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This page lists all cell IDs in Fallout 3.


  • coc <cell edid> - Use this console command to teleport to a specific cell. The "cell edid" variable should be replaced with the editor ID for the location in question.


Map Location GECK EditorID Cell ID
Abandoned Home GrayditchAbandoned02 0005AA8A
Abandoned Home GrayditchAbandoned01 0005AA8B
Abandoned House MegatonAbandonedHouseDummyCell 000151E5
Abandoned House TLAbandonedHouse 0002B52F
Abandoned Residence ArefuAbandonedShack 000600E1
Abandoned Shack ShacktownInterior08 0001BA88
Abandoned Shack ShacktownInterior04 000C25A2
Abandoned Shack ShacktownInterior03 000C25A3
Abandoned Shack ShackTownInterior02 000C25A4
Abandoned Shack ShackTownInterior01 000C25A5
Abandoned Shack ShacktownInterior07 000C2F6B
Abandoned Shack ShacktownInterior06 000C2F6C
Abandoned Shack ShacktownInterior05 000C2F6D
Abandoned Tent IsolatedCamp04Interior 00064C6C
Access Hall zMq11skybridgeAccess 0004DD5B
Agatha's House AgathasHouseInterior 0002DEB5
Alexandria Arms AlexandriaArms01 00017F5E
Anacostia Crossing Station MetroCenter08 0001A283
Anchorage Memorial Facility AnchorageWM02 000508E6
Anchorage Memorial Facility Bay AnchorageWMMid 00017F48
AntAgonizer's Lair LairAntAgonizer03 000406AF
Archival Secure Wing East NtnlArchives03 00003B85
Archival Strongroom NtnlArchives04 00003B72
Archives Sub-Basement NtnlArchives02 00018522
Arlington House zArlingtonHouse 000CC067
Arlington Library Children's Wing ArlingtonLibrary02 00017F5A
Arlington Library Media Archive ArlingtonLibrary03 00017F59
Arlington Public Library Lobby ArlingtonLibrary01 00017F5B
Arlington Utility MetroCenter06 0001A281
Arlington/Falls Church Metro zcArlingtonToFalls 000BC4C2
Arlington/Wasteland Metro zcArlingtonToWasteland 000035D4
Auto Shop zDCint05b 0004DD8A
Bathrooms WarehouseBathrooms 00035506
Benson House MinefieldInterior03 000B9BA2
Bethesda Offices East zBethOffice02 000252DA
Bethesda Offices West zBethOffice01 00024513
Bethesda Underworks zBethSewer 000235F1
Big Town, Clinic Basement BigTownGraveyard 00063AA8
Big Town, Clubhouse BigTownCommonHouse1 0002ABA7
Big Town, Common House BigTownCommonHouse2 0002ABA6
Big Town, Red's Clinic BigTownRedClinic 00024D78
Big Town, Town Hall BigTownTownHall 00024D79
Billy Creel's House MegatonBillyCreelsHouse 00003A33
Boats And Bait zBoatsAndBait 00054DA0
Bomb Storage FortC04 0002D0E5
Brandice's House GrayditchBrandiceHome 0002DEB6
Bridge Tower RCTower 0001D6A3
Broken Bow RCLowerDeckFore 00067488
Bunker zDCint09a 0002798D
Buried Vendor Chests VendorChestsCell 0001EC51
Caleb's Home TUCalebHouse 0002EE07
Caleb's Tent LincolnTent01 00059BCB
Canterbury Commons Canterbury09 00001731
Canterbury Commons, Dominic and Machete's House CanterburyGarage 000AB546
Canterbury Commons, Uncle Roe's House CanterburyUncleRoesHouse 00036F5F
Canterbury Tunnels LairAntAgonizer02 000406AE
Capitol Building East Entrance CapitolBuilding01b 00095B7A
Capitol Building West Entrance CapitolBuilding01 000236DB
Car Dealership zCarDealership 0003D0A6
Carol's Place UnderworldCarolsPlace 0002AFB0
CEO Offices RedRacer03 00017F3E
Child Slave House PFallsSlaveHouseChild 0006EC67
Children of Atom MegatonChildrenofAtom 00003A2D
Chryslus Building Basement ChryslusBuilding03 00017F53
Chryslus Building Lower Offices ChryslusBuilding02 00017F54
Chryslus Building Reception Area ChryslusBuilding01 00017F55
Citadel - A Ring CitadelARing 000207A2
Citadel - B Ring CitadelBRing 000207A1
Citadel - Laboratory CitadelLab 00015157
CO Quarters FortC02 0002D0E6
Collapsed Car Tunnel zDCWorld03 00045219
Commanding Officer's Quarters FortBannister01 0004363E
Common House MegatonCommonHouse 00004357
Conference Hall CapitolBuilding04 000236D9
Corvega Factory CorvegaFactory02 00017F66
Corvega Factory - Entrance CorvegaFactory01 00017F67
County Sewer Mainline FriendshipMetro01 0001BC8D
Craterside Supply MegatonCratersideSupply 00003A2A
Cutter's Clinic PFallsClinic 00024D75
Damp Cave OasisCave02 00017E19
DCTA Tunnel 014-B Potomac MetroCenter05 0001BC8F
Deathclaw Sanctuary DclawSanc01 00018463
