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This page transcribes the cutscenes from Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. They appear at the start of a new location, to advance the quest/storyline or just before a "boss battle" confrontation.

Carbon introductionEdit


Raider Matron: Hey!
Raider Matron: Back in line, slaves!
Raider Matron: I can't sell you if you're dead, but I'll shoot you in the back if you try to run.
Raider Matron: As for you insects, you better bring those supplies by tomorrow.
Mayor: Wait! You can't do this! We -
Raider Matron: Shut your mouth, worm, before I step on you.
Mayor: Yes, ma'am.
Raider Matron: All right you gorgeous hunks, let's go...
Raider Matron: ... and anyone who's too drunk to walk gets left behind. Now move!

Raiders in the Atomic DinerEdit


Raider 1: Hey, where's Frank?
Raider 2: Still in the bar. He'll catch up later. Come on.
Raider 1: That'll teach ya to look at me, crap-head!
Raider 2: Shouldn't we go back outside with the others?
Raider 1: I ain't done drinkin' yet.
Raider 1: Hey! Armpit! Another round of your finest... ha ha ha!
Bartender: I ain't servin' you bastards a freakin' thing unless I get paid for the last six rounds!
Raider 1: Ah, shaddup!
Bartender: Oh crap!
Raider 2: Ha ha ha!
Raider 1: Ha ha! We're gonna trash your place, then we're gonna kick your ass...
Raider 1: ... and then we'll have another round!

Jane confronts ArmpitEdit


Bartender: Look, I didn't have anything to do with your boys getting killed!
Bartender: It was that stranger... from the Brotherhood!
Raider Matron: You're just an innocent bystander, aren't you?
Bartender: Yeah! I ain't done nothin' wrong!
Raider Matron: Fry him, boys.
Bartender: (screams)
Raiders: Ha ha ha!
Raider Matron: Mmm, that fire feels nice.
Raider Matron: Time to show these people that you don't mess with the raiders.
Raider Matron: Burn anything that moves, then burn anything that doesn't move.

Jane and Attis at The MillEdit


Raider Matron: Meet me back at the mill when you're done.
Raider Matron: Nice doing business with you. If you need any more -
Raider Matron: What the hell was that?!?
Raider Matron: You better not be messing with me you big -
Mutant General: I have nothing to do with it. My troops have gathered the slaves and moved on.
Mutant General: Our business is concluded.
Raider Matron: Wait! Where are you going?!?
Raider Matron: If there's a problem, maybe you can stay and help me out... then I can help you.
Mutant General: Your charms are wasted on me. Frankly I think you're repulsive, selling your own kind.
Mutant General: Whatever problem you now face, it's yours to face alone.
Raider Matron: I'm not giving you a choice -
Raider Matron: You goddamn impotent freak!
Raider Matron: You impotent freak!

Los introductionEdit


Ghoul Cult Priest: We strive in battles dire...
Ghoul Cult Priest: ... in unseen conflictions with shapes bred from the forsaken wilderness.
Ghoul Cult Priest: Shapes of beast, insect, serpent, and... human.
Wasteland Man: Help! Oh god somebody help me!
Ghoul Cult Priest: Los behind me stands, a terrible flaming sun!
Ghoul Cult Priest: It dictates the penalty for trespass: annihilation!
Wasteland Man: God, no! Nooo!
Ghoul Cult Priest: Let the word go forth.
Ghoul Cult Priest: None may enter the city of Los without the permission of the Church of the Lost.
Ghoul Civilian 1: That's the third sacrifice this week.
Ghoul Civilian 2: Who cares? It's just a human.
Ghoul Civilian 1: Come on, let's go pick our scabs.

