This page lists all primary statistics in Fallout 76.
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Fallout76 SPECIAL


Image Primary statistic Description Derived statistics and effects
Strength Strength is a measure of your raw physical power. It affects how much you can carry, and the damage of all melee attacks.
Perception Perception affects your awareness of nearby enemies, your ability to detect stealthy movement, and your weapon accuracy in V.A.T.S. Increases awareness of nearby enemies
ability to detect stealthy movement
Weapon accuracy in V.A.T.S.
Endurance Endurance is a measure of your overall physical fitness. It affects your total Health, the Action Point drain from sprinting, and your resistance to disease.
Charisma Charisma is your ability to lead and help others. It allows you to share higher point perk cards and also effects your rewards from group missions and prices when you barter. Allows sharing better perk cards
Increases rewards from group missions
Better prices when bartering
Intelligence Intelligence is a measure of your overall mental acuity, and effects your ability to hack terminals, the condition and durability of items that you craft, and the return you get from scrapping. Easier hacking
Increases durability of items crafted
Better items gained when scrapping
Agility Agility is a measure of your overall finesse and reflexes. It affects the number of Action Points in V.A.T.S. and your ability to sneak.
Luck Luck is a measure of your general good fortune, and affects the recharge rate of Critical Hits as well as the condition and durability of items that you loot.