Depot Offices NtlGuardDepot05 0006F9F8
Depot Training Wing NtlGuardDepot04 00017F57
Derelict Power Plant zPowerStationInterior01 0005559E
Dithers Residence TLDithersHouse 000244A9
Dominic and Machete's House CanterburyGarage 000AB546
Drag'n'Drop Robots WarehouseRobots 00039154
Drainage Chamber FFRadioCache03 0001FC8C
Drainage Chamber FFRadioCache05 0002A33E
Drainage Chamber FFRadioCache07 0002DCB0
Drainage Chamber FFRadioCache08 00039210
Drainage Chamber FFRadioCache06 00039211
Drainage Chamber FFRadioCache09 0003E7B1
Drainage Chamber FFRadioCache02 00093649
Dry Sewer OurLadyHope04 0001A28D
Dukov's Place DukovsPlace01 0001BC99
Dummy FortC0 0002D84E
Dummy FortConstantineExterior 0007FC42
Dummy Forge 0009718E
Dummy LairAntagonizer 0009718F
Dummy Cell WarringtonStation 00003AA5
Dummy Cell Megaton 000151D4
Dummy Cell LincolnMemorial 00027F74
Dummy Cell GermPoliceHQ 0002900C
Dummy Cell BigTown 0002ADC4
Dummy cell RC 0002CD2C
Dummy cell Underworld 0003FB0F
Dummy Cell Canterbury 0007A4FE
Dummy Cell FFEnclave000Encampment 0008672E
Dummy Cell PPurity 000AAE57
Dummy Cell Citadel 000B3633
Dummy Cell AnchorageWM 000C20BF
Dummy cell for GetInCell Vault101 0001E7FC
Dummy Cell for National Archives NtnlArchives 00064183
Dummy Cell for Vault 92 Vault92 000C18A4
dummy for GetInCell ParadiseFallsExterior 0002A426
DummyCell MuseumAmerican0 000681AE
Dunwich Building DunwichBuilding01 00017F52
Dupont Circle Station MetroCenter02 0001A287
Empty House MegatonPlayerHouse 000151E3
Enable Mrkrs -Rndm Enctrs RandomEncounters 0007C168
Ernest Uncle" CanterburyUncleRoesHouse 00036F5F
Eulogy's Pad PFallsEulogysPad 00024D71
Evan King's House ArefuKingResidence 0001D5F3
Evergreen Mills Bazaar EverGreenMillsBazaar 00029034
Evergreen Mills Foundry EvergreenMillsFoundry 0002D6EE
Ewer Residence ArefuEwersResidence 0001D5F4
Factory zDCint05a 0004DD8B
Factory Floor RedRacer01 00017F40
Factory Floor NukaColaPlant01 00017F46
Fairfax Metro Station zFairfaxMetro 0003D443
Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro FranklinMetro02 0001A273
Farragut West Station FriendshipMetroUtility 00033B0B
FFE vendor chests FFEVendorChests 0005D5FA
Flooded Metro FloodedSewer01 00017E17
Foggy Bottom Station MetroCenter04 0001A284
Forsaken Dunwich Ruins DunwichBuilding02 00017F51
Fort Bannister Bunker FortBannister02 0004363B
Fort Bannister Main FortBannister03 0001A272
Fort Independence FortIndependence01 0003D445
Fort Independence Lower Level FortIndependence02 0003D444
Franklin Metro Utility FranklinMetro01 0001A280
Freedom Street Station MetroCenter03 0001A285
Galaxy News Radio GNR01 0001A26F
Garden Shed AndaleTheWilsonsShed 0002DC02
Georgetown/The Mall Metro zcGeorgetownToMall 000035D5
Gibson House MinefieldInterior01 000B5F08
Gillian House MinefieldInterior02 000B8AA5
GNR Studios GNR02 0001A279
Gold Ribbon Grocers zJuryStreetGrocer 000CAFDF
Grain Silo FFRaiderCamp03Silo 00098736
Grandma Sparkles' Shack zGrandmaSparkle 000705CD
Grocer zNorthwestSenecaGrocer 00056EA6
Grocer zGeorgetownGrocer 0006530E
Guard House EvergreenMillsSlaveGuardHouse 0002E0D0
Hall of Columns CapitolBuilding02 000236DA
Hamilton's Hideaway HamiltonsHideaway01 0001845E
Hannibal's Home TUHannibalHouse 0002EE06
Hazmat Disposal Site L5 HazmatDisposal01 0001A271
Henderson Residence TLHendersonHouse 000244AC
Hotel zDCint08a 000BB019
Hubris Comics Printing HubrisComics02 0002F69F
Hubris Comics Publishing HubrisComics01 0001A276
Hubris Comics Utility Tunnels HubrisComics03 0002F69E
Irradiated Metro IrradiatedSewer01 00017E14
Jefferson Memorial Rotunda PPurity01 00018520
Jefferson Museum and Gift Shop PPurity02 00018521
Jericho's House MegatonJerichosHouse 00003A2C
Jocko's Pop Stop zGasStation02 000190AC
Jury St. Station JuryStStation01 00016DA8
Jury St. Tunnels JuryStStation02 00016DA7
L.O.B. Enterprises LOBEnterprises01 0001BA03
L.O.B. Enterprises Archives LOBEnterprises04 0001516F
L.O.B. Enterprises East Wing LOBEnterprises03 0001A278
La Maison Beauregard Lobby zDCint11b 00033E0E
Lady Frumperton's Fashions zDupontBoutique 000C80BF
Lamplight Caverns LL 00020F91
