The Fallon's department store entries are a series of entries found on four terminals at Fallon's department store in Fallout 4.



Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Welcome to Fallon's Department Store

Do you like to work?Edit


America works hard and so do you. Why not bring the same comfort you enjoy at work to your own home?

Look no further. This setpiece you're looking at now can be yours. Don't hesitate, buy now! Contact a sale associate now and bring this beautiful setpiece back home with!

Do you work from home?Edit


Of course not. But what if something happens to your office when you least expect it?

Scary, we know, but it could happen. There is something you can do about it. You could purchase this setpiece and bring it home with! That way, if you can't make it to work, then you can work from home, in comfort.

Make the move. Get in touch with a sales associate now.


There are three protectron control terminals, all Novice locked.

> Protectron ControlEdit


Standard Protectron Control Interface v2.40

CAUTION: Unlicensed hardware connected to RobCo Protectron. Warranty rendered void. Improper tampering with Protectron units may lead to permanent injury.

STATUS: 1 Unit(s) Charging/Inactive
CONNECTED: 1 Unit(s) Connected to this terminal

Please choose an option:

Activate Unit(s)Edit


...Accessing pod...
...Initializing unit...
...Loading assigned subroutines...

Please advise any personnel standing near charge pod to make way.

Choose Personality ModeEdit


[Subway Steward]
[Law Enforcement]
[Fire Brigadier]
[Medical Responder]
[Construction Worker]


Personality parameter reset.

> Resetting Personality Parameter...