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Achievement exploitsEdit

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Add-on-specific exploitsEdit

Ahab's helm glitchEdit

This requires you to have the Automatron add-on, a robot workbench, and the Sentry Ahab's helm looted from Ahab. It will not work with an "Ahab's Helm" created using the robot workbech.

  1. Create a new automatron.
  2. In the "Head" slot, build the "Sentry Head".
  3. In the "Head Armor" slot, build any mod other than "No Head Armor" or "Ahab's Helm". Either of the "Reaper Helm" or "Hydraulic Frame" makes this easier, since they appear directly above and below "Ahab's Helm".
  4. Ensure you have none of the components required to build "Ahab's Helm", either in your workshop or in your inventory, and that you're carrying the Sentry Ahab's helm looted from Ahab in your inventory.
  5. Now in the "Head Armor" slot, when you try to attach the "Ahab's Helm" mod, instead of attaching the one you're holding, it will instead create a new one, without using any materials, and grant you the XP for crafting it.
  6. Now re-attach the other previously created "Head Armor" mod, and a duplicated "Ahab's Helm" with a different base ID will be added to your inventory.
  7. Repeat from step 5. Each iteration will grant you some XP and another duplicated "Ahab's Helm", which can be sold for caps later.

Amoral Combat Infinite Free Nuka-Cola (all flavors)Edit

This requires you to have the Nuka-World add-on, and to have completed The Grand Tour, but not Open Season. Nuka-World contains several Nuka-Cola machines that regularly respawn a random selection of six (or in one case 12) bottles of various Nuka-Cola flavors, or empty Nuka-Cola bottles. Once Amoral Combat has triggered, in the period between talking to Fritsch and agreeing to fight in the arena, and actually fighting to complete the quest the four machines in Nuka-Town (and possibly all the others) will respawn every time Nuka-Town is fast-travelled to from outside. This can be exploited to amass a large quantity of the various Nuka-Cola flavors in a short period. One method is as follows:

  1. Having completed The Grand Tour, fast-travel to Nuka-Town after a few days away - simply wait a minute or so after arriving or walk through the main entrance and Amoral Combat should trigger.
  2. Turn almost completely around to your left and walk back to the wall past the bus stop to collect the six bottles from the machine in the car park outside the main entrance.
  3. Now turn back around and head in to Nuka-Town bearing right around the market and collect the six bottles from the machine opposite the Cola-cars arena entrance, by the slave with the blow torch.
  4. Head north through the doorway in the barricade and go past Cappy's Cafe to collect the six bottles from the machine on the left just before the Nuka-Cade.
  5. Go in to the Nuka-Cade and agree to fight in the arena. Leave the Nuka-Cade.
  6. Head north again towards Fizztop Grille through the next doorway in a barricade then bear right around the lake, and exit Nuka-Town USA through the east entrance.
  7. Optionally collect the three bags of cement and the shovel just outside the entrance if they have respawned, and optionally head east a short distance to the pool with the large red Nuka-Cola bottle fountain to collect the three Ash blossom if they have respawned, then head south / south-west following the wall to the fourth machine where there should be 12 bottles. These may be scattered on the floor (as only six should fit in the machine).
  8. Now from this fourth machine fast travel 'back' to Nuka-Town USA and repeat from step 2 (omitting talking to Fritsch) - all four machines should have respawned, enabling 30 mixed bottles to be collected in about 1 game hour or a couple of real-time minutes.

This can now be repeated as often as desired until Amoral Combat is completed, when the machines will revert to their usual respawning schedule. Note that Cappy's Cafe and The Parlor both contain respawning Nuka-Cola machines, but both require two loading screens to collect (one in, one out). This may make in not worthwhile collecting those bottles, given that the other 30 bottles can be collected for one loading screen (the fast-travel from the last machine back to the first). A similar argument applies to the other machines in the park e.g. the four machines in the open in the Galactic Zone could be visited but it might be slower than simply repeatedly circling through Nuka-Town USA as detailed above.

General advice and notesEdit

This is not an exploit, but rather taking advantage of reoccurring radiant quests. Several quest givers accessible at lower levels such as Preston Garvey at Sanctuary Hills, or Knight Rhys and Scribe Haylen at the Cambridge Police Station, offer an unlimited number of quests to Radiant locations that should respawn when a new quest is started. Repeating Quartermastery or Cleansing the Commonwealth for the Brotherhood of Steel will provide a steady supply of XP from killing enemies and completing quests, as well as loot and ammunition from respawning Radiant locations.