Lamplight Restrooms LLMensRestroom 00020F8F
Launch Control Bunker FortC03 0002D0E4
Lincoln Memorial LincolnMemorial01 00018526
Little Lamplight Armory LLArmory 00020F8D
Little Lamplight Office Building LLOfficeBuilding 00020F8C
Living Quarters Vault87b 0001852A
Living Quarters Vault92b 00018532
Lock And Load PFallsLockAndLoad 0002F263
Lucas Simms' House MegatonLucasSimmsHouse 00003A29
Lucky's zLuckyGrocery 0001FEC5
Lucy West's House MegatonLucyWestsHouse 00003A31
Maintenance and Evacuation Tunnel RooseveltHS02 00017F3C
Makeshift Shack zToxicDumpShackInterior 0003ED5D
Mama Dolce's Food Distribution MamaDolces02 0001A274
Mama Dolce's Processed Foods MamaDolces01 0001A270
Marigold Station MarigoldStation01 00016D9F
Mechanist's Forge Forge03 00017F5F
Megaton Clinic MegatonClinic 00003A2E
Memorial Facility Offices AnchorageWM01 00017F49
Memorial Maintenance Room LincolnMuseum 0006C019
Memorial Service Entrance AnchorageWM03 00017F47
Memorial Sub-Basement PPurity03 0001DEB0
Men's Restroom MegatonMensRestroom 00003A27
Meresti Metro Station MerestiMetro02 000043A1
Meresti Service Tunnel MerestiMetro01 00018461
Metro Access & Generator WarringtonStation03 000617FC
Metro Central MetroCenter01 0001A28C
Metro Junction zcChevyToVernon 000035D3
Midship Deck RCHangarDeckMid 0001D6AA
Minefield Dummy Cell Minefield 0004BA52
Mirelurk Nesting Hole MirelurkHole 00018CCD
Mister Burke's House MegatonMisterBurkesHouse 00003A30
Moriarty's Saloon MegatonMoriartysSaloon 00003A35
MS14 Armor Voice Cell MS14ArmorVoice 0006E768
Murder Pass LLMurderPass 00020F90
Museum of Dave RepDaveMuseum 0002B0DE
Museum of History Entrance MuseumAmericanEntrance 00074EB2
Museum of History Lower Halls MuseumAmerican01 0001851F
Museum of History Offices MuseumAmerican03 0001851D
Museum of Technology Atrium MuseumTech01NEW 0004AEC3
Museum of Technology West Wing MuseumTech02NEW 0007CEDD
Museum Station MetroCenter07 00023226
Musty Cavern zAntDen01 000CA995
Nathan and Manya's House MegatonNathanandManyasHouse 00003A32
National Guard Armory NtlGuardDepot06 000228AF
National Guard Depot NtlGuardDepot01 0001BC93
Neusbaum Residence TLNeusbaumHouse 000244AB
NiftyThrifty ZTakomaNiftyThrifty 0007C25B
Northern Shack EvergreenMillsNorthSideBossHouse 0002E5E3
Northwest Seneca Station NorthwestSenecaMetro01 000173EC
Oasis Caverns OasisCave03 0002A58A
Office zToxicDump02 000572D7
Office zLenfantCapitolPost 0005A7DB
Office zToxicDump01 000C99FC
Office Building zDCint17a 00022AC1
Office Building zDCint17b 00022D92
Office Building zDCint12c 00039E38
Offices NukaColaPlant03 00017F44
Offices and Cafeteria RobcoFactory02 00017F63
Old Man Harris' House AndaleOldManHarrisHouse 0002DC04
Olney Sewers OldOlney01 0004F4E1
One-Stop Shopping for Devices WarehouseTraps 0003C83E
Our Lady of Hope Hospital OurLadyHope01 00017F43
Our Lady of Hope Hospital 2nd Lvl OurLadyHope02 0002B952
Outpost zFFWastelandEncounter08 0003CADB
Penn. Ave/Georgetown Metro zcPennAveToGeorgetown 000035D6
Penn. Ave/Seward Sq. Metro zcPennAveToSeward 000BC4C3
Penn. Ave/The Mall Metro zcPennAveToMall 0001B478
Penthouse Suites Tenpenny03 000178B8
Penthouse Suites Tenpenny03Attack 0002263E
Personnel Offices FortC01 0002D0E2
Police HQ - Basement GermPoliceHQ02 00017F4B
Police HQ - Ground Floor GermPoliceHQ01 00017F4C
Police HQ - Top Floor GermPoliceHQ03 00017F4A
Potomac Steamworks zDCint17to21 000401BB
Power Station zPS08Interior 0004363D
Power Substation zPS04Interior 0002D743
Power Substation zPS01Interior 00040206
Power Substation zPS03Interior 00042F26
Power Substation FFRaiderCamp05Int 0004E1A5
Power Substation zPowerStationInterior02 00052A67
Pump Control PPurity05 0001DEAE
QA Testing Cell TestQANavMesh 00048A55
Queen Ant's Hatchery MarigoldStation02 00031043
Radiation King zGeorgetownRadiationKing 00061F8D
Radio Tower Complex RadioTowerComplexInterior 00050ED2
Raider Outpost CliffsideCavern01 00018464
Raven Rock - Control Room RavenRock04 0001E0F1
Raven Rock - Level 1 RavenRock01 0001853B
Raven Rock - Level 2 RavenRock02 0001853A
Raven Rock - Level 3 RavenRock03 00018539
Reactor Chamber Vault87c 00018537
