This page lists all factions in Fallout 76.
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Multiple survivor factions formed in Appalachia after the war, however most are effectively disbanded, with their human members being wiped out by the Scorched Plague leaving only their vendor bots and robotic members behind.

Faction Locations IDs
Brotherhood of Steel Camp Venture, Fort Defiance, Spruce Knob ????????
Charleston Emergency Government Charleston Capitol Building ????????
Cult of the Mothman Point Pleasant, Landview Lighthouse ????????
Enclave The Whitespring Resort, Camp McClintock ????????
Free States Abbie's bunker, Ella Ames' bunker, Harpers Ferry ????????
Order of Mysteries Riverside Manor ????????
Raiders Palace of the Winding Path, Top of the World ????????
Responders Charleston Fire Department, Flatwoods, Morgantown Airport ????????
Taggerdy's Thunder Camp Venture ????????

Creature factionsEdit

These are the factions for different types of creatures, most are hostile to player characters and creatures not in their faction (example; deathclaws attack super mutants).

Faction IDs
Bug faction ????????
Creature faction ????????
Yao guai faction ????????
Radroach faction ????????
Bloodbug faction ????????
Bloatfly faction ????????
Stingwing faction ????????
Eyebot faction ????????
Deathclaw faction ????????
Scorched faction ????????
Super mutant faction ????????
Tick faction ????????

Technical factionsEdit

These are factions which are used in the game for technical purposes and to enable complex functionality during quests encounters.

Faction IDs
Player faction ????????