Armor modsEdit

You can use mods from lower tier armor for higher tier of the same type, such as crafting a deep-pocketed mod for standard combat armor and applying it on heavy combat armor without having the perk to craft it for Heavy. (This goes for all armor types with "standard", "sturdy" and "heavy" versions - raider, metal, leather, combat - which is not by design, or the cost would always be calculated for the light armor variant.)

Free Fat Man/mini nukesEdit

You can easily gain an infinite amount of free Fat Mans and mini nukes. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to Kill or Be Killed in Goodneighbor. To KL-E-0's left, there will be a mini nuke. To her right, there should be a Fat Man.
  2. Put your cursor over the Fat Man/mini nuke.
  3. Hold down the activation button so that you are holding the Fat Man. (Do not tap the button, or you will just steal it)
  4. Walk into the upstairs portion of the shop and go to the right side of the room.
  5. Enter sneak mode. The sneak indicator may say detected or caution, in which case, you may have to adjust your position until the the indicator says that you are hidden.
  6. Tap A/X to drop the Fat Man/mini nuke, then steal it.
  7. Fast Travel away and wait a week.
  8. Repeat.

(If you plan on selling the Fat Mans, do so before you leave Goodneighbor, as she will restock caps every week.)

Menu-, HUD-, inventory-, and radio-related exploitsEdit

V.A.T.S. Auto-aim without using APEdit

Like in Fallout 3, picking a target in V.A.T.S. auto-aims the crosshair reticule to that target. This can still be exploited to a high degree in close quarters situations (mole rat rush) by:

  1. Going into V.A.T.S. and highlighting the target or part you want to hit.
  2. Cancel out of V.A.T.S. and repeatedly press the fire button as you do so.
  3. Hold the V.A.T.S. button again to quickly slow down time again and select another target.
  4. Repeat.

This is applicable in long-range engagements, but practicality varies. In close quarters, it is more consistent.

NOTE: On long-range engagements, it can be difficult to hit it accurately.

Free ammunition exploitEdit

This allows for you to have a full magazine of ammo which does not take away from your current supply.

  1. Select the weapon you wish to have a free magazine for.
  2. Find any container, and store all ammunition for that weapon in the container.
  3. When the free ammo is exhausted, go back to the container and pick up your ammo for that gun.
  4. (if planning to re-apply) unequip and re-equip the weapon, and repeat.

While this exploit is under effect, you can not reload your weapon and swapping to any other weapon or picking up ammo for the glitched weapon will automatically void the exploit.

Going over weight capacityEdit

For this exploit you need to have a companion following you. Any companion that can trade with you is suitable for this (except Dogmeat). When your companion reaches their weight capacity (meaning that you cannot give them items via trade dialog), drop desired item(s) on the ground and command them to pick it up. The items will still be accessible through companion's trade menu. With this method you can clear out entire bases worth of junk.

Duplicate weaponsEdit

This allows for duplication of any weapon.

  1. Kill an enemy wielding the desired weapon, such that the weapon falls to the ground.
  2. Instruct your follower to pick up the weapon, and then aim your crosshairs at the corpse and get the hovering list of their inventory.
  3. When the follower picks up the weapon, it does not disappear from the hovering list, allowing you to also loot it from the corpse and resulting in both you and your follower now having duplicate copies of the weapon.

Build mods without having the perk or materials for itEdit

This glitch can give a player slightly better weapons and armor mods than their perks or assets might allow for, giving them an early game edge straight out of the vault.

When in the workbench mod menu list, any mod not highlighted and listed directly above or below one that can normally be constructed is capable of being built in its place. The process requires that adjacent mod not be built or in the players inventory. Select the mod that can be built while quickly press in the direction of the mod on the list that is normally not selectable. If timed correctly the materials window will appear but the selected line will have moved from the one with the known mod to the line one above or below it. Executing the build creates the mod from the new line at the cost of materials from the originally selected one. If the action is mistimed back out of the materials window without executing the build.

Additionally, any mod slot where the first line allows for a mod to be removed and not replaced can be used to build whatever mod is on the next line down for free, if another mod in that list is already attached. Select the first line that removes the current mod while quickly pressing down, then execute if the menu focus switches the the second line. Since the original line has no material cost, the first mod below it is free.

