This page describes perk magazines and various other magazines in Fallout 76.
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General informationEdit

Magazines grant increases to relevant skills or damage for a temporary duration. For example, the Grognak the Barbarian issue 1 grants 10% increased melee damage for 30 minutes. Using a skill magazine consumes it, and another will need to be obtained to implement the increase again once the allotted time has elapsed.


Perk magazinesEdit

Name Related perk Issues
Astoundingly Awesome Tales
Grognak the Barbarian
Guns and Bullets 3: Ballistic Gun Crit Dmg +30%
Live & Love Benefits relate to playing in a team. 7: +10 Max AP
Scouts' Life
Tales from the West Virginia Hills
Tesla Science Magazine
Tumblers Today
U.S. Covert Operations Manual
Unstoppables Avoid Energy Damage Unstoppables 5: +30% Chance to avoid

Miscellaneous magazinesEdit

Name Unlocks Issues

Location listEdit

Similar to Vault-Tec bobbleheads, the magazines in Fallout 76 are randomised spawns over a number of locations. Magazines are susceptible to physics, so they may fall off platforms and may not be in the exact location listed below.

Location Location description
Appalachian Antiques Behind the counter to the left of the cash register
Big B's Rest Stop Near the food serving area by the stairs in the rest stop building.
Camden Park Located on roller coaster in seat.
Camp Adams Located on a bench around the central campfire.
Camp Venture On a set of shelves near the Overseer's cache in the Command Centre.
Dolly Sods wilderness In the ground floor bathroom of the residential building.
Dolly Sods wilderness On a magazine rack in the room with the grand piano in the camp office building.
Grafton Dam Near some pipes in the SouthWest corner
Morgantown trainyard On a wooden box in the tower
New Appalachian central trainyard On a desk in the tower
Philippi Battlefield Cemetery Upstairs on the floor
Pioneer Scout Camp Next to the outhouse beside the archery range.
Ranger district office On the floor in the room with the fireplace
Relay tower LW-B1-22 Inside on the central terminal station
Ripper Alley In the small lookout tower
Sons of Dane compound In the cellar on a table with a microscope
The Giant Teapot In a basket in the Red Rocket stop.
Treetops On the second-to-top level, on a table next to a birdhouse.
Whitespring golf club On a bookshelf in the fancy lounge on the bottom floor (next to the locker room).
The Whitespring Resort On a table on the upstairs porch of a dilapidated building north of the main resort (has one of the holotapes for a quest)
Twin Lakes On a ledge next to a deflated boat