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Name Full Name SPECIAL Tag Skills Can Sell Can Repair Can Train Base ID
Addict Chem Addict 4 ST, 4 PE, 3 EN, 4 CH, 4 IN, 4 AG, 4 LK Barter, Sneak, Medicine 00050f91
BrotherhoodInitiate Brotherhood of Steel Initiate 5,6,5,4,4,7,4 Unarmed, Small Guns, Melee Weapons 00025927
BrotherhoodKnight Brotherhood of Steel Knight 6,5,6,4,3,6,4 Small Guns, Big Guns, Melee Weapons 00025928
BrotherhoodScribe Brotherhood of Steel Scribe 4,6,4,4,7,6,4 Science, Repair, Small Guns 00025926
BrotherhoodSoldier Brotherhood of Steel Soldier 5,7,6,4,3,6,4 Small Guns, Big Guns, Energy Weapons 00015673
CGVault101Security Vault Security 1,4,6,3,3,5,4 Medicine, Science, Repair 0009b1a0
ChildGeneric Child 3,4,3,3,3,5,4 Lockpick, Sneak 00019e4e
Chinese Soldier Chinese Soldier 4,5,4,1,3,5,5 Small Guns, Melee Weapons, Big Guns 000ac3c8
Doctor Doctor 4,6,4,6,7,5,4 Barter, Medicine, Science 00015679
Drunk Drunk 4,2,3,5,3,3,6 Barter, Medicine, Lockpick 00083515
DukovClass Dukov 4,4,6,7,4,6,10 Sneak, Unarmed, SmallGuns 0005c6a8
EnclaveBigGuns Enclave 6,6,6,3,4,4,4 Energy Weapons, Big Guns 0002962a
EnclaveEnergyGuns Enclave 6,6,6,3,3,6,4 Energy Weapons, Sneak, Explosives 00029629
EnclaveMelee Enclave 7,6,6,4,4,4,4 Melee Weapons, Unarmed, Energy Weapons 00029660
EnclaveSmallGuns Enclave 5,6,6,3,4,7,4 Energy Weapons, Explosives, Small Guns 00029628
Entrepreneur Entrepreneur 4,4,4,7,6,4,6 Barter, Speech, Lockpick 000173e8
Lamplighter Little Lamplighter 3,4,3,3,3,7,7 Explosives, Small Guns, Sneak 00015671
Mechanic Mechanic 4,5,4,6,7,4,5 Barter, Lockpick, Science 00018756
MisterCrowleyClass Mister Crowley 6,2,4,3,3,7,5 Small Guns, Melee Weapons, Unarmed 0007e2c5
MS06Slaver Slaver 5,7,4,4,4,6,5 Barter, Melee Weapons, Small Guns 000bb217
Prostitute Prostitute 4,5,4,8,3,7,3 Barter, Speech, Sneak 0001874d
RaiderBigGuns Raider 6,5,4,3,3,6,5 Small Guns, Melee Weapons, Big Guns 00015675
RaiderMelee Raider 7,5,5,3,3,6,5 Melee Weapons, Small Guns, Unarmed 0001945c
RaiderSmallGun Raider 6,5,4,3,3,7,5 Small Guns, Melee Weapons, Unarmed 0001945e
Scientist Scientist 3,6,3,4,8,6,5 Science, Medicine, Explosives 0001567b
Scribe Scribe 3,5,4,6,7,4,6 Medicine, Science, Speech 00015674
SecurityChief Security Chief 6,6,5,5,4,6,4 Speech, Small Guns, Melee Weapons 0001567f
SecurityOfficer Security Officer 6,6,5,3,3,7,4 Melee Weapons, Unarmed, Small Guns 00015680
Settler Settler 6,5,4,4,4,6,4 Barter, Unarmed, Small Guns 00015672
Slave Slave 4,7,3,4,4,5,2 Speech, Sneak, Unarmed 0001567e
Slaver Slaver 6,4,4,6,4,6,5 Barter, Melee Weapons, Small Guns 0001567d
SoldierBigGuns Soldier 6,5,5,4,3,6,4 Small Guns, Big Guns, Melee Weapons 0001875d

SoldierEnergy Soldier 6,7,5,3,3,6,4 Melee Weapons, Small Guns, Energy Weapons 0001945f
SoldierLeader Soldier 5,6,6,5,5,7,5 Small Guns, Big Guns, Speech 0001873f
SoldierScout Soldier 6,7,5,3,3,6,5 Small Guns, Sneak, Explosives 00019460
SuperSniper SuperSniper 4,9,5,1,3,6,6 Small Guns, Sneak, Energy Weapons 0007dfaa
TalonBigGunClass Talon Merc 6,7,5,3,3,6,5 Small Guns, Sneak, Big Guns 000a84e2
TalonGunClass Talon Merc 6,7,5,3,3,6,5 Small Guns, Sneak, Energy Weapons 00044482
TalonMeleeClass Talon Merc 6,7,6,3,3,6,5 Small Guns, Sneak, Melee Weapons 000a84e1
Vault101Security Vault Security 6,6,4,3,3,7,4 Energy Weapons, Melee Weapons, Small Guns 00068db1
VaultDweller Vault Dweller 5,5,4,5,5,5,5 Small Guns, Science, Unarmed 00000801
VendorClothes Tailor 4,5,4,7,5,6,5 Barter, Small Guns, Speech yesIcon check (Armor and alcohol) 00018738
VendorDrinks Bartender 5,5,4,7,5,5,5 Barter, Speech, Melee Weapons yesIcon check (Food) 0001567a
VendorFood Restaurant Owner 4,5,4,7,5,4,5 Barter, Speech, Small Guns yesIcon check (Food) 00003b75
VendorMisc Shopkeeper 4,5,4,7,5,6,5 Barter, Speech, Small Guns yesIcon check (Weapons, armor,
food, books
misc. items)
VendorWeapons Gun Merchant 4,5,4,7,5,6,5 Barter, Small Guns, Energy Weapons yesIcon check (Weapons, armor, alcohol) 00019462
VillageLeader Village Leader 5,6,5,7,4,4,4 Barter, Melee Weapons, Speech 00015677
Villager Villager 6,5,4,5,4,5,5 Barter, Medicine, Melee Weapons 00015678
WastelandAdventurer Wasteland Adventurer 6,5,4,4,4,6,4 Melee Weapons, Small Guns, Sneak 0001873d
WastelandPreacher Wasteland Preacher 5,4,4,7,5,4,4 Speech, Small Guns, Medicine 0001873e
Unique classes are highlighted with a darker background


There are two unused classes found in the game's files: MercRangedWeapons and RaiderScout.