The Faded Glory Laundromat (just called "Laundromat" in game) is a pre-War building in the city of Lexington in the Commonwealth.


The place is abandoned, but feral ghouls might be nearby. It is in the western part of the town, just slightly northeast of the Red Rocket gas station in Lexington. The laundromat consists of two rooms, one filled with dryers and washers. There's also a second small office chamber containing a first aid kit.

Notable lootEdit

  • An overdue book can be found on the table at the northern entrance.
  • One dryer unit contains the individual bones that make up a complete human skeleton.


  • In one of the dryers is a full set of human bones, suggesting someone had tried to use it as shelter when the bombs dropped.
  • Companions usually comment on this being a good place to relax a bit.


The Lexington Laundromat appears only in Fallout 4.