Physics engine glitchesEdit

  • Sometimes V.A.T.S. will end and seem like the target was missed, but then a few seconds later, the bullet hits. This was tested multiple times at point blank and ranged V.A.T.S. The target can be used as a meat shield while the bullet is "frozen"
  • Playstation 4Icon ps4 On occasion, Dogmeat will sit as if in his doghouse and spin in place. While this is occurring, no movement commands work, i.e. "Go" then point to a location, "Sit Doghouse", etc. The solution is to start traveling any direction so he runs in front to lead the way. It may reoccur if you then stop moving. Rebooting the PS4 from a full (non-sleep) power-down may solve this or it may go away on its own.
  • You can walk backwards up any wall in the game by dropping an item, crouching down, grabbing it without putting it in your inventory (hold X on PS4), standing up, and walking backwards towards a wall. Works best with flat walls and walls that don't have a lip at the top as you might end up falling once you reach the lip. Fall damage still applies while doing this. Use power armor or Freefall Legs.
  • With the 1.0 build, it is possible to fly by grabbing an item you are standing on. This may kill the player though.

Settlement-related exploitsEdit

Duplicate materialsEdit

This allows for infinite raw materials at any settlement. Note: This works best with no junk in the workbench, as retrieving the material from storage is much faster when you don't have to scroll through a long list.

  1. drop desired materials on the ground
  2. press the "scrap" button (Xbox X, PS4 square)
  3. press the "accept" button in almost rapid succession (Xbox A, PS4 X)
  4. press the "store"(Xbox B, PS4 circle) button in almost directly after "accept"

If done correctly you should have had the scrap menu pop up and go away and be at the store menu. You should check and now have cloned resources. This is most effective with large quantities and can also be used as a caps glitch. Just trying to be helpful, I find it works better if after you release the scrap button just quickly press and hold the accept and store buttons at the same time. You should have both menus open for as long as you hold the buttons, the just release the select button, it should scrap and still have the option to store. let go of the scrap button and press the accept button.

Note: The "scrap" and "accept" actions trigger on button release, whereas the "store" action triggers on button press. Since you essentially want to trigger the "store" action while the "scrap" and "accept" actions are queued, the simplest way to do this is to hold (but don't release) "scrap" and "accept" with the fingers of one hand, and ready one finger of your other hand over the "store" button. Then, release "scrap" and "accept" in quick succession (remember, it's the releasing of these buttons that triggers these actions - and they need to be released in the correct order) while simultaneously tapping "store" with your other hand. Using this technique should make it significantly easier to pull off this trick consistently.

The simple, more consistent way to do this resource duplicate process, and also makes it possible to be sure you do not destroy the item you are trying to get resources from is as follows:

Drop item on the ground Go into workshop mode the same as above Hover over item Press and hold "scrap" (square on ps4) button with one finger. Here is the tricky part, with another finger or hand, you need to press "store" (circle on ps4) and hold it, at nearly the exact time you release square.

While holding circle now you should notice that both accept menus are there. If you get them both go ahead and press accept on them both while still holding square. This will scrap the item, and return the original copy of it to storage.

If you only get one menu or the other you can just cancel it without destroying the item or having to go take it back out of the workshop bench.

Rug glitch for illegal placement of objectsEdit

When you're moving a carpet without using group-select, any objects on top of the carpet (including other carpets) move with it, but only the original carpet is checked for clipping. For example, you can stack two carpets end on end, then place a store on top of the second carpet in order to clip that store through an existing countertop in your settlement, or you could use it to place a bed halfway through a wall. This doesn't work on walls, floors, or any objects that snap onto things.

Note: Sometimes when removing the carpets, the objects may "jump" up or down. This might make it impossible to retrieve secondary carpets in addition to ruining the looks.

Settler weapon exploitEdit

If you give a settler any weapon and provide at least one unit of ammo for the given weapon, the settler can use that weapon indefinitely without spending that ammo. This is particularly useful for the Minigun.

Wires without limitsEdit

In order to connect two objects with wires while ignoring any barriers or distance limitations, do the following.

