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For intros in the Fallout series of games, see Intro.

The Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel intro is the opening cutscene to Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.


In the 1950s, we dreamed of a better world. Clean, fusion powered cars, robots that walk the dog, peaceful existence thanks to the wonders of science. We were close to achieving that dream when war broke out. Nuclear weapons were used, without restraint. It was the nightmare everyone feared. It was the Great War. Millions died during the first attacks. A few people fled to underground vaults, but many more on the surface fell victim to the burning, poisonous air. For those who endured, there was only the wasteland – no order, no law, only survival. Radiation and new viruses changed the face of life on Earth forever.

Out of nowhere, an army of giants called mutants appeared. They slaughtered many people and altered many more, to add to their numbers. The Brotherhood of Steel, self-appointed knights of the wasteland arose to drive off the mutants. They gave humanity peace and a glimmer of hope. But even now, the Brotherhood remains small in number, limited in power and the dangers of the wasteland only seem to grow with each day that passes.

Narrator, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel intro


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Fallout Brotherhood of Steel intro