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Dr Preston

Doctor Preston, one of the many physicians of the Capital Wasteland.

Less'n you're on death's door, I'm busy.

Doctors can be encountered in various places in the Capital Wasteland, and they can restore your HP and cleanse you of radiation. Some also offer other services, like curing addictions, selling chems, or giving the player special bonuses. When injured, doctors will have different opening dialogs, saying that you are hurt. What they say depends on how much HP and the severity of the damage on the player's limbs are.


NPC Name Location Cure Radiation Cure Addictions Sells Chems? Notes / Access Prerequisites
Doc Church Megaton 100 caps 50 caps Yes None
Doctor Preston Rivet City 100 caps 50 caps Yes None
Doctor Barrows Underworld 100 caps 50 caps Yes None
Cutter Paradise Falls 100 caps 50 caps Yes See Gaining Entrance to Paradise Falls.
Doctor Banfield Tenpenny Tower 100 caps 50 caps Yes None
Butcher Ranger Compound No No No Keep Butcher alive through the Reilly's Rangers Quest.
Red Big Town 100 caps 50 caps Yes Rescue her from Germantown Police HQ (see Big Trouble in Big Town). Will heal player for free if player helps defend Big Town and heals Timebomb.
Lucy Little Lamplight 100 caps 50 caps No Access to Little Lamplight
Sawbones Citadel No 50 caps No Complete The Waters of Life to access the Citadel; repair Sawbones to get healing. Sawbones gives player temporary stat bonuses; see Worst. Doctor. Ever for full details.
Doctor Adami U.S. Army field headquarters Yes Yes No Only available on Operation: Anchorage add-on
Elliott Tercorien Mothership Zeta  ?  ?  ? First encountered during the Mothership Zeta (add-on) quest, Among the Stars
Wasteland doctor Capital Wasteland 100 caps 50 caps Yes Random encounter

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