  1. Ensure there's an existing wire connecting to at least one of the two objects in question.
  2. Be within wiring range of that object.
  3. In workshop mode, look through an existing wire at that object, so that the object is under the targeting reticle but the wire is highlighted.
  4. Even though there's no button prompt for it at the bottom of the screen, press the wire connect button (△ on PS4, Y on XB1). You'll hear the sound of a wire connecting, and there will possibly be sparks as though there were a free end of a wire floating in space.
  5. Go to the second object, and hit the wire connect key, and the wire will connect. It'll also display your copper count as though you were still building a wire, despite the patch removing the cost for wiring, so back out (○ on PS4, B on XB1).

Things to note:

  • You can use two normal wall conduits on either side of a wall, rather than working with the more expensive and bulkier wall pass-through conduit.
  • The wires can sag down to ground level or even underground, possibly ruining immersion (unless simulating underground wiring is your intention).
  • If you're trying to move an object with illegal wiring, the only valid placement areas will be those with legal wiring, so store the wires before moving and replace them when done.
  • It's possible the floating sparks will remain. They may disappear after you either save and reload or leave area and come back. They may persist.

Money & experienceEdit

  • The game allows saving during NPC dialogues which makes it easy to reload the game and retry any option which may influence caps, experience, etc. outcome when talking.

Succeed on every risky dialogue choiceEdit

To achieve a 100% success rate on dialogue choices:

  1. Go into the dialogue menu (you may already be there).
  2. Press start and quicksave.
  3. Attempt dialogue choice.
  4. If it fails, reload save until successful.

This is a useful way to bypass the dialogue choice mini-game.

Note: It appears you have an infinite amount of attempts when you would normally have one.

Trigger bright idea on quest completionEdit

Idiot savant on second rank gives you 5* XP on random actions, including quest completions (basic go fetch quests 200XP+). Quicksave trick also works with this:

  1. Quicksave before handing quest in
  2. Reload quicksave until you trigger perk. May take a few attempts, but easily worth it to gain 5 quests worth of XP.

Infinite XPEdit

  • After reaching the Prydwen and completing Show No Mercy, speak to Proctor Teagan (Weapons Merchant). Ask him about extra work and he will give you a mission acquiring crops from the citizens of the Commonwealth. The first location will be a random settlement (Tenpines Bluff, Somerville Place, and the Slog confirmed) and, after completion, will award around 100 caps and 125 XP (leveled, above level 50 rewards 390XP). Asking for extra work again will give you the exact same quest as before, convincing the same settlement to contribute crops. Repeat for unlimited XP and Caps.
  • After reaching the Brotherhood of Steel's Prydwen, you can go up to Proctor Quinlan and ask to do a scribe escort. After he gives you the quest, you can head out to the flight deck (where you can see an area near a couple of barrels) and you can kill the scribe in secrecy. Once this is done, you can return back to him saying the scribe died, and he will award you with XP and caps still.
    • Alternatively, instead of sniping the scribe from the flight deck, you can choose to fast travel down to the airport, sprint to him, and speak with him as to get him to follow you. In this manner, you can "beam him up" back to the Prydwen by once again fast traveling back to it. Now, take the scribe to an area where you can execute him while hidden (best done by going into the Quarters at the end of the hall, just behind you when you enter the main hall). Executing the scribe in person will net you 3-5 stimpaks and a holding of fusion cells, usually 16. Make sure you're not seen and kill the scribe quickly (easily done by temporarily setting the game at very easy and stealth killing him.) You can then turn right around and speak with Proctor Quinlan just down the hall. Rinse and repeat for a healthy supply of stimpaks and fusion cells to go with your XP and caps.
      • You will receive the same amount of caps and XP whether you complete the mission as normal or simply kill the scribe.

Notes This is best accomplished with Black-Rim Glasses (CHR +1), Gray Knit Cap (LCK +1), and Reginald's Suit (CHR +3). (Or any other CHR and LCK awarding apparel).

  • Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone Termination of the residents will result in termination of the exploit.
  • Xbox OneIcon xboxone Though the XP may stop being granted for the exploit, you will still receive the caps. It can be fixed by attempting the mission and the scribe being killed by an enemy.


  • Gametitle-FO4 NW Crafting a Nuka-World basketball in your settlement costs 2 rubber, but scrapping the same basketball provides 3 rubber providing a method for unlimited XP.
    • Crafting a basketball in your settlement does count against your settlement's build limit. Use the weapon storage exploit to lower your build limit every time it fills. (Home Plate has a build limit, but does not appear to be permanent. So craft basketballs, pick them up and start over. No weapon storage exploit necessary.)
    • By building on the output belt on a Sorter to a conveyor belt, the constant stream of basketballs can roll into Conveyor storage so they can be easily picked up and placed in your workbench inventory. You can't build directly onto a conveyor belt.

