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This page is about unique weapons in Fallout 2. For unique weapons in other Fallout games, see Unique weapons.

There are several unique weapons in Fallout 2, weapons of which only one exists in the game world. Some are found in specific locations while others are obtained as quest rewards.

Unique weaponsEdit

Weapon Variant of Location
"Little Jesus" Combat knife Found on Lil' Jesus Mordino in New Reno.
Holy Hand Grenade Frag grenade Found in a special encounter in the cave behind where 4 or 5 knights in power armor are fighting a rat.
Improved flamer Flamer New Reno Arms, crafted by Algernon
Jonny's BB gun Red Ryder BB gun Found in at cave at the bottom of the town well in Modoc.
Louisville Slugger Unique Obtained from Ethyl Wright in New Reno East Side during Bust up Wright's still.
Plated boxing gloves Boxing gloves Found in a locker in the basement of the Shark Club in New Reno.
Solar Scorcher Laser pistol Vault 13, in an encounter