gustavo Díaz
  • Testing Coordinator: Alessandro Ciurleo, Adriano James Majocchi
  • French Translators: Pierre Quelquejeu, Ophélie Colin
  • Italian Translators: Paolo Caronni, Óscar Cruz Gonzalez (Óscar Cruz González)
  • German Translators: Gerald Paetsch, Roland Strube, Roland Austinat, Ulrich Onken, Constanze Vogl
  • Spanish Translators: Diego Romero, Jose C. Cabezas (José Cabezas), Estrella del Campo
  • Testing Team: Thomas Frers, Augustin Truffaut, Violaine Sauze, Pierre Techoueyres, Nicolas Jara, Leonardo Oliver Lenares, Matteo Bianchini, Matteo Voltolina, Andreas Edler, Björn Wetz, Danny Münch, Lilla Horváth (Lilla Horváth), Óscar Cruz Gonzalez, Pablo López Cardona, Israel Delgado Miranda, Iñigo Luzuriaga Bañon

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