Repeatable lockpickingEdit

If you happen to find a locked safe right next to a terminal that can also control the lock on the safe, it is possible to pick the lock, use the terminal to lock the safe, then repeat the same process over and over. You will earn the XP for picking the lock every time you do it. This is most useful with a master lock, and even faster with the unbreakable lockpicks perk. This method cannot however be used to infinitely gain approval with Piper. (It can by quicksaving and reloading in between each try)

Reapplied armor mod for XPEdit

Icon xboxone The Dense MOD for metal leg armor can be reapplied, giving additional XP, after selecting another leg MOD. The higher the the level of the metal armor the more XP is awarded. This can be repeated as long as raw materials are still available to craft with. The materials are consumed just as if a new Dense Metal Leg Armor MOD were created, however no additional copies of the MOD are added to your inventory.

Effect exploitsEdit

Bleeding effects stack and do not extend. Meaning high ROF bleed weapons do increased damage.

Custom button-mapping exploitsEdit

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Non-player character-specific exploitsEdit

  • Dogmeat is able to fetch a variety of items:
  • It is possible to have up to three companions. By meeting X6-88 to hunt the rogue, then simply not going to the targets location, he will follow you anywhere you go. However, he will fight with BoS and other various allies. Travis Miles, the radio DJ, can become a follower the same way, giving you three companions. To change their gear, drop weapons or armor and have them walk over it. If it's better than what they already have, they will sometimes pick it up and equip it.
  • All companions (except Dogmeat) are able to pick up an infinite amount of items even when their carrying capacity is maxed out. You simply drop the item you want them to carry and then command your companion to pick the item up. They will pick the item up and put it in their inventory regardless of the weight they are already carrying.
    • This does not let the companion carry more items through "Trade".
    • Some Companions will refuse to pick up items that are marked as stolen so they must be added through "Trade" or carried yourself.

Increasing Companion Affection By Recruiting ThemEdit

Although the game doesn't tell you, when you recruit a companion it increase the companion's affinity by 3%.

The companion recruit counter can be reset by finishing any mission, meaning that one can recruit all companions and increase their affinity by 3%, complete a radiant quest and then come back and recruit them again which increases their affinity by another 3%.

Companion character and settler clothing glitch/exploitEdit

Companions and settlers can be reduced to wearing only underwear, even though the game UI tries to prevent it by hiding their currently worn piece of clothing from their inventory. (This doesn't work on Danse or Nick, who won't change their clothes at all.)

  • This WILL work with Nick if you have him enter power armor. His trench coat will appear in his inventory. Rather than wearing underwear, he will have the normal synth unclothed appearance. [verification needed]

Trade with a companion/settler. Give them a piece of over-clothing, a single piece that takes up armor slots such as a dress for the legs and torso or Radstag Outfit, and then press Y/Triangle/T to have them equip it. Their previous clothing is now listed in their inventory. Now give them a piece of armor that can't be worn over the clothing and press Y/Triangle/T to equip. This removes the clothing. Then un-equip the armor and they have nothing on.

Quest-specific exploitsEdit

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Location-specific exploitsEdit

Jamaica PlainEdit

There are 49 steel, crystal, and fiber optics if all of the laser trip wires just prior to the room with the two Protectrons are disarmed, in the town hall basement. If you hit the red button at the end corridor you can start the trip wires over and can get an infinite amount of steel, crystal and fiber optics. This can be done even after destroying all turrets. A small amount of XP will be awarded for each as well.

Gameplay exploitsEdit

Saugus IronworksEdit

Near the end of the Saugus Ironworks quest Out of the Fire to retrieve Jake and the Shishkabob, Slag tells Jake to kill the prisoner. If you successfully convince Jake to not harm the prisoner, Slag will wait for a few seconds before turning hostile. If you Save during this brief moment, when you reload, all of the Forged in the room will remain friendly until you fire at them. This affords you the opportunity to lay numerous mines at all of the enemies feet, which will not explode as long as they remain friendly. Then take a shot at one of them, they will all turn hostile, and all of the mines will blow, killing them all very easily. This exploit has only been tested at Saugus Ironworks, but may work in other similar situations if enemies wait for a while before turning hostile and you are able to save during that countdown.

