Permanent player housing can be gained from Mr. House after meeting him for the first time during The House Always Wins I. The player's house, the presidential suite, is located on the 22nd floor of the Lucky 38. Companions and gear can safely be stored here.


Aside from the actual house, upgrades can be purchased. To purchase an upgrade, the player character must use the terminal to the right of the master bedroom door. The following upgrades are available for purchase:

  • Two master bedroom wardrobes
  • Two master bedroom weapon lockers
  • Two guest bedroom wardrobes
  • Two workbench lockers
  • One workbench
  • One Sunset Sarsaparilla vending machine
  • One refrigerator


  • Once the upgrades are purchased, they cannot be returned.
  • The terminal where you can purchase the upgrades can also be used for normal bartering.
  • Companions can take things from purchased upgrades.