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This page lists all keys in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.
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List of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel keysEdit

Name Opens Found / in possession of Related quest
Console keycard
Elevator key Carbon Crater Elevator Richard Find Brotherhood Paladins
Emergency systems keycard
Gate key Gate to Mill Exterior / Mill Parking Lot gate First in Carbon Railyard raider camp / second in Mill Exterior Defeat Raiders
Laboratory keycard Secret Vault - Laboratories Rhombus Escorting the Paladin
Prison key Holding pens on the docks of Los Hostile ghoul on the docks of Los Find Missing Pieces
Residential keycard Secret Vault - Residence Two, room in the southeast Door to gardens in the Residence One area Find Residence Key
Ruins keycard Secret Vault - Ruins Patty Bush Find Ring
VT warehouse key Vault-Tec Warehouse
Mayor's warehouse key Carbon warehouse Richard Kill Warehouse Radscorpions
Warehouse key Carbon Warehouse door to Mill Jesse Defeat Raiders
Worn key
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