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In Fallout 4, the creation and development of player character is under the control. The decisions made at character creation and at level-ups, as well as the gameplay choices being made, contribute to player character's specific character build.

Considerations for building a characterEdit

Building a character is largely a matter of mathematics, although given the lack of a level cap in Fallout 4 all characters will eventually trend toward max stats. As it would take an exorbitant amount of experience to max a character in Fallout 4, it is still important to consider wanted SPECIAL and perks for a given save file.


Main article: Fallout 4 SPECIAL

During the quest War Never Changes, one will be able to choose the initial SPECIAL, which have a direct effect on:

  • which perks will become available to player character at level-ups.
  • player character's derived statistics.

SPECIAL stats can be raised during the game by:

The maximum value for a SPECIAL stat during character creation is 10.


Main article: Fallout 4 perks

Chosen perks have a variety of gameplay effects.

Which perks become available to player character depends on

  • the player character's level.
  • the SPECIAL stats.

The player character gets to choose one perk or improve a special stat one point at every even level-up.


Clothing and armor can have a direct effect on the SPECIAL stats but will not fulfill any SPECIAL requirements for perks.

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