Docks ShipyardEdit


Ghoul Mercenary 1: We ain't gonna make a d-d-deal with the mutants, are we?!?
Ghoul Mercenary 2: Dunno. They're on the docks right now. Just talkin'.
Ghoul Mercenary 1: Talkin'?!? What are they talkin' about? Huh?!?
Ghoul Mercenary 2: Would you take it easy, man! You're trippin'!
Ghoul Mercenary 1: Those mutants scare the c-c-crap outta me!
Ghoul Mercenary 2: Someone's comin' down from the bridge.
Ghoul Mercenary 2: Let's get juiced up and kick some ass. It'll make you feel better.
Ghoul Mercenary 1: Oh yeah... I feel better already!
Ghoul Mercenary 2: See? I told you. Someone's coming...
Ghoul Mercenary 1: Hope it's that dork, G-G-Giese! Let's bust his head!

Attis hiring GhoulsEdit


Ghoul Mercenary: Why don't you bust into the cult territory yourself?
Mutant General: While my army could surely take the city, a siege would be wasteful.
Mutant General: I'm looking for a more expendable solution.
Ghoul Mercenary: What do you mean?
Mutant General: It means you will be well paid for your work.
Mutant General: All you must do is infiltrate the ghoul cult's stronghold...
Mutant General: ... grab the Brotherhood soldier from their prison, and bring him to me.
Ghoul Mercenary: We'd be screwin' our own kind... just so you mutants can get your hands on some crappy human.
Ghoul Mercenary: We don't like that.
Mutant General: I heard that the Psycho Ghouls were for hire.
Ghoul Mercenary: Yeah? Well I heard that all you mutants were sterile!
Ghoul Mercenary: Ha ha ha - Aaaaaa!!
Mutant General: Kill the vermin! We will find another way!

Blake interrogating RhombusEdit


Ghoul Cult Priest: Where have you hidden the key, human?
Ghoul Cult Priest: You will speak, swift winged words, or suffer dark visions of torment.
Ghoul Cultists: Torment...
Brotherhood Paladin: Do your worst, zombie! I am not afraid!
Ghoul Cult Priest: You do not comprehend that we are the same?
Ghoul Cult Priest: The Brotherhood of Steel and the Church of the Lost...
Ghoul Cult Priest: ... guarding against the terrors of science.
Brotherhood Paladin: We are not the same! And when a squad of Brotherhood knights arrives...
Brotherhood Paladin: ... they will tear through your precious city, digging up all your secrets -
Brotherhood Paladin: Aaaa!
Ghoul Cult Priest: You will die tomorrow. Howling...
Ghoul Cultists: Howling...
Ghoul Cult Priest: Rage, fury, intense indignation... in cataracts of fire, blood, and gall...
Ghoul Cult Priest: ... in whirlwinds of sulphurous smoke...
Ghoul Cult Priest: A shriek runs through Eternity, and a paralytic stroke!
Ghoul Cult Priest: Noooooo!!
Brotherhood Paladin: Come on! I hid the vault key here before I was captured!
Brotherhood Paladin: Here it is!
Brotherhood Paladin: Aaaaa!!
Ghoul Cult Priest: My penance is finished. I... return!!

Mutants in the Warehouse basementEdit


Mutant 1: Ha ha! We get left behind, but we find good smashing!
Mutant 2: Smash again! Pound it good!
Computer: Warning. System malfunction. Warning.
Mutant 2: See what you do? I told you not to smash it!
Mutant 1: Uh... I found it that way! Wait... what was that?
Mutant 2: Uh-oh.
Security System: Unauthorized presence detected.
Security System: Initiating emergency sanitation procedures.
Mutant 1: Me have bad feeling about this.
Security System: Weapons set to... massacre.

Secret Vault entranceEdit


Vending Computer: Welcome to the Vault-Tec corporate vault!
Vending Computer: This vault is built to ensure the protection of Vault-Tec employees and their families.
Vending Computer: Enjoy the safety and comfort of the vault whatever may happen in the world above!
Mutant: Ha ha. Funny. Okay go away now.
Vending Computer: The Vault-Tec corporate vault is also designed with extensive research facilities...
Vending Computer: ... so that exciting new Vault-Tec products can continue to be developed... underground!
Vending Computer: Would you like to know more about your new home?
Mutant: Stop! Shut up! Make head hurt!
Vending Computer: We have fitness facilities, entertainment lounges, private living quarters, even sprawling gardens!
Vending Computer: Vault-Tec has designed this vault to meet your every need!
Vending Computer: You and your children can look forward to a life of peace and prosperity...
Vending Computer: ... here inside the Vault-Tec corporate vault, where everything is better...
Vending Computer: ... thanks to Vault-Tec!