Reactor Room Vault92d 0003ABF8
Recently Built Shack GrayditchDoctorLeskosLab 00057B37
Red Racer Tricycle Factory 03 RedRacer03COPY0000 0004AE05
Refugee Tent LincolnTent03 00059BC9
Regulator Headquarters zRegulatorHQInterior 0006F183
Reilly's Rangers Compound zDCint12RangerCompound 000314AE
Republic of Dave Capitol Building RepDaveCapitol 0002B0E1
Republic of Dave Men's Quarters RepDaveMens 0002B0E0
Republic of Dave Women's Quarters RepDaveWomens 0002B0DF
Rivet City Market RCHangar 0002107F
RobCo Factory Floor RobcoFactory01 00017F64
Robot Repair Center Forge01 00017F61
Rock Creek Caverns RockCreekCaverns 000AFE4E
Rockopolis RockopolisCave 000615C7
Rockwell Residence TLRockwellHouse 000244AA
Rockwell Residence Basement TLRockwellBasement 000298CE
Ronald Laren's Home GirderShadeRonaldHouse 0002DEB3
Roosevelt Academy RooseveltHS01 00017F3D
Roosevelt Arts and Athletics Hall RooseveltHS03 00017F3B
Roosevelt Library RooseveltHS04 0003BC89
Ruins WarehouseRuins 0006FE66
SatCom Array NN-03d-A SatComArray03Interior01Top 00051E79
SatCom Array NN-03d-A SatComArray03Interior01 00084305
SatCom Array NN-03d-B SatComArray03Interior02Top 00051E7A
SatCom Array NN-03d-B SatComArray03Interior02 000C568C
SatCom Array NN-03d-C SatComArray03Interior03Top 00051E7B
SatCom Array NN-03d-C SatComArray03Interior03 000C568B
Satellite Facility SatcomArray01a 00064BF0
Satellite Facility SatComArray02Interior 0007684A
Satellite Facility SatcomArray01bb 00082DF9
Schenzy Residence ArefuSchenzyResidence 0001D5F1
Science Lab RCHangarDeckAft 0001D6AB
Scrapyard Office zScrapyardShackInterior 0006F199
Sealed Cistern FFRadioCache04 00023601
Sealed Cistern FFRadioCache01 0006F6A3
Sewer zGenericSewer 00017F5D
Sewer zDCint12b 000459CD
Sewer zWastelandSewer01 000526C7
Sewer zDCWorld06 00095991
Sewer Entrance zDCWorld06Sewer 000269E6
Sewer Waystation zFriendshipSewer 0007523C
Shalebridge Hill ShalebridgeCavern02 0002F8C2
Shalebridge Tunnels ShalebridgeCavern01 0001845F
Shelter zPlungerSewer 000C83E5
Shop zLenfantMadameJealles 000548C3
Sierra Petrovita's Home GirderShadeSierraHouse 0002DEB4
Sift Pump PPurity06 0001DEB1
Simone's Home TUSimoneHouse 0002EE09
Simone's Tent LincolnTent02 00059BCA
Simpson Residence TLSimpsonHouse 000244A8
Slave House PFallsSlaveHouse 0002F264
Slaver Barracks PFallsBarracks 00024D72
Small Ranch zSpringvaleBanditHouse 0009DF08
Smith Casey's Garage Vault112Garage 00018534
Sound Testing Vault92c 00018538
Southern Shack EvergreenMillsSouthSideBossHouse 0002E0CF
Souvenir Shop LLSouvenirShop 00020F92
Spelunkers Restaurant LLSpelunkerRestaurant 00020F8E
Springvale Elementary School SpringvaleSchool01 00017F3A
Springvale School Lower Level SpringvaleSchool02 00017F39
Stairwell RCStairwell 00051245
Statesman Hotel Mid Level StatesmanHotel02 00017F4E
Statesman Hotel Restaurant StatesmanHotel03 00017F4D
Storage And Mixing Vats NukaColaPlant02 00017F45
Storeroom TUStoreRoom 0002EE08
Sunken Chambers OasisCave01 00017E18
Sunken Sewer zDCWorld03B 0006FD0F
Super-Duper Mart SuperDuperMart 00017F37
Taft Tunnel TaftTunnel01 0001B56C
Taft Tunnels TaftTunnel02 0006A8FF
Talon Company Camp zAnnandaleTalonHQ 0004363C
Tenleytown/Friendship Station FriendshipMetro02 0001A288
Tenpenny Dummy Cell Tenpenny 0001EEF4
Tenpenny Guard House TenpennyGuardHouse 000170EF
Tenpenny Suites Tenpenny02 00017F33
Tenpenny Suites Tenpenny02Attack 0002263D
Tenpenny Tower - Empty Suite Tenpenny03Player 000170E7
Tenpenny Tower Lobby Tenpenny01 00017F34
Tenpenny Tower Lobby Tenpenny01Attack 0002263C
Tenpenny WellnessCenter testTenPennyWellnessCenter 00024D6F
Tepid Sewer TepidSewer01 0001BC9A
Test Cell for Char Progression MS14MrGutsyVoice 0007B204
Test Labs Vault87a 00018527
The Armory MegatonTheArmory 00003A2B
The Brass Lantern MegatonTheBrassLantern 00003A2F
The Chop Shop UnderworldChopShop 00024D6C
The Dashwood Suite testTenPennyDashwoodSuite 00024D6E
The Great Chamber LLGrandChamber 0004550F
The Muddy Rudder Bar RCLowerDeck 0001D6A5
The National Archives NtnlArchives01 00018523
The Ninth Circle Underworld9thCircle 0002AFAF
The Raid Shack zFFRaiderCamp19House 000C90E4
