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Fallout 3 soundtrack
authorInon Zur
publisherBethesda Softworks
release dateOctober 28, 2008
websiteListen on YouTube (interactive)

The Fallout 3 soundtrack comprises two main elements:

  • The ambient soundtrack composed by Inon Zur.
  • Songs and other musical works which are played by the various radio stations.

Musical TracksEdit

Radio songsEdit

Galaxy News RadioEdit

Enclave RadioEdit

Agatha's StationEdit

Tunes in Vault 101Edit

  • Smoothing the Whole Thing Over by Essential Jazz Masters
  • Slow Summer Swing by Essential Jazz Masters
  • Just One of Those Things by Essential Jazz Masters
  • Jump for Joy by Essential Jazz Masters
  • Here Come the Cats! by Essential Jazz Masters
  • And All the While I’m Loving You by Essential Jazz Masters

Ambient musicEdit

iTunes ReleaseEdit

In Feburary 2013 Bethesda released "Fallout 3: Original Game Soundtrack" on iTunes.

All tracks credited to Inon Zur.

Track Title Time
1 Main Title 2:04
2 New World, New Order 1:34
3 Lockstep 1:37
4 Price of Honour 1:40
5 Fortress 1:41
6 Unwelcome Guest 3:38
7 Ambush 3:29
8 Never Surrender 2:03
9 Metal on Metal 3:28
10 Behemoth 2:43
11 Think Fast, Shoot Faster 3:30
12 Chance to Hit 3:00
13 Forgotten 3:34
14 Clues in the Darkness 3:25
15 No Way out but Through 3:38
16 Out of Service 3:36
17 The Ferals 3:16
18 Gotta Start Somewhere 2:03
19 Old Lands, New Frontiers 3:28
20 Pieces of the Past 3:25
21 City of Ruin 4:04
22 Wandering the Waste 3:26
23 Ashes and Sand 2:48
24 What Remains 3:32
25 Place of Refuge 2:37
26 The Smallest Hope 2:44
27 The Caravans 3:31
28 Megaton 3:27
29 A Stranger in Town 3:18

As used in gameEdit

List compiled by Listal.








Behind the scenesEdit

  • The name of the start menu theme, "When The Swallows Come Back", is almost the same name as one song by The Ink Spots, named "When The Swallows Come Back to Capistrano".

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