Thrown down the hole by AttisEdit


Mutant: Rrraaaaa!!
Mutant General: So... you are prepared to kill me, but you do not know why...
Mutant General: The secret lies below us. You'll learn it soon enough... or will you?
Mutant General: Wake the little mouse.
Mutant General: You thought you had me, didn't you?
Mutant General: I give you credit for fighting bravely, but your time has passed now.
Mutant General: Let me tell you about this vault.
Mutant General: There's a whole section that's infested by terrible beasts...
Mutant General: ... the smell of blood will drive them insane with hunger.
Mutant General: Hold fast.
Mutant General: Throw this trash down the hole.
Mutant 1: Yes sir! Okay, you get legs.
Mutant 2: You get legs. Me no like smelly feet.

Waking up in the Secret Vault gardenEdit


Vault Girl: I know it's got to be here somewhere.
Vault Girl: Oh my god!
Vault Girl: Hello? Are... are you alive?
Vault Security: What's the patient's status?
Vault Doctor 1: The new arm seems to be working correctly.
Vault Doctor 2: Who is this person? How -
Vault Security: I don't know... but something's going on up there!
Vault Security: I keep telling you people - we have to leave!
Vault Doctor 2: Oh come on, Patty. It can't be that serious...
Vault Security: Now that Dubois is gone, I'm taking charge. And I say -
Vault Doctor 1: Wait... the patient is waking up.

Tesla robots exterminatingEdit


Tesla Robot: Checking sector G-thirteen. Please clear this area.
Tesla Robot: Foreign organisms detected. Initiate extermination sequence.
Tesla Robot: Stand back... Stand back...
Tesla Robot: Extermination complete. Glad to be of service.

Nightkin in the Facilities mainframeEdit


Nightkin 1: Unit five, report. Come in, unit five.
Nightkin 2: They found some humans.
Nightkin 2: They have fun smashing while we get stuck watching stupid door.
Nightkin 1: It's our assignment to guard the door to the lab.
Nightkin 2: Do you think this is the place? The place we find a cure?
Nightkin 1: Attis says we will, and he hasn't been wrong yet.
Nightkin 2: Wow... a cure. Me can't even remember what it's like...
Nightkin 1: Quiet. Someone's coming.
Nightkin 2: Me no hear any signal.
Nightkin 1: They didn't use the signal. Everyone go to stealth mode!

Dubois and the Mother DeathclawEdit


Vault Scientist: Listen to me... she could return at any second!
Vault Scientist: What was that?!?
Vault Scientist: Listen... You must leave here and destroy this vault!
Vault Scientist: There are things that must be kept hidden from the world!
Vault Scientist: Leave me! Go quickly!
Vault Scientist: It's too late!
Vault Scientist: Aaaaaa!!

Returned from the Ruins to GardenEdit


Vault Woman: We have to get to the ventilation shaft! Hurry!
Vault Man: I... I don't know if I can make it!
Mutant: Ha ha! Me have you now, little blue people!
Vault Man: Thanks! I thought I was a goner for sure!
Vault Scientist: Get into the ventilation shaft and lock it behind you.
Vault Scientist: I will stay and fight for as long as I am able.
Vault Woman: But... You can't... All right. Good luck.
Super Mutant: Trying to protect your friends, human?
Super Mutant: It doesn't matter. We want the vault, and we'll destroy any who oppose us!
Vault Scientist: I do not fear death. Let us see whose weapons are greater.
Vault Scientist: Aaaaaa!!

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