The Smith's House AndaleTheSmithsHouse 00024D7B
The Smith's House Basement AndaleTheSmithsBasement 0002DC03
The Statesman Hotel StatesmanHotel01 00017F4F
The Washington Monument WashingtonMonument01 00018525
The Wilson's House AndaleTheWilsonsHouse 00024D7A
Toilets PFallsRestrooms 000695DE
Townhome zDCint11a 00033372
Underworld Concourse UnderworldConcourse 00024D6B
Upper Deck RCUpperDeckMid 00019FBB
Utility zDCint08b 00076DA3
Utility Tunnels zFairfaxMaintenance 0003C944
Vault 101 Vault101Demo 0001852E
Vault 101 Vault101d 00028138
Vault 101 Atrium Vault101b 00024511
Vault 101 Atrium/Upper Level Vault101bMS16 00099E9D
Vault 101 Entrance Vault101a 00024512
Vault 101 Entrance Vault101aMS16 00099E9E
Vault 101 Lower Level Vault101dMS16 00099E9B
Vault 101 Reactor Sub-Level Vault101Reactor 0002A186
Vault 101 Sub-Level Vault101ReactorMS16 00099E9A
Vault 106 Entrance Vault106a 00018528
Vault 106 Living Quarters Vault106b 00018529
Vault 106 Living Quarters Vault106bDorms 00034A53
Vault 106 Living Quarters Vault106bHall 00034A54
Vault 106 Science Labs Vault106c 00018536
Vault 108 - Cloning Lab Vault108c 00018533
Vault 108 - Entrance Vault108a 0001852D
Vault 108 - Living Quarters Vault108b 00018530
Vault 112 Vault112a 0001852C
Vault 92 Vault92a 0001852B
Vault 92 Overseer's Office Vault92aOverseer 000A3977
Vault-Tec Administration VaultTecHQ03 00017F2F
Vault-Tec Corporate Offices VaultTecHQ02 00017F30
Vault-Tec Guest Relations VaultTecHQ01 00017F31
Vernon East/Takoma Park TakomaStation 0001A286
Virulent Underchambers DunwichBuilding03 00017F50
Warren zWolfDen 0005B530
Warrington Station WarringtonStation02 00016DA1
Warrington Tunnels WarringtonStation01 00016DA2
Water Processing Plant MegatonWaterProcessingPlant 00003A34
Waterfront Sewage zWaterfrontSewage01 00018460
West Residence ArefuWestResidence 0001D5F2
Wheaton Armory zWheatonArmory 000534AF
Wilks' House GrayditchWilksHome 0002DEB7
Willy's Grocer zTenpennyGas 00033B6E
Women's Restroom LLWomensRestroom 00020F93
Women's Restroom MegatonWomensRestroom 00003A28
Yao Guai Cave CliffsideCavern02 00044953
Yao Guai Den YaoGuaiDen02 00041FDD
Yao Guai Tunnels YaoGuaiDen01 0001845D
Zane House MinefieldInterior04 000B78CA
IntroBus01 0001561D
tGrantInt 000156FA
KitOffice 00017F68
KitVault 00018696
KitMetro 0001BB6A
TestQANavMeshSmall 0004DE51
TestQAHairF 000615BC
TestQAItems 00069EC2
TestQAHairM 0007AC54
FFSuperMutantCaptiveCell 00097159
FFSceneRoachCell 000A11D6

The PittEdit

Map Location GECK EditorID Cell ID
Midea's Quarters DLC01MideaHut 01000F3C
The Hole DLC01SteelMill04 01001338
Abandoned Apartments DLC01zUptownApt 0100602C
Arena Waiting Room DLC01DONOTUSESteelMill03 01001339
Pitt Tunnel DLC01TrainTunnel 01004CD7
Wernher's Hideout DLC01WernherHideout 01000F3E
DLC01TestFF 01002924
Abandoned Area DLC01TestJeffQuest 01009F44
Mango power! DLCPittTestPurkey 010010E3
Abandoned Area DLC01SteelMill02 010011AB
The Mill DLC01SteelMill01 010011AC
DLC01FFCorpseDump 0100B423
Haven DLC01AshurPalace 010011AD
Haven Entrance DLC01TowerEntrance 01007D87
Test Cell DLCPittTestJCha 0100194C
Dummy Cell DLC01VendorChestsCell 0100B5F1
Supply Plant DLC01SupplyPlant 010080AA
Pitt Underground DLC01PowerPlant 01006355
DLC01RadioTower 000012B3
DLC01RadioTower02 0000128E
FFEnclaveCamp04 000012CD
DLC01SlaveCamp 00001295
DLC01Bridge 0100099B
DLC01BridgeEnd 0100099A
TempSlaveEscape 01000993
DLC01AmbushStartDoor 010008E3
DLC01AmbushStart 010008E2
DLC01StartBridge 010008DD
TPMarketOrigin 01000D92
TPTest01 01000D9A
DLC01MarketCenter 01000D96
TPTest02 01000D97
DLC01testGuardworld 01000F17
DLC01SMEOrigin 01001357
DLC01SMEBlastFurnace 01001350
DLC01SMEStart 01001346
DLC01HavenOrigin 0100133E
DLC01AshurEntrance 01002366
DLC01HavenResidential 0100133C
DLC01HavenEntrance 01002374
DLC01StatueView 0100236F
DLC01TestHiuLai 010028EF
TestTrogWorld 01002BE3
Raidertime 0100A396

Operation AnchorageEdit

Map Location GECK EditorID Cell ID
Bailey's Crossroads Metro DLC02zcBaileysToWasteland 01002738
Command Tent TestPhil 010015F5
Test Utility TestDLCAnchUtility 010043AA
Dummy Cell DLC02 0100CC6C
Chinese Artillery Outpost DLC02TEMPArtilleryBase 010058D6