You may also do the same exploit during the dialogue when Jake asks you what he should do. Simply press your sideways movement key/button until the dialogue window disappears, then walk around and lay mines or do whatever preparation you like for the fight. Save prior to the beginning the fight and reload to make setup changes if you don't get the outcome you want. In this manner, you can easily save both the prisoner and Jake. Immediately after the fight, Jake may appear to be hostile, but speak to him and he should lower his weapon and admit his mistake in joining Slag's gang.

Sentry TowerEdit

An exploit used in order to keep an impossible to breach defense. Build a high stairway above your base and place several sentries. Then scrap all wood and the sentries will stay afloat, whenever the base is attacked the sentries will have a 360° view of the base.


The exploit is used by saving then intentionally detonating/ tripping traps. Then if you reload your save, the traps will be pre-tripped/detonated. (bottle caps from bottle cap mines are not there.)

Changing building limit without consoleEdit

  • 1.Drop weapons from inventory
  • 2.Enter building mode
  • 3."store" those dropped weapons to workbench from building mode (pc button TAB/ Xbox One B button/ PS4 Circle button). Scrapping the weapon will also work in reducing the size if done from building mode.
  • Gamma guns are particularly effective in reducing size quickly with this exploit. Hangman's Alley can be reduced from full to near zero with 10 stores. It works with modded gamma guns too and they have the advantage of being relatively lightweight.
  • NOTE: This also seems to work with junk items. The method tested was simply to:
    • 1. Drop all junk items on the floor.
    • 2. Enter building mode.
    • 3. Scrap items to increase building limits.
    • (This can be automated by setting up a vacuum hopper to pull out junk from a container and dropping them on the ground)
  • NOTE: This exploit has been re-tested on PS4 (14th Apr 2016) after 1.5 patch, and it is still working.

Free shieldEdit

Using the hold mechanic, you can hold an item and use it as a shield. This does not prevent you from using your weapon, making it an effective tool. First, drop an item (preferably one with a large surface area) on the ground. Now, hold the grab button (a on Xbox One and x on PS4) until you are holding the item. You now have a shield that bullets can not pass through. Notes:

  • Be wary of your weight limit, as picking up something already on the ground may make you over encumbered.
  • This best works with items such as: Power armor, Fat Man or minigun.
  • Different weapons shoot at different heights (differences can be also be caused by whether you're using Hip-fire or Aiming). Due to this, you won't be able to use some weapons.

Re-Speccing (PC)Edit

This is not so much of an exploit as a method to change your build while staying somewhat honest. While this is still not included in the game, you do not gain any kind of unfair advantage except the hindsight.

  1. Determine the ID for the perk you no longer want.
  2. In console use player.removeperk perkID command
  3. Still in console use CGF "Game.AddPerkPoints" Integer to add the number of perk points equivalent to the number of perks you just removed.
  4. Add the new perks, either in console or normally through Pip-Boy interface.

item duplicationEdit

Swap an item back and forth between your storage and inventory rapidly, it should eventually duplicate if you do it fast enough

Xbox only exploitsEdit

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PS4 only exploitsEdit

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Robot workbench exploitEdit

This glitch unlocks/creates MODS without having the necessary components for or perk level for. All you do is hold down a direction until it speed scrolls and immediately hit X on the one right after the locked mod while still scrolling (note you do have to be able to create/Istall the mod right next to it) it might take a couple tries but when you hit X on the one you were aiming for it will always highlight the one right before the one you hit X on. This trick works works both up an down as long as there is enough room for it to start speed scrolling. It can get a little tricky when the mod you want is near the end of the list. WARNING you might want to take off any mod you want to keep that it is replacing because it will turn into whatever mod you're installing.

PC only exploitsEdit

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Patched exploitsEdit

The following exploits were patched in the versions specified below. If you find that any other exploits, that worked in a previous version, no longer work after a patch, please move them here.

On consoles, it's possible to delete and reinstall the game to revert the game version back to v1.1.21 if you want to reproduce these. You may need to disconnect the console from the internet to prevent it from auto-updating to the latest version. It is unlikely that you will be able to load save files created with later versions of the game, so this will only work if you intend to start a new character. Saves created in v1.1.21 should load fine if you then update the game back to the latest version.