Outcast Outpost DLC02VSS01 010012B8
Joel's Test Text Cell DLC02testText 0100C0F1
Field Storage DLC02zCliffs02 0100B4EA
JCha Test Cell DLCAnchJChaTestCell 010026BB
Field Storage DLC02zCliffs01 0100B4EB
Chinese Artillery Outpost DLC02ArtilleryBase 01000E29
Chimera Depot DLC02ChimeraDepot 010019F5
DLC02TestFF 01003485
Cave Passage DLC02zEndGlacierCave 0100B94C
Listening Post DLC02CommCenter 010019F6
Command Tent DLC02TestDaryl 0100C89C
Command Tent DLC02CorpseDump 01007CF2
Command Tent DLC02CommandTent 01001411
Cave Outpost DLC02GlacierCave 010047DD
DLC02TestWeap 0100CE0D
FFRaiderCamp22 00000D9F
TestLandscapeStart 00014C02
TestAnchorage 00036F37
TestBarrenWastes 00034129
TestCCEnt 0003A761
BaileysCrossroadsOrigin 01000823
BaileysRuins 01000822
BaileysMetro 01000815
BaileysMetro2 01000814
BaileysPit 0100080E
BaileysStart 01000807
DLC02ChasmFort 01000C0D
DLC02glacierStart 01000C01
DLC02ChasmBridge 01000BF8
DLC02Start 01000C00
DLC02Chasm 01000BFF
DLC02Overlook01 01000EDD
DLC02Battlefield 01000EAA
DLC02AnchorageBattleCenter 01001009
DLC02Minefield 01001006
DLC02ChineseBase 01001004
DLC02RallyPointChimeraCell 01000FFA
DLC02RallyPointMinesCell 01000FEC
DLC02ListeningPost 01000FE9
DLC02Anchorage02 01000FE7
DLC02RallyPointCampCell 01000FDF
DLC02IceCamp 01000FDD
DLC02FieldHQ 01000FAA
DLC02Anchorage03 01000FA3
testPhilBombs 01000F9E
DLC02RallyPointListenCell 01000F85
DLC02ChimeraDepotMain 01000F47
DLC02Anchorage01 01000F46
DLC02ChineseHQCourtyard 01001707
TestAnchorageDUPLICATE000 010020D8

Broken SteelEdit

Map Location GECK EditorID Cell ID
Museum Station MetroCenter07 00023226
Dunwich Building DunwichBuilding01 00017F52
Arlington/Wasteland Metro zcArlingtonToWasteland 000035D4
Warrington Station WarringtonStation02 00016DA1
Hazmat Disposal Site L5 HazmatDisposal01 0001A271
Freedom Street Station MetroCenter03 0001A285
Office zLenfantCapitolPost 0005A7DB
Collapsed Car Tunnel zDCWorld03 00045219
Warrington Tunnels WarringtonStation01 00016DA2
Irradiated Metro IrradiatedSewer01 00017E14
Capitol Building East Entrance CapitolBuilding01b 00095B7A
The Chop Shop UnderworldChopShop 00024D6C
Test Labs Vault87a 00018527
Farragut West Station FriendshipMetroUtility 00033B0B
Olney Sewers OldOlney01 0004F4E1
Memorial Sub-Basement PPurity03 0001DEB0
Megaton Clinic MegatonClinic 00003A2E
La Maison Beauregard Lobby zDCint11b 00033E0E
Citadel - B Ring CitadelBRing 000207A1
Gold Ribbon Grocers zJuryStreetGrocer 000CAFDF
Hubris Comics Utility Tunnels HubrisComics03 0002F69E
Jefferson Memorial Rotunda PPurity01 00018520
Hubris Comics Publishing HubrisComics01 0001A276
Citadel - A Ring CitadelARing 000207A2
Arlington/Falls Church Metro zcArlingtonToFalls 000BC4C2
Hubris Comics Printing HubrisComics02 0002F69F
Sewer zWastelandSewer01 000526C7
Jefferson Museum and Gift Shop PPurity02 00018521
Upper Deck RCUpperDeckMid 00019FBB
The Ninth Circle Underworld9thCircle 0002AFAF
Penn. Ave/Seward Sq. Metro zcPennAveToSeward 000BC4C3
Virulent Underchambers DunwichBuilding03 00017F50
Metro Central MetroCenter01 0001A28C
Museum of History Entrance MuseumAmericanEntrance 00074EB2
Utility zDCint08b 00076DA3
Forsaken Dunwich Ruins DunwichBuilding02 00017F51
Citadel - Laboratory CitadelLab 00015157
Metro Junction zcChevyToVernon 000035D3
Silo DLC03RaiderSilo 0100731E
Jefferson Memorial Rotunda TESTPPurity01COPY 010013C5
Eternal Light Monastery DLC03EternalGlowBasement 01003A21
Vertibird Interior DLC03Vertibird03 01005709
Air Control Tower DLC03AirControlStairs01 01004418
Jefferson Memorial Rotunda DLC03PPurity01 010045B2
Vertibird Interior DLC03Vertibird01 01000804
Test Tony DLC03TestTony 01002E25
Satellite Facility DLC03RelayStation01 01000913
Old Olney Underground DLC03Powerworks02 0100A107
Factory DLC03zAFB01 01008A0F
Satellite Control Tower DLC03EnclaveTower 01000805
testPhil 01003218
Mobile Base Crawler DLC03EnclaveBase01 01000806
Rockland Car Tunnel zDLC03CarTunnel 01001490
Old Olney S. Wilson Building DLC03Powerworks03 0100739A
Memorial Sub-Basement DLC03PPurity03 01003D63
Hank's Electrical Supply DLC03JuryStRaiders 0100674D