Patch 1.2Edit

The following exploits no longer work as of patch 1.2:-

  • The infinite caps exploit, i.e. glitching ammo from vendors for infinite selling caps.
  • Crafting exploit for infinite experience on Xbox One. Still works on PS4 until patch 1.4

Patch 1.3Edit

The following exploits no longer work as of patch 1.3:-

Dogmeat duplicationEdit

  1. Drop item
  2. Command Dogmeat
  3. Have "Dogmeat pick up xxx" (Best if he's a distance from the item)
  4. While he's moving towards item, adjust position so reticule changes for you to "Pick up xxxx"
  5. When he approaches, Dogmeat will stop and dip his head to pick up item. JUST as he starts dipping his head, pick up the item. You'll hear the "picked up" sound and Dogment will appear to have nothing in his mouth. He'll come to you and drop the duped item.
  • This works with bullets or any stacked item. After Dogmeat drops the duplicated item, one bullet/one item from the stack, drop the rest of your duplicated item inside your inventory on to the ground. Quick save then manually quit to the main menu reload the quick save and voila you now have two copies of the stacked item.
  • For PC players, it only works on low FPS count (24-30 FPS is ideal for this)
  • As for magazines, will work with You're SPECIAL! only, allowing the character to max out his/her stats. After picking up a duplicated item, drop all issues and upon picking them up, you'll get the Choose Stat window.
  • With a base installation of the game on Xbox (without the Day 1 Patch) it has been reported that the player will be able to increase their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. to values above 10 using You're SPECIAL!
  • Also works well for duplicating vendor shipment papers for materials such as Adhesive or Aluminum
  • Armor however is near impossible to duplicate this way because he simply grabs near the beginning of his animation giving you little chance to grab it before he does

Unlimited Items and XP after patchEdit

Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone To obtain unlimited items (any item), you must have Dogmeat as a companion. For this instance, use copper. First go to a settlement of your choice, and begin the duplication process with Dogmeat. Once Dogmeat has picked up and dropped the copper, drop the copper you picked up. You should now have two different bars on the ground in front of you; one that says the amount you had in your inventory, and the single bar that Dogmeat picked up. At this point save the game. Full save or quick save, it doesn’t matter. You then need to quit the game and reenter the game through continue, or load your most recent save. Once done, two bars with the original amount are on the ground. Pick up first the item Dogmeat dropped and then the original item. Once this is done, drop both again, go into workshop mode and scrap both items. After this is complete, when you go into your workbench, take out the item just duplicated and drop it. It will be consolidated into one item. Rinse and repeat until you reach your desired amount.

(Update-March 2016) With the above exploit, you don't have to quit the game after saving. After dogmeat drops the junk item then you drop yours, save the game then go into build mode and scrap the items. This also works with stacked junk items. Was tested multiple times on PS4 using base game, no patches.

Once you have duplicated the copper to your desired amount, you will be able to build statues to increase your XP. (Picket Fences issue #3 magazine found in Saugus Ironworks)

Alternative Method (Junk items only): For this example, you have twenty copper in your Junk inventory. You drop it, use Dogmeat to duplicate it. Drop all the copper in your Junk inventory after dogmeat has dropped his. You should see twenty copper on the original bar and twenty on Dogmeat's duplicate bar. (If you dropped your copper from your inventory before Dogmeat does your copper bar and his may be reduced to one). At this point the above instructs to quick save, quit and load. You can actually scrap both in the workshop menu and it will show both as twenty and twenty as being scrapped. You should now have forty copper in your Workshop. You can extract the forty copper and rinse and repeat.

Note: Not only does this method save time, but also ensures that the junk items are joined together and do not separate when dropped. If you have less than six items the game will not ask to drop all together, so just use Dogmeat to make more than six and then follow the above guide.


  • You can only consolidate raw materials within your “Junk” tab. You can duplicate ammo this way, but you won’t be able to merge the ammo together.
  • Picking up items of 25k or more may cause the game to freeze, causing you to have to restart the console.

Weapon mod duplicationEdit

Buy a weapon modification from a vendor, such as "Triple barrel X+" and have an "accelerated barrel" for the minigun, and attach triple barrel X+ then switch to accelerated barrel. Now constantly between the two barrels and you should be awarded a triple barrel or triple barrel x+ every time you switch.