Presidential Metro DLC03PresMetro02 01000807
Traps Warehouse DLC03WarehouseTraps 01002D2D
Adams AFB Metro Exit DLC03PresMetro03 0100452A
Dummy Cell DLC03FFELD000 01006726
Jefferson Museum and Gift Shop DLC03PPurity02 01003D64
Presidential Sub Level DLC03PresMetro01 01000808
Launch Platform Base DLC03EnclaveBase02 010011C3
Relay Station DLC03RelayStation02 01000809
Olney Powerworks DLC03Powerworks01 010035A1
Test Water Quest DLC03TestWQ 0100373B
Citadel Armory DLC03zCitadelPit 010095C3
Vertibird Interior DLC03Vertibird02 01005559
Museum Authority DLC03GhoulHideout 01004C7B
xDunwichBuildingExterior 0000B47F
RavenRockExt 000012DA
ProjectPurityExterior 00000DB4
EvergreenMillsEntrance 000010E3
FFEnclaveCamp16 000017C5
MegatonTown 000010EC
MegatonMainGate 00001245
DLC03FFELDCamp03 00001023
DeathClawSanc 0000139F
RivetCityExterior04 00000DAE
xOldCalvertonNE 000010AF
FFTalonCompanyCamp01 00000E16
PentagonExterior03 00000D5C
PentagonExterior01 00000D3D
OOldOlneySW 000014E9
BigTownNW 00001468
DLC03LDFFECamp06 000013EE
MQ11RiverCenter 00000D78
DLC03EnclaveCamp02 0000158B
DLC03EnclaveCamp 0000156A
Jefferson 00000DD2
PPFront 00000DB3
FFRadioTower05 000010DF
DLC03FFELDCamp07 000010B1
xArlingtonPublicLibraryExteriorOLD 00000D7D
MarigoldStationExterior 00000D01
FFEnclaveCamp11 000013A0
DLC03FFELDCamp08 0000134C
PentagonExterior04 00000D5B
PentagonExterior02 00000D3C
MQ11WestBank02 00000D1D
SewerMainlineExit 00000CFE
OldOlneyNW 00001509
AndaleSW 000011B6
BigTownMutants 00001460
MQ11KeyBridge03 00000CFB
FFnukaJackknife 00001569
DLC03LDFFECamp05 00000DDF
FFEnclaveCamp24 0000119C
Springvale 00001243
SpringvaleBanditHouse 00001242
PPBack 00000DD1
FFSuperMutantCamp01 000010CA
FloodedSewerExterior 00000D41
RivetCityExterior01 00000DCE
RivetCityExterior08 00000DAF
AnacostiaCrossingExterior 00000D90
JuryStreetMetroExterior 000010B0
xOLDFloodedSewerExterior 00000D00
PotomacMirelurkNest01 00000C84
MQ11WestBank01 00000D1C
PentagonStart 00000CFD
FortBannister 0000108C
MegatonPlaza 00002DBB
MegatonEntrance 00002DBD
Megaton01 00002DB6
CitadelBaileySW 00036AEA
CitadelBaileyNW 00036AE9
CitadelBaileyNE 00036AE7
ChevyChaseOrigin 0001C646
ChevyChaseCheckpoint 0001C644
TheMallMirelurkhole 0001FA38
MuseumAmericanExterior 0001F8B1
TheMallToMason 00022F09
PennsylvaniaAveMetroCenter 0002ED1B
PennsylvaniaAveToMetroCentral 00031C90
PennsylvaniaAveWhitehouse 0002EE52
PennsylvaniaAveOrigin 0002ED4B
PennsylvaniaAveNorth 0002EE24
PennsylvaniaAveMiddle 0002ED2F
TakomaParkCrater 0006D94C
DLC03AdamsAFBOrigin 01000911
AAFBCrawler 01000910
DLC03AdamsAFBCC 01000A2B
DLC03AdamsAFBStart 01000A41
DLC03AFBFactory 01000B3A
DLC03RelayStationOrigin 01000B10
DLC03RelayStationEntrance 01000DD0
DLC03CitadelPit 01001B74
DLC03CitadelStart 01001B6F

Point LookoutEdit

Map Location GECK EditorID Cell ID
Virulent Underchambers DunwichBuilding03 00017F50
Marcella's Tent DLC04MedicalTent01 0100AFDC
Joel's Test Cell DLC04zTestJoel 01002EFE
Lighthouse DLC04Lighthouse 0100F05A
People's Bank of Point Lookout DLC04Bank 0100C828
Belowdecks DLC04Barge 0100E27C
Cave DLC04zzCave01 01010AB8
Excavated Muck Hole DLC04surveyHole03 01008125
Runoff Pipe DLC04SpyTunnel 0100731F
DLC04zTestCory01 01008391
Basement DLC04zzBasement 01010AB9
Duchess Gambit Cabin DLC04zTestDuchessGambitCabin 010072DA
Interrogation Room A DLC04CampShackTorture 0100BF1A
DLC04PostMQDummyCell 0100F638
Administration Tent DLC04MedicalTent04 0100C6FE
DLC04testPhil 0100D05E
Excavated Muck Hole DLC04surveyHole02 01008126
Cellar DLC04zzCellar 01010ABA
Blackhall Manor DLC04BlackhallManor01 01004E2D
Septic Tunnel Access DLC04CampPipe01 0100DF23
Medical Tent DLC04MedicalTent03 0100C6FF
DLC04zTestJesse 0100DC7B
Run-down Shack DLC04ShackGrower 0100811D
Underground Lab DLC04Lab01 0100977F
Bunkhouse B DLC04CampShackBunkhouse02 0100E793
Shack DLC04zzShack02 01010ABB
Sea Cave Test 2 DLC04zTestSeaCave02 010049CD
SSN-37-1A DLC04Submarine 0100C2B4
Medical Tent DLC04MedicalTent02 0100C700
Haley's Hardware DLC04ShackHardwareStore 0100811E
Poo's Test Cell DLC04zTestMarkiepoo 0100FCF2
Cellar DLC04ShackTrapperBasement 0100B58A
Bunkhouse A DLC04CampShackBunkhouse01 0100E794
Vacant Shop DLC04zzShop02 01010ABC
Engine Room DLC04SteamboatInt01 0100B85A
Sea Cave DLC04SeaCave 0100928B
Burned-Out Basement DLC04RitualSiteBasement 0100B045
Interrogation Room B DLC04CampShackTorture02 0100BF1D
Trapper's Shack DLC04ShackTrapper 0100811F
Recruitment Station DLC04Recruiter 0100D971
Chinese Intelligence Bunker DLC04SpyBunker 01007323
Homestead Motel Office DLC04MotelOffice 0100E795
Cafe DLC04zzCafe01 01010ABD
Coastal Grotto DLC04CoastalGrotto01 0100F28F
Ark & Dove Cathedral DLC04Cathedral01 010040AC
Moonshiner Shack DLC04ShackMoonshiner 01008120
Room 1G DLC04MotelRoom1G 0100E796
Shack DLC04zzShack01 01010ABE
dummy cell DLC04 01010A83
Plik's Safari DLC04CoastalGrotto02 01009B39
Room 1D DLC04MotelRoom1D 01008121
Sea Cave DLC04zTestSeaCave 0100494F
Bog Entrance DLC04BogEntrance 0100E91D
Room 1K DLC04MotelRoom1K 0100E797
Abandoned Shop DLC04zzShop01 01010ABF
Miner's Rest DLC04Mine02 01008122
Buried Vendor Chests DLC04VendorChestsCell 01010EEE
Cave DLC04zzCave02 01010AB6
Administration DLC04CampOffices 0100E798
Warehouse DLC04zzWarehouse 01010AC0
Herzog Mine DLC04Mine01 01008123
Morgue DLC04CampMorgue 0100D6AF
Basement DLC04BlackhallManor02 0100F8AB
Duchess Gambit Cabin DLC04zTestDar 01012C3B
Calvert Mansion DLC04Mansion01 01002881
Test Mansion Cell DLC04zTestMansion01 01002CD7
Panic Room DLC04PanicRoom 01010AC1
Excavated Muck Hole DLC04surveyHole01 01002EDF
Blackdamp Shaft DLC04Mine03 01008853
DLC04RiverboatLanding 00000E13
AlexandriaArmsExterior 00000E15
PointLookoutOrigin 010008D3
CoveredBridge 010008CB
ShackMoonshine 010008BF
Detentioncamp01 01000F22
DLC04LandTest 01000841
KidsClubhouse 0100083B
Submarine 01000879
VelmasBikerBar 0100088E
KennyEntrance 010008AE
PointLookoutStart 01000827
OzymandiasShip 010008C1
SeaCave 01000ED9
SmallShack 01000F8B
DLC04RuzkaDen 01000F84
ShackHardware 010008C7
RobberCamp 010008AB
DetentionCamp02 01000F17
SurveySite02 0100083A
TrashHeap 0100082F
EscapeTunnel 01000F37
SurveySite01 01000F36
Aviary 01000887
HerzogMine 010008B2
Cathedral 010008AD
CathedralExt 010008A8
BeachMonument 01000847
BogEntrance 01000F71
SurveySite03 01000F6E
MedicalTent 01000824
FamilyGravePlot 01000851
Sinkhole 01000836
ShackTrapper 01000831
RitualSite 010008C9
RobberBarricade 010008AA
TruckWreck 01000F0D
FerrisWheel 0100082B
HomesteadMotel 0100084E
Lighthouse01 01000883
CalvertMansion 01000880
Graveyard 01000EEC
BlackhalllManor 01000846
ShackGrower 0100083E
CrashedJetSite 01000F63
DLC04BogFlipped 0100A8B3
DLC04BogPlant 0100A8B7
BogFlipTest 0100A8AA
BogExit 0100A8BC

Mothership ZetaEdit

Map Location GECK EditorID Cell ID
ReconCraftTheta 000015B5
DLC05TestUtility 010085FC
DLC05TestJeffB 0100107C
Robot Assembly DLC05RobotAssembly 01000F96
Space Walk DLC05SpaceBridge02 01002FD1
Research Lab DLC05ResearchLab 01008EC7
DLC05TestJonPaul2 0100D2D3
Maintenance Level DLC05sewer01 01007397
Living Quarters DLC05LivingQuarters 01000EF8
DLC05TestAlien 010034DC
Engineering Core DLC05EngineCore 01002FD2
Experimentation Lab DLC05ExLab03 01004A12
DLC05TestJonPaul 01006312
Cryo Storage DLC05CryoLab02 01003721
Engine Room DLC05EngineRoom 010034DD
Cargo Hold DLC05CargoHold 0100098B
Steamworks DLC05Steamworks 01002FD3
DLC05TestPhil 01000805
DLC05TestDar 01001615
Death Ray Control DLC05DeathRayHub02 0100481F
Biological Research DLC05ExLab04 01004A13
Repair Bay DLC05TestRepairBay 0100098C
Cryo Lab DLC05CryoLab01 01001616
Death Ray Hub DLC05DeathRayHub01 01004820
Weapons Lab DLC05ExLab02 01004A14
DLC05TestMachineCombos 01007778
Holding Cells DLC05HoldingCells 0100096F
Waste Disposal DLC05sewer02 010047BD
DLC05TestBridge 01007AF3
Engineering Core DLC05testCoreOverhaul 0100B531
DLC05TestPoo 010035D0
DLC05TestShip 01000846
The Bridge DLC05Bridge 01002FCE
Decompression Chamber DLC05SpaceBridge01 0100428E
Cargo Hold DLC05TestJeffB02 01009C70
Hangar DLC05testJesse 01000F94
DLC05TestAlienTech 010067F1
Observation Deck DLC05ExLab01 01002FCF
DLC05TestSpace 010033B7
DLC05TestAlienJuan 01003EB1
Hangar DLC05Hangar 01000F95

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