Patch 1.4Edit

The following exploits no longer work as of patch 1.4:-

Crafting exploit for infinite experienceEdit

Every time the player crafts an item at a settlement, they earn experience, and the experience earned seems to depend on the overall value of consumed items used to craft the item. There is a method that can be used to create an infinite amount of crafting materials by purchasing one of the "shipment of xxx" dockets from a vendor. Therefore, any items crafted from said infinite material will yield the player an infinite amount of experience as long as they continue to farm the material, build an item crafted from the material, scrap all the items used to build the material (since you can only place so many items in a settlement) and repeat.

First, the player must obtain a "shipment of xxx" docket from a vendor, of which types are available vary from vendor to vendor. For the purposes of this small guide, which I will explain as to the reasons why in the next section, I suggest the player use the shipment of copper docket from Arturo in Diamond City. They simply need to purchase one, however it is most efficient if the player was to use the wait feature to purchase as many dockets as the player is willing to collect. Once obtained, the player should take the docket to one of their settlements. This is a very important note: DO NOT PLACE THE SHIPPING DOCKET INTO THE WORKSHOPS INVENTORY UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO PERFORM THE EXPLOIT. If you do, the docket(s) will (almost) immediately be converted into its shipped material and the docket(s) will disappear, requiring you to load an old save or buy a new one. It is highly suggested that, for this reason, the player saves the game quite frequently every time they go to access their workshops inventory. The next thing they should do is make sure there is no inventory in the workshop, and that the only junk item in your inventory is/are the docket(s). The next step is tricky, and it is advised that one saves before attempting it, and throughout save in tiers as to prevent you having to start all over: while in the workshops inventory, you are to press y (or triangle on the PS4 version) (to store all junk items) and IMMEDIATELY afterwards, press x (or square in the PS4 version) (to take all). If done properly and quickly enough, the materials provided from the docket should be created, and your player will collect the "shipment of xxx" docket without it disappearing. This method can be repeated quite quickly in succession, simply by rapidly pressing yxx (triangle, square, square, if played on the PS4 version) over and over again to store all junk, immediately collect all junk items in the workshop, and then open the workshops inventory again. Doing this obviously benefits the player in a multitude of ways: they can use this to farm an infinite amount of a rare/valuable crafting material (such as aluminum, copper, or adhesive) collect an infinite amount of caps from vendors simply by selling the farmed materials, or farming a vary large amount of experience points in a fairly short period of time by simply crafting something which uses this duplicated material over and over again.

It seems one of the best methods, if not the absolute best method, is to obtain the Picket Fences #3: Essential Upgrades! magazine from Saugus Ironworks, as this allows for the crafting of copper statues. The very first statue, which features a baseball player, uses 10 copper and provides the player character anywhere between 25-35 experience (based on the player's intelligence) every time it is placed. By walking backwards and rapidly pressing A (X in the PS4 version), the statues will be placed one after the next, netting the player several thousand experience points in just a few minutes. Exact gain of experience is difficult to determine, however trial of this exploit resulted in leveling up from level 35 to 100 within approximately 3 hours of gameplay.

EDIT: With extensive testing of this exploit, one was able to level up from level 1 at the very start of the game to level 271 (wherein all perks had been maxed out) in less than 18 hours of gameplay. While 18 hours of doing one action seems arduous, it is significantly more efficient than leveling up by playing the game normally, which one can estimate to be around 300+ hours of gameplay, even with high modifiers to Intelligence throughout.

Another Method, albeit slower, is to get specific Items and get to a Chem Workshop there you can for example craft Buffjet by pressing X and O on Playsation (A and B on Xbox) at the same time. If done correctly, the Crafting confirmation screen will appear, however it will be back at the crafting menu. If not done corrctly it will still be on the same page as before. This is also very easy to do as Buffout and Jet can be obtained in the beginning of the Game. Be reminded however that it will take longer.

Patch 1.5Edit

The following exploits no longer work as of patch 1.5:-

Bypass approval cooldown timerEdit

The Approval cooldown (e.g. the time you need to wait after crafting a mod for Codsworth / Preston or picking a lock for Piper until they "like" it again) can be reset by saving and reloading the game.

This works exceptionally well with MacCready, who will gain affinity points regardless of what you steal. With just the items available in the Third Rail where you recruit him, you can get the Long Road Ahead quest before leaving the building. You can gain approval by stealing, quicksaving, reloading, and stealing another item (vase, desk fan, etc).

Hacking robots with weaponEdit

If you have a weapon equipped and see a robot (doesn't matter if its idle or actively attacking) you can zoom in using the weapon and hack that robot from a pretty far distance.